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What Does Toon Link Bring to The Table?


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Oct 9, 2015
New York
MegaSkarner XLR
I'm asking this as someone who doesn't play any of the three Links. I think I've only ever played against a Toon Link once, and the game came out months ago. I know a good amount about Link and Young Link, you kind of have to, since even just as an opponent both characters are very potent and viable threats. I know what Link does the best and I could explain it somewhat if someone asked me, and same goes for Young Link. However, I don't even know what Toon Link does better than either of them, and I've been curious about it for a while.

If you guys here can't explain it to me, then I don't know where else to ask. So, what does Toon Link actually provide?


Smash Apprentice
Feb 2, 2015
The difference between Toon and Young Link is when I'm playing Young Link I feel like I'm desperate to get every kill. Toon Link has many of the same projectile kill confirms as young link but he also just has strong moves that get the job done by themselves: fair, upB, up air, up smash, forward smash. So you get to be a lot more comfortable with Toon Link, which helps you stay in control of the match.
He also feels a lot more comfortable in middle-range, while YL wants to get in with his fast frame data, or camp from afar with projectiles. Toon Link is always throwing bombs/boomerangs/ b-reverse arrows right outside of your range, which is much more engaged, and ends up netting more combos too. Often Link doesn't use projectiles very much unless he's moving away from his opponent, which really means you're not comboing with them. Young Link would rather camp too IMO because his projectiles are tweaked to be more effective that way (even though they have most of the same combo potential).

So, in short:
-great mobility and recovery
-slower projectiles that make you want to press with them instead of camp, leading to combos
-strong kill moves / confirms, you never feel like it's a big struggle to kill
-synergistic kit (everything flows into everything else very naturally)
-game within a game: do you catch the pig on the win screen?

even his bombs having a really long timer increase their utility. You can throw them up and they come all the way back down before exploding, giving you more traps / setups
Oct 31, 2018
I just want to add that on average Toon Link has better grounded options than the other Links. I don't remember exact frame data, but most of his tilts start within a frame or two of Young Link's in either direction, but have lower end-lag. The major exception is d-tilt, which has different utility, so it doesn't matter that much. His f-tilt hits behind him reliably and his up-tilt is famous for its combo potential. He also has a frame 6 kill move in grounded up-b.
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