Weekly Toon Link Interview Thread! Currently Interviewing: Shadow1pj!


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May 19, 2009
In Kokomo Circle Camping with Shadow1pj
Alright, I saw this on the Peach boards and thought it'd be cool if we had our own Toon Link one since we're all BAMFs. I'm pretty much going to copy their rules and such since it seems to be working well.​


  • No harassing, but you can be playful.
  • Nothing too personal
  • No flaming
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • **** drama
  • You can ask questions that are about gameplay, strategies, goofy stuff, real life, whatever! Just follow the stuff above!

Current Nominees:

Nobody right now

Nomination Rules:

  • Interviews end when the majority consensus agrees
  • The voting for the next interviewee ends at noon eastern time the day after the previous interview ends
  • Interviewee must be a (ex) TL main, uses him seriously, or is a part of the TL community
  • Interviewers are not restricted although TL mains would be preferred
  • Interviewees are allowed only one interview unless another is demanded by popular majority
  • Don't nominate yourself please.

We'll try to make this a weekly thing. Post questions and a nominee for next weeks interview!

By the way, I came up with 5 staple questions, the rest are up to you guys. These are the staple questions:

  • So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.
  • How did you get your gamertag?
  • Why did you choose Toon Link?
  • Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?
  • What do you do in your non-smash life?
  • Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?

Let's have fun with this thread! Try to stay on topic though.


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.

Well I got in the Smash scene in 2006 after watching DBR combo videos, they were really inspiring so I decided to pick up the game and try those things out. I started as a Falco main, then a Doctor Mario main, then became a Young Link cuz he was my favorite character lol. I've been in the competitive scene for about 4 years.

How did you get your gamertag?

Well my real name is Jash, Jash De Jesus as a full name so I decided to represent myself

Why did you choose Toon Link?

Toon Link is my favorite character as well as Young Link in Melee. Without him I would honestly not play this game lol.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?

Well I use Link on wifi, but that's pretty much it.

What do you do in your non-smash life?

Well I'm working and going to school, I usually buy random stuff from time to time (like weird nintendo world hats and such XP)

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?

No I am not competitive in anything else.

If you don't think you're the best TL, then who do you think it is?

My Grandma for sure, she taught me everything I know

Favorite Zelda game and why?

Majoras Mask because it's only Young Link in that game :)

Favorite matchup?

Snake, he's very challenging which makes things a lot of fun :)

Least favorite matchup?

-.-.....this shouldn't even be a question for me lol kids who aren't even born yet know what's my least favorite matchup.

What ever happened to that big project that you were working on?

Well Triangular Fusion is 90% complete, I can't really finish it until I understand the Metaknight Matchup

What's your reasoning behind bringing your TL plushie to tournaments?

He cheats for me....shhhhhhh ;)

Who do you enjoy hanging out with the most within the Smash Community?

Malcolm and Wes, those guy is too funny.

how do you practice from time to time to get ready for tourneys?

I usually practice with Blaze or Wes or some people in my crew.

Why do you use green toon link?

Because my favorite color is Green and I'm the original Toon Link lol

Which character do you prefer teaming with the most?

Any character that's strong.


ALWAYS, especially when I lose to a bad MK

From Hyro: Um. Whenever I do something cool with toon link, I start yelling, "Jash who?? WHO THE **** IS JASH??!".

Are you mad at me?

Haha definitely, I never wanna speak to you again -.- <3

Why do you like chicken?

Chicken is just so delicious, who ever denies it has obvious taste bud problems

Do you like meatknight?

Nah I don't eat Meatknights, I heard it was broken and 90% of this community eats it though

I have a question for mr jash. What kind of music do you listen to??

I listen to all kinds of music, what I listen mostly is Drum and bass and Techno.


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.

I got into the smash scene once I got into college in 2008. I saw people were playing melee in the gaming lounge, and well, I got hooked. I met lmax, a doctor mario main, that knew how to wavedash and do advanced stuff and I started learning that stuff by watching him. I used Sheik and people there called me Ant, which is short for Anthony my irl name. Then in february came the *** brawl, and I quit melee for brawl. Used Sheik for a while, then started using Marth and then I used Toon Link. By the time the game released in march 9, I already used Toon Link. Later, in summer, there was this tourney that was very close to me. I went, got creamed (last place), somebodythere told me of "smashpr", a site where PR smash players went. I learned a bit more, did research and whenever there was a tourney I would go.

How did you get your gamertag?

Well, I used Sheik back when I started in melee and there already was an Ant where we played. So I decided to just put my main's name somewhere in my gamertag. Pretty lame I know. Although I do like S@nT, which came later, when I noticed my original tag was pretty lame

Why did you choose Toon Link?

My favorite franchise is Zelda. And I love majora's mask and Toon Link was the closest thing to Young Link. Once I played him in brawl, I loved his playstyle and got hooked. :) TL ftw.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?

I've had a lot of secondaries. I've used Marth, Ice Climbers, Pikachu, DDD and a lot more. Right now, I dont have a secondary though.

What do you do in your non-smash life?

I study computer science. Currently looking for a job.

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?

I was competitive in yugioh long before smash. I was pretty good at it too.

Who is your favorite Toon Link?

My favorite Toon Link is hyro. Hyro does really flashy stuff which is why I love watching vids of him. Personality wise, its mjg. Simply because he's awesome.

Favorite Match Up?

Uh, my favorite matchup is the TL ditto definetely. Im weird like that.

Least Favorite Match Up?

Least favorite is King Dedede. Reason: he's dumb. I could be winning and then he gets a gordo. >_>. And because one mistake = chain grab. You're always under pressure in that matchup.

Perferred Music to listen to?

Pretty much everything...except "bachata" lol. I also like video game music a lot.

So S@nt, how tall are you?

I'm 5'9

Favorite LoZ game?

Its Majora's Mask. The soundtrack, the moon falling, the interactivity with the NPCs and the dark ambience, among other things, makes it my favorite.

When did you first start playing melee?

n 2001 casually. 2008 with advanced stuff. In tournies, only recently, because I quit melee, as soon as brawl came out.

Rated asks: "Sant: do you hate me? and what's the name we should use for evah in teams"

bombs EVERYWHERE!!! D:

what's the stage you hate the most? ( I won't CP you there LOL or we could practice in it together anyways)

Frigate Orpheon or Jungle Japes

What's your favorite Yugioh card?

