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VR Training: A Guide To Using Solid Snake

Jun 8, 2009

A competitive guide on Solid Snake

Hello their soldier! Welcome to the VR training! This is to improve your skills including CQC, usage of your projectiles and your important techniques. This guide is also for you to know the basics of surviving the battlefield and knowing your enemies. Good luck!

Having a hard time navigating the guide? Use the Ctrl+F command and look down at the table of contents!

Table of contents

I. Introduction

II. Advantages and disadvantages

III. Terms

IV. Move set

[IVBA] Basic Attacks
[IVT] Tilts
[IVS] Smashes
[IVA] Aerials
[IVSP] Specials
[IVG] Grabs
[IVOA] Other attacks

V. Know Solid Snake
[VA] Approaching
[VD] Defense
[VLCP] Land chase punishment
[VRE] Retreating
[VJ] Juggling
[VREC] Recovering
[VSSG] Snake's shield game

VI. Building a strong grenade game
[VITT] Types of tosses
[VISS] Stage shenanigans
[VIPS] Positioning in stages
[VIST] Specific tactics

VII. Specific situations
[VIICG] chaingrab
[VIIC] campers
[VIIAOC] Aerial oriented characters
[VIIDCM] Dealing with certain moves

VIII. Snake is sent flying
[VIIIDI] Directional Influence
[VIIIMC] Momentum cancel

IX. Mindgames anyone

X. Playstyles

XI. Follow ups

XII. Stages

XIII. Camouflaged mines and C4s

XIV. The controller

[XIVCC] Compatible controllers
[XIVSVT] Smash VS Tilt stick
[XIVCM] Control mapping

I. Introduction
Unveiled at E3 2006, Snake (スネーク, Sunēku) is a character who appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Instead of using a gun like he usually does in his games, he was designed instead to use explosive-type weapons and CQC (close quarters combat) from his own games.

Solid Snake is a character hailing from the metal gear series. When he entered in brawl, he somewhat became "overrated" and usually, people imply that he is "broken". Snake has a lot of useful advantages but his disadvantages are GLARINGLY major. Now these days, no one calls Snake broken. Now, he's usually degraded. The metagame of Snake though is developing slowly so that's why made this guide (VR training)! This guide uses the Gamecube controller-default controls.

Snake in general is a defensive character. He relies on his arsenal of weapons such as grenades, missiles, mines and rockets to camp. He also has a great tech chase which can lead to a lot of follow up plus he can even DACUS. All of these advantages make Snake's ground game a formidable asset. Unfortunately, his aerial game is terrible making him extremely vulnerable in the air.

Snake is for you if:
  • You're a patient player
  • You like camping or you're fine with it
  • You like playing safe
  • You enjoy ground oriented characters
  • You like playing as manly characters (Snake is the 2nd manliest)
  • You enjoy being hard to kill
  • You like big characters
  • You're a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series
  • You like characters with a beard

Snake is not for you if:
  • You hate camping
  • You spam powerful but slow moves
  • You like staying in the air
  • You hate the Metal Gear Solid series
  • You suck at camping and spacing
  • You hate characters with a beard (If that's the case, shame on you)

Beginner's part

If you have just started playing Brawl and you are targeting to play as Snake, you should read this:


Other ways on how to do moves:

Shield - Hold down any direction of the Z button

Throwing grenades - Hold B then flick the C-stick. Flick it backward to soft throw, flick it up and down or don't flick it to medium throw and flick it forward to strong throw.

Smash - Flick the control stick at any direction at the same time click the A button

II. Snake's advantages and disadvantages​
  • Fairly quick and powerful tilts
  • Very good defensive game
  • Superior camping game
  • Very long ranged attacks. Some of his attacks such as f-tilt and u-tilt have disjointed range.
  • Very high priority
  • Good at surviving at higher % (Survivability)
  • Has a variety of projectiles
  • Can tech chase
  • Third heaviest character in the game

  • Some of his attacks are punishable
  • Terrible aerials
  • Can be chain grabbed easily
  • His recovery is very easy to edgeguard
  • Can be gimped due to his heavy weight
  • Fast faller
  • Bad air speed

III. Terms​
Terms you need to know if you do not know what we're talking about.

U/N/B/F/D-Air/Smash/Tilt/Throw- Stands for the certain direction. Examples are n-air (neutral air) and d-tilt (down tilt)

DACUS- Stands for dash attack cancel up smash

Snakedash- Our own term for Snake's DACUS

The knee- The name for Snake's first hit in his f-tilt

Nade- A syllabication in the word "grenade". Usually is used to substitute the word "grenade".

- Stands for Dash attack

- Stands for Air dodge

- Stands for Short hop

FF- Stands for fast fall

- Stands for Full jump

DJ- Stands for Double jump

OoS- Stands for Out of shield

IASA- Interruptable As Soon As, the visual animation hasn't finished yet, but you can do something else past a certain frame on this move.

DI- Directional Influence, when in the air you are able to control where you go to an extent by holding the control stick certain way. Their are multiple types of DI.

AC- Stands for Auto-Cancel. You utilize a move with out experiencing ending lag

IV. Move set

Some things to know before reading:
  • Damage is how much % it can dealt against your opponent
  • Range tells how far the hitbox lingers
  • Priority refers to an attack's ability to trump another attack if both are used at the same time. Priority is usually related to the damage the attack deals.
  • Speed depends on the amount of frames in the move
  • There are ratings from 1 to 5. 5 is the best while 1 is the worst
  • All kill % are still pending. They will be tested on Mario. Note that these are fresh kills. Not DI kills.
  • New star system
  • (★) It works simply. To Range, priority and speed: the higher, the better. To lag: The higher: the higher, the lag is less or non-existent

[IVBA] Basic attacks
Snake's basic attacks are overall useful. Jab is very good since it has such incredible priority and dash attack is somewhat hard to punish.

Neutral combo- CQC combo
Damage: 14% (4%-3%-7%)
Speed: ★★★★★
Range: ★★★★
Priority: ★★★★
Lag: ★★★★
Kills around: 137% fresh

Snake's neutral combo is one of the better combos in the game. The hitbox appears at the 4th frame at the same time it clanks some projectiles. You can follow up an f-tilt (Jab 1--> F-tilt) which is great for getting kills. It's also a good spacing but Snake has better options. It has incredible priority for a jab for some reason but that's what makes it useful. Jab can be used for SPACING if you follow it up with an f-tilt :p. You can also jab lock with this one. That's why Snake's jab is special compared to the other jabs. Snake's rd jab however is terrible since it can be easily PS'ed so I suggest Jab-->F-tilt. Jab--> grab is also a great follow up. It's great for mixing up and it's very useful because you can catch people trying to air dodge behind you, unless you'd rather just do something like grab or turn around and tilt.

The tip of the jab gives non-existent knockback.
Random Fact: Did you know jab can follow up from a helpless fall of an enemy to an F-smash? Weird right?

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLUSBrHe8Yw

Dash attack- Forward somersault
Damage: 8-10%
Speed: ★★★★★
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★★★★
Lag: ★★★★
Kills around: Around 130%

One of the better dash attacks in the game. This dash attack is somewhat harder to punish compared to the other DAs for some reason but still can be punished though. This is the best move to use when you punishing landings. It can also be used to punish those nasty f-airs of Marth. This is also a good approach option since it's pretty hard to punish compared to the other DAs in the game but not only because of that but because this also gives very good knockback.

Oh, I completely forgot about putting stuff about DACUS here since I put it in the techs section (thanks nappy >.<) It can connect to a sliding up-smass. This makes Snake's stage control ability better. For more info, go to the techs section. This also can be used to reset your position or retreating and sometimes, whenever you want to retreat do it, cause whenever the enemy dares approach you, the mortar rocket will save you.

[IVT] Tilts
Snake's tilts are soooo broken and awesome. All of his tilts possess fairly quick speed, power and disjointed range which makes them so good! U-tilt has very high killing power and disjointed range. F-tilt has everything but it's usually best for spacing. D-tilt is kind of under rated but it's actually useful for spacing and it can substitute u-tilt if Snake's U-tilt is stale.

Forward Tilt- The knee combo
Damage: 20% (8%-18%)
Speed: ★★★★★
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★★★★
Lag: ★★★★★
Kills around: 125%

Snake's f-tilt is hell useful! It covers up all advantages and it has everything such as power, damage, range, knockback, speed and a short lag. The best usage of it is SPACING. Due to it's incredible power, damage, range, knockback, speed and short lag, this is what you should abuse and spam! It can be also used to edgeguard. Even the f-tilt 1 is capable of edgeguarding whenever the enemy is at 100% and above. Did I mention that it has the HIGHEST priority in the game (not including the attacks with transcending priority). But be warned some moves can still punish or outrange F-tilt. This move can make enemies TUMBLE if the enemy is closer to the hitbox. You can take this to your advantage by following up a grab when the enemy tumbles or U-tilt for kills. The 2nd hit of F-tilt however is punishable especially on shields. Some people usually use the 2nd hit of F-tilt as a GTFO move. The 1st hit of F-tilt can also be used to space if the enemy is airborne and if he has a high %.

I found this cool data about Snake's F-tilt trip data by Susa:
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★★★★
Lag: ★★★
Kills around: 102% fresh, 111% with DI

Ahhh.. The u-tilt. One of Snake's epitome of his KO moves. It has ridiculously strong KO potential though this move is rarely used in matches. It's usually reserved as a "surprise KO move" so it can avoid staling. This can also be used as an anti-air attack and a land chase punishment. This is also a pretty good OoS so you should use this OoS option whenever the enemy is at 100% and above. This is also safe even though if if it gets shielded, since it gives good shield push back and and if the opponent attempt to shield grab U-tilt but get pushed away too far you can U-tilt again.

Here's a chart of the -tilt's KO% with DI by smashkng:

Sorry, I didn't know that the training had less knockback, but once I found that out I retested in vs mode and got this. Now change to this one, which is of the vs mode. Just have the same quote you had before, but with this Up Tilt kill list instead of the other one.

1 King Dedede 144

2 Snake 137

3 Link 135

3 Donkey Kong 135

3 Captain Falcon 135

6 Ike 129

6 Ganondorf 129

8 Bowser 127

9 Wario 121

10 Charizard 120

11 Yoshi 118

12 ROB 118

13 Samus 116

14 Ivysaur 115

14 Sonic 115

16 Pit 114

16 Wolf 114

18 Lucario 113

18 Falco 113

20 Marth 112

20 Diddy 112

20 Lucas 112

20 Ness 112

24 Mario 111

24 Luigi 111

24 Toon Link 111

24 Pikachu 111

28 Fox 108

29 Ice Climbers 107

29 Sheik 107

31 Zero Suit Samus 106

32 Olimar 104

33 Peach 103

34 Kirby 102

34 Meta Knight 102

34 Zelda 102

37 Squirtle 100

38 Mr. Game & Watch 97

39 Jigglypuff 89

Downward tilt- Sweep kick
Damage: 10%
Speed: ★★★★
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★★★
Lag: ★★★
Kills around: 133% fresh

One of Snake's underrated attacks. It has more horizontal range than u-tilt and this can be used to space, edgeguard or even KO but usually, Snake has way better options so you'll rarely use this in battle. Sometimes this comes in handy. Oh I forgot one thing. This is pretty decent to use whenever there's an open spot in the shield, you can use d-tilt (Well you call the term shield poking). Also, this can be actually as fast as U-tilt when you with out crouching. You can use this as a surprise attack against the enemy whenever U-tilt is staled and this is actually an amazing spacer but Snake has better options again. Just saying that D-tilt isn't all bad
[IVS] Smashes
Snake's smashes are very useful (except f-smash). U-smash can be DACUS'ed and it's a very good anti-air tactic and edgeguarder. D-smash is a great tool for camping and extreme mind games. You can mix up Snake's smash attacks with Snake's grenades and C4.

Forward smash- RPG-7

Damage: 22-32%
Range: ★★★★
Priority: ★★★★
Kills around: Around 60%

This move is incredible but the one disadvantage that puts it out is it's lag and speed. It's just too slow and having only 4 frames where the hitbox appears is just to strict. However, this move is VERY POWERFUL but you should use this move sparingly or never even use it. You can also punish some terrible recoveries, some attacks with such terrible lag (notably Ganondorf, Ike and Zelda), and also some whiffed recoveries so it's okay as an edgeguarder but use it at a high risk. But well, you have the u-tilt. It's okay if you don't even use this move since U-tilt is better than this. Oh, Did you know that F-smash can be followed up by a one-jab-lock?

VIDEO OF THE WRATH OF F-SMASH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLUSBrHe8Yw

Upward smash- Mortar
Damage: 14%
Speed: ★★
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★
Lag: ★★★★
Kills around: With melee hit 124%, Only projectile 149%

The longest ranged u-smash in the game well since it's a projectile. This is one of the u-smashes that can be used to DACUS and it's one of the best to use in controlling the stage. This can also be used in edgeguarding and anti-air tactic. Oh also, this can be "mortar grabbed" (U-smash-->grab) but who cares anyway. This also good for platform pressuring. I can't say much about this move with out DACUS. The main use of this is DACUS anyway.

Downward smash- Land mine

Damage: 14-19%
Speed: ★★
Range: ★★★★
Priority: None
Lag: ★★
Kills around: 119% uncharged fresh

Despite it's unusually long lag and fairly slow speed, it's very useful for mindgames. If your having a hard time planting the land mine, just f-tilt space then plant it. SIMPLE! Oh yeah, it also has a special feature in Lylat Cruise. Whenever you plant it on the platforms, it's "unseen" from the view but it's actually hidden at the second layer of the platform so take advantage of that. This also has pretty good knockback for just a projectile and it can kill at a low percent whenever it's fully charged.

[IVA] Aerials >_>
Snake's aerials aren't that useful. Well it's below useful. It's HORRIBLE. Most of theses possess terrible lag and they have an unusually long duration and what makes it worse is that Snake falls to fast and Snake's bad air mobility. Overall, Snake has one of the worst air games in the game. Though, these can be useful as edgeguarding tools since they have incredible knockback and high priority.

Neutral Aerial- Shoo Bee Doo Bop
Damage: 28%
Speed: ★★★★
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★★★★
Kills around: 86% Fresh

One of his better but yet situational aerials. It's a great defensive tactic and edgeguarder overall. It's pretty good as an edgeguarder cause of it's fairly long range, knockback and priority and it's also a good defensive move cause of it's range and knockback. The sad thing about it is that sometimes, this attack might as well kill you on air due to how long it last combined with Snake's fall speed. Also the landing lag is terrible but overall, this move is useful.

Forward aerial- Axe kick
Damage: 14-16%
Range: ★★★★
Priority: ★★★★★
Kills around: 102%

This move can meteor smash though it's slow and powerful. True Snakes can use this attack effectively. There some uses of this attack such as punishing ledge hops but b-air is way better for may reasons. Also, this is one of the most powerful meteor smashes in the game. This can also be used in edgeguarding but this is way more risky than n-air so use this sparingly.

Backward aerial- Drop kick

Damage: 10-16%
Speed: ★★★★
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★★★★
Lag: ★★
Kills around: 108% sweetspotted, 130% sourspotted

Snake's best aerial by far. It's a bit less riskier than his other aerials and it's a very good edgeguarder overall. You can also string 2 b-airs (sour-spot-->FJ-->sweetspot) which can be good for getting some kill opportunities and gimps. This can also remain out of the grab range but the problem with this move is that the landing lag is very long and terrible (but not as terrible as his other aerials though).

Downward aerial- Quadruple Stomps
Damage: 28%
Speed: ★★★★
Range: ★★★
Priority: ★★★★
Kills around: 86% Fresh

Not that useful due to it's range but it can pressure shields well and deal good knockback and damage. The landing lag of this attack is terrible like n-air and f-air. This move can't even meteor smash and this move has practically no use so your pretty much better off not using it but one useful thing is that you can do some ledgehop-->d-air shenanigans but it's fairly risky though. Oh, this can be used as an OoS.

Upward aerial- Upward kick
Damage: 10-14%
Speed: ★★★★★
Range: ★★★★
Priority: ★★★★★
Lag: ★★
Kills around:102%

An aerial version of u-tilt but it's more inferior. It's as powerful as u-tilt and as fast but the landing lag is stylish but long. You can spam this one while your falling but grenades are still better. This is also a good KO move. Nothing much to say though.

[IVSP] Specials
Snake's special are very useful for camping (excluding NIKITA). Grenades are Snake's main tools to camp and C4 is the tool for mind games. You can also mix this up with Snake's smashes (excluding F-smash) to maximize the usage.

Neutral special- Hand grenades
Damage: 12%
Speed: ★★★★
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★★★★
Lag: ★★★★
Kills around: 156%

By far, Snake's best move. This is VERY important aspect of Snake. He needs it to camp against his opponents. The hitbox of this attack is huge and you can create a lot of tactics and strategies with this tool. You can "cook" the grenade by holding it for a while then throwing it on the enemy. Remember, this takes exactly 3 seconds to explode. Along with that you can strip it or also known as "grenade strip". All you need to do is throw a grenade then shield drop a grenade. There's far too much to say about this tool. It can be used in many ways like approaching, defending, camping, etc. Grenades can also be effected by stages since some stages have those slopes, unique platforms, etc.

