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What equipment will be sold next?


What equipment will be sold next for Super Smash Bros? The first three games in the series didn't really try to sell much beyond the initial game, but, Super Smash Bros for Wii U went wild with equipment. Not only were there two games and the New 3DS marketed for it, but there was the reprints of GameCube controllers, the GameCube Adapter, Amiibos, and Downloadable Content all over the place. This brings us to ask: What will be sold for Super Smash Bros. Switch? We know they'll try to sell something.

1. GameCube Controllers

While previously discussed, with recent announcements, it becomes increasingly obvious that this will happen. With other parties shipping out their own GameCube controllers, it's only fair to speculate that Nintendo will want their own slice of the pie.

2. GameCube Controller Adapter

Reprinting the Adapters only makes sense, to go with this. By reprinting the GameCube controller, they're helping all of the Super Smash Bros. series and an entire backlog of games they have

3. Amiibo

Amiibo are to be expected, the question is just how. Will wee see a Master Hand? A Reprint of the original lineup? A new lineup?

4. Special Edition

Nintendo's had problems under stocking their special editions before but it's possible we see some extravaganza bundle for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch.

5. Downloadable Content

While not quite equipment, we know that Nintendo, as a collective whole, has started to adapt to Downloadable Content - In good taste, too. It's hard not to see the same happening for Super Smash Bros. but this feels like it'll be more akin to say, Splatoon 2.

Author's note: What do you think? Is y our wallet ready? Discuss in the comments below!
Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


I hope they announce a GCC, adapter, and game combo soon, so you can preorder it, because if they didn’t, I can’t see myself waiting to play smash 3-5 business days just waiting for a controller to come with the game.
what i would love to see is actually some sort of sensor bar + or somethinf, if we can get something that can get the poointer ability of the joycons up, something to help make the center problem get better i would be up for it. i think the best part of the wii is that the wiimote was basicly a mouse pointer.
having that in better as an addon i would buy, like i would totaly buy it, and with some shooters it would be dope. metroid prime as number 1 and of course Doom and wolfenstein
GCC and adapter. Also every Melee + Brawl + Smash 4 newcomer that didn't make it into Smash as a gigantic DLC.
Probably not important, but a Smash Bros branded Joy-Con Grip like the one they had for Splatoon 2.
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