Hi Sasuke, its Mirror Force.

Nice pants. Where'd you buy em? Does your mom know you have them?

Somewhere. She probably doesn't know.

Why do you have the Geico gecko as your MSN picture?

Because its a lizard and its cute, and I like geico adds, some of them anyway...


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.

I've played since the 64 version. I played that out until my brother got a ps2. Fast forward about 3-4 years, I would go over to a friends house and play melee in his basement. Out of about 6 guys, I was the worst. So eventually I bought a gamecube and looked up gamefaqs/smashboards. I was then easily the best of my friends... Then I was bored of beating them and found some guys at my high school that went to tournaments. I started playing with them, and that's pretty much it. If it weren't for the DBR videos though, I probably wouldn't be here today.

How did you get your gamertag?

My name is Qui. My middle name is Vo. Qui + Vo = Quivo

Why did you choose Toon Link?

When I started smash I always liked link because of OoT, but when I became competitive.. i used fox. Anyway, that's beside the point. I went to Pound 3 and got ***** by Jash and his Young Link in friendlies. From then on, I was a young link/toon link main.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?

I've used DK, Diddy Kong, and MK once in tournament. I only won with DK and diddy. Besides TL, who I enjoy most is probably Diddy, Peach, Lucario, MK, Rob, and recently Yoshi. I can play most of the cast semi-decently imo

What do you do in your non-smash life?

I spend most of my time with school, work, and friends. When I'm at home I just play guitar, watch TV and check out music/websites.

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?

Unfortunately, I played Yugioh when I was like, 13. I went to a few tournaments and did alright.

What was up with that one AiB avatar you had with the shirtless guys?

I was bored, and thought it would be funny if I had a random black guy as my avatar. I think I google'd "random black dude." For awhile it was funny because people really thought I was black and random guys would PM me saying things like, "Oh cool man, I'm black too. Wahddup!" After some time passed, I think some guy was trolling me and accused me of being gay in the ladder chat. So as a joke, I told him I was gay. I then google'd something like, "gay black man." I found an image of what appeared to be two guys spooning.

If TL could have any other color outfit, what color would you want?

I like green and purple.. so I have what I want. If i had to choose another color... maybe yellow? Or a darker purple? Or like a neon blue. Yea, neon blue sounds cool.

How does it feel to lose to MK? How does it feel to beat MK?

Feels like someone ***** me with no lube.
Feels like I ***** someone with no lube.

Are you black?

No lol, I'm asian.

Do you hate any Toon Link(s) player(s)?

Nah. I'm not going to hate or judge you based on your online persona. I mean, even I can be a ****/troll on here.


Your thoughts?

I think I came a little.

when are coming you over to play me?

Next time I'm down there...? Which is probably winter.

What kind of music do you like?


Favorite artists?

Hmm.. my last.fm is probably close to how my list goes I guess. I know Animal Collective is one of my favorite bands, but it's a band I'll only listen to by myself or when I'm with friends that like them. I don't know, besides them I have a bunch of bands I enjoy and could probably consider favorites.

By the way, my last.fm account is just when I'm on my computer listening to music. I never add what I'm listening to on my ipod/

Favorite Zelda game?

Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. OoT because of nostalgia, I spent countless hours playing that when I was younger. Majora's Mask was dark and eerie, which I loved. I just never owned the game so I can't consider it a favorite of mine : (

I liked Wind Waker, but I never finished it.

What's the matchup that you dislike the most?

Falco and on some days MK/Olimar. I don't know any of these match-ups besides old wifi days.

Who is the player that you look up to or what kind of player you would like to be and why?

No one in particular. I do admire people that are innovative, flashy, and creative/can think on the spot. I also admire those who stick to their mains, even when they get **** on. All of these qualities are what I strive for. I also really like modest players. Cockiness gets annoying tbh, unless its for ****s and giggles.

Boxers or briefs?

Mostly boxers, I also wear Boxer-Briefs.

What's it like being one of the best TL players?

Personally I don't consider myself one of the best anymore... but I guess it's strange yet cool that people have heard/know about me when we meet.

Make a tier list of TL's costumes.



Very Bottom

The only reason I like the red one is because of Santi. Black is too cheesy with the dark eyes and what not, sometimes it's kinda cool.. I wish the blue was more vibrant or neony. That'd be sweet.

What other game(s) are you currently playing?

I don't really play video games anymore. Before I got the red ring of death before the summer, I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a lot. Recently I kinda picked up melee again, but the midwest scene is practically dead and I've only played that game a few times recently. I also bought Pokemon: SoulSilver when I was Texas cause I was so bored and needed some entertainment. I've only played it a few times since I've gotten home.

Where's the farthest you've traveled for a tournament?

I didn't really travel to Texas for Hobo, but I attended a doubles tournament there. It was just convenient that there was a tournament while I was there.

The farthest that I intended to go to was probably Cot4 which was in Philly/NJ?
Either that or Pound 3 MD/VA. Both were really long drives... that i slept or played smash through.

Do some people call you the space cowboy?

Nah they call me Yellow Thunder

Do they call you the gangster of love?

No they call me Maurice row rowwwww

apples or oranges?


lol, i answered this in that one chat. Oranges easily.

What you know about that toon link shoop doop?

Absolutely nothing.

who's your favorite god kai?

I love them all equally


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.

The only smash game I've ever played seriously has been brawl. In smash 64 and melee I didn't even know you could hit someone more than once in a row lol. When brawl came out, I was still living in Detroit where I played on wifi. That's where I first started getting competitive with it and learning there was more to the game. Later that year we moved to New Orleans. Big move so I didn't really know anyone. Smith (the troll mastuh toon link) ended up linking me to a tourney that was only 10 minutes away from my house and it was a day after my birthday. So I had my mom drop me off as a birthday gift.

How did you get your gamertag?

So I walk in the tournament and I see a guy in a robe and immediately think...what did I get myself into haha. I go to enter the tournament... "What's your name?". I was like, "John". They were like wtf???? John??? No like...whats your SMASH name. And i was all like :( :( :(? Somehow I mustered up the guts to say.....hyrulian royalty.