Grenades can also explode or be exploded by Snake's other tools. Grenades can explode land mine and C4 can explode both grenade and land mine. This helps Snake in increasing the blast radius and hit box of this attack which makes it useful for spacing (See solid style section Ctrl+F search). Grenades can help Snake in a variety of situations. Notably chain grabs (Unless if it's the Ice Climbers). Grenades also explodes if it's in contact with an attack. If the attack the enemy uses catches the grenade, then do grenade strip. This proves that grenades can juggle but not that well but usually a 2 hit juggle but still. Snake isn't quite potent at juggling. Grenades have a million of uses. You'll find that out soon (Nappy will take care of that).

Additional notes:
You can use this to blow up land mines which makes it a safer and better way to explode land mines.

For beginners: If you don't know how to throw Snake's grenades softly, normally or strongly then go to smashbros.com (Smash DOJO) or just read the information down here if you're too lazy:

Soft throw
Tilt the analog backward

Medium throw
Don't tilt the analog

Strong throw
Tilt the analog forward

Forward special- NIKITA
Damage: 7-14%
Speed: ★★
Range: ★★★★★
Priority: ★★★★
Lag: ★★
Kills around: 147% sweetspotted, 261% sourspotted

The NIKITA isn't actually THAT bad. It's amazing for mixing up. First of all, the NIKITA is useful if you mix up with your grenades. It's also a good far range punishing tool. NIKITA is very good for edgeguarding. You can drop them on the enemy or make it travel towards the enemy. It can clank with projectiles such as:

  • Link and Toon Link- Bow and arrow
  • ROB's gyro or one laser from ROB per nikita.
  • Pit's arrows
  • Pika's t-jolts
  • Fox, Falco and Wolf's blasters
  • Ness's/Lucas's PKT and PK Fire
  • Zamus's armor pieces (You know how Zamus's often like to throw their armor straight at you at the start of a match? Fire a Nikita and watch every single armor piece fall in its path, and still be able to fly and hit Zamus.)

Downward special- C4
Damage: 17%
Speed: Aerial: ★★★★★ Ground: ★★
Range: ★★★★
Priority: None
Lag: ★★★
Kills around: 93% fresh

Another of Snake's important tools for camping and mindgames. Combined with his landmine, he controls the stage. You can do a lot of crazy stuff with this thing such as platform planting and sticking. Oh it also has a huge hitbox which is awesome. This also helps in Snake's recovery. Whenever he fails on getting back unto the ledge, detonate yourself then use the cypher again. Another good thing about this tool is that it can also edgeguard.

Upward special- Cypher

Damage: 4%
Speed: ★★★
Range: ★★★★★ (Projectile)
Priority: ★★
Lag: ★★★★
Kills around: Never will :awesome:

Snake's main recovery.. Despite how high it travels, it's still very easy to edgeguard so you can be easily spiked out or grabbed out of cypher. There are things that help this recovery such as b-reversal, wave bounce and C4 bomb jumping. Nothing much to say though. Overall, this is a somewhat mediocre recovery.

[IVG] Grabs
Snake's grabs are excellent. Snake's grab can grab release. Let us see what this can do.
Turns out we have 11 grab releases.

All releases are air release unless stated otherwise (Ness/Lucas)

__crystal___ and I did testing - albeit WiFi but we tested multiple times + in the scenarios the characters were still in a "stun" like state where they can't do anything.

Using Data from This thread will help you determine whether you want to grab release or dthrow.


Dash Attack, Boost Grab


DACUS (Buffered only, needs to be perfect), Boost Grab (1-2 frame window <3 fun fun?)

Dash Attack, DACUS, Boost Grab

DACUS (Buffered only, needs to be perfect. Like Sheik)

Dash Attack (Tipped)

Dash Attack + Boost Grab? (We were having issues Boost Grabbing... I did it once before he recovered IIRC so it SHOULD be possible)

Dash Attack + Boost Grab (Boost Grab trades hits and isn't worth it)

Dash Attack(... I forget... I believe anyone we can boost grab we can dash attack anyways) + Boost Grab

Nair, Utilt, Bair, Uair

Jab, Ftilt, Dtilt, Utilt (Dtilt needs to be buffered)
Regrab if Ness doesn't land to far away. (If he does we can't grab him) < this seems to be at random <_<

Jab (sometimes), Ftilt, Dtilt, Utilt

Jab > Grab! Needs more testing! (0%-83% CG using Jab > grab > release > jab) Jab puts Lucas into stun so we may have a pseudo CG on him!

Pummel grab- Chokehold
Damage: 1-2%
Kills around: Never :awesome:

This is best used whenever you need to refresh your moves.

Forward throw- Scoop slam

Damage: 9%
Kills around: 230%

This is good for getting enemies off-stage.

Backward throw- Backward slam

Damage: 10%
Kills around: 125% fresh

Works like forward throw but has more knockback.

Upward throw- Backward suplex
Damage: 10%
Kills around: 205%

Snake's least used throw. There's not much to say about it.

Downward throw- Lie down man (Unknown name)
Damage: 12%
Kills around: Never

His most damaging throw at the same time his best throw. It can be used to tech-chase opponents which is awesome.

Here's a thread about tech chasing with d-throw--> http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=235804

[IVOA] Other attacks
Snake has some other attacks which is not so worth knowing but for the heck of it, maybe it would be worth showing.

Ledge attack- Kick
Damage: 8%
Kills around: :awesome:

Probably Snake's only "Other" attack. There are still better options however

100% Ledge attack- Lol kick
Damage: 10%
Kills around: :awesome:

Lol. Avoid using this terrible move.

Taunt- Box
:jiggs: <(Lulz)
Damage: 1-3%
Kills around: :awesome:

Don't use this in competitive play.

V. Know Solid Snake​
You should know what Solid Snake is capable of. You should know what should be done when you decide on which strategy will you use. If you don't know what to do or in other, if your clueless, you might as well mess up and die shortly after. So knowing what to do is important.

[VA] Approaching
Snake's approach is above average but if you battling against Olimar, this is essentially useless. Snake is better off with defense but if you want to approach then I'll throw out some things to use:

Dash attack- Very good approach move. It's hard to punish compared to the other DAs in the game but be warned that some moves can punish Snake's dash attack.

Grenades- Grenades can also be used to approach and retreat. You can pull out grenade--> SH towards the enemy--> Soft/medium/strong throw--> pull out nade--> SH away--> soft throw. There are millions of ways you can approach with this thing but using them defensively is better.

DACUS (Dash attack canceled u-smash)-
Great for approaching for obvious reasons. You can DACUS towards the enemy, pick up a nade with DACUS, land chase, etc. Though, remember this is highly punishable against Ground characters. Use it against aerial campers or other aerial oriented characters.

Crouch- Snake's crouch can avoid a lot of moves. That includes most of Ganondorf's moves, Falco and Fox's blaster and more.

F-tilt- Walking F-tilt is pretty good for approaching. Plus, Snake needs to walk in most match ups anyway. Also, Snake's f-tilt is almighty. More than u-tilt, yes it is.

Dealing with projectile spam- Projectiles are very annoying to deal with. Just powershield while slowly going forward. Though, most of Snake's attacks clank most projectiles:

Fireballs are outprioritized by f-tilt, jab, u-tilt, maybe d-tilt and DA. Also, all his aerials outprioritize them.

Turnips can by outprioritized by his tilts, jab, DA and aerials dodge it but AD would be better to use. Thrown beam sword can be easily PS'ed. Bomb omb, ehhh.... I don't really know @_@.

:falco: :fox:
Crouching works against them Fox and Falco's lasers.

His lasers can be easily PS'ed.

Waddle Dees and Waddle doos can be stopped by all of Snake's attacks

U-tilt and maybe f-tilt can neutralize arrows. All of his attacks outprioritize boomerangs. AD their bombs also.

PS his arrows

Peanuts can be neutralized by all of Snake's attacks. AD'ing them is easier though. Also, nades can deal with peants

Bananas can be a bit of a pain...

PS her slow moving projectiles. You can also f-tilt her small-medium charged shots but PSing is still easier.

PS his egg tosses.

PS their ice blocks or you can try hitting them with your jabs and tilts.

All of Snake's Jab and tilts cancel Pika's t-jolt

There's more coming!
[VD] Defensive
Snake's defense is just too good! His camping game is superior and thanks to his fairly quick, long ranged, powerful and high priority tilts plus his variety of projectiles (Nades, C4, land mines and mortar and also, he very hard to KO) he has one of the best defensive games in the game. If not the best.

F-tilt- Long-ranged, quick, less lag, powerful, high damaging attack? Very useful and broken. Spam this all you want but be warned that this can be punished a few attacks. This also outprioritzes/clanks all the attacks (excluding transcendent priority attacks) so yeah, spam it.

D-tilt- This is an OKAY spacing move. It can also clank with some moves and it can dodge some attacks (I think?). It also has moderately good killing power.

Neutral A- Due to the great knockback of this attack, use it but this loses to jab-->f-tilt. This move as pretty good range and incredible priority for a jab and the good knockback is enough to kill an enemy at 110% or above fresh.

Jab-->F-tilt- Duh, it dealts more damage so I suggest using this more than the neutral-A.

B-air- Long-ranged, high priority, powerful move. Really useful but the landing lag is terrible.

Grenades- This is where the fun begins. You create your own tactic and put it into action. You can cook grenades, counter enemy attacks by predicting by shield dropping a nade (Grenade counter in other words). Use the environment around you in the stage and take advantage of the platforms, slopes, etc. Also, you can grab people and start tech chasing with nades. Nades help in tech chasing if their in the back and front of the enemy. Oh whenever the enemy catches the nade, strip it. The enemy gets disarmed. Nades also explode if it's on a land mine or if you detonate a C4 while the nade is on top of it. It does well.

C4- Mix this tool up with you grenades and create an endless number of tactics! You can put a C4 beside a land mine, detonate it and it causes a bigger blast radius. This is a very good wall of defense. It usually forces the enemy to play carefully which could limit his or her options. Besides that, Whenever your sticked a C4 on the enemy, punish them whenever they attempt doing some laggy attacks or rolls. Also, go to darker stages with this one.

Land mine- Land on this thing and BOOM! Same thing with the C4, combine tactics with grenades but take advantage of it's ability in Lylat. This serves as a wall like the C4 also it limits the enemy's options. You should use this in very bright stages (Delfino Plaza) since from a far view, you don't see it clearly. You can also use it to punish opponents. How? Usually, rolling can make this tool explode with out the enemy getting hurt. You can punish their rolls.

Mortar- This is great for punishing failed approaches (Grab enemy and wait for the rocket to drop on the enemy) but this has fairly low priority. This is also a good tool against those nasty aerial approaches. You should be warned about the aerial attacks that can outprioritize Snake's mortar rocket (A good example is DDD's n-air). This is also a bit of a mindgame tool with a thrown down nade.

OoS grab- Can lead to some awesome grab releases and tech chasing.

More creative tactics- Here are some tactics that can help:

berserker01 said:

Personally my favorite set up. Great for retreating from an approach.

C4 b-reversal/wavebounce-->Grenade b-reversal/wavebounce-->Fastfall--> Grenade shield drop--> Land mine--> Roll away

Center portion of stages. Can't be used near the edge.

Use the mines to make the enemy run away from it then use the b-reversal grenade to pressure the enemy then drop a grenade to increase your defensive barrier then go a little further from your dropped grenade then put a landmine then roll away from it.


A great set up used in the start of a match.

Short hop--> Soft throw nade-->Short hop--> C4-->Fastfall--> Jump backwards--> Fastfall--> Medium throw nade

Center portion of stages. Can't be used near the edge.

Quicky SH soft throw a nade to keep the enemy in pressure and the C4 should be detonated if enemy attempts to approach so the nade beside the C4 will explode along with it making a huge hitbox. To add more pressure, Throw a medium nade.


A great mixture of approaching and retreating.

DACUS towards the enemy-->

There are varied results:

If enemy is a bit far from you when you DACUS'ed:
Shield drop nade--> DACUS away from the enemy--> Strong throw nade

If the enemy is near you:

Attack: Shield--> F-tilt/F-throw--> Medium throw nade--> Short hop--> C4--> roll away--> medium throw nade

Grab: Roll away--> Jump backwards--> Soft throw nade--> Fast fall--> Medium throw nade

Center portion of stages. Can't be used near the edge.

DACUS for approaching.

If far:

Shield drop nade to force the enemy to run then retreat by using DACUS then quickly strong throw a nade

If near:

Attack phase: Classic shield then punish enemy with an f-throw/tilt. Medium throw nade for quick pressure then short hop C4 to make it quick so you can run from the enemy. When far enough, medium throw a nade to add pressure against the enemy.

Grab phase: Roll away to dodge the grab. Jump backwards to get some space and some distance away from the enemy. Quickly soft throw a nade to pressure then quickly fall on ground then medium throw a nade to add camping effectiveness.


Very basic set up. Can be useful in any situations.

Medium throw nade--> Jump--> Medium throw nade--> Fast fall--> C4--> Roll away

All parts of any stage

The 2 medium thrown nades are for pressuring the enemy. C4 will protect you.


Very good set up to stall/stun the opponents and to start camping set ups.

Mortar--> Medium throw nade--> C4--> Jump backwards--> Medium throw nade--> (When both nades explode) DACUS

All parts of any stage

Mortar might outrange the opponent but it's easily outprioritized by a MOVE so while the opponent will do a move use a medium thrown nade to pressure the enemy away from you. Jump backwards for more space then throw another medium-throw nade then when the enemy isn't worried about the 2 nades (which already exploded by now) quickly DACUS towards the enemy to approach.


Great set up for (See the "Works in" section)

Go a little near the enemy--> C4--> DACUS away from the enemy--> medium throw nade x2

Any stage with slanting platforms/stage like castle siege, yoshi's island brawl, etc.

Put a C4 to create pressure on the enemy then quickly DACUS away from the enemy and throw nades to camp.


A set up specifically for Battlefield.

Put a C4 on a platform--> Go below the platform with a C4--> land mine--> jump on one of the platforms below the top platform (Top platform MUST not have the C4) The platform with no C4 in other words--> medium throw nade--> shield drop nade.


The C4 is on the L/R platform because aerial campers usually spend time above the PLATFORMS and usually aerial campers land on it. The land mine should be under the C4 so when the enemy lads on ground and he/she is possibly near the land mine/C4, you can detonate the C4 which explodes on the land mine causing the land mine to explode on the enemy. Quickly to the other platform with no C4, medium throw a nade then strip it by shield dropping another nade to add difficulty for the enemy to land.


Another set up good against ground oriented characters.

Put a C4 on the MOVING platform--> Drop down from the platform then put a land mine--> Stay behind land mine--> Medium throw nade--> Shield drop nade-- Chuckle nade


C4 can detonate on top of the enemy and to top that, the hitbox of the C4 can reach out to the enemies hurt box. Land mine can be used as a barrier or it can be used as a part of an explosion along with the C4. The nades are mainly for camping/pressuring.


A specific set up on yoshi's island brawl.

Put a C4 on any of the edges of the see-saw--> Put a land mine on the other edge of the see-saw--> In the middle of the see-saw Shield drop nade x2--> Face right--> pick up a nade then throw it downwards--> face left--> pick up a nade then throw it downwards.

Yoshi's Island Brawl

The C4 and land mine will be your barrier of defense. One at the left and one at the right. You can detonate the C4 anytime to block the opponent and throw a nade on top of the land mine to make it explode. While in the middle, the thrown down nades while travel at a certain trajectory depending on the see-saws angle.


Another set up for castle siege but it's at the 1st transition.


Yellow line- Land mine
Grey line- C4

Green square- Area of nade spamming

The 2 mines are barriers. Nades for camping. Since the place is too small. It will completely pressure the opponent.


A set up specifically for the 3rd transition of castle siege.

Put a C4 far away from you--> Behind the C4 put a land mine--> Behind the 2 mines nade strip--> Throw down the shield dropped nade


C4 and remote mine will serve as your defense. Remember the grenades will roll along the sloping stage so that's why nade striping is important here. The thrown down nade will bounce at a certain trajectory depending on the angle of the stage.


Good set up for semi- approaching and semi-camping--ish.

Walk a little forward--> shield drop nade--> walk a little forward--> shield drop nade--> d-throw-->

If roll forward--> F-tilt

If roll backward--> boom

If get up attack--> Shield--> F/U -Tilt

Any portion but not the ledge

The 2 nades are for punishing the backward roll of the opponent while the f-tilt is for forward roll. The get up attack, f-tilt and u-tilt will do.

Credit goes to ErikG who talked about this set up
Another basic yet useful setup.

