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Wario Wins Smash 64 Singles At Genesis 3! (Top 8 Recap)

Discussion in 'News' started by Smapps, Jan 17, 2016.

Smapps, Jan 17, 2016 at 6:09 PM
  1. Smapps

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    Smash Hero

    Dec 9, 2012

    Photo Taken By Robert Paul @tempusrob

    Smash 64 at Genesis 3 has been amazing. It was the largest smash 64 tournament of all time and talent came from all over the world to compete, some touching American soil for the very first time. The tournament has concluded and it's time to see who brought home the gold and the big matches in the top 8.

    The games went close to time but a heartbreaking SD stopped Wizrobe's chance at the comeback and KeroKeroppi advanced on in the tournament. This is where things got intense. Isai was not using Donkey Kong, we saw Isai with Fox. Isai was TRYING. He wanted the win. Game 1 went down to the last stock against tacos but Isai brought it back and ended up winning game 3 with a solid three stock.

    Wario then sat down to take on to fight Mariguas and the first match his Pikachu took an explosive five stock match. Wario would continue to be dominate and took all three games for the win sending Mariguas to losers bracket.

    Then the best Jigglypuff in Japan, Wangera, took on the one and only SuPeRbOoMfAn who used Pikachu instead of his famous Captain Falcon. The first game went to tie as SuPeRbOoMfAn desperately tried to hit off stage as both players were right next to the blast zone and was the first timeout in a Smash 64 major. Despite Wangera taking first game, SuPeRbOoMfAn brought it back winning the next three games and taking the set.

    Isai looked like he would take another solid match 3-0 but Mariguas refused to let it happen taking match three and started to mount a comeback also taking game four. But it wouldn't happen as Isai managed to start a strong comeback with a crazy down air that shook the crowd.

    The Crowd After Isai vs Mariguas

    The match was a quick 3-0 as Wangera sent KeroKeroppi to the losers bracket. After an odd issue over if the match was a warmup or not, Wario vs
    SuPeRbOoMfAn finally began with Wario taking the first match 3-0. Wario would take the second match but with incredible gusto SuPeRbOoMfAn managed to make a comeback game three and end it with a spike. He wasn't able to secure the final match and Wario, the wonder from Japan, went on to winner's finals.

    It was time for the rematch with Isa coming up against Wangera, the player who sent him to losers bracket. Wangera ended game one with a rest but Isai brought back game two and the crowd went wild chanting for Isai. With Wangera taking game three Isai brought on the hype using Pikachu for the first time in 64 singles in several years. The match went down to the final stock but Isai lost with a heartbreaking SD leaving Wangera the first player to beat Isai's Pikachu in bracket.

    SuPeRbOoMfAn was the last hope to not see only Japan in grand finals coming up against Wangera. Game three was the big moment. SuPeRbOoMfAn did what Isai could not and then some, 5 stocking Wangera with his Pikachu. In the end SuPeRbOoMfAn took the match and found his way to grand finals.

    The crowd was chanting RESET. SuPeRbOoMfAn does what none other could and 3-0s Wario to reset the bracket in a phenomenal grand finals set. But it was quickly reversed, Wairo was able to show why he was funded to come all this way from Japan and won Smash 64 singles at Genesis 3


    With the largest Smash 64 tournament of all time concluded it is amazing to see how far the community has came in these years. The man once considered an unbeatable God, Isai, was defeated and SuPeRbOoMfAn, the player everyone had always said was right behind him took matches he could not. Jigglypuff was shown at some of her highest levels . All of the top threats that at one point could not closely compete with Isai brought matches to last stock.

    Smash 64's meta has reached its highest height to date and only has room to grow taller. The next times these giants clash it will be an incredible experience. Let out that hype in the comments below and keep watching: there is more Smash to come!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Smapps, Jan 17, 2016.

    1. MudkipUniverse
      Posted quick, damn.
      Smapps likes this.
    2. Croi
      You must write these things in advance and then change the names accordingly?
    3. Smapps
      Nope. I wrote it as I watched. I'm on top of things ;D
      Bazkip, N7S, Twiranitar and 14 others like this.
    4. Croi
      That makes more sense. It's a little hard to recap things in advance.
      Smapps likes this.
    5. J.P
      Let's see how many people will john for Isai
      Shrokatii and Raize like this.
    6. Baby_Sneak
      Isai is still the best.
      Raize and Rising like this.
    7. DaRkJaWs
      I've got a question for anyone intimate with the 64 scene...so I tuned in towards the end and they said how everyone expected wario to win it. I've also known for the longest time how everyone has always said that isai's pikachu simply cannot be beaten. I know that he tries to win with all the characters and hence only goes one character throughout any given tournament. So the question is, if isai were to go pikachu once he reached top 8 and stayed pikachi, would he still be considered the favorite to win, even in 2016? Or has boom and the Japanese caught up with him in skill?
      Handy Man likes this.
    8. Purin a.k.a. José
      Purin a.k.a. José
      Despite knowing a lot of 64, that was the first time I actually watched its top 8. Man, what a hype! I'll be looking forward for the other big 64 tournaments! ^^
    9. Volt-Ikazuchi
      Can't really confirm anything since I haven't seen the matches yet, but the key word is "Isai used Pikachu in singles for the first time in years."