2. Since i was like EIGHT i had an account at like the nintendo forums thing....so i kinda just used that for any forum. I was just a lil zelda fanboy at the time so LEMME ALONE lol

So later that day we were all talking and Cyphus comes up and says....man....john is too common...hyrulian royalty is too long.....ima call you HYRO. And it stuck.

Why did you choose Toon Link?

Being a lil zelda fanboy, I mained Link in all 3 smash games. Then I got 3 stocked by a toon link on wifi and thought....eh...its still link...just shorter and cartoonier. Main switched, too easy.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?

I don't have the guts to use anyone else in tournament but I do play a mean meterknight when I get tired of trying with TL.

What do you do in your non-smash life?


Jk haha

But seriously.

And I'm gonna be a freshman at LSU innnnn like 2 weeks...frat time :) Animal house in this *****

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?

Nothing other than school sports back in high school. I dabble occasionally in melee.

What's up with all this shoop doop non-sense that I don't ****ing understand?!

Well it depends. You talking about a shoop bibbidy bop? Or like like..the shoop doop shuffle? Unless you're feeling riskay and going for a shoop de boop ship beep hoo ha?

I heard you had a set with M2K. How did that go?

First match was close on SV, second match he ***** the **** outta me on PK1. I played like shiiiiiitt that set but apparently he still thought it was pretty good. Next time :)

What is your opinion on MK vs TL?

Pfff if MK wasn't in Brawl, TL would only lose to pure skill. Diddy, Snake, Falco, D3, hard but all manageable. I still think it's a 70-30. We can handle ourselves onstage...but as many times as we hit them, they needa hit us ONCE offstage. I love using MK vs TLs tho, I think it's way too easy. I only do it in friendlies but last tourney I had already lost to Lee in WF so in GF first match we did a flip mains MK vs TL haha. I think theres videos coming eventually...

Do you ever plan on attending MLG events?

Back then I wanted to go to all of them, but my no. 1 priority is to have fun...so I had to take brawl less seriously. Everyone tells me, "why do you go to Texas and never play friendlies with anyone to get better! All you do is hang out with Jerm!" haha its true too. Soooo no, no MLG. Except for the Dallas one. That seems pretttty reasonabl

What do you think of Nickelback?

....ew like the band? lol. I like Hip Hop, Rap, R&B. Sommme rock. Reggaes cool too, it's all about Damian Jr Gong Marley.

Why do you use Dark TL?

I mained big dark link at first, since dark link is the **** and it was the TP costume. When I switched to TL it stuck. And his eyes are ****ING RED. Bohehe

Why are you so good? D:

I have fun mixing things up haha

Is the TL Squad the best crew of all time?

Toon Triple Threat all day, wheres that pic?!

Is Kaffei gay?

Just while I'm around.

Toon Link- mid, high, low?

Mid all day so I can tell people they lost to a mid tier and I only lost cuz I'm a mid tier :)

And what does PK1 mean?? Is it pokemon stadium 1? I thought it was PS1 lol

lol PS1 shut up

Is there also a technique called "zair skitty be bop shamwow supah shoop da woop shoop doop?"

Dark Horse? Someone get seabiscuit to translate this for me...

hyro when you gonna pay me my 50 thousand? (shadow asked this)

I put it on your card, swipe away

Honeybuttachickenbis saigwa!?

LOL storrrrytime

Jerm: Ya uh...lemme just get a honey butta chicken bisc...

Hyro: lol wtf you just say?

Jerm: ...honey butter chicken biscuit???

Hyro: Honeybuttachickenbis?




Yawara: hyro, jerm, can ya'll shut the **** up???"





Razer: Can ya'll shut the **** up???

Lee: SAIGWA!!!!

How did you get so good?

Vegetables? I dunno

How did you come up with the combos/totally random unexpected mixups I've seen in your videos?

I really don't lol, they just kinda come out sometimes which is pretty cool as long as i'm having fun with it

Was it just going to tourneys for a long time, or have you played people near you, or what?

Yeah I do play with the people in my area a lot. Tournies help a lot too, you just gotta kinda want to get better. Losing makes you better so play people you lose to and like it.

Are you going to any more tourneys?

Yeah I go to Louisiana tourneys and sometimes the hobos in texas.

Why are you such a boss?
Why is Toon Link such a boss?

We like to throw ****t

How do I shoot arrows out the back of my head??

Dude it's common knowledge!! Just pull out that old foreman and have a barbecue. But don't watch. Try it with your eyes close. Better yet turn around.

How are you so good using black TL? It's freaking black TL, man.

All black everything. Black cards, black car, all black everything.

I love you. Do you love me [mjg]?

Of course my horse

What is your opinion on snake? On diddy? How about marth?

We can take them all. But diddy's super homo and takes toooo much focus to beat

Who is your favorite smasher?

Hard...in Texas, Jerm for sure. In LA....there's a lot...Lee...Jnig...Jio...everyone man.

Favorite Zelda game?

Link's Awakening!! They needa remake that...again lol. Ballad of the Windfish tooooo legit.

John why don't you look at me when we have sex?

I'm intimidated

Who would win in a hugging contest:
Me (DTL)

Probably sant lol

when is the community combo vid gonna be done?

Not a clue

we da bes?

All day everyday

Can you jerk?(the dance)

It's just the running man backwards...so i guess

When you come to mlg dallas can i borrow your ipod again? i ***** with that **** on lol

I have a phone with my music now lol so i dunnoooo

Would you rather be the Old Spice guy, or have the Axe effect?

Oooh good question. I'ma say the old spice guy. Too smooth. His words I mean. And chest.


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.

Jerm is such a noob. He didn't answer this question in the pm...

How did you get your gamertag?

As a kid, my cousin always called me Jerm. It just grew with me as my nickname

Why did you choose Toon Link?

Im a huge zelda fan. Majoras Mask and WindWaker are my two favorite zelda games, and when I learned that TL was gonna be in the game, I already knew he was going to be my main.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?

I play marth and peach. I really want my peach to be super good, so I play her in alot of friendlies. And I just like the way marth plays. I dont use them in tournament, cept maybe pools and early rounds in bracket at smaller tournaments. I also do MMs with them.

What do you do in your non-smash life?

I like to hang out with friends alot. (parties, chillen, eating out etc..) I also love to listen to music and view anime/manga. If im at home, im usually on my comp.

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?