ErikG said:
I like to pull a nade and short toss it after about 1.5 seconds of cooking, and while retreating normal toss a nade. It should cause somewhat of a wall of explosions. It can help you put distance between your enemy and you.
Do it then makes a wall of explosions
[VGTK] Getting the kill
Snake has many ways on killing the enemy. Since his attacks have high priority, powerful, fairly quick and high damaging, it will be pretty easy.

U-tilt- This attack is broken (Though it's not as broken as f-tilt) but still, it has RIDICULOUSLY POWERFUL AMOUNT OF KILLING POWER, high priority and hell range. But watch out when your using this. It's highly punishable. Oh did I mention, this can kick MK out of nado O_o

F-tilt- I have to explain this all over again? This move can even kill even though your in defensive position.

D-tilt- It's pretty good in killing and most enemies don't expect Snake doing it. I suggest using it when your u-tilt and f-tilt is staled.

U-air- Meh, U-tilt is better in many ways but this move comes in handy.

Tech chasing- Tech chasing can lead to good kill moves such as f-tilt or u-tilt. You can also rack up damage by chaining (if possible) d-throws unto the opponent.

C4 and land mine- Yes! It has incredible knockback and you can find ways on how to kill with it!

B-throw- Also good for killing since it has good base knockback. It can be followed up by tech chasing.

[VLCP] Land chasing punishment
Land Chasing is what I call the act of either forcing people into the air and predicting certain land options, or just plain punishing their landing. Since Brawl is so floaty and air dodges are highly punishable, landing in Brawl is somewhat hard to do and can be punished fairly easily if you mess up. Snake has very good options in this cause his moves possess very long horizontal distance.

Dash attack- His best option by far generally because it covers a lot of distances. This also dealts good knockback and it's fairly hard to punish.

Grab- Can lead to grab releases and tech chasing. Also, you can u-throw and continue punishing the enemy's landings.

[VRE] Retreating
Whenever you make failed approaches, it's best to run away from the opponent or else, you might get punished (Especially Lucas since his U-smash and D-smash can punish hard) and also you may wanna follow up a defensive game FOR A WHILE to ensure your safety so here are some stuff.

Dash attack canceled u-smash (DACUS)-Well duh, it's way faster than any of his moves that can increase his speed (Well, there is none) but who cares anyway. The rocket also defends you whenever the enemy will still attempt to attack you.

Backward FJ soft throw nade- For obvious reasons. The nade should keep the enemy away from you though this option does not work against Marth or any high jumpers. Great example would be Falco since they can just "jump" over it.

[VJ] Juggling
Snake isn't quite potent in juggling. I won't advice you to juggle with Snake. This won't be a big section anyway. If you want to juggle, fine. Snake only has one option anyway.

Grenades- Grenades can actually juggle? But how? This method only works on small easily poked shields so here. When the enemy catches a nade, you might wanna threaten them to shield by going near them and shielding. While shielding, stop shielding then F-tilt poke the enemy! Then the nade should explode by now then after that pull out a nade. When your enemy executes an aerial attack, throw the nade on the enemy then you keep the same thing. Not sure if it works but I was able to do it :p

[VREC] Recovering
YOU MUST RECOVER! Pretty smart words from Sakurai (Still, I still hate you for what you did in melee). Snake's recovery is pretty good. There's one thing though that makes it NOT that good. Snake is defenseless while recovering. There are some ways that Snake can recover safely.

B-reversal/wavebounce- Very good for helping Snake's recovery. Mix this up with the cypher so you won't be at least defenseless. What makes it better is that it can be a recovery (if that's the case, the best thing to use is the C4). This can also be a mix up for not only his recovery but also for approaching and defending. Just saying how useful this tech is.

C4 bomb jump- This enables Snake to do his recovery again. REMEMBER, it has moderately good KO potential so you need some good DI or momentum cancel and some teching on ceilings or edges.

Here's some data on when Bomb Jumps kill by Dragmire

Dragmire said:
we all know of the mine jump which is using the down B twice to blow snake up for an extra jump. but when is it too much for him? i've compiled the data for when it will in fact kill him.

Battlefield 144%
FD 142%
Delfino Plaza (on ground) 137% (on scenic view) 141%
starting zone 141%
the transition to the 3 pillars 139%
transition to shine sprite area 142%
transition to umbrella area 143%
transition back to start 138%
Luigi's mansion 149%
Eldin Bridge 143%

Pirate Ship (water level) 119% (floating from tornado) 133%
Norfair 146%
Friggin (lol) orpheon (Starting side) 138% (Flipped side) 140%
Yoshi's story 145%
Halberd (on deck) 140 (floating) 138 Floating approaching land 137%
Lylat cruise 143%
Pokemon Stadium II (air stage) 98% (normal or other) 141%
Spaer Pillar 158%
Castle seige (stage 1) 143% (stage 3) 140%
WarioWare Inc. 135%
Distant Planet 142%
Smashville 139%
New Pork (real pain in the ***) 192%
Summit 150%
Skyworld 152%
75M 168%
Pictochat 145%
Hannenbow 149%
Temple 187%
Yoshi's Story 128%
Corneria 133%
Green Greens 138%
Brinstar 132%
Pokemon Stadium I 143%

these next stages were either stages without downward deaths or those that wouldn't need them

Mushroom Kingdom I and II
Mario Circuit
Rumble Falls
Port Town Aero Dive
Castle Seige Stage II
Mario Bros
Game and Watch
Green Hill Zone
Shadow Moses Island
Jungle Japes
Rainbow Cruise
Big Blue

also data was compiled while being blown up at the literal bottom of the stage (even in the bubblle of off the stage) while having snake Di towards the stage where the bomb was closer to stage than snake. much more results can show up but I was bored and did this much if anyone else wants to compile the other stuff they could feel free to.

UPDATE____________________________________________ ________________________

now this is with the C4 away from the platform and snake closter to the platform (still at lowest point of stage)

Battlefield 156%
FD 156%
Delfino Plaza (on ground) 150% (in scenic view) 149%
Luigi's Mansion 164%
Eldin Bridge 153%
Pirate Ship (water) 133 (air) 152%
Norfair 160%
Frigate Orpheon (Starting side) 149% (Flipped side) 151%
Yoshi's Story 158%
Halberd (on deck) 156% (In Air) 154%
Lylat Cruise 159%
Pokemon Stadium II (air form) 98% (neutral or any other) 155%
Spear Pillar 172%
Castle Seige (Stage I) 154% (Stage III) 157%
WarioWare Inc. 150%
Distant Planet 159%
Smashville 150%
New Pork City (OUTRAGEOUS) 204%
Summit 159%
Skyworld 160%
75M 179%
Pictochat 155%
Temple (Weird because if you DI in you'll hit the under portion of the level so just tech it and your good)
Yoshi's Island 137%
Corneria 140%
Green Greens 150%
Brinstar 154%
Pokemon Satdium I 152%
[VSSG] Snake's shield game
Like all characters in the game, Snake shield game is really important to know and master. This section's purpose is to stop those noobs from spamming rolls and letting themselves get punished.

Shield- Snake's shield would be one of the more used shielding/evading attacks of Snake. Snake's shield is usually used to block attacks and grenade strip. Most snakes use this input as an advantage to make a shield explosion (A shield explosion is the technique use to counter attacks by pulling out a grenade and shielding the enemy's attack causing the enemy to make a hit contact with the grenade and exploding).

Rolling- The overused evading move. Rolls are usually use to drop grenades and retreat to another area. This is also use to dodge attacks but this gets really predictable and easy to punish. Since Snake's roll is slow, he is usually open to be punished

Spot dodging- More likely to be Snake's most underused move. Usually, this is used like shield explosion except it's a bit unsafe. I don't use spot dodge a lot to be honest however, if this is properly used, this could be a good asset.

Powershielding- Snake's most important aspect of his shield game. Powershielding or PS gives you great opportunities to punish you enemy's attacks. All you need to do is click the shield button when the attack is about to hit you. If you master this, you can easily rack up damage faster, punish foes and keep them away by spacing. This is a must learn skill.

VI. Building a strong grenade game​
Yes. This is how important grenades are. It needs it's own section. Grenades are hold a very important role in the field of battle. This section will mainly tell how to put your grenades into good use.

Note: Before reading this section, please read this guide to cooking nades by gammonwalker.

gammonwalker said:
Playing around with Snake in training mode for awhile, I compiled a list of interesting grenades techniques to help develop timing. This guide may not help the advanced Snake players, as they should have accurate intuition involving grenades, but it may give some ideas. Some of these techniques greatly differ in their usefulness, but they all have a degree of application. I will go over multiple different ways to execute the trick, some more risky than others, but they all work.

First, I think everyone needs to know that grenades will explode upon the count of 4. As in 1-Mississippi, 2-Mississippi, 3-Mississippi, 4. Knowing this will help you create grenade tactics on the fly and prevent yourself from turning into pot roast. Now time to do dumb ****.

All of these techniques have relatively strict timing and must be done with immediacy. Do not deviate unless you know what you are doing.
*How to Explode Grenades Upon Impact.
Keep in mind that most of the moves listed for the techniques can be interchanged. They are purely for timing purposes. So experiment by moving some of the commands around.
Long/Med Range:
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-2x Short hop-fast fall
Alternate Technique 1
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-Short hop-fast fall
-Full jump-wait
-Throw (still in air)
Alternate Technique 2
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-2x Dash
Alternate Technique 3
-Shield drop gren
-Short hop-evade (this will pick up the grenade) This technique is particularly useful, because you can DI forwards or backwards to create the proper spacing to set this up!
-Spot dodge OR short hop-fast fall

Med/Long Range:
-Shield drop gren
-Short hop-evade (this will pick up the grenade)
-Short hop-evade OR full jump
Alternate Technique 1
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-3x Spot Dodge
Alternate Technique 2
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-3x Dash
-Brief pause-throw OR dash-throw

Short/Med Range:
-Shield drop gren
-Short hop-evade (this will pick up the grenade)
-Short hop-evade
-Short hop-throw
Alternate Technique 1
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-4x Dash
-Brief pause-throw OR dash-throw

That should be enough material to give you an idea of how to set up for a perfectly cooked grenade. EVEN BETTER THAN MAMA!

*Exploding TWO Grenades at a Specific Point.
I found this technique to be very unusual. I haven't seen anyone do it, perhaps for being somewhat obvious. However, it is still very useable. For people who haven't seen it before it can be very shocking. It will double (ISN'T THAT SPECIAL) the size of your blast radius and make all the girls jealous when you do 26% dmg off a projectile. I call this...

Getting the Ladies
-Shield drop gren
-Short hop-evade (this will pick up the grenade)
-Press B (this will drop your 1st grenade and throw your 2nd for you)
-Pick up and throw 1st grenade ASAP
-Watch baby Jesus cry.
Alternate Technique 1
-Shield drop gren / pick up grenade ASAP
-Short hop-down A (this will throw the grenade to the ground) you can DI during this too
-Press B (for your 2nd grenade throw)
-Pick up and throw 1st grenade ASAP
-Get laid.
This method is nice because you have an exit option is someone approaches you. You're hands will be free to attack.
Alternate Technique 2
-Shield drop gren / pick up grenade ASAP
-Short hop-press B (for your 2nd grenade throw)
-Pick up and throw 1st grenade
-Sex appeal.
Depending on when you throw the 1st grenade it may or may not fail to detonate the 2nd.
Alternate Technique 3
-Shield drop gren / pick up grenade ASAP
-Roll back
-Press B (for your 2nd grenade throw)
-Pick up and throw 1st grenade
This is the furthest reaching of all the set ups.

Defensive Options
With the gigantic blast radius on the double grenade technique you can create a very dangerous wall between you and your opponent. For example...

-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-Throw down lightly
-Hold B / take a very small step back
-Release while holding back
-Shield OR roll away
Alternate Technique 1
-Shield drop gren
-Hold B / take a big step back
-Release while holding back
-Shield OR roll away
Alternate Technique 2
-Shield drop gren
-Roll back
-Small step forward
-Press and release B while holding back

Depending on how quickly you release the B button in these set ups you can actually fail to detonate the 2nd grenade. This can be very unpredictable for your opponent and they may fall into the delayed 2nd detonation.

*The Invincible/Unpunishable(?) Attack.
This will teach you how to approach with a perfectly cooked grenade, exploding it in their proximity, while remaining invincible. Pretty sexy. I call this...

Getting the Virgins
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-2x Short hop-fast fall
-Brief pause
-Short hop-evade
Alternate Technique 1
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-4x Dash
-Short hop-evade
Alternate Technique 2
-Shield drop gren / pick up ASAP
-2x Dash
-Short hop-fast fall
-Short hop-evade

During this time you should be approaching your opponent with your cooking grenade. Upon the final evade it will explode as you are dodging. Effectively making an invincible attack with a large floating hitbox. If they block, you will land with ample time to escape, throw or do whatever. Snake wins, buy a Ferrari.

Alternate Technique 3
There is a way to do this while rolling but it is much more difficult. The timing is so strict that you are better off counting down the fuse than relying on the previous gimmicks. You have about a half second of invincibility in your roll to prevent yourself from exploding. With how long the hitbox on the grenades actually last (it also seems to stay out longer after connecting with an enemy), executing this reliably is unlikely. What's nice about it is that you advance forward or retreat while exploding with unexpected speed. It also places you in an awkward position around your enemy, allowing for some bull****. Attempt at your own risk. It seems this is much easier to do while rolling backwards.

*Incorporating Mortar Slide: Ambiguous Grenade Pick Ups.
credited to...
Originally Posted by abit_rusty View Post
The closest thing I usually get when varying up cooking nades is a shield dropped nade->roll backwards->non-contact mortar slide to pick it up and approach->shield/throw depending on distance from opponent. The nade usually explodes on impact if thrown right afterwards at a mid-distance.
The mortar slide can be used to stealthily pick up grenades with offensive coverage across the screen. This can lead to suprising set ups.

I Got Something In My Pocket For You
-Shield drop gren
-Roll backwards
-Mortar Slide over the grenade (make sure the dash attack frames are near the grenade)
-Brief pause
-Short hop-evade into opponent
Alternate Technique 1
-Shield drop gren, rolling backwards
-Mortar Slide over the grenade (make sure the dash attack frames are near the grenade)
-Short hop-throw
What's nice about this variant is that you can jump away from your opponent and throw it behind you. This creates a head-level, explosive barrier between you and your opponent, thwarting their efforts to chase you.

You don't have to roll backwards either. You can actually start the mortar slide quickly enough to pick it up right next to you giving you more time to mess around. Picking it up facing foward is much more difficult than backwards, so I recommend you do it facing backwards.

Alternate Technique 2
-Shield drop gren
-Mortar slide backwards (grenade pick up)
-Short hop-fast fall (short-med) OR roll (med-long) OR spot dodge (long)

Hope this guide helped someone! If anyone wants something added let me know and I'll update tha post! If people are wanting some vids I'll see what I can do about that.

[VITT] Types of tosses

Snake's grenades can be thrown in a certain manner depending on the analog. If you don't know this yet then read this.

Soft throw- Hold B then tilt the analog at Snake's back. This is best use whenever your retreating from an enemy and whenever your approaching the enemy. Also use this against those nasty air campers. Oh, also use this whenever the enemy is near you. Use this as an edgeguarder whenever the enemy planks.

Medium throw- Hold B without tilting the analog anywhere. This is best used when you are camping or your edgeguarding a normal/good recovery. Also this can pressure enemies well.

Strong throw- Hold B then tilt the analog forward. Use this against small enemies like Jiggly, Kirby, MK, etc. Note: About Pika, you need to be far from Pika to make the nade hit him.

[VISS] Stage shenanigans
Grenades can do some weird stuff in stages. Some of these involve defying gravity. They also help in Snake's grenade game and add some fun mind games. If you want to know it then read this part.

Castle siege- Both 1st and 3rd transition have slopes. You can strip nades all over so they can all roll down hill. You can also throw the nade downwards whenever the stage/platform is sloping into an angle. The travel direction depends on the angle of the slope. Very useful.

Yoshi's island (Brawl)- The see-saw platform is very beneficial to Snake's grenades. You can strip nades like usual so they can roll along the platform or even throw the nade downwards and it travels in a certain direction depending on the angle of the platform. You can also do this on the edge of Yohi's island.

Distant planet- There's a big slope there and yeah. But you won't play in this stage a lot.

Delfino Plaza- Slopes in the sandy part. Try down throwing it or nade stripping.

