What Fighters Pass Spirits would you have loved to see?


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Apr 8, 2018
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Just as the title says. I already love most of the Fighters Pass Spirit Boards, but...I understand the team behind the Passes doesn't have much of a budget, but some Spirit Boards feel so limited. So, here are some Spirits I would've loved to see:

Persona's Spirit Board
-Sojiro Sakura (Shujin :ultjoker:, :starman::starman:)
-Hero (Persona 3) (:ultswordfighter:, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Aigis (:ultsamus:, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Hero (Persona 4) (:ultswordfighter:, :starman::starman::starman:)

Dragon Quest's Spirit Board
-Dragonlord (:ultrobin::ultcharizard:, :starman::starman::starman:) -> Dragonlord (Dragon) (:starman::starman::starman::starman:)

Banjo-Kazooie's Spirit Board
-Klungo (:ultdoc:, :starman:)
-Mr. Patch (:ultyoshi:, :starman::starman:)
-Lord Woo Fak Fak (:ultkrool:, :starman::starman::starman:)

SNK's Spirit Board
-Mai Shiranui* (:ultzss:, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Rock Howard (:ultcloud:, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Yuri Sakazaki (:ultkirby:, :starman::starman:)
-Earthquake (:ultkrool:, :starman::starman:)
-Marco Rossi (:ultsnake::ultrichter:, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Fio Germi (:ultgunner:, :starman::starman:)

Byleth's Spirit Board
-Death Knight (:ultrichter:, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Flayn (:ultisabelle:, :starman::starman:)
-Ashe (:ultyounglink:, :starman:)
-Linhardt (:ultrobin:, :starman::starman:)
-Dedue (:ultike:, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Petra (:ultlucina:, :starman:)
-Lorenz (:ultmarth:, :starman:)

ARMS's Spirit Board
-Lola Pop (:ultjigglypuff:, :starman::starman:)
-Misango (:ultlucario::ultmetaknight:, :starman:)
-Springtron (Wireframe :ultlittlemac:, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Dr. Coyle (:ultminmin, :starman::starman::starman:)
-Hedlok (:ultganondorf::ultminmin(x2), :starman::starman::starman::starman:)
-Biff (:ultpikachu: Libre, :starman::starman::starman::starman:)

*There is artwork of Mai they can use to keep that E10+ rating:
Mai Shiranui.jpg
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