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What exactly is the biggest Smash tournament nowadays?

Bowser D.X

Brawl Player
Jul 22, 2010
I haven't really been involved in the Smash community since Apex was the biggest thing in town, so I was wondering what's considered the Smash tournament series nowadays? I know Evo had been a thing but Smash wasn't really it's main game, it only focused on two and it's future seems rocky after the huge controversy.


Smash Rookie
Oct 5, 2020
Despite EVO's reputation, it is still statistically the largest Smash tournament to date with 3.534 entrants for Smash Ultimate alone. Other tournaments that consistently generate high player count are Super Smash Con and Genesis tourneys. These come together to form the Big 3 in my opinion and that is yet to be changed.

List of Largest Smash Tournaments
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