[VIPS] Positioning in stages
You need to know on what to do on each stage with nades. For now, I've only completed 2 stages (halberd is not complete yet :p). Here's the legend:
Green- Spam nades here!
Blue- Your dead


Final Destination

Halberd 1st transition

[VIST] Specific tactics
Like what I said, you can do anything with grenades. You can make tactics or maybe some cool techs out of it. With the many tactics you can create, you can mix them up to confuse your opponent. Very useful to do. Here some things you should know before sharing a tactic:

Name of the tactic
Stage: (Where it works)
Style: (Approach, defense or strategy)
Type: (Wall, retreat, formation or anti tactic)
[Description here]
Rating: [Depends on you guys]

Anti-aerial and ground tactic
Stage: FD
Style: Defense/ Semi- approach
Type: Anti tactic/wall

Gray area- Wave bounce with C4
Green area- Soft throw nade then medium throw nade
Red arrow- DACUS through
C4 serves as a "wall". The soft thrown nade will take care of those aerial campers/ approachers. The medium thrown nade will make it a bit dangerous for the enemy to land (if air) or approach (if ground) so usually, their options will "limit". The DACUS is optional. If the tactic holds the enemy, continue doing the routine but if the enemy is near you, DACUS to another area.

Rating: N/A

Explosive dribbling
Style: Defensive
Type: Retreating, wall

Very useful tactic imo. All you need to do is throw a nade downards then walk away from the enemy then shield drop a nade then throw the dropped nade downwards. Repeatedly do this until your away from the enemy. You can also glide toss with this but I'm not sure if it's that useful with GT. This only works against melee characters. It's not useful against those characters with projectiles.

Rating: N/A

Mobile stage controller
Style: Defensive
Type: Wall

Gray area- C4
Yellow area- Land mine
Green area- Soft throw grenade
Mobile camping can control the stage very well. Mines and land mines will cause the enemy to be cautious about it. This can also deal with those annoying aerial approaches/campers or use this tactic to stay away from those ground oriented characters.

Rating: N/A

Grenade madness
Style: Strategy
Type: Formation
Certain conditions:
  • Enemy has a grenade on hand
  • Your relatively near him
If you meet the certain conditions, the next thing you should do is F-tilt the opponent. I'm sure the grenade will explode. While the enemy gets sent flying, medium throw a grenade the pull out another grenade then shield drop it whenever you want to. There's also another way on using this tactic. After f-tilting (or kneeing) the opponent, medium throw a grenade when the enemy is about to do an aerial attack then after that, soft-throw a grenade.

VII. Specific situations​
Snake can get into some nasty situations in during battle. Let's go over the dumb things that can occur against Snake.

[VIICG] Chaingrabbing >.>
Seriously, this will be the hardest problem Snake will deal with. Snake is a super heavy weight and he has fast falling speed. He's also a very big target. Let us see the characters who can chain grab Snake:

(D-throw) [---%]
One of the hardest chain grabs to handle. Since DDD has the best chain grab in the game, he's big trouble. How to handle his CG, pull out a nade then get grabbed then hope DDD hits the nade.

(D-throw) [45-50%]
Another hard chain grab to deal with. How to deal with it? Pull out a nade in the middle of the chain grab but if the chain grab of Falco is near-frame perfect, it's unescapable. Also, you can mention that if he takes you to the edge to spike you, you can SDI the Dair into the stage and tech. Or you can meteor cancel the spike as well.

Bunny:3 said:

Let's start off with our f-throw, their most basic throw. All you have to do is grab with Popo (press Z), then tilt FORWARD on the control stick (slightly) to move Nana so she doesn't run, then grab again after she throws. Pretty simple right? The problem for Ice Climbers beginners is that Nana always seem to run instead of just walking and then grabbing, so be careful about that. Keep practicing this until you get used to the timing AND then practice it against the other characters because each characters' timing varies. Once you're used to this you can move onto the d-throws and b-throws.


D-throw is random, especially at higher percentages. This throw works better on lower percentages, heavy weights, and light weights when doing the b-throw -> d-throw combination.
To perform this, grab with Popo (press Z), then tilt the DOWN on the control stick (slightly) to make Nana move so she doesn't run, then grab after. This timing SLIGHTLY varies for each character, so you won't notice a change of the timing, but at higher percentages, you will.


B-throw is the most challenging throw you will ever practice, because the whole cast has a bunch of different timings due to their weight, plus inputting the command for each character is pretty hard. Since we're doing this on Marth, grab with Popo (press Z), tilt the control stick slightly backwards to turn around and move Nana (so she doesn't run), and then press Z after you release the control stick. For heavy weights, you will have to tilt and hold the control stick longer to make Nana run
and grab him. Sometimes Nana won't even run before grabbing the heavy weight, and by doing that you'll have to release the control stick earlier but you'll still have to hold it longer.
And finally, forlight weights. Certain light weight characters are hard to b-throw, such as Jigglypuff and Zamus, but easier on some, like Kirby and Pikachu. To perform this, you'll have to grab with Popo, then tilt the control stick slightly backwards then QUICKLY grab again.
Keep getting used to these timing and you're ready for advanced throws.

Once you have learned these throws, it's time for throws. You can make a variety of chain throws you want, an easy chaingrab for you to 0-death easily, a flashy chaingrab, etc.
These chaingrabs include hobbling, buffering throws, iceblock lock to grab, etc.


Hobbling is the technique in which you f/d/b/u-throw them, footstool your opponent, and once they fall onto the ground, you're able to use Ice Shot to them, forcing them to stand
up instead of rolling and get-up attacking. Hobbling has 4 different throws you're able to do, the f-throw, d-throw, b-throw, and the rare u-throw. Some are quite easy to do, mostly for b-throw, making u-throw the hardest, and each character possesses different timings (of course).

It should be noted that Hobbling is slower than the other chaingrabs because of the low damage output, and the fact that you have to wait for Nana to catch back up after Hobbling someone. Also, the Ice Blocks can be SDI'd.

F-throw and D-throw Hobbling

The f-throw hobbling works very well on most characters, making the light weight being the most easiest to perform the f-throw hobble. The other, d-throw, is also similar, but does
6% instead of 8% (f-throw). Unfortunately , it doesn't work against Bowser and some fast-fallers, because of Bowser's
early get-up animation, he gets-up early, and on the other hand for fast-fallers, they fall fast on the ground, so when you use Ice Shot on them, they won't get up. To perform this, either use f-throw or d-throw for Popo. Then, QUICKLY run and REPEATEDLY tap the jump button to make Nana footstool your opponent. Finally, quickly use your Ice Shot, forcing themselves to stand up, then grab and repeat the process.

B-throw Hobbling

This throw is similar to the f-throw and d-throw hobbles, except that you footstool backwards. This also works best for some heavier characters, while certain light weights need timing in order to get footstooled, such as Marth and Meta Knight. To perform this, do a b-throw with Popo, then QUICKLY and REPEATEDLY tap the jump button to make Nana footstool your opponent. Obviously when Popo does the b-throw he turns around, so use Ice Shot immediately, and grab again once he/she gets up.

U-throw Hobbling

This throw is quite rare; the first throw to be used as a chaingrab, specifically hobbling. It works with certain characters, such as Marth, which is the character that is easily
hobbled by this throw, needs precise timing. Since there are various timings on each character, it's mostly done by: Start a u-throw with Popo -> after executing this throw for a while (meaning during the move), tap the jump button repeatedly and Nana should footstool. Then turn around and use Ice Shot, and then grab again. This is easily done by lower percents and it should be a bit harder at higher percents, but to be honest, I'm not really too sure.

Other throws

Other throws include buffered throws like buffered b-throw to f-throw & buffered f-throw, pivot throws, throw variations, flashy chaingrabs, etc. You can simply make any chaingrab
you want--it's people's choice, although many prefer b-throw to d-throw, which is pretty easy to performed when mastered, but if you want a "flashy" chaingrab, use pivot grabs and throw variations, and it can appeal a lot of people. For a fun grab activity, use buffered grabs such as the buffered f-throw, which is very hard to perform, plus the risk at competitive play. It's a throw to freak people out who don't know that kind of grab.

If you get grabbed, you're dead.

But(Due to their small grab range) to grab, take advantage of that with your long ranged attacks.

Also Snake can SDI that footstool ice block at higher percents

(F-throw) [60%]
(D-throw) VV Down here

KayLo!]Snake (ver. 1): 0%-83% + regrab (fthrow x2 > pummel > dthrow x3 > pummel > dthrow x5 > grab) Snake (ver. 2): 10%-90% + regrab (fthrow > pummel > dthrow x10 > grab) Snake (ver. 3): 0%-90% + regrab (fthrow to ledge > dthrow to 90% or below (must begin dthrow by 30%))[/QUOTE] D-throw chain grab is easy to deal with unless it's on the ledge. If it's not said:
Snake isn't the only camper in the game. There are still some other campers out there. Some of them are outcamped by Snake, some of them OUTCAMP Snake. Let's look around and see their ability -_o

Olimar..... he outcamps us slightly or maybe hard. Though, some people argue it's equal but some argue that Olimar outcamps Snake. Let's go through his pikmins first:
Finolimar said:
Red (Indian) Pikmin

Element: Fire
Flight Path: Small arc
Distance Covered: Far
Damage per Latch: 2%
Durability- 9%
Speed- Normal
Hierarchy Order: 1
Bio: Red pikmin are immune to fire meaning any type of fire attack like Charizard’s flamethrower or Snake’s mines will have no effect on them. They also have the best power on your aerials. A red fair is a viable kill move.

Yellow (Asian) Pikmin

Element: Electric
Flight Path: High arc
Distance covered: Medial
Damage per latch: 2%
Durability- 9%
Speed- Normal
Hierarchy Order: 2
Bio: Similar to the reds immunity to fire, yellow pikmin are completely un-harmed when it comes to electrical attacks, such as Zelda’s usmash or half of Pikachu’s moveset. While some pikmin are blatantly out prioritized by attacks, this is where yellows shine. Their hit boxes are massive and thus priority becomes less of an issue. The hit boxes are vastly wider on his smashes as well. Meaning the already large hit box of usmash and fsmash are even larger (usmash horizontally fsmash vertically). You know what that means… bigger hitboxes = bigger sweet spots :D. Yellows specialize in combos due to added hit stun as well as being weaker allow you to string combos together easier. They also have a different trajectory when thrown - they slightly arc higher.

Blue (Mexican) Pikmin

Element: Water
Flight Path: Small arc
Distance Covered: Far
Damage per latch: 2%
Durability: 14%
Speed: Normal
Hierarchy Order: 3
Bio: Blue pikmin are very durable and able to survive in water. Blue specialize in throws and lucky for us their grab range, along with the whites, is one of the longest. Blues are the only pikmin that survive in water, all other colors will drown in a short time.

White (WHITEY) Pikmin

Element: Poison
Flight Path: Straight
Distance covered: Very far
Damage per latch: 6%
Durability: 4%
Speed: Fast
Hierarchy Order: 4
Bio: White pikmin don’t have stamina, priority, knockback, nothing. Like other white mammalian creatures they give up under any physical threat and turn into ghosts. However, they are good for two things: latching and grabbing. They have the highest latch damage of all pikmin… if you land one of these leeches on someone they better get it off quick because it *****. Also grabbing is good with them, but make sure to use your pummel as these suckers deal a lot of pummel damage as well. Their low knockback lets you do throw combos at higher percents than you would normally be able to. Keep track of whites in your line, they are the most expendable of your minions – pluck’em and chuck’em… you don’t want to miss a golden opportunity for a kill by accidently smashing with a white.

Purple (Black) Pikmin

Element: Normal
Flight Path: Small arc
Distance covered: Short
Damage per hit: 6%
Durability: 15%
Speed: Slow
Hierarchy Order: 5
Bio: Grape’n’****. A misconception that Nintendo has made is that these are purple pikmin, when in fact they are black. Why? Affirmative action claims I need more black pikmin in this thread, thus I’ve re-named purple pikmin as black. From the abundance of fried chicken they consume ‘purple’ pikmin have become the heavy weights of the crew. Fatties, as they are sometimes called, can knock people when thrown (a very high priority projectile). These pikmin are just pure power. Usmash kills DDD at 82% (fresh with no DI). At low percents grabs with purple pikmin are almost instantly broken out of, though you should save any grabs with purples for uthrow kills.
How to deal with it? Here's a summary by bizkit:
Bizkit047 said:
Camping Olimar is really tricky. Pikmin Toss can stop your nade tossing and cause you to get blowm up instead. Tricky use of nade cooking will be required here, and being prepared to deal with if the nade fails to go far away from you. Dsmash helps grabby Olimars from grabbing you a little. If you see Olimar having any whites, be prepared to get them off immediately. White pikmin do an insane amount of damage to you if latched on. You can jab them off most of the time. Utilting works too, however, it stales utilt, so use sparingly. A few other moves get them off, but they are very not safe as far as I know. Maybe Dtitlt? Also keep in mind Olimar's pikmin toss from a jump has lag, so that's a "safe" point to go in for a grab if you're not too far away.
Falco's lasers are difficult do deal with. His lasers are capable of exploding Snake's grenades. Falco OUTCAMPS Snake (But overall, Snake is still better than Falco in camping) but the good thing is that Snake can crouch against Falco's lasers again "but" this is solved by ledge hopped lasers but who cares anyway.

Falco can't spam that all day. Snake can shield those ledge-hopped lasers and crouch Falco's lasers at the same time. One major problem, Snake can't pull out a nade because of Falco's quick lasers. To solve it, shield the lasers then when he lands or holds the ledge, quickly pull out a nade then throw it on Falco then you can now b-stick a nade.

Another way is pulling out a nade when he's going to land then powershield the next set of lasers he'll blast out when he jumps again. The advantage is that the powershielding part will shield drop the grenade so when Falco lands or grabs the ledge, pikc up your nade then throw it on Falco.

luke_atyeo said:
if your having trouble with diddy's banana game then you really need to be focusing on staying near him and not letting him get 2 banana's out, if he's got 1 out that isnt too bad but once they have 2 its a real pain, when you get one you can throw it and follow with a dash attack or dacus, but its usually better to just get rid of it since they'll be used to having the bananas used back against them.

and as for getting gimped, spiked, punished off the ledge, you really shouldnt be going to the ledge at all, stay near the centre of the stage at low percents (being off stage at low % with snake is asking to die) and at higher percents always di straight up and upb straight away, you want to come in from the top of the stage, you NEVER want to approach the ledge from below, its better in the situation to move away from the ledge and c4 up to the top of the screen (better to take 20% then get spiked)
PS is arrows

PS his gyros and lasers and camp against him.

Needles are pretty hard to see. I don't play Shiek a lot :awesome: so try checking out this thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=292086

Wolf's lasers are more powerful than Fox and Falco's. The good thing is that his lasers have a noticeable amount of cooldown so PS, punish and avoid getting hit by the melee attack.

AD her turnips or hit it with any tilt or just jab. For bob-oms, you need to explode it safely. You can use U-tilt.You don't get damaged or hit.

Toon Link's projectiles are like Links. Toon Link can mix up his projectiles with his z-air so camping him is not as easy as it seems. PS his projectiles and camp him back or camp him and lure him to Snake them tech chase Toon Link. Toon Link isn't easy to handle however so be careful.

Link's arrows are fairly easy to powershield. His gale boomerang can mess up our grenades when we pull out a grenade. When we jump, they can direct their boomerang to us so this is a matter of quick throwing. As for Link's bombs, you can air dodge catch them but remember that Link can throw out 2 bombs. To deal with his bombs, powershield then roll away from it. Up-tilt can explode Link's bombs. Don't worry. You don't get hit or damaged.

PS her very slow projectiles.

[VIIAOC] Aerial oriented characters
Snake has terrible aerials. Some characters specialties are aerials which will be very troublesome for Snake. Let us see what Snake can do.

Lower percentages will be a bit random. Wario will be hopping around a lot, trying to get behind you and land dairs / grabs. Or, he could be playing cat and mouse, and making you throw out random grenades and forcing you into blowing up your C4 on red herrings. Either way, you're going to want to look for a clear opening. Wario's relatively easy to techchase, laughably easy to rack damage off of when air released, and gets destroyed by a couple of clean ftilts. The problem with that whole scenario? Getting an opening. Wario is incessantly good at avoiding grabs (it's kind of necessary for him to do so >.>). Either grab the bull by the horns and watch for grab opportunities while defending with C4, or just pick your battles and get chip damage whenever you can get it.

Once you start reaching higher percents, things start to change a little bit. Let's assume you're at about 150%, and Wario's at about 125%. He'll expect you to be on the defensive, shielding his approaches and running away from potential kill moves. You'll be expecting him to avoid a grab at all costs, jumping around and waiting for that one fart / fsmash / uair opening. Again, catch him on his mistakes. Plant a C4 on the one platform he seems to favor most, use your superior range to maybe catch him with the edge of utilt or ftilt2. Your best bet is to look for mistakes, because otherwise you'll have yourself one camping Wario and one frustrated you, chasing after him.

