West Japan's Ranking Battles Results! July 18th, 3rd Battle Roads in Osaka, Japan


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Jul 28, 2005
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This past weekend the 3rd tournament in the Battle Roads ranking series took place in Osaka, Japan! This was my second of the series and I entered brawl but it was cool to see some other smashboard members (3 others, all entering melee) and, unlike last time, melee and brawl were held on the same day! So, I'll be reporting on both events!

Melee: Entrants unknown, but at least 30-40

From what I've heard, the kansai region of Japan (western Japan) has more and overall better players than the kanto (eastern Japan, think "Tokyo") and they surely didn't disappoint! The rules were FD *ONLY* unless both players agreed to go to a different stage. Take this how you will. However, I heard that all the other rules were the same as we're used to (4 stock, double elimination, etc). Almost all matches were 2/3 (except for pools, which were best of one match, with no one being eliminated) except for a strange rule which was if you were coming up from the losers' bracket you had to beat the winner in a 3/5 set and then play them again in a best 2/3 set. Strange but I guess that's how they've always done it here!

The main event matches included winner's finals and then from loser's quarters up through grand finals.

Winner's Finals was Tani (Marth, and arguably one of the best over here) against Soten (Fox) and Tani beat Soten pretty convincingly 2-0.

Quarters included Cho (Ganon/Samus) vs S-Royal (a former Doc main who switched to Fox recently) and even though Cho was hilarious and pretty good, S-Royal's Fox proved too much for him and S-Royal took the set 2-0.

Then starts the awesome.

There was a Falcon player "Mach Dash" (マッハ・ダッシュ) who really stole the show. He played against his friend Kokuto (sheik) in a very joke match where they agreed to play the set on Hyrule while taunting each other after each stock taken. It was pretty funny. But Mach Dash ended up taking the set 2-1.

From there, this feisty Falcon went on a rampage convincingly 2-0'ing S-Royal's Fox, Soten's Fox and 3-0'ing Tani's Marth in the first set of Grand Finals. Then Tani managed to take one match finally in the second set of Grand Finals to even it up 1-1 for a dramatic final match where Mach Dash finally defeated Tani for the win.

Top 6 looked like this:

1. Mach Dash (Falcon)
2. Tani (Marth)
3. Soten (Fox)
4. S-Royal (Fox)
5. Cho (Ganon/Samus)
5. Kokuto (Sheik)


Brawl this time was the same as last time, that is to say there were pools which seeded you into a single-elimination bracket and a side tournament. This time the side tournament was doubles and partners were chosen at random. As per usual, the stages available were FD, Battlefield and Smashville ONLY and pools were FD only one match, and brackets were FD 1st match and then the loser could pick out of the other three with no penalty for going back to FD if they wanted. Doubles was a little different, where every round the stage to be played on changed, it was a single match and went in a battlefield, FD, smashville order until top 4 where it was 2/3 same rules.

Doubles: 20-some teams

Top 4 was pretty interesting especially because random teams leads to crazy combinations of players!

Semi's was a team of Akira (MK) and Lime (Wario) vs Earth (Fox) and Puroto (MK, on a classic controller). Akira and Lime were a pretty strong team but Akira took some risks and Lime just couldn't handle Earth and Puroto on his own, costing them the set 2-1.

The other semi-final match was between Fate (MK)/Moyomoto (Wario) and OCEAN (R.O.B.)/Ki (Peach). OCEAN's R.O.B. is actually very good and I was asked if people over here have heard of him. Have you? Either way, a couple misplays by both teams made it close but Fate/Moyomoto's were bigger, leading OCEAN/Ki to a 2-0 victory.

Finals was pretty interesting to see. Earth switched to Pit for the set and Puroto didn't seem to be playing at the same level he had been playing previously in the tournament but it was a very entertaining set that went back and forth. In the end, OCEAN and Ki pulled out the victory 2-1!


1. OCEAN (R.O.B.) and Ki (Peach)
2. Earth (Fox/Pit) and Puroto (MK)
4. Fate (MK) and Moyomoto (Wario)
4. Akira (MK) and Lime (Wario)

Singles: Entrants 42-45?

The main event matches were only limited to the top 4:

Semis round one was the IC's player who made top four last time Miyacchi against Smasher (former Link now T.Link player from Nagoya). Both were very good players and I don't think I've ever seen a better T.Link player in my life. However, a couple slight misses against an IC player will cost you the set, not to mention the ability to go back to FD twice. Miyacchi pulled it out 2-1.

Semis round two was between 9B (tournament host pronounced kyuubi) who decided to drop all his other characters can go exclusively ICs for this tournament. He didn't make a top 4 appearance last time so it seems as though it had helped him out some! His opponent was a very good player in Masashi, known for his Pit. However, 9B's ICs completely dominated Pit in the first match, forcing Masashi to switch to MK which made the matches much closer. Masashi took a game on Battlefield but 9B took him back to FD where he barely pulled out the victory.

Finals were therefore a battle of IC players. The matches were all on FD and they went back and forth but Miyacchi eventually beat 9B 2-1 in extremely close matches.

Seems like the amount of IC players has increased recently. I counted at least 4 IC mains and a couple other people pulling them out occasionally. The previous tournament's winner wasn't present so things might have been different but it seems like ICs is becoming a character to be reckoned with in Western Japan.

Here's the results:

1. Miyacchi (ICs)
2. 9B (ICs)
4. Smasher (T.Link)
4. Masashi (Pit/MK)

Next month's tournament will be taking place in August, unfortunately at a time I will be unable to attend! I'll still try to follow the results and post them but expect a proper tournament report for the 5th Battle Roads in late September!


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Feb 19, 2009
at least tani, mach dash, cho, and s-royal still play (I recognize those names anywhere)

wish that Eastern Japan still had its star appeal(power) CJ, Bombsoldier, Masashi (i think he still plays)

Aniki, Disc, etc.


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May 28, 2008
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Kei definitely still plays but he is one of those bizarre people who is way better at Melee, but focusing on Brawl. LOL

He didn't enter Melee last month, but he's entering this month.