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Viva La Smash III Results

Solid Jake

The Arcanum
Feb 11, 2006
Farmington, CT
  • Meta Knight was Banned
  • No LGL
  • Best TO ever?

Brawl Singles:

1: Jash ($122.00) Split
2. Will ($121.00) Split
3: Teevee ($27.00)
4: Koolaid
5: Icylight
5: Fatal
7: Pelca
7: Ninjalink
9: Mikeray4
9: Bizkit
9: Vermanubis
9: Yume
13: Hinkage
13: X
13: Peachkid
13: Kirin
17: Etecoon
17: Watkins
17: Ace
17: Bloodcross (Forfeit losers bracket due to early departure"
17: D-Rock
17: Soupa Sonic
17: Serriph
17: Xaoz
25: Fats
25: Sails
25: Cody
25: Solid Jake

Brawl Doubles:

1: Fatal and Koolaid (Fatal and Koolaid) ($138.00)
2: Teevee and Riot (Teevee and Riot) ($69.00)
3: MAH SHINY PONYTA NEIGHED LOUDLY (Dazwa and Bizkit) ($23.00)
4: Jash and Ninjalink
5: Icylight and Pelca (Icylight and Pelca)
5: DK Arcade (Will and Kirin)
7: I slept with someone on the new england panel and all i got was this stupid team name (Mikeray4 and Peachkid)
7: Oh Cabi Cabi (Darc and Watkins)
9: Metaknight da bess (Etecoon and Yume)
9: Jonalogic (PC Jona and Logik)
9: PEANUTBUTTER PANDA PUFFS (Solid Jake and Bloodcross)
13: Phantom of the Megaplex: Bloodcross Story (Boxman and Hinkage)

Melee Singles:

1: Eggm ($168.00)
2: Vanz ($84.00)
3: th0rn ($28.00)
4: Swiftbass
5: G$
5: Darc
7: Banks
7: Mafia
9: Reno
9: mattdotzeb
9: Nando
9: Zoso
13: Morgue
13: Trademark
13: Joe
13: Kupo
17: Crazy Cloud
17: KevinM <3 Jake Kulinski
17: Axelslam
17: Milk Bird
17: strawhats
17: Zebra
17: Slox
17: WeaponX
25: Xaoz
25: Octave
25: Mho
25: HaileyM
25: Solid Jake
25: Silva Dragon

Melee Doubles:

1: Korean Abdul Jabar (Darc and th0rn) ($180.00)
2: Teach me how to dougie (Gmoney and Vanz) ($90.00)
3: Eggm and Nando (Eggm and Nando) ($30.00)
4: Team Edward (Banks and Mafia)
5: Spawn and Awsmsean (Spawn and Awsmsean)
5: Matt X weapon (Matt.zeb and WeaponX)
7: Sunny D (Solar and D1)
7: Slox and Crazycloud (Slox and Crazycloud)
9: Arty the Strongest Man in the World (Swift and Trademark)
9: Purple Nurple (Iron chief and PC Jona)
9: Noah's Ark (Strawhats and Zebra)
9: Kartel and Kubo
13: Clan of the Duck (Joe and Stephen)
13: Yeah Buddy! (Afic and Fang)
13: Team Jacob (Diesel and CK)


Smash Champion
Jan 14, 2009
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Few things.

  • Mention that MK was banned
  • Mention that there was no LGL
  • Character usage
  • Brackets?
  • I "forfeited"/left early (in parenthesis)

Fun teaming with you Jake hehe.

But everything else was gay. Losing to luck, lag, planking, and overall people I'm better than is always fun. I'm taking a break and coming back a full MK main. Finally, good **** Will, Jash, and Icylight.

13: Phantom of the Megaplex: Bloodcross Story (Boxman and Hinkage)

I still don't get it LOL


Smash Champion
Oct 21, 2007
In a museum
I did terrible today like usual. Yay

I might do shoutouts, if I care enough to do them. Oh and I'm probably going to stop entering events all together. I think I'm just not having fun anymore/too much stupid **** happens and I have about had enough of it

vVv Rapture

Smash Lord
Writing Team
Sep 20, 2009
Will...hot ****. Can't wait to hear about this. Serious business, nice ****ing job.

Crazy Cloud

Smash Journeyman
Jun 15, 2007

G$: Last time I played you was at RoM2. You were the first person I played in pools, and I got 4 stocked both times. Then I got you first round tonight, and I was content with getting you down to three stocks in both games. Improvement :D. You're soooooooooooo fast. See ya at RoM3.