One last thing worth mentioning is what to do when in the air. At high percents, Wario will be looking for one of two things: Uair and fsmash. If you wavebounce a grenade too low, and don't get rid of it while preparing to airdodge / powershield, he'll catch you with a clean fsmash. If you're a bit more finesse with your recovery, he'll come up from below and try to get the easy uair. Take advantage of his patterns, and plan accordingly. FF dairs work at times, and bairing REALLY EARLY helps, too. Remember that Wario's fsmash has invincibility frames, so if you try to hit him with that initial hitbox, chances are he'll just take the damage and send YOU flying.
Jigglypuff is easy to deal with however, the main problem is that she can stay air borne for a long time thanks to her high air mobility and her 5-mid air jumps and what makes it worse is her good aerials. Thanks to your high-priority and disjointed ranged U-tilt and F-tilt, you can extend your range to Jigglypuff. DACUS is great for aerial chasing Jigglypuff. One more advantage is that Jigglypuff has no recovery. Jump throwing with grenades is fine as long your not so near Jigglypuff. Good thing she has short range.

Kirby has slow air speed however his aerials are quick, powerful and they can knockback harder than you think. Whatever you do, STICK TO THE GROUND. Use soft-medium throw grenades. You can also use aerial grenade throws and DACUS to aerial chase and aerial chase punish.

Meh. MK's aerials are lightning fast and they can rack up damage pretty darn well. Just keep avoiding everything. Nope, it's not easy at all. To be honest as a Snake main (No all Snake mains), always had a difficult time against MK not only his aerials but generally everything about him so good luck.

Marth's aerials are a big threat to Snake. The range and sweetspot is threatening and you'd be watching out for Tipped or spaced f-airs. Never get close to Marth or else one close encounter and your a dead man. You should also know camping Marth is hard so countering his aerials requires true skill, hard camping and mix ups. Avoid being predictable.

[VIIDCM] Dealing with certain moves

Laggy attacks- Notably Ike and Ganondorf's attacks are great examples for this. Most of the time, all your tilt's would be best to use. Grabbing can be a good option also. F-smash is also a pretty good but risky option. You can only use this against Falcon punch and Warlock punish or Ike's F-smash. I'll classify the options to make it more clear:

Killing the enemy:
  • U-tilt
  • F-smash

Racking up damage:
  • F-tilt
  • Grab
  • D-tilt

Fast attacks- MK, MK, MK..... Obviously MK. Fast attacks arevery hard to predict and powershield. To deal with it, you need to have very good predicting. As in VERY GOOD predicting. That's all. Don't ask for another method against this. Just PS in the right timing.

Killing the enemy:
  • U-tilt
  • F-smash

Racking up damage:
  • F-tilt
  • Projectiles

Long ranged attacks- Snake and Marth's attacks are good examples of this. Your best option overall would be F-tilt 1. Though, Marth's F-air has more range than F-tilt 1 if it's well spaced. Also Marth's D-tilt can nearly outrange Snake. Against Marth's F-air and D-tilt, you can use your grenades.

Killing the enemy:
  • Projectiles

Racking up damage:
  • Projectiles

DACUS- You can shield/PS all the DACUS in the game or you can just knee them. Some DACUS have high priority, some have low priority. Knee the low priority DACUS then PS/shield the high priority DACUS.

Killing the enemy:
  • U-tilt
  • F-tilt

Racking up damage:
  • Machine gun jab

Fast and strong attacks- The gay moves which we all know: Snake's U-tilt, Snake's F-tilt, MK's N-air and D-smash and all other flaws in the game are a pain to deal with. Snake's moves may be fast but it's highly punishable. You should NEVER go close combat (Soldier Style) and switch to Camping/Defensive combat (Solid Style).

Killing the enemy:
  • Projectiles

Racking up damage:
  • Projectiles

Aerial attacks- We all know one thing about our good pal Snake... He sucks at the air. That's why most Snakes stick to the ground or maybe a little above the ground. Dealing with these attacks require sheer skill. Try soft-throwing a grenade. The soft-throw usually gets thrown up into the air. You can either jump and soft throw or on ground.

Killing the enemy:
  • Grenades if it is high %
  • U-tilt

Racking up damage:
  • Soft thrown grenades
  • Grab

VIII. When Snake is sent flying​
Snake is known to be the 3rd heaviest character in the game so he's one of the characters which are harder to KO. However, if you know how to DI, you might as well live until around 150% or even more. Some characters that can gimp well may kill Snake fast. Also, some attacks possess very high knockback so you need to find ways on how to survive on getting KO'd. There are 2 ways on how to survive:

[VIIIDI] Directional Influence
Directional Influence, or DI, is a property in Brawl that allows you to control the direction you are sent flying after a hit. DI is input during the hitlag phase of the attack, and there are multiple ways to properly do it.

There are 3 types of DI:

Regular DI- This is where you hold a direction with the control stick as you are getting hit, and it will affect your momentum. This is the simplest way to DI.

Smash DI- This is where you tap the c-stick in a direction when you are hit.

Tap DI-
which is tapping the control stick a direction when you are hit.

All of these methods work on single hit moves. It also works on multi-hit moves but it requires rapid analog/C- sticking. It is, however, possible to break out of it early. You can a) simply hold up (regular DI), and you will get out of it near the end, or b) rapidly tap both sticks straight up, which will cause to pop out in 1-3 hits. Some attacks are really hard to DI out of even though if they're DI'able. Notably Zelda's u-smash and MK's tornado (Or nado for short). The basic rule is that if you're going to get hit horizontally, DI up; if you're going to get hit up, DI towards the side.

[VIIIMC] Momentum cancel
Momentum canceling is gaining control of yourself while your sent flying. During or while your sent flying, you can use an aerial attack (In other words, attacking in air) or you can AD (Also known as Air dodge) after the hitsun but before the hitsun, you can control your momentum. After using your neutral aerial or AD, you can use your special moves then you can start changing your momentum. There are certain air attacks to use whenever you knocked off in a certain direction:

  • D-air
  • Fast fall U-air
  • Fast fall B-air

  • B-air
  • F-air
  • D-air
  • Air dodge

IX. Mindgames anyone?​
Unlike Melee, Brawl revolves around defense and MINDGAMES. Mindgames consist of predicting the opponent or outsmarting the opponent. It usually tends to make the opponent make a big mistake. Sometimes, you can't always rely on the virtual advantages and disadvantages but you need to rely on your brains. This type of "I don't know what you call it" thing involves person vs person.

Find the pattern of the enemy- If you know it, you can predict and find a way on how to counteract the pattern. It really messes up the enemy if it succeed. The enemy is forced to make more tactics/patterns after that. That's why there is such thing as MIXING UP. To deal with those mix up shenanigans, always remain calm and patient and stay away from the opponent then wait for a decent spot to punish.

Defense and scan- Defense is very important. I know that it's a slow playstyle but it's a very safe and reliable way to play especially if your battling against characters like Pikachu, Marth or Meta Knight. While camping/defending, scan the enemy and see that type of playstyle he uses then you predict it and take it to your advantage. Yo do this, you need to SPAM. Spamming projectiles will distract and pressure the opponent at the same time, it will leave open spots. Well just call it camping ;)

Mix up and be unpredictable- Very important to mix up. If you don't you might mess up and get killed. You also need to be unpredictable so you can avoid getting "predicted".

C4 and mines-
These tools are great for epic mind gaming. Mines can camoflauge through the platforms at Lylat and it explodes whenever an enemy is contacted with it. C4 is great mind game since you can detonate it anytime which gives you free will whether to detonate it or not. You can use a STICKY C4 to punish roll spammers.

Annoy your opponent- Funnest mind game yet. Annoying your opponent will cause the opponent to get angry and furiously play recklessly. This also leaves a lot of open spots to punish which makes it sooo good. There are several ways on how to annoy the opponent (Taunting xD)

List of taunts:
  • Machine gun a jab
  • Crouch several times
  • Talk in real life and keep teasing him/her
  • Tell him/her that he/she stinks in Brawl
  • Tell him/her that he/she fails at life
  • Dash dancing :3
  • Ask a random non-sense question

X. Play styles anyone?
Super Smash Bros. Brawl is an extremely vast an complex game, as most fighting games are. This means that there are an infinite amount of ways to play each and every character, whether it be offensively, defensively, etc. I know this is relatively the same with the knowing your Snake things. This is just a "more in depth" thing.​

Soldier style (Approach and kill)
This style focuses on approaching the enemy and dealing insane damage to the enemy. This style is rarely used since Brawl revolves around defense and mind games. I can't much about this. Not much Snakes use this style since it might leave some spots that can be punished hard. This is why most Snakes excel on defense and mind games, but sometimes, this style may be of use. Approaching with Snake may be risky but it's still has it's pros. First off, Snake's tilts and attacks dealt a lot of damage. His dash attack is somewhat hard to punish and it's safe on shields. DACUS can approach aerial campers well but it can't do well against ground oriented characters. Projectiles spam isn't that hard for Snake to deal with (Excluding Falco's lasers). Most of his attacks can clank or negate projectiles. Remember, you have to keep your attacks from staling. Grenades can also be used to approach. Just because it's a projectiles, doesn't mean it's only meant for solid style (defense). B-reversals are the main approach option with nades. It can start approaches from mixed up landings. You can also jump towards the enemy while pulling out a grenade. Just keep a distance when jumping. Snake's approach isn't all bad, it's pretty good. It's just that sometimes, it's best to go for solid or big boss style.

What to do:
  • Use jabs and tilts more often
  • Be careful of your approaches
  • Whenever you're open for punishment, retreat
  • Approach with nades.
  • Use DA against the enemy. Snake's DA is very safe but not always. Some attacks can punish DA.
  • When your at a high percent, switch to solid style

Solid style (Camp and defense)
This style focuses on punishing and camping the enemy. This style is widely use by most Snake mains since Snake is generally a defensive character. This kind of style revolves around spamming grenades and putting C4s and mines in front of Snake for defense. Compared to other types of defenses, this is not like the usual slow damaging. Snake's grenades do some pretty good damage and they have a massive hitbox. This makes Snake one of the campers who can deal such large damage. His tilts, jabs and grabs are very useful for spacing due to their powerful knockback, very long reach/range and incredible priority and damage. This is also a very good style for Snake since Snake has such incredible ground games. Keep in mind that you need to keep grounded in this style. If you don't use this style well, you might get punished while camping so it's really important to stay on guard and be sharp. Also, punish the enemy when you can. While playing defensively, you can also use your tools to make tactics and patterns then you can mix them up. This style also has some slight mind gaming. Remember, Snake can get attacked by his own projectiles so you have to use them carefully. If you wanna avoid getting hit by your ow nades then be ready to grenade strip. Like the opponent, you should also be cautious of your mines and C4s cause these things can kill you at a relatively low percent for a super heavyweight character but usually, it's the enemy that is actually more cautious about Snake's mines and C4s. You'll also need to use your OoS cause it can lead to a lot of good follow ups. Remember, whenever the explosion's hitbox gets contact with an uncooked or "did not explode" grenade or a land mine, that certain thing will explode along with it. This makes things way safer for Snake at the same time, it increases the blast radius and hitbox. Another explosive starter is the C4. Whenever there is a grenade beside it or a land mine, the certain tool explodes along with the C4. This just proves that campnig can also be used by means of spacing at the same time for camping. You know that the knee has a disjointed hitbox right? The hitbox is so disjointed, it can explode a land mine if well-spaced with out Snake getting harmed. Remember, take it easy and play slowly and patiently. Snake's camping will be at his best if you don't play to fast.

What to do:
  • Camp with your projectiles
  • Spam grenades
  • Use C4s and mines to defend you
  • Use your tools to mind game
  • Make some tactics
  • Mix up your tactics
  • Stay sharp and be cautious about your projectiles and the enemy
  • Avoid leaving open spots
  • Punish when you can
  • When in trouble, DACUS to another area

Big boss style (Adapt)

This style adapts on offense and defense. First of all, snakes defense game is obviously very very good and can force opponents into weird positions where they have issues and are forced into only choosing a certain situation. But just explosives alone cant force a smart player into getting stuck, it takes a style of slowly working your way into setting up traps and getting close to limit their options even further by putting yourself there in a sort of intimidating manner to scare them into the certain situations where you can force your **** on them. Like, lets say that they're near the edge and you just short tossed a nade, strip it and throw another one up from somewhere towards the middle of the stage and you decide you ahve the space to get in and wait for them to attempt avoiding it. At this point, you'll be left with options to follow up where they can go, they can try to air dodge into it or away, spot dodge, try to shield, or jump over it while air dodging or using their second jump. Or maybe just grabbing the edge if they are close enough and can do it in time. With snake near the nades you just tossed up to form a small wall, they will probably try to get away in this situation. You can try to mortar slide to the edge and throw up something they are afraid of and make them try to escape so you can follow up, or if they get back to the edge you can do various nade combinations to force walls along with mortars and get close where their options are even more limited. Its situations like this where snake racks damage quickly and can reset his position to continue the process and keep playing how he feels, whether its getting the lead and forcing them to approach you, or just scaring them at higher percents by approaching with small traps to aid you. Like dropping a nade and doing utilt. They can approach and get blown up after a shield or spot dodge, or just walk away. Sometimes they may even get hit by one while you can just get away.

What to do:
  • Adapt to both solid and soldier style
  • Mix up both styles
  • Avoid over approaching. Over defending is okay. Just don't over do it in this style
  • Form defensive walls and mix it up with approaches
  • Just adapt! If you feel unsafe with this style, switch to pure solid style

Credit to Nappy (Napzz)

Mantis style (Mindgames)
This style emphasizes on mind games. Snake has 3 tools that can mind game. The C4, land mine and NIKITA. The C4 is very good mind game tool for may reasons. First off, you can detonate it whenever you want. You have free will over it. This means you can make some very nice strategies that can outsmart the opponent. Like what I said, when the blast radius of this tool comes in contact with a grenade or landmine. You can mind game the opponent with this one by making them FOCUS ON YOU INSTEAD OF THE C4. Land mines can CAMOFLUAGE ON THE PLATFORMS IN LYLAT. If you pause the game, you'll see the land mine at the second layer of the platform. Mix this up with grabs. You can grab the enemy then b-throw or d-throw them to the land mine. Land mines can also be relatively UNSEEN. This only works in bright stages such as Delfino Plaza, battlefield etc. NIKITA can be considered as a mind game tool. We all know that NIKITA isn't that useful since Snake has better options BUT, this actually can mind game well. while you are sent flying, the enemy is obviously focused on you. You can shoot a NIKITA and drop it then after that, you can grab the enemy and let the missile drop on him or just throw him unto the rocket. Snake's mind games are very dependent on outsmarting the opponent. Use this style well.

What to do:
  • Be smart and always be creative
  • Taunt a lot! It might get the enemy pi**** and it will make him off-guard
  • Be careful when using this style. You might mind game yourself
  • Don't let the enemy use your tools against you and don't get fooled

CQC style (Grabbing)
This style focuses on countering enemies with grabs. This is another style that's useful and important for all Snakes to know. Snake's grabs have different functions. D-throw is for tech chases and follow ups. F-throw is for not KO'ing enemies but bringing them off-stage. B-throw KOs the enemy while U-throw is for throwing enemy upwards into a land mine or mortar. Grab jab (choke hold) is great for refreshing your attacks. Snake grab can grab release against characters (See the data at the move set section). This style is also good if you mix it up with solid/defensive style. The main use of this style is to tech chase, rack up damage, KO or start edgeguarding phases and refreshing your attacks.

What to do:
  • Mix up
  • Use each grabs uses

XI. Follow ups
Snake has some pretty good follow-ups. Thanks to his jab, f-tilt 1 (knee) and d-throw, he has some pretty good follow ups. Let's take a look:​

2 follow-ups:
F-tilt--> Buffered DA
Jab 1--> F-tilt
Jab 1--> U-tilt
Jab 1--> Grab
D-throw-->(If get up attack) D-throw
D-throw-->(If get up attack) U-tilt
D-throw-->(If get up attack) F-tilt
D-throw-->(If get up attack) D-tilt
D-throw-->(If get up attack) Jab 1
D-throw-->(If F-roll) DA
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee
D-throw-->(If F-roll) F-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Stutter Knee
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn knee
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn F-tilt
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn U-tilt
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn grab

3 follow ups:
Utilt->*opponent falls helplessly*->a one-jab-jab lock->fmash
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Knee
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> F-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> U-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab
Sour spot U-air--> U-tilt--> SH sweet spot U-air
D-throw--> (If F-roll) Dash--> grab--> D-throw
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn grab--> D-throw
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn grab--> F-throw
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn grab--> U-throw
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn grab--> B-throw
D-throw-->(If get up attack) Jab 1--> Knee
D-throw-->(If get up attack) Jab 1--> F-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee--> Knee
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee--> F-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee--> D-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee--> U-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee--> Jab 1
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Stutter Knee--> F-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Stutter Knee--> D-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Stutter Knee--> U-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Stutter Knee--> Jab 1
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn knee--> Jab 1
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn knee--> Knee
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn knee--> U-tilt

4 follow ups:
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn knee--> Knee--> F-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Stutter Knee--> Jab 1--> F-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee--> Jab 1--> F-tilt
D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn knee--> Jab 1--> F-tilt
D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee--> Knee--> F-tilt
D-throw--> (If get up attack) Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Knee
D-throw--> (If get up attack) Jab 1--> Jab 2--> F-tilt

5 or above follow ups:
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab--> D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn knee--> Knee--> F-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If get up attack) D-throw
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If get up attack) U-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If get up attack) F-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If get up attack) D-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If get up attack) Jab 1
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If F-roll) DA
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If F-roll) Knee
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If F-roll) F-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If F-roll) Stutter Knee
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn knee
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn F-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn U-tilt
Jab 1--> Jab 2--> Grab-->D-throw-->(If B-roll) Turn grab

Projectile follow ups (Or whatsoever)

So I discovered a new technique or strategy that not enough Snake players employ into their play. I first started using about 6 months ago and now I think its time we all start using it. Theres more than 1 variation of this technique each with similar but different effects.

