Welcome! *Insert Evil Laugh* Muhwaaaahaha


Smash Ace
Sep 24, 2008
Here it is, the hot tamale, better than saving hot women (well as hot as one Nintendo created carton character named Peach can be) from bowser's castle, the latest and greatest in internet awesomeness... The 64 Back Room!

And you guys are the first ever chosen members to lead this very room, and its influence on the community, to great things.

It is to that ends that we really want, really expect, everyone to massively contribute. Any ideas you have at all, thoughts you have for the room, projects you want to start, goals you have for the community or the room, we want to hear them. And we want people to take action on them.

The first group of members you have is the most important. It is going to set the tone of the room going forward.

So without further ado lets everyone put our best foot forward and make this room really work.



Smash Lord
Feb 11, 2009
you have to go to the user cp, and you can change it under group memberships.
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