SwiftBass: I know you were sandbagging using Marth, cause I saw you using Falco & Fox later on in the day xD. But that set we did in friendlies was awesome. You're a really cool guy, can't wait to see you at Connectidots and do some more friendlies.

SloX: You're awesome. I'm glad we did so good in teams. I think we got that synergy :D. Are we teaming at Connectidots? Our Fox + Jiggs team is **** (Cept when we play guys like Th0rn and Darc loooooool). Hit me up so we can practice next weekend.

strawhats: You're pretty chill. One of the few people I've met that it's really fun to talk to about Melee. Keep that Marth legit. Work on DI-ing out of combos. That's your biggest problem. Get@mypuff.

Zebra: Never played a good Luigi until today xD. His neutral air is ****. Nice meeting you and thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for the ride and train ticket. Hopefully I'll see you and strawhats at connectidots. And, post on the boards more, too.

Kupo15: Wish we'd of gotten to do some friendlies. Come down and play again sometime :p. Your Gdorf is ****, can't sleep on it at all.

Octave: I'm still waiting on the Pokemon Wi-Fi battle lol. Didn't get to play you much, at all. =/.

Morgue: I'm beating you next time lol. Most intense set I've played since MellowD at Pound 4. The best sets are when both people are pretty evenly matched, and it seems like we were, since it went back and forth trading leads. Awesome Falcon, gay tech chases (in a good way, for you lol). See you at RoM3?

Xaoz: You seemed annoyed that I kept talking to you while you were listening to music xD.

milktea: Thanks for showing up. You launched SloX into puberty LOL.



Solid Jake: Thank you for running the tournament, and helping me find my opponents. You seemed busy, so I didn't ask you to play friendlies. Smooth T.O. We're definitely doing friendlies next time :D.


Smash Hero
Mar 14, 2008
Playing Melee
Played terribly but had fun. Nice playing with everyone that I played with. I guess I need to learn how to camp and be maaaad gay especially when everyone bans yoshis.....not fair :(

Some shoutouts:

Jash: Great playing with you. You have a great YL and it was nice to meet you. I wished we played more sets

Eggm: Thanks for the friendly advice. I got totally ***** by your fox, but at least I landed ganon's utilt on you!!! ;)

Sl0x: Excellent matches both in friendlies and tourneys. Well definitely play sometime soon!

Crazy cloud: Congrats on doing well in teams We'll def smash some more whether it be at your place or mine! I need to learn how to get inside spacies :) Let me know if you and Slox are playing next weekend

Kartel: Nice teaming with you and helping me learn some more about falcon!

Mafia: Nice peach, I def need to learn to out camp peaches and counterpick them to Brinstar or something bizarre! lol

Trademark: Glad you managed to make it. I could use learning the peach matchup! Fix that controller!!


Smash Champion
Mar 15, 2008
Western Mass
1: Jash ($162.00) - Toon Link
2: Will ($81.00) - Donkey Kong
3: Teevee ($27.00) - ROB
4: Koolaid - Marth/Pit?
5: Icylight - Olimar
5: Fatal - Snake
7: Pelca - Falco
7: Ninjalink - Random Button


So Fatal

Smash Master
Mar 31, 2008
Holbrook, Massachusetts
i broke my controller after losing to will. this game is so horrible sometimes and it just took me over the edge. fighting jash is no fun at all, just straight frustration for 15 mins then lose.

still made 80$

good**** every1


Smash Ace
Jan 4, 2010
Connecticut USA
First tourney for me. Had a ton of fun even though I got 2-0'd twice. Thanks to anyone that played with me and nice meeting everyone.

Shoutouts -

DarkDragoon - you need to stay later next time. no johns.

Darc - Don't forget, we're going to the valentines dance in february. AND THIS TIME COME ON YOUR UNICORN. ****.

th0rn - I was surprised I was able to take stocks off of you, tbh, especially with Link. Your falco is ridiculous

MAH SHINY PONYTA NEIGHED LOUDLY - Best team name ever. Dazwa you are an awesome person irl.

P.C Jona - Go to page 10 of the VLS III original thread and read the first post. You were supposed to pick up Hazygoose. >>;

KevinM - You're a really chill dude and probably (maybe?) the only one who offered me advice. We need to play some LoL sometime.

Zebra + the Minivan Krew - Thanks for the rides to the venue and back. You're all great players. I'll be much better next time and beat you all (except maybe Eggm and Nando lol)

D1 - You were right. Someone definitely littered. :laugh:

Crazy Cloud - We didn't play once :( I actually forgot my DS so pokemon would've been impossible anyway D: sometime soon we will.

Also, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle needs to be a mandatory side event. **** was the most hyped thing there.