Method 1: D-Smash, Grenade Drop, Roll Dodge/Jump Away - Stales Mine x1
Method 2: Grenade Drop, D-Smash, Grenade Drop, Roll Dodge/Jump Away- Stales Grenade x2
Method 3: Grenade Drop, SH, C4 Drop, Second Jump, C4 Detonate - Stales C4 x1
Method 4: D-smash, Hit Mine with Nikita - Stales Mine x1 AND Nikita x1 NEW
Method 5: D-Smash, Fsmash on Mine - Stales Fsmash x1 NEW
Method 6: Dsmash, SH, C4 Drop, Second Jump, C4 Detonate - Stales C4 x1 NEW
Method 7: C4 Drop, Grenade Drop, Dsmash, Jump, C4 Detonate - Stales C4 x1 AND Grenade x1 NEW

Why would you ever do this? Well its simple. What this is doing is you are controlling what attacks you stale and refresh. For example, using method 1 you will stale your D-Smash while refreshing all your other moves. Using method 2, you will stale your grenade 2x and refresh all your other moves twice and with method 3 you stale your C4.

Now some people might think that its not all that useful, but I tested the diminishing returns extensively and ended up finding out that each successive staling of a move reduces the damage and knockback of that move by roughly 10%. You know those times where you U-tilt and they allllllmoooost die? Well, had you refreshed your attacks 1 minute earlier, your ftilt may have done that extra 2% damage that enabled your u-tilt to finish them off. Lets not forget also that if your U-tilt was already once staled when it allllllmoooost killed, it would now be even more fresh and would surely do the job. Every damage % counts and the ability to control what moves are staled is tremendously useful.

Pros/Cons of each method:

Method 1: Stales D-Smash. D-Smash is generally a pretty useless move against most enemies and so is the most desirable move to stale. It is relatively fast to perform this method and two can be performed after a Star KO and one after a horizontal KO.

Method 2: Stales Grenade x2. Doing this once is faster than doing Method 1 twice however the timing is slightly more strict and you will be staling your grenades which you dont really want to be doing (unless your on high %'s and you'll be blowing yourself up with nades in order to survive KO moves).

Method 3: Stales C4. This is easily the fastest method and can be performed mid-battle relatively easily and seamlessly. Staling C4 means you may be able to survive your own C4 offstage at higher %'s where you otherwise wouldn't. This method is my favourite since it can be used mid-battle quickly.

All 3 methods can be used while the opponent is offstage without risk of being interrupted (obviously, since they are offstage). Also, consider the non-approach sections of Pokemon Stadium 1 a chance to completely refresh all your attacks :) I've looked for as many applications/variations of this technique and this is what I've come up with. No other character in the game seems capable of self refreshing their attacks.
Original thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=289211

XII. Stages​
Stages are very important for all Snakes to know. Stages can affect Snake's play style. Some elements of the stage may be beneficial for Snake. Some may be annoying. Stages is geometry. You attacks and tools are affected by the physics of the environment. Some elements halter Snake from winning. There are certain elements in all stages. These are:

Blast zone- These are the zones where in you "explode" or get KO'ed.

Platforms- Thin grounds where you can go through by tapping the analog downwards. You cannot tech against this. Also, most platforms has no ledge (Excluding the ones in Norfair). Whenever you get sent flying, you GO THROUGH this. Not bump.

Ground- The big/hollow part of a stage. You can bump this part of a stage and you can tech this part. You can't go through it.

Misc- Some special effects such as acid, lava, stupid flying shy guys and balloons.

XIII. Camouflaged mines and C4s
C4 and mine is awesome. They are pure mind game tools and what makes it better is that they can be camouflaged on the ground due to brightness/darkness issues in stages. Doesn't matter. You should take advantage of that and use it against your opponent.​

1.) Battlefield

Yellow- Good place to keep mine
Gray- Good place to keep C4

What is the better weapon? C4 or mine?

All I can say is that the day changes in BF. Turns bright to dark. So the camoflauge mine depends on the day in BF.



- C4s are best placed on the edge if the enemy should be edgeguarded. The better part of the C4 on the edge is that you can detonate it when you want to.

- Land mine is considered to be the most "camouflaged or unseen" in this part of BF.


- The problem with the land mine is that you can't see it that well so you might make a mistake of stepping on it.

How to solve these disadvantages:

- Focus on 3 things: The enemy, C4 and the proximity mine (P-mine). It may sound hard but it actually isn't. Have a good memory and be smart. Don't think slow.



- You can see all your mines and C4s so no worries about hitting yourself


- Your enemy can see your C4 and mine too

(I don't really know much about night part :p)

Things you should know:

- If you are against characters who can bias BF easily (Marth...) you'd have more disadvantages (Vice versa)

- Brightness and darkness can effect these pros and cons.

2.) Final Destination


- The background really helps make your mines unseen.

- The place is very big so it gives Snake a lot of space to confuse, camp and mix up.

- You can put out every mine on every spot of this stage. Recommended to be put on the edges.


- You are human therefore you will also step on your C4 or mine and fail. That's pretty much the disadvantage in most stages.

How to solve these disadvantages:

- Use the background and the plain ground stage to your advantage. Cover up the opponent's mind with a lot of things so he can stop focusing on your mines

Things you should know:

- Don't worry about Diddy in this stage. The whole thing about Diddy being **** in FD isn't that clear in the Diddy Snake match up.

- You have the upper hand against most characters in this stage

- Still, avoid bringing characters such as Falco and all other characters who can do better than you.

3.) Halberd


-The platform on top makes the land mine (Yes) and C4 so unnoticeable. Some opponents forget about it.

- The part where you're on top of the halberd is quite big enough to throw mines and C4s around.

- The usefulness of the two depends on how you use them and where you put them.


- For aerial characters, you might get haltered from the platform

How to solve these disadvantages:

- Camp like hell

- Use Range and Power to your advantage

- Mindgames

- Psychological skills

Things you should know:

- Pretty much the most advantageous stage for you. Use the Vertical KOs to you're advantage.

4.) Smashville

[Still making write-up]

Are there any more questions to add? If there is, tell me.

You can help complete this section by contributing.

XIV. The controller
There are players who don't use the GC controller. They use the classical controller, the wiimote or the wiichuk combo. These controllers can affect Snake's gameplay especially since this guide focuses on GC controller default mapping. If you are not a GC user, might as well read this.

[XIVCC] Compatible controllers

Wiichuk combo

Known users:

Wiimote with nunchuk is an interesting control setup. The default controls aren't that tight due to the limited number of buttons but it still works well. One of the interesting features of the wiimote and nunchuk is the shake smash. Shake smash enables you to smash by shaking the wiimote up, down, left or right. The purpose of the shake smash is to be the "C-stick" of the wiimote and nunchuk. The problem is that you need to keep your hand steady because if you accidentally shake your wiimote, you will smash by accident and you will be open for punishment. The good thing is that it's actually quick and easy to do. Asides from Shake smash, there is another way to smash easily and that is changing the D-pad's function to a smash command. It's better than the shake smash option and it's actually a beneficial option to the wiimote nunchuk users. If you're used to the shake smash already, don't switch the D-pad's command to smash.


Known users:
No one

Classic controller

Known users:

[XIVSVT] C-sticking VS A-sticking
What is A-sticking? A-sticking is moving the control stick at any direction at the same time pressing the A button. Doing this will cause Snake to do a smash attack. However, c-sticking is a faster and easier way to smash. C-sticking still has its downs and maybe A-sticking has some advantages. Let's take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Aerials are easier to utilize
  • One of Snake's important inputs in utilizing DACUS
  • Faster and easier execution
  • Throwing objects like grenades is easier.

  • Can't use neutral aerial
  • Auto fastfall


  • No auto fastfall
  • Can do neutral aerial
  • Throwing objects like grenades is easier. It's equal with c-sticking to be honest

  • Not hard to do but it requires 2 buttons (A and control stick)
  • Tap jump... (Off tap jump)
  • Accidental tilt attacks may leave an open spot for punishment

[XIVCM] Control mapping

1.) C-stick

Changing the C-stick configuration to attack has its ups and downs. Personally, I'd stay with the c-stick with the smash input. First of all, using tilts are way faster. We all know Snake's tilts are fast, strong and they have broken range. Simply flicking the c-stick to the left or to the right to do an f-tilt, flicking it up to do a u-tilt and flicking it down to do a d-tilt. The critical problem with this mapping though is that we can't DACUS with out contact. DACUS is one of Snake's staple advanced techniques. It enables Snake to move faster while shooting a rocket. Overall, this mapping is pretty decent but I'd stay with the c-stick being the smash attack. I'm not stopping you. If you think you are more comfortable with this then why not use it?

2.) Y button


[Still in progress]
Jun 8, 2009
V.R. training part 2: Frame data, research and FAQ

Research about Snake!

Physical stats
Weight: 113 (3rd heaviest)
Air speed: 0.94 (19th slowest air speed)
Fall speed: 2.42 (5th fastest faller)
Walk speed: 0.84 (33rd slowest walker)
Running speed: 1.35 (31st slowest runner)
Spot dodge: 2-20/25
Forward roll: 4-17/35
Back roll: 4-19 / 33
Air dodge: 4-29 / 39
Stale damage

HIT #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Fsmash 23 -19 -17 -16 -14 -13 -12 -11 -10
Dsmash 14 -12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -7- 6
Usmash1 4 -3 -3 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2
Usmash2 10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -5 -4 -4
Ftilt1 8 -7 -6 -5 -6 -4 -5 -4 -3
Ftilt2 12 -11 -10 -8 -7 -8 -6 -6 -5
Ftilt 21 -19 -16 -15 -15 -15 -15 -15 -15
Dtilt 10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -5 -5 -4
Utilt 13 -11 -10 -9 -8 7 --7 -6 -6
Nair1 6 -5 -4 -4 -3 -3 -3 -3 -2
Nair2 5 -4 -4 -4 -4 -3 -3 -3 -3
Nair3 4 -4 -4 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2
Nair4 14 -12 -10 -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -6
Fair 14 -12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -8 -7 -6
Bair 14 -12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -7 -6
Dair1 6 -5 -4 -4 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3
Dair2 5 -4 -4 -4 -4 -3 -3 -3 -2
Dair3 5 -5 -4 -3 -3 -3 -2 -2 -3
Dair4 13 -9 -10 -9 -8 -7 -7 -7 -6
Uair 14 -12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -7 -6
Neutral B -13 -12 -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -6 -6
Side B 14 -12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -7 -6
Side B(Drop) -7 -6 -5 -5 -4 -4 -4 -4 -3
Up B 6 -5 -5 -4 -4 -4 -3 -3 -2
Down B 17 -15 -13 -12 -11 -10 -9 -9 -8
Jab1 4 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3
Jab2 7 -3 -3 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2
Jab3 7 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6
Fthrow 9 -8 -7 -7 -6 -5 -5 -5 -4
Bthrow 9 -8 -7 -7 -6 -5 -5 -5 -4
Dthrow 12 -11 -10 -8 -7 -7 -6 -6 -6
Uthrow 10 -9 -8 -7 -7 -6 -5 -5 -4
Grabjab 1 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2
Grabjab 2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1

Thanks to Jessiah TEG for the data

F-tilt knee hit

Trip data:
All Snakes know that F-tilt can trip the enemy. It has a trip rate of 0% (wtf...). There still numerous numbers of advantages when an enemy trips. First of all, it can lead to many follow ups:

Trip--> Grab-->Tech chase
Trip--> F-tilt
Trip--> Knee
Trip--> Knee trip
Trip--> Jab--> Grab
Trip--> Jab
Trip--> U-tilt
Trip--> F-tilt
Stale damage:
Knee 1 8 -7 -6 -5 -6 -4 -5 -4 -3
Ftilt2 12 -11 -10 -8 -7 -8 -6 -6 -5
Ftilt 21 -19 -16 -15 -15 -15 -15 -15 -15
Knockback difference
If an air borne character gets hit by the knee, the character gets knocked away from Snake. It deals a base knockback of 32/32/1E and knockback gain of 4B/64/4B.

However, on ground enemies, they either get sent flying or trip or they stay in position suffering an amount of hit sun.

Disjointed hit box:
The knee's hitbox has a very big disjointed hitbox. It can blow up a land mine with out Snake getting hurt if well-spaced.


Tech chase
D-throw deals no knockback which can lead to tech chases. Snake has arguably the best tech chase in the game. If you want to know more about tech chasing go to this thread--> http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=235804

Here are the lists of roll distances by kata:

Very short rolls (3-4):

Short rolls (5):

Mid rolls (6):

Mid long rolls (7-8):

Long rolls (9):
Pretty different from Susa's....

First Jab

Hit box difference
Snake's jab has a different element in each portion of it's hit box. Here is the jab data by Ken neth:

1. The area furthest from snake (the "tip") results in the character being popped into the air by the first two hits, and it is impossible for any character to PS the last hit.

2. The area 2nd furthest away from snake (red) is an area where all characters can avoid the third jab because (a) they get knocked too far away by the 1st or 2nd hit for remaining jabs to connect, or (b) they have more time before the third hit hits them and they are able to PS the final hit. Note: This area is really small and hard to hit with, so I wouldn't worry too much about this.

3. The next area (yellow) is where the normal jab is. This area is what the following chart applies to, because this is the only section where there is variation depending on which character you are fighting.

4. The last area (green) is when the character is pretty much directly on top of snake. This "hit box" is almost exactly the same as the yellow one, and characters are rarely ever this close to snake for it to really make a difference. The only thing that changes is that some characters who are able to PS in the yellow section are not able to PS the last hit. But since the chances of getting a character that close to you in an actual match and how small the "hit box" actually is, I didn't bother including it in here.

Characters that Cannot Power Shield your Jab
Captain Falcon

Characters that Can Power Shield your Jab
Toon Link
Ike ***
Link ***
Lucario ***
Mario ***
Marth ***
Charizard ***
Sheik ***
Wario ***
Zelda ***

*** = They can only power shield if they are DI-ing away from snake. This is difficult to do if the person is not expecting the jab and is ready to DI back.

Characters that aren't even hit with the complete jab

Unless these characters get "tipped," or they are right on top of snake (the two green "hit boxes"), or they are DI-ing into snake, they get hit too far away to be hit with the remaining jabs.
Note: All characters can Smash DI out of the 1st and/or 2nd hits to avoid being hit by the third jab.
Stale damage
Jab1 4 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3
Crouch (WIP- Working in progress)

WARNING: Some of this might not be correct. I'm doing the following here first before I try the other moves of other characters. Please see this thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=177267. Help me complete this.



Wolf flash

Gale boomerang


Charge shot (Charge dependent)

Peanut Popgun


Fox and Falco's lasers
Diddy's popgun
Snake's grenades (Depending on distance)

Down B

Toss - Armor Throw
First Jab
Second Jab - Not Against
Neutral B - Paralyzer
Side B - Not at Sweat Spot or Against
Up Tilt
Grab - If not at Sweat Spot
Forward Smash - Against
Up Smash - Behind (even when standing) In Front (Not against)
Forward Tilt - Aimed Up and Neutral

Palutena's Arrow - Not aimed

Skull bash

Short Hop Rest - Makes it harder to land

Vine Whip - Against

:ganondorf: (Credit to Xeylode)
Warlock Punch
Wizard's kick (Grounded)
Dash grab

Diminishing stats
Be careful not to pummel too fast, pummeling too fast will result in only ONE stale, the timing between each pummel is different for each character.

Oh and it takes 9 hits for a move to go from fully stale to fully fresh. Its been a while since I went into the stats involving diminishing but the result was something like this. Percentages given are now perfected and are how much dmg an attack does relative to being completely fresh.

1. 100.000 %
2. 85.714 %
3. 77.143 %
4. 69.524 %
5. 62.857 %
6. 57.143 %
7. 52.381 %
8. 48.571 %
9. 45.714 %
10. 43.810 %

This pretty accurately follows this formula: Damage = (Base Damage) * 0.936 * e^(-0.0914*X) where X is the number of times the move is in the list and e is the mathematical constant roughly equal to 2.7183.
Hitbox flags
The elements of attacks:

All hitbubbles of every character's attacks is attached with an element. This can effect the opponent's reaction, color and it comes with flashy effects. If you want to know more about all of them or hitbox flags in general, visit Toomai's Hitbox Flag Directory.

