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"Watch the power!" Lucario pressure, and mix up thread!

Should Aura Sphere Cancelling lead to more offense? Or Lead into the neutral again?

  • ASC should be used as a bait! Utilize the offense to lead to the neutral!

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  • I'm not sure, but ASC may be too dangerous to rely on.

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Smash Journeyman
Aug 3, 2014
Whirl Islands
Hey guys, I wanted to create a thread that can emphasize the use of Aura Sphere Cancelling, On hit normal cancelling, and special cancelling to lead to possible zero to death, and mix-up-into reset situations! I don't know a lot about the kind of things Lucario mains typically use out of neutral to begin their pressure, so this isn't really a guide thread, but more where you guys can leave tips and tricks that show some of Lucario's more ambiguous offensive capabilities. For a basic idea on what im shooting for, whenever I land a dash attack on a medium-heavy opponents shield, I ASC then down tilt into double team to cross them up. This give me a chance to see what they will do reactively out of shield, and im already way from them, waiting to lead into another pressure attempt that could lead to damage, and possibly a stock. Let me know what you guys think, and like to do guys!


Smash Rookie
Jul 24, 2015
West Sacramento/Davis, CA
Here's a little quick tip. If you land an up smash in any way, the up smash can be jumped (and thus wavelanded) or ASC'd out of, so that will give you more options out of that.

But for these kind of tips, my best advice is to watch top Lucario players, such as IPK or Mr. R. Watch what they do and how they set-up. Look for how and when they ASC, when they one hit cancel and what they cancel into. There are so many possibilities with this that you really have to have a good understanding of how each move works.

Also, it's harder for me to look at it like a flow chart in most cases unless I notice a guaranteed setup, but more like what what feel works best for the situation I'm in at that moment. You get used to what works and what doesn't through experience and watching the pros. For example, there are certain times when dash attack should be canceled into tilts, others for specials, and others for smashes, it all depends on the situation.

So like I said, watch other Lucario's, and keep experimenting with your own. Once you do this you'll begin to notice what works and what doesn't, and you'll implement more into your play.

P.S. As for your poll, I think ASC fits all those options. It can be used to string combos, to set-up new positioning in the neutral, and to bait out movement. What really matters is knowing when to use which option, which, again, changes depending on the situation.
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