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Waveland out of egg toss


Smash Rookie
Nov 15, 2014
I'm creating this thread in case some people don't use the reddit.

Link to gif: https://gfycat.com/AnguishedImprobableHoverfly

Psycho_GhostPMTV[S] 25 points 18 hours ago

So the frame data on this (done frame perfectly):

  1. Input a Short Hop (frame 1-5)

  2. Input Up-B (duration of B being held and control stick movement do not matter) (frame 6 or 7)

  3. Air dodge can be inputted as soon as frame 54, but the optimal frames to waveland on are frame 58 or 59. (assuming a flat stage/area)
Not the quickest option but allows for Yoshi to mix up his landing out of a Short Hopped Up-B Egg! :)


Smash Rookie
Sep 22, 2015
Just want to make some comments on how this 'feels' for those just learning it. After practicing this for a bit Ive learned; the timing for the SH->upb is kinda tight, so have quick fingers. Think Fox's JC shine. The timing for the waveland is also sort of tight, and youll get the best use out of this tech if you learn to perfect waveland it. And this also isnt a very fast technique. Meaning its not good for pressure. I would use it more for a quick egg to cover options while moving in/retreating.

I know these things are technically covered in the bullets above, but I just wanted to elaborate.
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