Types of elements:
0: Normal Uses the standard hit effects and the "jagged" impending angle indicator.
2: Slash Uses cutting hit effects and the "boomerang" impending angle indicator. Assuming that this is what activates Slash stickers, this gives rather odd attacks the Slash property - such as Luigi's f-smash and Ray Gun blasts.
3: Electric Shocks the target, leaving them to spark for a bit. I believe making an attack electric slightly increases its freeze frames. Causes Hotheads to grow and does jack to Yellow Pikmin.
4: Freezing All ice attacks freeze the target; I believe the freeze time is based only on knockback taken. Hitting a frozen opponent with an ice attack won't increase or reset the freeze time.
5: Flame Aside from the normal effect, fire is by far the most common effect. Fire attacks will set opponents alight and instantly explode Blast Boxes, as well as thaw frozen enemies and deal 110% knockback to Ivysaur. Squirtle takes only 90% knockback from fire attacks, whereas Red Pikmin are completely immune. Also causes Hotheads to grow. Essentially all explosive attacks use the fire effect.
6: Coin Causes a coin to pop out of the opponent. Does not cause the coin noise, this is set seperately. This is what the Super Jump Punch (and a flubbed Fire Jump Punch) use.
7: Reverse Turns the opponent around. Mario's Cape is the best example of this. Hacking this effect onto attacks that deal regular knockback will cause the target to take minimal fixed knockback (in the opposite direction due to the reverse), making the move impossible to KO with.
8: Trip This is not the same as having a trip chance of 100%. With a trip chance, the opponent must take little enough knockback that they remain on the ground. With this, the opponent is guarenteed to remain on the ground and trip. This applies even when hacked onto regular attacks - they'll still take all the sideways knockback, so they'll be sliding while tripping.
9: Sleep Opponents hit by a sleep attack will take no knockback, instead going to sleep. Hitting a sleeping opponent with a sleep attack will not increase or reset the duration. Only grounded opponents can go to sleep; I believe aerial opponents will take whatever knockback the move has.
11: Bury Has no extra effect on aerial opponents, but anyone on the ground will find themselves stuck in the dirt. Burying someone already embedded will not increase or reset the duration, although unlike other attacks they won't be sent flying. Hitting an airborne opponent with this does nothing special (normal knockback).
12: Stun This puts the target into their "I'm drunk" state as if their shield broke. Hitting them again won't increase or reset yadda yadda yadda.
14: Flower Poisons Plants a flower on the target's head, dealing damage constantly. Hitting them again will increase the flower's staying power up to a point.
17: Grass Squirtle takes 110% knockback from these attacks, while Charizard takes 90%. Otherwise, this effect doesn't do anything special. Uses Slash-like impact effects.
18: Water This causes Charizard to take 110% knockback while Ivysaur takes 90%. This also gives Blue Pikmin a relaxing, completely non-threatening bath. No effect otherwise. Uses Normal-like impact effects.
19: Darkness Sets the opponent on purple fire. Ganondorf and Giga Bowser are the general culprits here, although White Pikmin use the effect as well (just for the visuals; they aren't immune to it).
20: Paralyze This effect makes the target shake in place for a while before taking any knockback. ZSS uses this a bit, as do some Final Smashes.
21: Aura If Lucario is the user, this effect will cause the attack to get stronger or weaker depending on his damage and place in the match. Otherwise, it'll do nothing but produce blue fire.
22: Plunge This is what Pitfalls do - normally it's identical to burying, but it will shove people downwards through soft platforms.
23: Down Hitting with this causes the opponent to immediately lie on their back like Snake's down throw (throws are not hitboxes but do have effects). Hitting in succession will keep the target down. Aerial opponents take minimal knockback in what appears to be the down-back direction, which makes me speculate that this is what actually causes the effect.
24: Flinchless This effect does damage but nothing else; the target will not flinch or get any freeze frames. Interestingly, while Training Mode will correctly report how much damage the hit did, it will not report on consecutive hits or total damage; they will be left unchaged from whatever the previous hit displayed.
Neutral A - Normal
F- tilt - Normal
D- tilt - Normal
U-tilt - Normal
Dash attack - Normal
F-smash - Flame
D- smash - Flame
U- smash - Normal (First hit)/Flame (Shot/Mortar)
N-air - Normal
D-air - Normal
F-air - Normal
B-air - Normal
Neutral special - Flame
Forward special - Flame
Downward special - Flame
Upward special - Normal
F-throw - Normal
B- throw - Normal
D- throw - Normal
U- throw - Normal

Types of attacks:
0: Typeless Most anything that doesn't appear in the Subspace Emissary gets this, as do attacks that don't fit into the other categories (like Mario's Fireball).
1: Head Things like Yoshi's up smash have this typing.
2: Body This is applied to things like shoulder rams, bellyflops, and the like.
3: Butt Moves that use one's rear end as a weapon get this type.
4: Hand Punches, slaps, and so on.
5: Elbow Very few moves have this type.
6: Foot Kicks, generally.
7: Knee You can probably count these ones on one hand.
8: Throwing Throws don't have flags like normal hitboxes do, but throws like Mario's back throw that hurt bystanders using the throwee have this type. It can be assumed that for sticker purposes all throws are of this type.
9: Weapon This applies only to weapons in general, like Mario's FLUDD.
10: Sword This should be obvious.
11: Hammer Again, obvious.
12: Explosive Most explosives have this type, but there are a few surprising ones, like Samus' fire blasts, R.O.B.'s burner attacks, and Ivysaur's bulb blasts.
13: Spin Anything that involves spinning for generally more than one or two revolutions. Note that you cannot have a hitbox that's Spin and something else at the same time (like say Arm/Spin).
14: Bite Omnomnom.
15: Magic Again, you can't have a Magic/Arm attack, since they take up the same slot.
16: PK Or Psychic, if you wanna call it that.
17: Light So far, unique to Pit's arrows.
19: Bat Out of what I've seen only Ness's f-smash has this, but the Home-Run Bat probably does too.
20: Umbrella Applies to Peach's Parasol only (for documented attacks).
21: Pikmin All of 'em.
22: Water Only Squirtle gets this - FLUDD is considered Weapon.
23: Whip I haven't looked at everything, but this is used exclusively by two things: ZSS's whip, and Ivysaur's vines.
24: Tail And all that entails.
25: Energy Things like Fox's Blaster, Samus' Charge Shot, Ray Gun shots, and so on.
Jab 1 - Hand
Jab 2 - Hand
Kick - Foot
Dash attack - Body
F- tilt 1 - Knee
F- tilt 2 - Hand
D- tilt - Foot
U-tilt - Foot
F-smash - Explosive
D- smash - Explosive
U- smash melee - Typeless
U- smash projectile - Explosive
N-air - Foot
D-air - Foot
F-air - Foot
B-air - Foot
Neutral special - Explosive
Forward special - Explosive
Downward special - Explosive
Upward special - Typeless
F-throw - Throwing
B- throw - Throwing
D- throw - Throwing
U- throw - Throwing
For what it's worth, Snake can jab lock the bigger members of the cast. Here's my info I've been meaning to post for a while regarding that. This is version 0.1, it's not even finished. As you can see I don't have descriptions for most of these. I've only run through the cast once and I'm sure I made some mistakes.

:bowser2: ~ Yes (Easy)

:falcon: ~ Yes (Medium)

:diddy: ~ No

:dk2: ~ Yes (Very Easy)

:falco: ~ Unknown (I can only get 3 hits)

:fox: ~ No

:ganondorf: ~ Yes (Easy)

:popo: ~ No

:ike: ~ No (Too Short)

:039: ~ Unknown (I can only get 2 hits)

:dedede: ~ Yes (Very Easy)

:kirby2: ~ No

:link2: ~ No

:lucario: ~ No

:lucas: ~ No

:luigi2: ~ No

:mario2: ~ No

:marth: ~ No

:gw: ~ No

:metaknight: ~ No

:ness2: ~ No

:olimar: ~ Yes (Medium)

:peach: ~ No

:025: ~ No

:pit: ~ Yes (Medium)

:pt: ~ :007: No :002: Yes (Medium) :006: Yes (Medium)

:rob: ~ Yes (Easy)

:samus: ~ Yes (Easy)

:sheik: ~ No

:snake: ~ Yes (Very Hard)

:sonic: ~ No

:toonlink: ~ No

:wario: ~ Yes (Medium)

:wolf: ~ Yes (Hard)

:yoshi: ~ Yes (Very Hard)

:zelda: ~ No

:zerosuitsamus: ~ No

It's a very finnicky jab lock to master.

1. Snake is much too tall to be an efficient jab locker.
2. only one of Snake's jab1 hitboxes can make opponents bounce and it's the one closest to him.
3. Snake doesn't move quickly enough to continue jab locks, so in some cases you can only get 1 or 2 hits off before it's physically impossible to continue.

Fsmash is a HUGE possibility after all these. Utilt, C4 stick, and bair as well.

To continue on a totally different tangent, I'm going to learn two main things with my Snake now. Nothing that hasn't been mentioned before, but I just really want to stress the importance of these things.

1. buffering moves, especially while landing.
2. ways to wean Snakes from relying on the 'prediction' playstyle.

There have to be a few ways for Snake to implement traditional spacing well.
Something I don't know. Someone please explain.
C4 Airwalk?
I saw this one at the PSI's Smashlab. Any idea what it is?
Used in reference to dashing, then as you go offstage, pressing DownB to begin planting a C4, then hitting the analog stick back. There are two variations of this. One is where when you get back onstage, Snake still plants his C4. The other is where you perform the reverse late enough so that the animation is canceled when you drift back.
3rd Jump (Cypher jumping)
Okay, first of all, this is not a footstool on a cypher. The credit goes to WAR for discovering this tech.

How does this tech work?
First, put a C4 on the ground then you detonate your C4 then when it blows up, you jump on the explosion. This can also add a jump to Snake, even after a cypher.
we've tested it a lot, the exploding animation of the c4 is needed, and You can't up-b again (unless you get damaged somehow).
The c4's exploding animation some how seems to negate the effect of not being able to jump after a up-b.

Susa's stuff

General information:

New information:
http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=289224 (Snake is Flying :O)

If you're too lazy to open the thread :glare:

Snakes learn to fly here.

Please use and study this picture quite a bit.

Much of what I say also applies to the cast as a whole, so if someone from another forum stumbles upon this - feel free to share it. I care more about advancing the metagame than advancing my character.

Let's begin.

Know the Stage

Okay, so that's our stage. You start off on A and go around alphabetically until you reach D, which you then go back down to A. I'm sure most everyone here knows this, but learn this stage. You will need to know about when platforms start appearing, when they dissapear, etc. Knowing how long platforms stick around or when they come around is a vital step to knowing this stage.

If you know a platform will be showing up on your right after part C, transititiong into part D - you can jump into "thin air" to have the platform come into existance and save you. This can be a lifesaver.

So get to know the stage.

Part A - I'm on a Boat mother ****er

Part A of Rainbow Cruise has you on a boat. Due to me not wanting to teach everyone terminology, the left side is the "front". The right side is the "back". Then there is the 'mess hall' which is the part just in front of the back that goes down into the imaginary living quarters. Then we have the sail platforms? Got it? Good.

Things to know:
  • 1) Avoid the mess hall in certain matchups. Corners are bad, and DDD can infinite you on this side. MK can also DTILT you to death, along with DK and other characters with similar wall-dtilt-locks.
  • The sides aren't very big, if you're facing a horizontal killer stay near the center of the boat.
  • Utilt won't kill right when this part starts. You see that to the top right? Yah, people can bounce off that and live. Don't go for a utilt right when you reach this transition from Part D.
  • Abuse the only 2 platforms. You can place a C4 on the bottom platform and camp all day with nades near the mess hall.
  • Bthrow against the mess hall is usually a better option than dthrow, because you can go for that fsmash. Most people don't tech, because they expect the dthrow. :awesome:
  • There isn't much Snake can abuse on this, other than complete stage control - which we have on most stages. Just play keep away with your opponent.
  • If your opponent is on the back end, FH nairs can keep them over there and score some low-mid % KO's.
  • Near the transition to Part B the front end of the boat goes down. Try not to get hit underneath that, as you'll likely die. Also avoid getting stage spiked there.

Play keepaway

Part B - Snake learns to Fly

Part B of Rainbow Cruise has you jumping up platforms with some magic carpets in the way, and one of the platform teeters. The goal here is to stay above your opponent and rain an arsenal of grenades and C4 on them to keep them below you. Odd enough that this is probably the one time in this game you want your opponent below you as Snake.

You can abuse the instant-grab with Grenades on this part of the stage, and I'm willing to bet we can platform cancel on every single one of these platforms to speed up your movement. So practice that platform cancelling until you perfect it.

Things to Know:
  • This scrolls up, so being down is bad. Keep your opponent below you.
  • You can tech off the yellow blocks if you get hit at them, try to DI towards those and tech if able.
  • You cannot drop through magic carpets (IIRC), so avoid them. They are bad, you will want to be able to drop down if able to. Don't limit your mobility!
  • Likewise, if your opponent is on a carpet - an attack from below may own them as they try to drop through dair you. :awesome:
  • Before the full transition to Part C, you can tech off the yellow blocks with the pendulam. DI towards those and tech if you can.
  • Be the first onto the pendulam. This is important.

Stay above your opponent, spam grenades and C4 like you never have before.

Part C - The Pendulam

This part is one of the funnest, but shortest parts, if you know what you are doing. Luckily gimping Snake is a lot harder on this part than people think, due to being able to tech off the yellow blocks. The Pendulam can really screw you and your opponents up when trying to recover, so unless you are 100% sure you are going to land on it, blow yourself up with C4. Trust me, I've SD'd a few times thinking I was going to land on it and I ended up dying. It's not something you want to happen in tourney. Also, don't miss your techs on those yellow blocks if you do C4. You'll like bounce straight to your death.

Things to Know:
  • You can drop grenades/c4/mines onto yellow blocks, and the yellow block with fall. This will place the above on the swinging pendulam. Sound awesome? It is. But it's hard to abuse.
  • You cannot drop through the pendulam (IIRC), so don't try it. Stay near the part where you can best DI towards the yellow blocks to tech. This is usually just whatever is the closest part, so standing on the left edge when it's swinging to the right isn't a bad thing.
  • The platforms on your left are still there for a while, if you get knocked over there during the early parts of this transition - you can land on those platforms really fast to help you recover.
  • The platforms on the right appear after a certain amount of time, learn this time so you can stay over there if knocked over there. This can be a lifesaver.
  • This is one of the best times to try and get a utilt KO. You can get a stage-like spike hitting them off the yellow blocks, and the cieling is low enough to get some earlier KO's than usual.
  • If you read the above, you may have gathered that grenades/c4 can also be a great KO power here due to the 'stage spike' off the yellow blocks.
  • Avoid using any aerials unless you know you'll be safe.
  • You can bounce grenades off the pendulam by throwing them down.

Stay close to the blocks, abuse how the pendulam swings and how it can allow this blocks to 'stage spike'. Try to minimize your aerial usage, but make sure to abuse enemies recoveries when the pendulam is far and you are able to.

Part D - The road to victory

There is so many platforms and places to abuse on this transition, it's easily my favorite part. You can score low % utilt ko's, the horizontal edges depend on where you are - and sometimes you can score a low % ftilt KO, and the platforms allow for some fsmash shenanigans. Against DDD/Pikachu/Falco however, this transition can be one of the scariest due to chaingrabs - however we gain a stronger grab release on most of the cast when facing left.

Things to Know:
  • When facing left, if you grab an opponent - the stage movement effects how they break out. This allows us to walk a little and Utilt Meta Knight and a few other characters. We can even grab release chaingrab MK (99% sure) which can be useful for getting him close to the wall for an fthrow KO.
  • There is one spot with a wall, if you can get your opponent on this you can pound on them with ftilts and grenades keeping them there and grab release CG them against the wall for some free %'s. Yes, you can grab release CG MK here as well. Abuse that.
  • Your Utilt kills quite a bit sooner during this transition, if you're going for a utilt KO try to get it before you get to Part A all over again.
  • Fsmash has a hitbox diagnolly and a bit down from it, there's a lot of platforms and against taller characters you can get some fsmash shenanigans in there. It's easier to land than you think. :awesome:
  • Just like Part B - abuse the platforms with platform cancels and instant-nade-grabs. In certain matchups, you'll want to stay on the platforms to avoid being CG'd to your death.
  • Keep your opponent on your left side, but try to stay near the center. The blast zone for the stage is uneven that way and you'll score sooner KO's off the left side than the right side.
  • During the transition to part A, you can grab release CG people against the wall into a utilt for KO's at about 30-40%. It's very very stupid and I've pulled it off in tournament. :awesome:
  • Be careful of the right side when it's transition to Part A. The blast zone is a lot closer than it should be.

