Visuals for Kirby's Intangible/Invincible Attacks


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Aug 27, 2015
To the uninformed, most would think Kirby's only disjointed move is Final Cutter. But did you know that some of Kirby's regular attacks are disjointed and intangible as well? The moves in particular are Up Tilt, Up Smash, and Down Smash. For when they're active, the hitboxes on these moves are completely invincible so if they come in contact with another character's hurtbox, they will not trade unless the opposing attack reaches towards Kirby himself. And using the Power Star Invincibility Display trick in Training Mode, I've been able to provide visuals of them:

Up Tilt:


Up Smash:


Down Smash:


The blueish areas represent the parts where Kirby is invincible and won't take damage. Familiarize yourself with the invincibility zones to improve your anti-airing and spacing!
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