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Vodafone disconnected our internet and tried to sell it back to us for €100.

Mar 17, 2009
New York, NY
Link to original post: [drupal=5496]Vodafone disconnected our internet connection, disabled our account, and tried to sell them back to us for [/drupal]

Why? We were 15 days late on our bill. My partner has had the account for 15 years.

A little history: I'm American, living in Portugal. I moved here two years ago. I'm married.

Yesterday I came home to discover I had no internet connection. Unable to fix it myself, I called vodafone customer service, where a CSR explained to me that my bill was 15 days late. My SO is usually in charge of paying it, but I guess he forgot, so I went to the ATM to pay the bill and when came home it was still not working.

I called customer service again and was told by another CSR that my account balance was now 0, and internet access would be restored within an hour. Three hours later, I still didn't have an internet connection. My SO arrived home and tried to call them. A different CSR told him that we'd have to go to the mall because our internet line was rented from a public company and had to be re-rented. That's right: they released the line to our house back to Portugal's public company because we were 15 days late on our bill.

But it gets better, or worse depending on your perspective. At the mall, a very nice CSR (the fourth one we dealt with) explained that our connection had been re-activated on the way to the mall, and that if we went home we'd find it working.

At home, the connection was still off. SO called Vodafone again and a new CSR said that our account was permanently disconnected and that we'd need to pay €100 to have it reconnected.

We were never notified that this could happen, and as long as I've lived here, this has been the first time we've failed to pay it on time.

We cancelled the account and are waiting a week or so for our new service to be connected.

TL;DR Vodafone disconnected our internet connection, disabled our account, and tried to sell them back to us for €100 because we were 15 days late on the bill.


The Demon King
Jun 26, 2012
wow... that's just stupid.

you were supposed to pay back the bill and have your internet back. but it seems they were corrupt enough to attempt to make some extra profit.

kinda reminds me of a pay TV operator who was always phoning to attempt my family to buy their services, yet demanded us to pay around 3000€ to install the cable in my home. we had to choose another operator, but even then they still persisted with their phone calls.

Portugal at its finest... >_> I am Portuguese, so I know what you're talking about... eh, there's stupid people everywhere, really, not just here.


Through Fire, Justice is Served
Super Moderator
Oct 23, 2008
Beastector HQ
Companies want their money. Their ingenious rationale is if someone doesn't have money to pay for something, they should be charged extra money for having no money as an incentive.
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