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Viridian City #7 Results

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006

1: Ally + M2K (A2K) ($410.00)
2: Shadow + dmbrandon (Sunshine (Y)) ($205.00)
3: Atomsk + Zucco (We get salty!) ($82.00)
4: Anti + Cable (Where the birds at?) ($41.00)
5: Malcolm + Blackanese (Malcolm + Blackanese) ($20.50)
5: Inui + ADHD (Inui and ADHD) ($20.50)
7: Logic + Boss (Data Green)
7: Fatal + Koolaid (Followers of the church of questions)
9: Minty + DOOM (Viva the Saturn & Lactose)
9: DEHF + Pierce (DEHMT?)
9: Kingtoon + Squall (Puff in on that Squall)
9: Dire + Jash (Dire + Jash)
13: meep + neo (Bmore is back)
13: NinjaLink + Lain (NinjaLink + Lain)
13: J.G. Wentworth + NAKAT (Swag or Die!)
13: Angel M. + ChiboSempai (Step up your doubles God)
17: Seph + Xionix (Seph + Xionix)
17: Smurf + Vex (Smurf + Vex)
17: Frankieee + Cura (Frankieee + Cura)
17: Rookie + Umbra (Rookie + Umbra)
17: GIMR + Coney (GIMR + Coney)
17: Vinnie + Izumi (Vinnie + Izumi)
17: Bleachigo + Nairo (Team Legendary)
17: Jtails + Wes (Uncle Keith)
25: Smelly Vaj (iKon) + RizMF (Wolf ****)
25: San + Dr, Grandpa (Superman and The Hulk)
25: Mblaze + P_Wii (Mblaze + P_Wii)
25: Melvinator + DTM 89 (Team Thunder & Lightning)
25: K-9 + Kaylo (K-9 + Kaylo)
25: Yes! + Eazy (Yes! + Eazy)
25: Sassy + Takeover (Sassy + Takeover)
25: Jonk + RJ (Jonk + RJ)
33: Keitaro + PikaPika (Keitaro and PikaPika)
33: Sphere + Starlight (Blue ****)
33: Javier + Matt Lahey (Javier + Matt Lahey)
33: John12346 + Shippo (17 Cups of Coffee)
33: Penta + Viva (D.D. ****)
33: Eevee + altairian (Coffee)
33: TUSM + TAC (T-mobile)
33: Cloudfox + Xivk & Jokaru (?_?)
33: Ryko + Coontail (Stationary *****)
33: Kanto + Sharky (Kanto + Sharky)

Singles Pools

1: Ally
1: Atomsk
1: dmbrandon
1: Doom
1: Jash
1: MintyFlesh
1: Kool Aid
1: Snakeee
1: Zucco
1: Mew2King
1: Malcom
1: Meep
1: NEO
1: NinjaLink
1: Pierce
1: Cable
1: PikaPika!
1: Shadow
21: Vex Kasrani
21: San
21: ROokie
21: Dr. Granpa
21: Fatal
21: Seph
21: Keitaro
21: ChiboSempai
21: Lain
21: RIzMF
21: Delta Cod
21: JG Wentworth
21: JTails
21: Dire
21: Coney
21: Cheese
21: Logic
21: Blackanese
21: K-9
21: Cura
41: Projo
41: John12346
41: MIB
41: Takeover
41: Sassy
41: Squall
41: Remix
41: GIMR
41: OffTheChain
41: BigM
41: Chaos Marth
41: Legendary Bleachigo
41: ikon
41: Kingz
41: PGN
41: Boss
41: Nario
41: Inui
41: Xionix
61: Shady
61: Gunblade
61: Dasis
61: Kingtoon
61: Matt L
61: Izumi
61: Rhyme
61: Viva
61: Penta
61: KiD
61: Eazy
61: DTM89
61: Eevee
61: Dark Peach
61: Que
61: Sharky
61: Smurf
61: Franchise
61: Yes!
61: Nasty
81: James Wade
81: P-wii
81: Kanto
81: SHrinn
81: TLK
81: TKO
81: Aposl
81: Candle Jack
81: CoonTail
81: hippiedude
81: BSChung
81: Blaze
81: Mexican
81: Altarian
81: MBlaze
81: Kyler
81: CloudFox
81: Jon King
81: Silent Beast
81: MegaPlox
101: Javier
101: Wes
101: Arban Kulari
101: RJ
101: Hanzhoy
101: Joxs
101: Xivik & Jokaru
101: Hyper Hopper
101: Scott!
101: Riako
101: Fallacy
101: Clai
101: TUSM
101: Axi
101: Tai
101: Acton
101: Shippo
121: Marcus Johnson