Na, not really. I usually get pretty good at the games I play though. I used to be one of the best at a game called Jump Ultimate Stars. And was pretty beast at Mario Kart DS. I also played varsity tennis in high school if that counts for anything.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to PLENTY of different types of music. I have a little more than 20 gigs of music on my comp. Might not be much, but its all quality shiz. This is such a broad question for me, i could take days about music cause I love it so much. So whoever asked this should just hit me up on aim or something and we can talk music =]

Favorite Match Up?

Probably diddy. Keeps you on your toes and its really even. I also like fighting MK and I **** peaches.

Least favorite Match Up?

Olimar is a little *****hhhhh.. everyone knows I hate him xD

Favorite stage to play on as TL?

Smashville all day baby

Favorite player within the smash community?

Hmm, I love hyro and quivo. Im sure we could be great friends outside of smash. But I can say that about alot of smashers I know, specially alot of the houston players (gness, razer, trela, peefor, dao etc) its pretty hard to pic a favorite overall smasher, so many of them are amazing people and unique.

Do you look up to anyone? If so, then who and why?

Hmm, I dont really look up to anyone. But I do admire and appreciate certain people for different things.

What is your favorite projectile and why?

Bombs. They create endless options

What is your favorite sword move and why

Bair is amazing. It can kill, punish, combo, and wall. **** attack

How do you feel about MK vs TL

Its a fun match up. I think its even on stage, just dont get gimped and you should be fine.

Do you hate MK?

Na, he looks funny and evil though lol


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.

Long story..lol sorry. I started playing smash on the 64 when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite games. I then got into melee and started playing some neighborhood kids for small amounts of money during my freshman year. The stakes were eventually raised along with rivalries and intense competition. After one night where I dropped close to 100$ in MM's, I went online and started searching for ways to gain an edge in the game. I hated losing and especially hated losing money at the same time. I finally found smashboards and made an account. I instantly started watching melee videos and became fascinated by how the game could be taken to a professional level. I wanted to get better and go to a tournament to see how I would fair. I did not have a job or a car at the time. I found a small monthly at Texas Tech (about 3 hours away from me at the time) and asked my Mom to take me. She took the day off Friday and pulled me out of school to drive me to Lubbock. The tournament was on a Friday night. I went 2-2 in the Tourney and became hooked. I shared my experiences with my friends and we got together a crew that would practice around 4 times a week. That is pretty much September 2006 in a nutshell, and that's how I got into the smash scene.

How did you get your gamertag?

Santi has always been my nickname since elementary. It's short for Santiago. It's always stuck with me and I stayed with it for my Smash Tag. I was also a noob and didn't know most people used some kind of unique pimp name like Dark Royalty Nightmare or whatever

Why did you choose Toon Link?
He seemed really unique. The character seemed fun with tons of creative potential and that brought me into him. Plus he has cool taunts and there was something intriguing about a little boy running around the stage kicking ***.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?
Jiggz. Except I think people get offended when I get tired of playing Toon Link and use my second. They think I'm sandbagging or whatever. So I try to play higher tier characters when I don't use TL. Marth or Lucario.

What do you do in your non-smash life?
Haha non-smash life includes mostly school. My fall and spring non smash life is kind of lame When I'm not doing school I hang out with friends and watch Football, Movies, PPV fights. I love playing poker obv. and do that 2 or 3 times during a school week.

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?
I sort of get competitive with everything I do. I was really into tennis in High School and would do that around 10-15 hours a week. I entered tournaments and brought home several trophies for me and my school. In middle school I played Pokemon cards pretty seriously and took down several tournaments in my town. Now I just play poker... I guess you could say competitively. I compete and do my best to get better at the game.

Santi: Why did you abandon us, forcing me to main MK?!!??
Mufasa: Simba, let me tell you something my father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings of the past are up there, watching over us.
Young Simba: Really?
Mufasa: Yes. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I.

Does that answer your question?

Why do we ride you so hard, yet know it's the right thing to do?
Toon Link brothers, from the Good Ol' Days... ride every TL main. It is how we bond, how we become stronger, how we keep from going extinct.
I am also a good ride

Why did you make a video associated with Dane Cook?
I was bored. Had a Dane Cook audio track. Easy to memorize. And I was bored

Why don't you live in CO?
Not ready to leave Texas just yet. I will be "living" in CO soon for a week or two though I'll be headed up to Colorado in the winter or during spring break to see a good friend of mine.

would you play wifi if u had it?
Probably not.

Why do people that hate TLink love him solely because of you?

Haha I don't know how to answer this one.
I think people love TLink for his uniqueness not solely because of an individual.
And I think people hate TLink because he is spammy and ****ing awesome. (Jealousy obviously)

Why are your videos so awesome?
Because my awesome fan base make my videos seem way more awesome then they really are.

When/If you return to the scene, going to tournaments frequently, will the legendary "Broken Arrow" team reform?
Don't know if I should really say...
Spoiler alert*

MLG Dallas.

Why am I the only one that remembers Broken Arrow?
Because you have been here since the beginning.

Why why why?
The beginning...the beginning...the beginning

How's college life treating you and do you play anyone at your

College life academic wise is keeping me be busy. Spend most of my day on campus keeping my workload down and organized.
College life in general is treating me like.. hmm.. it's treating me better than I deserve
I don't play anyone at my school really. I think 1 or 2 smashers go to UTSA though so if I go to a smashfest or something I guess I would play a couple people from campus

Dear Santi,

-What do you think about the MK vs TL match up?

Think it's a pain in the ***.

-Do you think MK looks cool?

-What is your favorite Zelda game?
I have never played a Zelda game :/ ahhhhh please don't flame me

-Do you like DR PEPPER?
Hahah I love it. I've stopped drinking it lately though and tried to stick with water or sprite. Caffeine withdrawals suck :/

How did you take 3 stocks off Hylian with only Dsmash? <3
Lolololol Tlink Dsmash gimp was kind of unknown at the time. Plus we were laughing our ***** off and having a lot of fun during that set. And Hylian was being silly.

when will you come back already!? =D
I come lurk on smashboards every now and then

Santi: Why do you main Zelda now?
Eww I don't like playing Zelda.

santi uhh hows poker going?
Uhh it is going pretty good. I don't like saying numbers, but it is going good enough to where I don't have to get a job :)

Santi: Are you ever gonna do another toon link vid?
I want to. Believe me I do. Except I have no wii, no recording device, my editing program is back home, and I don't play that much so it would take like 4 years to get a video done :)


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.
Well, I have been playing smash ever since Super Smash Bros. came out for the N64. I bought melee as well and picked up brawl on the release date because of how much I enjoyed melee. I was never competitive in smash until I played brawl. I started off on wifi and found a site called "Allisbrawl" and then worked my way through the ladder when another smasher in my state said that I should go to tournaments since he thought I would do well and thats how I got into the competitive scene.

