We are INVADERS, from SPACE! The Space Invaders Support Thread


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May 12, 2006

As classic as it gets. Debuting in 1978 in an arcade game of the same name, the Space Invaders are amongst the oldest & most iconic characters of all video gaming, predating even Pac-Man by a good solid two years. They are arguably the 1st true mascots in history, the game took Japan by storm with some arcades filled with nothing but Space Invaders machines for a time. & naturally it was just as popular overseas.

The impact Space Invaders has had on the gaming landscape simply can not be emphasized enough. In an interview with Time magazine years ago, Shigeru Miyamoto credited SI as the inspiration for him getting into the games business: https://web.archive.org/web/2007082.../time/magazine/article/0,9171,1645158,00.html

What one game has revolutionized the industry?
Space Invaders. Before I saw it, I was never particularly interested in video games and certainly never thought I would make video games.
Holy Cow, Batman! If it weren't for SI Miyamoto wouldn't have joined Nintendo. There would never have been Mario, Zelda, SSB, Nintendo probably would never have entered the console market at all & revive said market from the crash of 1983. & the countless thousands of other people in the video game industry who were all inspired by Miyamoto wouldn't be where they all are today. SI effectually created the whole industry as we know it today.

Many versions of Space Invaders have been released on various Nintendo platforms all through the ages but there are a couple I particularly wanted to highlight for moveset purposes.


Released on DS & other platforms, Extreme lived up to it's name with faster gameplay & more aggressive aliens. It also introduced (to the best of my knowledge) boss fights to the series with giant versions of the common aliens that players had to destroy each individual "pixel" of.


For the 30th anniversary of the franchise, Taito could've just put out a couple of remakes & left it at that. But no, they decided to go crazy with the occasion & created a Pikmin styled Wii Ware title where this time the players are the Space Invaders! The UFO is the protagonist that players directly control, taking the Olimar role in this game. The swarm of Invaders can either shield the UFO with their numbers or be sent out to attack whatever human buildings & military war machines need destroying.

Get Even is actually a canonical sequel to the original arcade game, with an opening narration that explains the backstory of the 1978 classic. No, seriously. Thanks to Get Even we actually have a name and an origin for the hero of SI, but this thread isn't about that guy so moving on.

In general the player is controlling the UFO, much like in Get Even. The UFO hovers just a foot or 2 off the ground so it can be on eye level with the other fighters. Three Invaders circle around it continuously in a an erratic pattern. The Invaders can shield the UFO from enemy attacks, although they will die in a few hits. In compensate for the passive protection, the UFO suffers from higher than average knockback, the logical drawback of being a perpetually hovering character.

Typically the Invaders do the fighting for UFO when they are in formation. When UFO is dashing or jumping the invaders following behind it. In these moments the UFO will do a basic spinning attack that isn't as strong when A is pressed.

SIZE: Invaders & UFO are each about the size of smaller characters like Olimar or Pichu.

JUMP: Get 3 jumps instead of 2, each with higher than normal height. Knockback is stronger if UFO is hit while jumping.

GRAB: The circling invaders reach out & latch unto a fighter. Mid-range grab with half the reach of grapple beam.

SHIELD: The invaders cling tightly to the UFO when the bubble appears.

JAB: 1 of the aliens, selected at random, flies out a few feet in front of the UFO to strike a nearby enemy.

TILT: similar to but with 2 Invaders moving in the direction pressed.

SMASH: All 3 Invaders strike out this time.

N AIR: Invaders circle the UFO very quickly for a second, damaging whoever they touch in the process.

SIDE AIR: Invaders strike at the side of the UFO.

UP AIR: Invaders strike above the UFO.

DOWN AIR: The space invader fire their lasers downward.
B: A random Invader fires a small laser horizontally. Can be rapid firing with the invaders taking turns firing.

SIDE-B: The Invaders quickly fly out across the screen in a slightly upward arc, firing laser below them at they travel & striking whoever they touch in their path. The invaders retreat back to the UFO when they reach the edge of the screen but can be manually called back with another press of B.

UP-B: UFO flies upward while using a tractor beam to carry any fighter that's directly below

DOWN-B: Spawns replacement invaders to replaced the killed ones.

FINAL SMASH: Transforms into a giant boss Space Invader that hovers on the upper half of the stage, firing many lasers downward. Opponents actually can conceivably damage the boss enough to end the FS early, but it takes a lot of hits to achieve that.


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Aug 12, 2012
I understood that reference. The invaders' tactics of changing direction and speeding up would be too much for the other Smashers.
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Sep 3, 2017
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I've been thinking about SI in Smash a lot lately. I feel SI would be an amazing character to end off FP2 - a reveal in the veins of Mr. G&W in Melee, it would be such a wonderful moment to end the ultimate celebration of gaming history with the first ever iconic gaming character(s).

An SI trailer basically writes itself: something like this, except it goes backwards in history (possibly with only main characters included) until you eventually get to 1978, then the booming heartbeat sound starts as Crab marches along.
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It isn't much, but I'll leave this here:

Sep 3, 2017
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It isn't much, but I'll leave this here:


In the replies people seem to be treating SI as simply "AT fodder", and I never really got that. Making an SI moveset is pretty easy, there's enough elements in the original game alone to use for a moveset (the UFO, the invaders' aquatic-esque body shapes, the lasers, the shields, the general B-movie/alien aesthetic, the speed-up bug), and if you wanted to you could slide in references to other Taito games like Pac-Man does for Namco (through I'd prefer not to go with this approach. Compared to Pac, who's a complete blank slate, Space Invader has a very specific theme so it wouldn't really work for it to spit bubbles or rewind time.)
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