      While very few, if any, can match Isai's proficiency with the overall cast, His Pikachu could be rusty from lack of high stake matches.
      Raize, Rising and Baby_Sneak like this.
    10. The American Patriot
      The American Patriot
      I feel like Boom and japan have caught up. Isai is getting old, and his pika was unbeatable back then. This tournament showed that he isn't as good anymore. It may be because he's a 30 year old adult with more things on his mind than smash 64, or he's simply fallen off the thrown. This is my thought.
    11. Zowayix001
      Probably a dumb question but how did a match timeout? I thought Smash 64 didn't support timed stock matches yet.
    12. Combo Blaze
      Combo Blaze
      Isai had some friendlies the day before and Wario was winning them. If Isai had said he'd gone full Pika I'm sure people would have went with Isai as the favorite to win this. Japan has caught up with Isai a while ago I'd say. Boomfan also looks a lot better now which is awesome.

      They used an Everdrive which allowed them to use an ssb ROM which had timer and other stuff like different stages and even extra colors.
      Volt-Ikazuchi and Zowayix001 like this.
    13. HCRAYERT
      Will there ever be a smash bros tournament in Nashville TN.
    14. RoyIsOurBoy_TTG
      It might be a Japanese ruleset thing.
    15. Silvia
      That was my fav Smash 54 sets.
    16. Z25
      I was confused by the title at first. I was like wait wario's not in smash 64. But then I figured what it meant. Congrats to him! Nice match!
      Not Gavin, Zowayix001 and Dessa like this.
    17. Scotch98'
      Isai's suicide was probably the saddest moment of Genesis.
    18. KoRoBeNiKi
      Amazing sets, hope you guys watch.
    19. HCRAYERT
      Why do people still use smash bros 64 in tournaments I mean melee and project m are out now.
    20. DaRkJaWs
      I think you mean smash for wii u is out now.
      Zowayix001 likes this.
    21. HCRAYERT
      I know smash bros 4 for wii u is out now but I think most people will agree that melee and project m are the best games in the series even thought project m is a mod of super smash bros brawl.
    22. Zowayix001
      Just because Melee's the most popular (and had the most entrants) doesn't mean all the other games have to be completely excluded. Each individual game has its own unique playstyle which some people will prefer over others. From a more primal aspect, if the TO excluded brackets for less popular games, it would make the tournament smaller and less noteworthy, and also give it fewer entrants which means less revenue for the TO. So why would the TO do that?
      Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
    23. Rambeard
      No matter who wins a 64 tournament, Isai is still God.
      Raize likes this.
    24. Baby_Sneak
      They don't play alike at all. 0-death combos outside of 64 are near nonexistent in other smash games
    25. Ælude
      Best smash tourney I've ever tuned into (64 wise)

      My prediction for top 8 placing woulda been bang on if you switched isai's and wangera's placings - What happened with that sd?! That was so weird to see from anyone - let alone isai. Such a heartbreaking anticlimactic ending to that set!

      It seemed pretty convincing that boom has surpased isai - at least until isai shakes off some of that rust. But good on boom as it seems he's been putting in the work.

      Wario blew my mind with his pikachu i'm glad he came out on top. Those ledge cancels and his spacing were something else.
      Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
    26. Batu
      It was my saddest moment for sure. :(
    27. Johnknight1
      That whole top 8 was amazing to be there live for.

      Also that camera shot... I'm the guy with his arms out on the far right, and Robert Paul made me look like a gawd lmaoooooo!!!!
      Raize likes this.
    28. HCRAYERT
      What controllers did most players use in this tournament.
    29. Scotch98'
    30. Volt-Ikazuchi
      It still boggles my mind knowing how well people play on this quirky thing. On some games I don't even know how to hold the controller.
      Scotch98' likes this.
    31. Zad
      Congratulations Wario! Revival of 64! :D
    32. Shmig
      Wario is a terrible tag.
    33. Zad
      It's the best tag. Get outta here!
    34. Johnknight1
      Always relevant:

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