Weird question... What's the "main" Female Pikachu?

Apr 10, 2010
Okay so, Villager and Inkling have their first alt gender as their "definitive" representation for that gender. The Blue Inkling boy is used in the trailers and you can see Pink Girl Villager with Villager in the Smash 4 intro (I don't know, she's used a bit alongside regular Villager I've seen, albeit in fan stuff).

When it comes to the Female Pikachu, the first one listed (like Villager and Inkling's were the ones mentioned above) is the hat-wearing one. But despite this, the PikaLibre alt, also maybe being a significant character outside of Smash, is the much more popular one at least fan-wise. It also has its own Fighter Spirit but that's more to do with it being an alternate costume. So basically, should she be the main, default, poster boy representation of Female Pikachu in this game or should the hat-wearing one be instead because that is listed first like Villager's and the Inkling's?
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