Singles Bracket

1: Ally ($452.00):snake:
2: ADHD ($282.50):diddy:
3: Mew2King ($169.50):metaknight:
4: DEHF ($113.00):falco:
5: Shadow ($45.20):metaknight:
5: NinjaLink ($45.20):diddy::random:
7: Atomsk ($11.30):metaknight::dedede::diddy::gw:
7: MintyFlesh ($11.30):marth:
9: Meep:popo:
9: Kool Aid:pit:
9: Logic:olimar:
9: San:ike::ike::ike::ike::ike::ike::ike::ouch:
13: NEO:marth:
13: Pierce:marth::falco::metaknight:
13: Takeover:snake:
13: PikaPika!:pikachu2:
17: ChiboSempai:rob:
17: Boss:luigi2::mario2:
17: JTails:metaknight:
17: Nario:metaknight:
17: Legendary Bleachigo:falco:
17: Doom:metaknight:
17: Cable:dk:
17: Coney:dedede:
25: Lain:popo:
25: Cheese:popo:
25: GIMR:popo:
25: Delta Cod:yoshi2:
25: MIB:ness2:
25: Inui:metaknight:
25: Squall:snake:
25: Malcom:warioc:
33: JG Wentworth:metaknight:
33: OffTheChain:dedede:
33: Keitaro:falco:
33: PGN:gw:
33: RIzMF:metaknight:
33: Vex Kasrani
33: Dr. Granpa:dk:
33: John12346:lucario:
33: dmbrandon:metaknight:
33: Fatal:snake:
33: Cura:popo:
33: Zucco:lucario:
33: Blackanese:gw::metaknight:
33: Snakeee:peach::metaknight:
33: ROokie:fox:
33: Chaos Marth:metaknight:
49: Kingz - forfiet
49: BigM - forfeit
49: Jash:toonlink:
49: Remix - forfiet
49: Projo:toonlink:
49: K-9:pikachu2:
49: Dire:gw:
49: Sassy
49: Seph:metaknight:
49: ikon:metaknight::snake::popo:
49: Xionix:diddy:



Smash Master
Apr 27, 2009
1: Ally ($791.00)
1: Atomsk ($791.00)
1: DEHF ($791.00)
1: dmbrandon ($791.00)
1: Doom ($791.00)
1: Jash ($791.00)
1: MintyFlesh ($791.00)
1: Kool Aid ($791.00)
1: Snakeee ($791.00)
1: Zucco ($791.00)
1: Mew2King ($791.00)
1: Malcom ($791.00)
1: Meep ($791.00)
1: NEO ($791.00)
1: NinjaLink ($791.00)
1: Pierce ($791.00)
1: Cable ($791.00)
1: ADHD ($791.00)
1: PikaPika! ($791.00)
1: Shadow ($791.00)

LOL get @ brawl pools

edit: also brackets plz i'd love to know how lain placed the same as cheese lawwwwwwwwwl


Banned via Administration
Feb 6, 2005
Twitter @xD1x
**** you Minty I wanted 1st post! >_<

Grats to all placers I heard San's Ike was ****!

Good sh** Larry.

Fvck every other spacey...Falco's the truth!


Smash Master
May 1, 2009
ill expect my 791 dollars to come in the mail.

dmbrandon is mad.


