What combos into grab?


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Jan 11, 2015
So, I see a lot of Marth and Falcon gameplay and I notice that a lot of things combo into grab fairly easily for them... dash attack, uptilt and sometimes up air can for marth as can nair, raptor boost, and d tilt for falcon. So what's the respective Sheik counterpart? Note: I'm not including chain grabs/tech chases but just looking at other parts of her moveset that lead to a grab since Sheik gets so much off of it.


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Nov 18, 2013
Pensacola, Florida
I don't really think she has very many conventional combos into grab if any
I don't often find myself ever comboing I to a grab as sheik, but in the instances i have usually it's been off of a fast faller being ftilt/utilted to the height of grab range, or off of something stupid like falling weak uair
Some characters like Gannon you can catch their DI with up tilt during a chain grab and get another grab off of it
Most of the time you want to be getting your grabs on the ground from baits, arial needle>grabs (including running off platform), and catching mistakes in neutral
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Jan 10, 2015
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sweetspot bair into turnaround boost grab is a staple (https://youtu.be/GCDsnCTmjoM?t=1m57s captain jacks tutorial video demonstrates this.) fair grab can work at low% as mentioned above, all her tilts can lead into grab depending on DI & the character youre fighting. ftilt and utilt are much more common than dtilt but it still works sometimes. I have even had low falling nairs combo into grabs on questionable DI. needle grab is very obvious but the most reliable, and you can jab cancel to grab. most of this stuff works mostly through a degree of misplay from your opponent (bad DI, not reacting out of hitstun fast enough) and/or at specific % ranges

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Feb 23, 2011
I will just reiterate some of the things I read above:

Sheik doesn't really combo into grabs all that often, imo. BUT, she can follow-up into grab, but it's a mix-up usually. Watch high-level Sheik videos to get a better idea for yourself. Look for when they get grabs, and rewatch to see what proceeded it. See how often Sheiks combo into grabs, or notice when they get a knockdown, and tech-chase into that grab. Maybe they just threatened the opponent enough that the opponent put up his shield and was stuck in their shield.

With that said, here are my list of moves that I use that can lead into grab(:
-Needles, air ones of course (this is probably the only one that feels like it combos, especially with fully charged)
-fair, bair(not as easy as fair), maybe nair, sometimes (of course, these moves have knockback, so usually only at lower %'s, and you would, of course have to run at them after you get the hit)
-utilt, dtilt, ftilt (A lot easier to land on FF's)

As a general rule of thumb, whenever you get a hit, you wanna run at them.


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Jul 21, 2012
Ftilt works at lower percents against characters that aren't like, puff. Jab works at a good percent range against non-floaties, and against them at lower percents. Dair and usmash can work against fast fallers, utilt can work on middle and fast fallers, reverse bair and inner hitboxes of bair can work in most MUs, uair through a platform or falling uair works against fast fallers and heavy characters. If not CCed, super low nair into grab at low percents. Fair to grab generally isn't a combo, but as you can imagine, situations where you are below the opponent and falling with an ac fair that could combo into dash attack could also combo into grab. If you want grabs, I'd just suggest trying to space for them or shield and shield DI to get grabs on normal attacks.


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Jan 24, 2006
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damn, can't believe somebody linked the captain jack tutorial vid in 2015. Memories man.

All her falling aerials and tilts can combo into grab at lowish percents (if they are not crouch cancelled, which they are a lot!)

Just gotta think about if a grab will lead into a better string than something else for that particular situation. I generally prefer to follow up with moves, unless I am looking to start a tech chase or a chaingrab.