How did you get your gamertag?
Haha..ah..this one is kind of dumb. For those who don't know, my initials are from my (ex) gf. I should probably change my name soon.

Why did you choose Toon Link?
I really loved using Young Link in melee. I was actually sad when I heard that they were going to keep Young Link in brawl, but then my friend told me that "Toon Link" would be in brawl. I started using him as soon as I unlocked him.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?
There are several characters that I can use, but I only use TL in tournament. I would use diddy kong as my secondary because it just feels natural when I use him.

What do you do in your non-smash life?
Enjoy college life:). I like to hang out with friends. My major takes up a good portion of my life now, which is Chemical Engineering. I do intramural flag football. That is pretty much it.

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?

Why are doing so well?
How am I doing? Im not sure what you meant by your question ha. I am doing fine? :)

why are you the most patient ****** tink on the market mjg
Ha. I wouldn't say I am the most patient TL. I don't get phased though and I can play as gay as I please :)

Can you teach me how to time out MKs?
Lol. I think ive only timed out a MK once. Just throw **** and hope for the best.

How are you so good at this game?
I have a passion for playing Toon Link. I hope that is what you were looking for XD.

Dear MJG,

-What do you think of the MK vs TL match up?

MK vs TL...hmmm. Well, I think that its a hard MU and that TL has to stay on point with his game while MK can poke at us here and there, but I don't think its as bad as most people think.

-Do you think MK looks cool?
Sure. I don't know why he hides behind his mask though.

-What are some ways to improve?
Well, I started playing on the wifi ladder before going to tournaments and I learned my match ups from wifi for the most part. Outside of wifi, I worked on my spacing and thats pretty much it.

-Good stuff vs mikeHAZE! You are a really impressive Toon Link.
How do I answer this? Lol. Thanks. It wasn't enough though.

whats the best way if there is any to stall MK and keep him away from you?
Always try to have a bomb out. Space well with zair. Don't be afraid of MK.

If there was a vote to ban MK again would you vote yes?
No. I would if it was a year ago though.

If TL was banned, who would you play as?
Diddy Kong

Where is kanasas? LOOOOOOOOOOOL
Only you would ask this :). In the middle of nowhere.

and do you tap your shoes
This is how I make it back home from tournaments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj35Aiphgu4

Ok sooo

How good is Shadow/PJ?

I think he is a decent TL main to be honest

Have u ever beat him in dittos?

Do you think 27th best TL is a good estimate for him?
Lol...poor shadow. I don't even think we have that many TL mains anymore XD.

Whats the TL/Lucario MU?
I think its even. Trela makes it seem like its ridiculous but I think its easier than most of our match ups.

Ok if you had to choose between constantly getting 25th-17th or not going to tournaments...which would you choose?
If it was a national, I would be content with that. If I placed 25th-17th consistently at a regional, I would probably stop playing brawl.

Whats the TL/ICs MU?
55:45 TL. Bombs. Spaced Zair. Mix up. GG

Are you black?



Do you think TL is viable on his own or do you secondary MK because you think he's needed?
I think TL is definitely tourney viable. Falco and MK are what hold TL back IMO.

Mjg where do you think toon would rank on the tier list if MK was banned?
Hmmmmm. That is hard to say since TL goes even with a good bit of the cast IMO. I think he would definitely go up but falco, IMO, poses a problem for TL. Other than that, I can't think of anyone else that really gives TL TOO much trouble. So, A tier.

MJG, if you had the choice of having either my babies, jerm's babies, hyro's abiers, jash's babies, santi's babies or (inser random Toon Link)'s babies. Who would you choose?

Haha. I know how to answer this.

-I would want Quivo's babies because we would finally have the "ultimate blacknese" shizz goin on.
-I would want Jerm's babies because hes cool.
-Hyro's babies because he flashy as **** and our kids would be the ****.
-Jash's babies because he da bess
-Santi's babies because our children would be famous


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.
I first heard about Smashboards because I was an avid Halo and Gears of War player before Brawl came out. I followed both of their forums, and I would play both games whenever I had free time. When Brawl was coming out, I decided that I wanted to be a part of a Brawl forum, so I googled exactly that, and I stumbled upon Smashboards. I wasn't active at all when I signed up though.

What got me into the Smash scene here in Puerto Rico was my friend BoV109, when he asked me, "Hey, do you want to see a video of your friend George get owned in a Brawl tournament?" I obviously said yes, and I proceeded to ask questions from there, did my own internet research, and boom, ended up here.

How did you get your gamertag?

When I was in 6th grade, I was really bored in a social studies class with a friend of mine. He said that we should give each other nicknames, so we did. We relayed horrible nicknames back and forth for a while, until class ended, and the last nickname he suggested for me was Twinkie. It was obviously a dumb name, and I told him noooooo, but that didn't stop him from telling everyone in school. Lunch that day, a whole bunch of girls started calling me Twinkie, and I tried to reject the name at first, but after a while, I just got used to it. The fact that random girls were talking to my 6th grade self was pretty cool, so I just let it stick.

My gamertag is TWiNKatGC because Twinkie was already taken in Xbox Live, and I love the city of Guaynabo, so I decided to combine those two things together. Twinkie at Guaynabo City. TWiNKatGC.

Why did you choose Toon Link?
In Melee, I used swordsmen (Roy, YL, and Link). When Brawl came out, I mained Link because there was no Roy, and because I didn't have Toon Link unlocked. I absolutely hated how heavy Link was, and how crappy his recovery was, and was considering switching to somebody else. When I unlocked Toon Link, I was amazed. I thought his dair was the coolest move in the game, and that his weight made him feel miles better than Link. I instantly knew that this was the character I wanted to play as.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?
I second Kirby, since he's just a fun character to play. Grab combos, Kirbicides, all too fun. Plus, I hang out a lot with the Kirby community, which makes learning Kirby a lot easier.