Smash Master
Oct 31, 2007
Syracuse, NY

San's going places, people. No more bashing us new yorkers for losing to an Ike. XD


Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2006
EmuKiller?! More like... FREEmuKiller!!!!!!
Shoutouts in Chronological order:

Hey guys S.W.R. is super great!

J.G. Wentworth
-- Thank you for giving me a ride to this. We need to hang out more this summer!

E-Spot -- Thank you for not opening at 10am like it says your hours are cause umm yeah hanging outside your store for over an hour was super great times had by all!

KiD -- Super fun to play with! Friendlies with you and Minty were extremely great!

Minty -- Super fun to play with! Friendlies with you and KiD were extremely great! And umm... Congrats on placing 7th too I guess? Although really I'm only saying this so that the sentence for you and KiD isn't exactly the same

KiD -- Oh wait we also did doubles against Ally and M2K and we are too good of course!! props to that.

Jash -- Why do you know toon link so well? I mean like knowing metaknight really well makes sense (he's top tier!) but for toon link to be able to combo bomerang into arrow into a bomb thrown before the arrow I mean like..... Come on!! It's not even fair! But yeah, you're really fun to talk to and I'm glad I got a chance to play you, even if every match was just me saying "WHAT THE HECK YOUR TOON LINK IS SO GOOD"

Remix -- You got super good!

BigM -- Well I already knew from Paradigm that you really had gotten super good but what the heck you're still really good!

Kingz -- I didn't get a chance to play you, but I'm sure if I did I would be surprised at how good you got as well!

Okay well this chronological order thing doesn't work that well... so the rest of my shoutouts I'll just look at the bracket.

Logic -- Stupid tournament was ran too efficiently for me to get enough frienldies, but I really liked talking to you about olimar and watching your matches! I don't know how you avoid getting gimped. I need to step it up and find out!

Pierce -- I didn't play you, but I most certainly heard you! Umm... actually you're not that loud but well at some points I was like "oh Pierce is talking right now" and I wish I had said hi. But yeah! It was nice to see you again.

ChiboSempai -- I didn't get to play you either! Really cool to see you come up to north jersey!

Nairo -- WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD!! Dang. Freakin nuts. Like I wish I had half the skill you got when it comes to gimping snake and diddy and olimar and wrecking every character there is off the stage! Hopefully I'll get to play you more this summer!

Bleachigo -- Yeah the tornado trick doesn't work that well, but it was really great watching a ton of your matches! Like seriously. That entire set with Takeover I watched start to finish and jeez... snake is dumb. We'll hang out more this summer I promise!

Doom -- You keep losing matches that you shouldn't and yet you still got 17th!! Good job! I wish I had gotten a chance to play you more. Actually, I think I'm saying this to mostly everyone. It's like I got to see all my friends and yet didn't get to play them! WHAT THE HECK!

Cable -- MD/VA has nothing on you! Doubles with you was super fun, Car ride with you was super fun, I really don't know what else to say except you're mad fun. Wish I got to try against your DK again. Although you might hate me for it cause I'll just camp you super hard next time! (oh crap. Just don't go falco.)

Inui -- Thanks for considering me "Old school" haha. I never really thought of myself in the melee community cause I don't really have any friends that I still talk/play with besides Zanguzen, and he's too busy with life to play!

Malcom -- You're really chill! I haven't played you since Blue Circuit (umm you kind of three stocked me twice in a row so umm I kind of hope you would have forgotten about that) I really want to play you sometime soon!

-- Congratulations on getting out of pools!! Jeez. Another dude who I wish I had played but only had the chance to talk to!

Vex Kasrani -- Every one of your character is so great! I'm super impressed! Really wish I could have done better against you but ugh... all my skill is so two thousand and late and every matchup you know super well because of wi-fi! I go to school in south jersey so if you ever need some irl practice that's uhh around as good as xzax I guess (wow I don't really make myself sound appealing at all) well just PM me sometime!