Edit: Super shoutouts to Jake for running an awesome tourney and posting the results right after. You're awesome :3 Can't wait for Cataclysm.


Smash Lord
Dec 29, 2007
Lawrence, MA

1: Jash: Congratz! Toon link... hmmmmmmmmm O_O

3: Teevee: Thanks for teaming with me! And congratz you did really well.

9: Mikeray4: Good job, too bad we couldn't play in teams.

9: Vermanubis: Low tier rep, keep it up!

13: Peachkid: Don't let it get to you!

17: Ace: How nice of you to show up >_<!

17: Xaoz: Good job today! Keep it up!

25: Solid Jake: Nice tournament! Practice brawl or something...


Smash Hero
Apr 25, 2006
Thunder Whales Picnic
good stuff TBG / jake /daz for setting up stuff. really maximized space well and made a great atmosphere

good **** thorn.

good **** tunes I almost executed our plan!!!!!!! glad I made it to 4th =)

good **** zoso in bracket

good **** kevM in bracket

good **** haley with the pattern wrist thingies haha. I WANT ONE!!

good **** ninja link/jash and tristate.

good **** me for cheering for the wrong person when i thought I was cheering for teevee. i felt so lame =(. woot new haven power

good **** ppl in the bathroom who always occupied it when i had to use it.

yo d1 we owe each other next tourney of a decent size. dip. good stuff in teams btw,

reno i got you next time.

strawhats got u next time.

seymour guys yo lets play sometime. south CT all day.

slox crap we didnt play

MDZ wanted to play you more

brookman you're awesome

lol @ cort not wanting to whip out the god-like falcon and ruin the mood of the tourney with its destructive powers.

banks we both sucked game 3 lol.

I think thats it.

shoutout to the chick at McDonalds and at TJmaxx(yea went around trying to find flip-flops)
SwiftBass: I know you were sandbagging using Marth, cause I saw you using Falco & Fox later on in the day xD. But that set we did in friendlies was awesome. You're a really cool guy, can't wait to see you at Connectidots and do some more friendlies.
I dont sandbag. dont take me using marth as that. he is my 2nd best character. my falco just moves fast and my fox is definitively my best. I try to take something from all friendlies i have so thanks. I don't just play to humor ppl like that. Otherwise i'd just letem know that i do not want to play.


Smash Master
May 25, 2009
Allston, MA
Very fun tourney, surprised that I got 9th with the amount of sleep I got instead of losing to Fats lmao.

S l o X

Smash Champion
Aug 17, 2009
bridgeport, ct
shoutouts to the guy from texas that stops at green lights for no reason and almost causes accidents to happen.

people i wanted to play but didn't: zoso, swift, bernard, mafia

people i didn't know were even there: brookman, darkdragoon.

**** tourney, i definitely could've took eggms money but you know he drove like 10 hours so why not let him pay off those gas and tolls? < 3

nando probably coolest falcon main on ec

variola, i waved at you from inside our gold minivan for like 10 minutes as you were leaving but you didn't even see me :<

strawhats, get trolled all day. eggm, you're cool. ****** [: - awktave - **** bro stuff. yeah bunch of other people that are awesome.

scofield, good **** driving wrong way into a one way street and almost hitting a great texan citizen, yeah . . . good ****.


Smash Lord
Feb 22, 2008
But everything else was gay. Losing to luck, lag, planking, and overall people I'm better than is always fun.
i dont really wanna start anything but everytime before we play you say you're gonna beat me/**** me and then when you lose you always john/rage way harder than necessary. i wasnt gonna bring it up but if you are "overall better than me" why have i beaten you the last 4 times we have played?

regardless it was a good set (and dont even blame no lgl for losing either since i didnt even come close to 30 ledge grabs)

ill do shoutouts later, fun tourny

Kool Aid

Smash Journeyman
Oct 31, 2008
**** you teevee you shoulnd't have beaten me..



TB12 TB12 TB12
Jan 30, 2007
Sickboi in the 401
Brawl people so angry some times :\.

GGs everyone wish I had brought my controller!

But shouts to Xaoz for letting me use one so I could participate still.

I had a blast regardless of my placing ^__^

shoutsies laters


Smash Lord
Feb 22, 2008
w/e bc since you main mk now i can just beat you in mk dittos again...


Smash Ace
Aug 12, 2008
whenever I lose to TV, I remember he is a small guy and because its proportionate I know for a fact that my ***** is bigger than his..... though we could always compare them...to make sure


Smash Lord
Feb 22, 2008
yea because that happened the first game too when i ***** you...keep johning for yourself to make you feel like "you are the better player overall". idc
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