I have a terrible pocket MK that's just too terrible to even write about.

What do you do in your non-smash life?
There are two things that I like doing. I like learning, and I like making stuff.

I study Digital Animation and I enjoy every second of it, and that's because digital animation combines both learning and creating stuff. When I'm alone, I usually practice using the programs I'm learning about in class, such as Adobe Illustrator, Maya, ProTools, and Sony Vegas. If I'm not practicing how to use a program, it's because I'm on Wikipedia.

Another non-smash activity I like doing is making music with my band. If you didn't already know, I play bass guitar (you could probably tell that I play bass by just looking at me because of my beard). I also like to go to concerts, go off-roading, and play soccer.

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?
Not, but I do take my Halo 3 and Gears of War very seriously.

Are u black?


do u eat spaghetti

Not often, but yeah. It's prii good. However, if you count Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese as spaghetti, then yes, all the time.

are u fat

Nah, I'm only 148 pounds.

Why Twinkie?
Do you even like twinkies?

I hate Twinkies. I can't eat one without throwing up first. It doesn't matter though since I'm hypoglycemic. I can't eat twinkies anyways.

Why Twink?

Twink is a pretty cool guy, and sleeps in the same room as Princess Peach while Mario is out saving the 7 Star Spirits.

Will you ever beat me?


How tall are you?

5' 8"

Have we met before?

Yeah, you bagged my groceries the other day. Don't you remember?

what is your favorite and least favorite and middle favorite matchup and why?

Favorite matchups (as Toon Link) would have to be MK and King Dedede because those matchups keep me on my toes. They are really challenging and fun to play, instead of just one or the other (like Snake that's challenging, but no fun).

Least favorite matchups would have to be Ness, Lucas, Sheik, Fox, and Olimar. Ness and Lucas because it's an awkward feeling matchup, Fox and Sheik because they are fast and hard to camp, and Olimar because **** Olimar.

Ever went to an offline tourney? If so, how'd you place? How did you feel about your placing?

Numerous. Back in the day I used to always place last because I was relatively new, but this year I've been able to place higher. I'm satisfied with my placings as of now because the players that are above me are better players than I am, but that's not stopping me from trying harder. I'm gonna start beating top players just you wait and see.

Whos your favorite toon link on this board?

I'm judging this solely on their posts on the TL boards, not on AIM, private groups, or whatever.

My favorite Toon would have to be Fox is Openly Deceptive and by far. His posts are full of information, he's a cool guy to talk to, and whenever he discovers something new, he goes ballistic. He has my favorite posts, by far.

Twink, do you think I'm a top Kirby? ;D /ego

I think you're a great Kirby, but I don't know how you compare with other Kirbies since I've barely seen you play anyone else other than me.

What's your goal in SWF? You're now a staff member, applying for the BBR... Where else after that?

I just plan on contributing in as many places as I can for now, just throwing in my opinions every so often. I don't plan on working to get higher up in the staff, but if I do, that would be cool. Assuming I get admitted to the BBR, my next step would be learning how to hack up Brawl, so I can make stuff on my own, and contribute further to the game.

Twinkie, on a scale of 1 to Fabulous, how awesome are the Kirby boards? How awesome are they compared to the TL boards?/semi-joke questions

The Kirbies make the forum mad fun, since all of you guys work together to make Kirby a better character, and have a great sense of humor. All of you guys are always contributing in like every thread (even the social thread) which I think is really cool. Honestly, I wish the Toon Links had the same drive as you guys did. The only threads that are really active here are the social threads.

What's your favorite genre of music? Favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper band?
I don't really know what my favorite genre of music is because I love so many genres of music. I love all kinds of jazz, blues, rock, metal, math rock, heavy metal, opera, ambient music, orchestrated music, salsa, merengue, techno, videogame music, and some underground hip-hop. I have a really extensive taste in music. My top 3 favorite genres would have to be math/progressive rock, jazz, and blues.

My favorite band is The Fall of Troy, and by far. I love their guitar riffs, the combination of vocals and screams, and the lyrics.

As for other bands, here's my Last.fm account.

Goals on SWF/IRL?

Already answered SWF goals.
My IRL goals would be to finish college, be in a successful band, get a job at a gaming company like Epic Games, retire, and watch the world develop as I slowly grow old. I can't wait until I'm old. That's like my #1 goal. Growing old. I wanna be as grumpy as possible and be able to yell, "BUT I'M OLD, DARNIT!" whenever someone defies me.

Make a tier list of TL's costumes. :p

Tuxedo + Shades Toon Link

Does writing Wot make you feel smarter or superior? (reference BG)

I don't feel smarter, but I do feel like I'm making an impact on the topic at hand by arguing for my points. In that specific case, he left me 2 walls of text to work with, and a lot of the stuff he said were things that I disagreed with or strongly disagreed with, so I just started writing in hopes to get people thinking from my point of view. I want people to be able to take what he wrote and what I wrote and decide for themselves what they think is right, and develop reasons explaining why they think they're right. Some people are hard headed, but some of them aren't. I was aiming for those that aren't hard headed.

Wall of texts in general are fun to write because they give you a lot to express yourself with, and they give you insight on topics from different perspectives. You have to be able to write one with an open mind though, and be completely honest when you argue points though.

do you like the TL ditto?

Absolutely not.

From MJG:

Do you want to find out?

Is kewk a top kirby player? (repeating his question XD)

i bthyihkj biewk isw a top bp0laqwy er.l <-- Wrote that with my nose.

Am I a top TL player in your opinion?


Do you think that you'll send me to loser's if we play in bracket this sunday?

No, we'll meet in losers and I'll take you out. :awesome:

Do you dislike that PR doesnt record vids?

I dislike more that PR doesn't save replays, because I could just upload the videos myself.

Umm, do you think the livestream will be successful?

If they advertise it properly, then yeah.

Umm, running out of questions here...do you think Shadow is a good TL?

I haven't seen any serious matches of his yet. :(

Who is the best TL in your opinion?

Hyro or Jash. Hyro is really random, but Jash does all the smart stuff. Could go either way. I would like to add that I think Jerm and MJG have really solid TLs and are definitely up there. I haven't seen much from Chip or Quivo lately, so I don't really have anything to say about them. I have no idea how you (S@nT) compare with anyone outside so I'll reserve my opinion for later.