Seph -- Really wish we had played! It was great to see you again! It feels like it's been forever since your smashfest! I watched a couple of your matches and was super impressed! Keep it up!

ikon -- Yeah umm I think your ICs have gotten worse so umm maybe just quit this game already. Like seriously iKon I don't even know why you think you're good or anything like omg wow I don't even know what to say sometimes cause like you're just a jerkface patoot who doesn't even know half the stuff he talks about and like omg dude sometimes I just think to myself "wow ikon is a totally not cool guy" and then I think harder to myself and say "Yeah I'm totally right." Anyway, that was me getting sick of writing each of these shoutouts as "you're super good and I wish I got to play you longer and it was great seeing you!" and wanting to try making up some total lie just so I'd have an original shoutout made specially for you <3. Anyway, I'll see you this summer for sure!

Xionix -- I had a lot of great friendlies with you! You wrecked my crap when you had two bananas out, just practice playing against metaknight without pulling bananas! Like seriously. Play entire sets and just NEVER pull bananas and learn the matchup that way! If you do that, you'd be able to 2-stock me everytime no problem! Nice to meet you though, and I hope I see you soon.

Alex Strife -- OKay I'm skipping my shoutouts straight to this. WHAT THE HECK MAN. I'm so mad at you!! Did you read my shoutouts? Go back and read every single one of my shoutouts and realize that WOW. EmuKiller would be a much happier person if this tournament wasn't so well ran. All I wanted to do yesterday was play friendlies with all my friends, and you and your stupid TO skills got in the way!! REally bad! I would be watching like 4 TVs at once for a tournament match to end and then I'd jump on it SUPER quick and say "Hey you over there let's play frienldies!" and then they'd say "oh okay!" and then 2 minutes later some SCRUBS would come up and say "oh umm... is this tournament? We have a tournament match." I MEAN COME ON DUDE! Why did you have to ruin all my super cheap fun? Dude. I dunno. Next time you host a tournament I don't think I'll come. Cause seriously you're just way too good at what you do and well... I don't know if I'm okay with that. Or if you do host again (apex 2?) just make sure you host a little bit worse so that I can get a chance to play a ton of friendlies =-).

There's a lot more shoutouts I want to say but yeah... I'm too mad at Alex right now. I want a worse tournament you guys. Something where the TO has no idea what's going on and everyone is 100% okay with doing friendlies all day. That's my dream. And right now? I don't even know dudes. I just.... I just don't know.


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Lol edit that out Alex, thats going to be a unfunny joke for the next 6 pages.

OH I WON 791 bucks... lol

But part 1 of shoutouts.

Shoutout to Cable for ****** teams with me and beating Meep in one of the most hype sets of the tourny

Shoutout to Inui/Ally for using my tag :)

$2 MM Victories lol
Lain 2-1
Shadow 2-0
DEHF 2-0

Good stuff to Shadow for reppin NY with that 5th.
Shoutout to Lain for losing to Chibo roflrofl, jk gettem next time :)
Shoutout to DEHF for coming all the way from WC and getting 4th.


A - Anti
D - Doom
F - Fatal
H - Hunger
M - Malcolm
K - Koolaid
E - EE
R - Rookie
V - Vinnie
C - Cable


Will do part 2 when i feel like it


★J.G WentWorth★

Smash Champion
Mar 13, 2007
Makin Movies, S.W.R. HQ
The venue was cramped but this tourny was alottt of fun. And I'm happy we did pools. Great Job Alex and anyone else that helped. All the matches I have will be up by tomorow. And I'll try to have the tourny fixx up sometime by the middle of the week.


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Your stream was much better than any of VGBootCamp's stream.
LOL, but they wanted it on their channel and i couldnt log in because i didn't know the password to their account so i logged on mine and broadcasted it. i understand where they were coming from tho.


Smash Champion
Jun 11, 2008
Copiague, New York
Wow, 2-2 in teams and 25th? I don't understand that at all but alright. Tourney was fun, got ****ed over very hard but it's w/e.

I'll do shoutouts later, mostly to MDVA and WC though, like them better than my own region.


Smash Lord
Jan 20, 2009
Utica, NY
Good **** san.