Stay on the right side, it's the best side and we gain a lot of grab release shenanigans on the cast. Utilt kills sooner during this phase, so now's the time you'll want to land it. We have infinites against practically the entire cast against the walls - you can abuse this to hell for an early kill if you can land the grab.

A few more stage facts

  • There are a lot of uneven platforms and walls that you can rebound grenades off of.
  • The stage gimps you more than the enemy does - learn the stage!
  • Platform abuse is the best abuse. :awesome:
  • Dthrow is amazing on this stage due to the amount of short length platforms and areas to dthrow. The blast zone also limits certain reactions often, and a good dthrow tech chase can lead in low % ko's or a ton and ton of damage racked.

Rainbow Cruise is by far one of my most favorite counterpicks, ever. I actually got to the point that some players including Meta Knight players started to ban it against me. :awesome: There is a lot of camping shenanigans and grabbing shenanigans to last a lifetime. Snake can tank pretty well with good DI but kills at really low %'s. He controls the stage at nearly all times, and there are few areas where you can truly gimp him. All of Part A, B, and D are pretty safe if you know what you're doing. Part C is risky but still hard to be gimped during.

I love this stage.



I've noticed a ton of threads lately.

Help me with Spamus
Help me with Furry Wolf.
Help me with Gorilla[/b] DK.

Want your help? Here it is.

Step One​

Learn to powershield all projectiles, and any move with over a 15-20 frame startup on reaction. Make sure you time it correctly. Make sure you powershield and release those projectiles. You don't want to hold that shield against Samus's missile, you want to tap it last second. Also expect that zair and tap twice just to be safe. Got it? Good.


Step Two​

Study your opponents' character. What does this mean?

1) Go to the respective character board, and read that guide. Most every board has one, it's usually stickied up at the top. Find it, read it. Read every detail. Learn the character, learn their gimmiks, their AT's, how the character works. Oh? You don't want to memorize all this? Good luck on the matchup then!

2) Read the opponents matchup thread. These usually focus on that characters' problems with the matchup and their answers to said problems if any. This helps you learn your opponents options against you, and how to best avoid scenarios they enjoy to be in. Read it several times over, but don't follow it strictly. Ever player is different.. which brings us to our next point.

3) Know your opponent. This helps moreso for the higher-leveled players, but if you know you're going to be fighting someone down the line. Watch their matches, learn their habits - study their playstyle. See what they do from the ledge, see how they recover. Learn how they approach, learn where you can punish. Study them.

Step Three

Apply your newfound matchup in as many friendlies with the best player of said matchup you can. If you are unable to attain friendlies, apply your knowledge in tournament. Keep trying, don't give up.


KO % of Snake

So I built this section to warn all Snakes about the power of attacks against Snake. This part is to list all the KO % of Snake against all moves of all the characters in Brawl. Right now, this part has not been finished yet. In fact, it only started so I myself can't do this all by myself so I need all the Snake users out there or in this forum to help me finish the charts I'll be displaying so we can show the average or whatever % that Snakes need to avoid to be at. If there is something wrong, PM me , post in this thread and let me know.
Kills around

Neutral A|Never
Dash attack|266%
F- tilt|257%
U- tilt|144% tipped, 214% base
D- tilt|Ugh
F- smash|125% normal, 99% fully charged
D- smash|133% normal, 99% fully charged
U-smash|130% fully charged
N- air|145%
F- air|210%
D- air
B- air
U- air
Mach tornado
Drill Rush
Shuttle loop
Dimensional cape

Snake's hitboxes
:snake: Snake - InnocentRoad
Videos: 1
Another way of grenade stripping
if you have 2 grenades out and you press B to do the empty nade animation while your opponent is holding a greande, it strips grenades the direction you are facing. Usually with 1 nade people try to throw it back and I strip it, but when I have 2 nades and they think they're safe to throw it back i do it. This basically allows snake to always strip a grenade off their opponent regardless of how many nades are out, which shutsdowns people throwing them back at snake completely if you are fast enough. I'm aware this isn't new but it's something to be mentioned that I couldn't find anywhere on the snake boards. I find it applicable, but i mean it's not game-breaking or anything.

Oh and this only works if the grenade is in their hands, it won't work if the grenade is in mid-air :(

I guess we could call it b-stripping?
Jun 8, 2009
V.R. training part 3: Thread directory and credits

Snake thread directory:​


Sinz and undies for their threads about edegaurding and some basic techs

Susa's thread of general information

Undies' tech thread

Mizu's stage guide

EY's frame data

The other stuff of Susa

The Snakes who helped me especially:

Me (Berk1)- Duhhh

Nappy- Opinions and for that awesome big boss style write-up

Yume, Mizu and Undies- For telling me to sticky this and for a lot of things.

Sinz- For that cool half snake icon xD but it's not straight though.. Still, it will be fixed. Also for his honest opinion :)

EY and Rykoshet- For the hitbox pictures

Kaylo (Pikachu), Bunny (Ice climbers), Swoops (Ganondorf) and NintenJoe (Link)- Inspirations :o

:snake: Thanks to the Snake boards who helped me make this guide :snake:
Jun 8, 2009
V.R. training part 4: Updates


  • The guide started

  • Added more stuff. I forgot what I did. Lol :p

  • Added in d-air, "It can be an OoS"
  • Few mispelling and some other corrections
  • Added more info in the defensive and edgegaurding section. I also removed the copy paste and made my own description in the tech section and I also remove the copy paste in the edgeguarding. The copy paste was instead a direct link to it's original threads
  • Added a new tactic "Explosive dribbling"
  • Added a little in tech chasing?
  • Added more information on most moves (especially the defensive and move set section)
  • Added a new section "Punishment"
  • Added a new section "Retreating"

  • Added the fresh kills on Neutral A, D-air, B-throw, C4 and uncharged land mine

  • Added more stuff
  • Added new sections

  • Added Bizkit's summary about camping Olimar
  • More things about U-tilt
  • Added new section: Snake gets sent flying
  • Add the table of contents
  • Slight icon correction about Link ;P
  • Added EY's frame data to may 2nd reserved post
  • Added gammon's guide to cooking nades
  • Added a summary on how to do momentum canceling and DI
  • Added the mind games section which is already done

  • Added new section: Juggling
  • Added new option in ledge stuff: planking
  • Added credits
  • Some minor corrections

  • Oh look! A half Snake icon! (Thanks: Sinz)
  • Some minor corrections

  • Added more stuff about soldier and solid style
  • Added new summaries to the strategies section

  • Added Nappy's write up about the big boss style
  • Added a rating to cypher
  • Added more things about jab (jab-->grab. Thanks again. Nappy xD)
  • Added more stuff about approaching with DACUS
  • Added F-tilt trip data by Susa (Our beloved Snake)

  • Added more stuff about soldier style
  • Added the complete summary about mantis style
  • Added the facts about the 11 grab releases
  • Some minor corrections
  • Added follow up section

  • Added a summary about edgeguarding by me (berk)
  • Added a short summary about CQC style (Grabbing)

  • Added a research about Snake
  • Centered EY's frame data

4/02 or 01/10
  • April fools version!

  • Changed things back
  • Removed where to place mine and C4 and replaced it with an FAQ
  • Things back to normal

  • Added a KO chart of U-tilt with DI

  • Changed the U-tilt KO chart
  • Removed Olimar from the aerial oriented characters
  • Minor corrections

  • Added a rating to NIKITA and made a new summary about it
  • Added some match up ratios in the FAQ (Worst MUs)

  • Added new question: How to get better with Snake?
  • Added new threads: general thread directory, player finder and the "How to get better with Snake" guide

  • Added some discussion threads under each character
  • Added a new section which isn't done yet

  • Shortened the guide. Removed edgeguarding, stage, enemy discussion and doubles discussion. Please see the thread directory instead.

  • Changed Ekan's to Snake

  • Added something about canceling Pikachu's projectile in the "Approaching section- Projectile spammers"

  • Added some info in the introduction. It's not important but still necessary for those who use wii and nunchuk, etc.

  • Changed "ekans video thread" to Snake. Not that important to know.
  • Added the critique thread

  • Added new tech update: Jab-lock
  • Added FD discussion in camo section
  • Added crouch list [WIP] in part 2
  • Added tactics thread. I don't know why I did -_-

  • Removed tactics thread. It's not the one.
  • Added new ways of vertical and horizontal DI: FF Bair and FF Uair for vertical and AD for horizontal.

  • Changed the link of the Snake video thread to the new video thread by Avoid

  • Added a new picture in VR training part 2. Hope you like it.
  • Added more information in the crouch list
  • Added beginner's note in grenades (Just look it up in the move set section)
  • Not important to know. I centered The picture of Snake's alternate costumes.
  • I named the people who inspired me to make this guide an alive, on-going and great community project/guide

  • Added UL's jab-lock list.
  • Added more attacks which Snake can crouch against
  • A few typos

  • Added BDACUS thread

  • Added MANLY Snake thread

  • Added a write up on Final Destination in the Camouflaged mines and C4 section

  • Changed the link to the Snake FAQ (I forgot about that)
  • Added the tech thread (I forgot that too x_x)

  • Susa's back (Best update ever)
  • Syx is back (This too)
  • Added Susa's new threads

  • Added Susa's new stuff in the research thread

  • Added the new strategies about ehh... Just view the thread listed there

  • Changed some left hyperlinks there in the thread directory into titles now
  • Added a new thread: Platform canceling with the grenade

  • Added some new content in the "Dealing with Certain moves" section
  • Added a new stage in the camouflage section
  • Recolored the Big Boss style section >_>

  • Added the new hitbox pictures
  • Removed Susa's flow chart.

  • Changed ALL those "shieks" into sheik
  • Added corps's research in VR part 2x

  • New tech: 3rd jump (Not cypher footstool lol)

  • Added a new banner
  • Added the Cypher jump in the research part
  • Added the new section in the moveset. See table of contents
  • Added the KO %. Still confirming them.
  • Added physical stats in the research part

  • Added the KO % part in the research part.
  • Added the new star system (★)

  • Added Snake's shield game [VSSG]
  • Added unconfirmed descriptions in the camping section

  • Added more descriptions in the Camping and aerial section

  • Added Snake in doubles mini guide

  • Added summaries on the Aerial oriented sections about Jigglypuff and Wario

  • Added colors on all parts of the guide

  • Added beginner's part

  • Changed the banner back to the old one
  • Added the new controller part [XIV]
  • Corrected some errors (The numbering of the sections)
  • Added the nearly half-done MK KO chart

  • Added brawl directory in VR training part 3

  • Added elements of attacks in VR part 2

  • Finished the data of the elements of Snake's attacks
  • Added the second way to grenade strip in research and thread part

  • Changed the images of the classical controller and the wiimote into the photos from smash dojo.

  • Added Xeylode's D-throw stuff to the important thread updates

  • Added the summary for the C-stick (Attack)

  • Added the pros and cons of using a wiimote
  • Added Smasheducation in the important threads

  • Added Brawl resources thread

  • Completed the wiimote nunchuk summary
  • Added signature

  • Changed the KO shart

  • Added some new info in the introduction
  • Added the new GC configuration in the beginner's part
  • Added the section in the introduction "Snake is for you if...."

Things needed:
  • Complete crouch list
  • Professional players who use a wiimote, wiichuk or a classical controller

Coming soon:
  • MK chart is not done yet :p [60%]
  • Making descriptions, researching on controller usage and watch videos of non GC users



The only true DR vet.
Aug 31, 2005
This looks amazing. Really good job on this one. As I was skimming through it I found a few typos and I will go through all of it tomorrow after my test.

Good freaking job :)

P.S. I would give uptilt 5 snakes :)


Smash Master
Nov 30, 2008
Dair is excellent OOS to punish anything that ends remotely close to snake. Other than that, well done.


Nov 1, 2008
Morrison, Colorado
Make sure you have everything in here that abit_rusty has in his guide, plus things we've learned recently. Then you / I will probably be able to convince a mod to swap the two.
Jun 8, 2009
Important announcement:

Ummm, I added a lot of stuff. Why don't you guys try correcting or adding things to the guide? I can't make this alone
Jun 8, 2009
This guide is getting almost out dated.

Seriously, if it was really useless, I'll just request someone to close it :p

Is it?


The only true DR vet.
Aug 31, 2005
Hey Berk since I will be getting my wii pretty soon is there anything specific you want me to record?
Jun 8, 2009
Maybe some data on all of Snake's kill % will do.

Also, you can throw out some summaries on those empty slots

Also, you can add GIFs if you can


Smash Apprentice
Nov 15, 2007
I'd say that Fair kills at 0% Sweetspoted and around 110% sourspoted, Uthrow kills at like 205%


Smash Lord
Feb 11, 2009
Malmö, Sweden
Fair isn't a OHKO move unless you for example spike Pit out of his up b.

And I'm pretty sure that Utilt is safe on shields. Not super-safe like dash attack but still relatively safe. It has high shield stun. And it only has a cooldown of like 23 frames and a duration from frame 6 to 13. And if the opponent atempt to shield grab Utilt but get pushed away too far you can Utilt again.

I wouldn't say Snake has a bad recovery, it's very good against most characters when you have a good DI.
Jun 8, 2009
smashkng said:
And I'm pretty sure that Utilt is safe on shields. Not super-safe like dash attack but still relatively safe. It has high shield stun. And it only has a cooldown of like 23 frames and a duration from frame 6 to 13. And if the opponent atempt to shield grab Utilt but get pushed away too far you can Utilt again.
I underrate the u-tilt too much.

So what should be the rating of U-tilt?

kunx990 said:
Uthrow kills at like 205%
Really? Okay :)

To answer questions:

Q: Why did you copy paste EY's frame data?
A: Cause it's already off 1st page and some forum newbies don't really know how to use forums. That's what I'm afraid of.

Q: How about the cook....
A: Same thing...


Smash Lord
Feb 11, 2009
Malmö, Sweden
Utilt is 5. It kills so early with a such fast start-up speed and cooldown for only like 25 frames with high shieldstun, has massive range, can stop for example MK dair camping, beat Link's dair when hitting with the top... It definitely has higher priority. I would say 5. C4 is 4.5 at best (definitely not ANY better than Ftilt, Grenades and Utilt, but still good), just like Usmash is 4.5 at best and Mine isn't that good: like 3.5 at best.

Dash attack is amazing, put it 4.5

Fair is terrible, a move that takes 23 to come out and takes forever to finish with a terrible landing lag isn't good at all. It's 2.5, while dair (due short hop dair OoS, and can punish ending of Nado when close) is 3.

The only moves that are 5 are Grenade, dthrow, Ftilt, Utilt and maybe DA.
Jun 8, 2009
Mine? It's very useful for a lot of reasons. First of all, it can camouflage to the 2nd layer of lylat which is useful then it has very good mindgame shenanigans. It's not just very good. It's awesome. It also serves as a pressure/barrier tool. U-tilt can be 5. Maybe I'll out that. C4 deserves a 5 for the same reason as the mine. Mindgames and defensive capabilities. DA gets 3.5 cause DACUS is a better option most of the time. I'm not saying C4 is better than F-tilt or nades. Just saying it deserves a 5 but it's still not better. D-air can be considered 3 but F-air stays in it's same rating.

But I won't change things unless other Snakes tell their opinion. Just saying mine ;)


The only true DR vet.
Aug 31, 2005
In my opinion Snake doesn't have any bad moves. (except jab 3, and even with that it is still pretty **** good if they mess up the die)

Seriously, people would love to snake's dtilt as a kill move for their character.


Smash Apprentice
Jul 2, 2008
This is a pretty minor thing, but you wrote that Snake has "Great DI" in the pros-section. I think what you're trying to say is that with good DI, Snake can survive to high percentages :)


Smash Ace
May 11, 2008
Agawam, MA
This is a pretty minor thing, but you wrote that Snake has "Great DI" in the pros-section. I think what you're trying to say is that with good DI, Snake can survive to high percentages :)
Yeah, what he said. Just replace DI with survivability.

And can someone take the snake head and cut it in half? It would look much better if we replace (1/2) with half a snake head.
Jun 8, 2009
Thanks for the halfed icon sinz

Wait, there's something wrong with it.. Oh well, I'll fix it ;)


Smash Ace
May 11, 2008
Agawam, MA
Also, I don't think you have Pikachu under the projectile spam. Snake's jab, f-tilt, and u-tilt cancel T-jolts out.
Jun 8, 2009
@mizu: No. Not yet. Hey can you help in the ROB summaries

@erik: If you say so. Not that it's easy to deal with :)

Hey, can anyone make a write up for the fighting styles in the big boss style, etc.


Smash Ace
May 11, 2008
Agawam, MA
@erik: If you say so. Not that it's easy to deal with :)
If you just stand there with your thumb on the A-button, you'll cancel out all of their t-jolts. That more or less forces them to approach, either that or the game is at a standstill. Jolts are also easy to powershield.
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