From a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate hyper? excel zero? rated?

If 1 is a random noob and 10 is M2K, this would be my list:

Hyper: 5
Excel Zero: 7
Rated: 7
LMAX: Maybe a 7 too.

lmax, i hear u play him every tourney lol. Do you think youll send him to losers if you face him in bracket?

I could do it if I get a nice crowd cheering me on behind me. Seriously, I just need to concentrate better when I play him, either that, or just be in a good mood.

What place do you think you'll get this sunday?

I'm aiming for 9th, minimum. I'm actually practicing for this tournament, and I think I can get pretty far as long as I don't run into any top players early like the last 2 times.

Are you hyped at the fact that a certain person is coming back for this tourney?

More hyped than you are.

Favorite color?

I don't have one. I like a lot of colors like blue, purple, red, green and black.

Favorite anime?

I don't really like anime because I think it's kind of silly, but I do like Cowboy Bebop's soundtrack.

Do you have a phobia?

Roaches. I can't stand looking at them, let alone get near them.

What about a hobby?

Besides Smash, I love playing guitar/bass, solving Rubik's Cubes, trolling IRL, and being random.

Do I annoy you?

No, it's actually quite the opposite. I like reading your posts.

Are you annoyed by these questions?

Not at all.

How do you like your steak? Rare? Well?

Steak is only good when it's well done.

Do you use any steak sauce? Like A1?

hahahahahahaha you said A1 :laugh:

Why did I have to PM you this?

You weren't supposed to PM anything.

Did you know that you're too slow?

Did you know that you're an habichuela?

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Uhhhhh.... ummmmm... uh...24!

Why am I so broken?

The way you push buttons (gamecube controller buttons and keyboards) goes against the laws of physics, thus, breaking whatever you're trying to do (but not the buttons themselves).

Why can't I ever have a 1 vs 1 with S@nt and why does he keep avoiding me?

He's obviously jealous. ;)

Favorite song?

I was hoping that nobody would ask me this question, because I don't have a single favorite song. I have numerous, and I can go on for DAYS on which songs are my favorite and why I love them so much. I'll give you guys a decent list though.

HORSE the Band - The Black Hole: I love this song because of how well the guitars and the keyboards work together. Just listen to the beginning and in a section that starts around 1:30 (which by the way is my favorite part in the song), and you'll see what I mean. To cut things short though, I'll just say that I think the song is brilliant and creative, while comical at the same time (the song is about the singer's mom's *****, hence, the black hole).

As Cities Burn - Terrible! How Terrible For The Great City!, The Widow, and Capo: I love the first two songs because of how dark they are. The sound is really dark, but the melodies are interesting nonetheless. The lyrics are dark in a sad/emotional (yeah emo) way, but they're beautifully written and the way he sings/screams them complement the overall tone of the song. I like the last one simply because it's a good jam. It's fun and catchy.

The Human Abstract - Vela, Together We Await the Storm: I can't word this as eloquently as I want to without writing something inappropriate. I'll just say that the guitar work throughout is amazingly good, and that I can't get through the chorus without having to change my pants. :awesome:

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare: THIS SONG IS EPIC NUFF SAID (RIP The Rev)

I'm just gonna cut the list there, but I'm gonna add to the question by adding 3 albums that fit into my "perfect" album list (ie. the entire album has to be amazing, not just most of it).

As Cities Burn - Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest
Thrice - The Artist In the Ambulance
Tera Melos - The Melodies

Favorite movie?

Monsters Inc. and by far, simply because of the work that the animators had to put in to make Sully work. 3 million hairs of different colors moving individually in a snowstorm? Jeeeeesus, no wonder everyone else is shaved in that movie.

Favorite book?

1984 and Stranger in a Strange Land.

If you had 1 hour left to live, what would you do?

Depends. If 1 had one hour left to live because it was the end of the world, I would probably be all hysterical and call everyone I know. If I'm dying because I'm sick and I only have 1 hour left to live, tell everyone sarcastically that I hate them. :awesome:

"Mom, you're cool and all, but I didn't love you ALL the time. I only loved you when you made me cookies!"

+1 to whoever gets the reference.
What do you see here?


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.
I played all the smash games but Brawl was the only one I really got into. I use to play wifi a lot but I got tired of that so I found people that played around me and we just started going to tournies.

How did you get your gamertag?
lol I just had to pick a name and I said well i main toonlink. So I just put king and toon together.

Why did you choose Toon Link?
I use to main lucas when i just played with my friends for fun. Then one day I was playing with my nephew and he was playing with tink and I thought he was so cheating. So I just picked him up.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?
I second kirby

What do you do in your non-smash life?
I go to school, chill with friends and go to the moon.

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?
Yea anybody can come and mm me in monopoly.

favorite color?
black and blue

Favorite TV show?
family guy/ southpark

Do you have a phobia?
im claustrophobic

What about a hobby?
i guess that would be playin brawl. Or goin to the moon lmao

Favorite song?

Favorite Band?

Favorite book?

What do you see here?
a evil elephant

Do I annoy you?

Are you annoyed by these questions?

Dear Kingtoon,

How do you feel about your match against Anti yesterday at VC8?
Anti's good. i lost because hes better than me

What do you think of the MK match up?
i like the MK MU. its one of my favorite. it makes u stay on ur toes

Do you think MK looks cool?

What's your favorite kind of food?
i love grits, eggs and bacon. yes im that black lol.

Why did you pick TL & Kirby?
i had to show some rep to kirby.

How do you feel about King Kong's Bowser?
its really good. caught me off guard. i got destroyed and i dont think ima ever live down that lose cause it was on livestream lol


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.

I started back in fall of 2006 when Melee was hot. We use to play 1v1s or free for alls back at my college and even ran a few tournaments even though it was for fun/bragging rights. Up until a guy named "Eric" who can to our school and ***** everyone and introduced us to advanced techniques. Long story short after months of practicing my first tournament was in December of 2006 my first opponent being azen and chillindude lol. Since then its been fun and an amazing experience meeting new players from across the country and even a few from different countries. I've been playing smash since smash 64 back when I was in middle school.....yep I'm old!

How did you get your gamertag?

Lobos is my real last name....it's what everyone called me at high school and at college since its so uncommon but not hard to remember.

Why did you choose Toon Link?

I've been a Legend of Zelda fan ever since LoZ on nintendo and Link has always been my go to character in all the smash games....too bad link sucked in brawl so I went with the cartoon version this time around. I sometimes play as link to mess around though. I mained Link in both smash 64 and melee.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?

As a I said Link is one but my lucario is my best secondary although I have never used any secondaries ever in tournament.

What do you do in your non-smash life?

Work a full time as a building engineer, go to school for my job, and full time daddy. YES I HAVE A KID! As many of you know by now already. I have a daughter who is 2 years old now (slightly younger than brawl lol). Not married yet but I am with my baby momma who has been by me for 6 years now. I also play other games outside of smash which I am pro level in/was.

Are you currently or previously been competitive in anything else?

Before I got into the smash scene I was pro in Counter Strike Source. Playing for thousands of dollars and what not but never making 1st. My team came in 2nd for one tournament, losing a free trip to Vegas to compete for $20,000 lol......

What other games do you play?
I have played in a high level of FPS games more so than fighting games ever since Unreal, Socom 1 & 2, and a few others. The smash scene is my favorite scene tho <3.

How old are you?

Was has been your greatest accomplishment in smash?

There are several hmmmmm I guess beating M2K back in 08

Have you ever consider using a top tier character besides in tourneys?

Prolly snake since I'm a MGS fan

Make a tier list of TL costumes. :p


Who is your favorite TL main to watch?

No one really since I don't watch videos of anyone but myself lol

favorite zelda game?

LoZ Ocarina of Time

favorite videogame in general?

Hmmmm this is too hard of a choice to make so I can name a top few.....Half Life 2, SSBM, LoZOOT, Monster Hunter, CS:S...

What is your favorite Match Up?


Least favorite Match Up?


Why TL?

Why not?

What is a lobos

Your father

lobos why red tl

I have taken over red since santi retired.....but then again I use all the colors


So tell us about how you got into the smash scene and how long you've been playing.

I got into at the verrrrrrrrrrryyyy start my mum came to me with a game.....she said son one day ONE DAY, you will be great but for now you must practice and so......i did started at 64 worked my way to melee (melee came out in 2001 i didnt play till 2006). i didnt know it had come out lol then i acquired brawl and joined this site called smashbrawlrankings and here i am today.

How did you get your gamertag?

My gamertag L. i took it from shadow from "Sonic X" but someone already had the name so i just added a 1(this was on sbr) then i came here and someone already had shadow1 so i added the pj BASICALLYYYYY shadow number 1 is pj bing bang boom.

Why did you choose Toon Link?

I used to main mario then lucario but one day i unlocked tl and was like oh this lil guy looks bad ace lemme try him...I FELL IN LOVE ;_;.

Do you have a secondary? If not who you would pick?

I use everyone except for peach,ness,lucas,ganon and wario.

What do you do in your non-smash life?

eat and get fat LOL. idk im on the computer, at work, trying to take over the world or hitting on Malcolm Mcnultys sister. Theres quite a few clubs around here i go to those when i get bored that or chill with friends.

Getting into competive league of legends as we speak. Son i used to be madgood at metroid prime hunters but *****s kept hacking the wifi so i quit.

What's your personal worst matchup?

falco and snake these two mother****in mother****ers ****in whoopity

TL Tunic color tier list. Go!

my eye color
a pimpnamed slickback
opposite of crips
excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me *****
see 4th tunic

Favorite Zelda game?

**** WINDWAKER its all about dat CDI ZELDA

Tell me about your birthday that was just the other day.

went out to eat...there were like 40 hot waitresses and i got stuck with the ugly one (no offense lady) her cute level was just not up their. After that went to see tron which was a **** movie if my life was a movie i would be evil red tron and mjg would be good blue tron.

Favorite music?

Who are the first three names listed in that Scrub's List of yours?
This little 3 year asian kid i hit with a bathroom door today (i assume hes related to quivo).

What shoes are you rockin' currently?
oshi.. black and white nikes/vans, red black and white jordans and some echoes...like 9 pairs of shoes

Give me your personal girl's hair color tier list.
any not normal color. Blue,green ect.

How deep is your love for bacon?

How many of my videos have you watched at night thinking "Man I wish I could do that"?

I watched a porno last year and this girl took it deeeeeep down the throat and i thought to myself"man if i could do that i would never choke spaghetti ever again"

Rank from greatest to worst: Chicken, pork, beef and turkey.

i adore panda steaks though.

What is your favourite song in a video game?
Dire dire docks.
water/forest temple music.
serenade of water.
shieks theme.
and a facedown when jash played adhd.

Mar 15, 2008
and most importantly, who is running the interviews? If it isn't gonna be Quivo....

btw i like this idea
Mar 15, 2008
Figure it out amongst yourselves. I'll be out for today.

If you guys do a vote, my vote goes for whoever is losing.


Smash Master
Jul 24, 2007
Columbus Ohio
I could run it, but I know i wouldn't update it enough and people would ride my *** for it so I'd prefer not to. If no one else wants to step up I will.


Smash Master
Jul 24, 2007
Columbus Ohio
Ah sorry, I did Jash first since he is generally considered the best TL and I thought people would find it interesting. I will put you, Action Panda, in the nominee section

Anyway, he answered some of the questions I asked. Post away guys!!


Smash Obsessed
Aug 3, 2007
Switch FC
If you had total control over the next Smash game, what would you want it to play like and would you prefer a Young or Toon Link in it?
Mar 15, 2008
Favorite matchup?
Least favorite matchup?

Why Toon Link?

What ever happened to that big project that you were working on?
What's your reasoning behind bringing your TL plushie to tournaments?


Smash Master
Jul 24, 2007
Columbus Ohio
Good **** guys, hopefully Jash will respond to some of these questions soon.

By the way, don't forget to nominate who you guys want interviewed next week.


Smash Lord
Jul 31, 2008
Um. Whenever I do something cool with toon link, I start yelling, "Jash who?? WHO THE **** IS JASH??!".

Are you mad at me?


Smash Lord
May 14, 2008
The Grand Line... PR
Why don't you just change the OP and run the thread yourself quivo? lol

And I think that S@nt should be interviewed first!

I approve this post so much, I am eager to know his answer, then LOL at them and tell to myself " **** I know that guy he practice with me"

twink you are awesome.
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