Props to san, Pikapika, and Dr. Grandpa repping so well.

And Cheese got 25th.


Smash Master
Aug 6, 2005
Brooklyn, NY
Good stuff to Shadow for reppin NY with that 5th.
Shoutout to Lain for losing to Chibo roflrofl, jk gettem next time :)
Shoutout to DEHF for coming all the way from WC and getting 4th.


A - Anti
F - Fatal
H - Hunger
M - Malcolm
K - Koolaid


Will do part 2 when i feel like it

I get no props? Eff u lol
I'll take 2 letters sir. Im special lol

Get @ my Yoshi.

oh yea. WHERES MY 20 CENT??!!


Smash Journeyman
Oct 19, 2008
Bowie, MD
I was seeing things on the drive home. Thankfully coney took over after a couple hours. I was awake for way too long. ><
ggs everyone. Shoutouts later. Great tourney Alex.


Smash Master
Oct 22, 2008
Long Island, NY!
Getting a millionth in both events was kind of disappointing, but whatever. I had fun, the venue was kinda crowded / hard to get to, so idk if I'll be going to vc8, but we'll see.


1: Ally ($791.00) - GJ, nice comeback in gf lmfao
1: Atomsk ($791.00) - great job in both events, you should be proud of your placement in doubles. See you at Poly, hopefully!
1: DEHF ($791.00) - We never got to MM, :(. Thanks for coming all the way here though :D, nice seeing you and GJ.
1: dmbrandon ($791.00) - GJ in doubles =D
1: Doom ($791.00) - Oh wow, steppin it up, winning your pool! GJ beating Fatal, you're getting really good.
1: Jash ($791.00) - Hey, gj in pools. GGs in singles, I finally broke my losing streak against you x_x, now I'm like 1-4 against you lol.
1: MintyFlesh ($791.00) - You did sooo well, RC FTW!
1: Kool Aid ($791.00) - I set up a genius way of killing you by tech chasing you at the very very top of RC, then died at 30 b/c Mr gnw decided to crouch on a drop-through platform instead of dropping through -_-... however, no shame in losing to you, you're an amazing pit and probably best in the country. Great placing, looking forward to playing you at the next event we're both at =D.
1: Snakeee ($791.00) - You did very well too, great job beating Lain.
1: Zucco ($791.00) - Learn Brinstar or ban it :(. GJ in pools, extremely good job in doubles. Your ness head would be proud.
1: Mew2King ($791.00) - Stop chickening out in MMing my Zelda! >:[
1: Malcolm ($791.00) - You did pretty well in general, good job, fun seeing you.
1: Meep ($791.00) - **** ICs. I'm pretty sure I'll never beat you, you know gnw too well! >:[
1: NEO ($791.00) - Didn't talk much, but gj.
1: NinjaLink ($791.00) - great job in singles =D, top 5 at a Viridian is rediculously good.
1: Pierce ($791.00) - GGs in singles, I'm doing better against Marth I guess, slowly improving in the matchup. Sorry I stayed so quiet during the set lmfao, I like to try to concentrate. GJ winning the pool =D.
1: Cable ($791.00) - Great job beating Meep, but at the same time, **** YOU FOR BEATING MEEP! Haha great DK.
1: ADHD ($791.00) - GJ and stuff, sucks that you came SOO close to winning lol. GJ beating m2k.
1: PikaPika! ($791.00) - GJ beating Lain. Sucks you had to run into a Marth lol, isn't that Pika's worst matchup?
1: Shadow ($791.00) - GJ in doubles both events, you and DM are nearly unstoppable :(. Nice seeing you.
21: Vex Kasrani - Nice seein ya, I finally got to see you, haven't seen you in forever. YOUR GANON IS TOO ****ING GOOD!!! ALBERT L FTW
21: San - Amazing Ike.
21: ROokie - Nice seein ya
21: Keitaro - Nice seein ya. Join the "i lost to cheese" club :(.
21: ChiboSempai - Nice seeing you Chibo.
21: RIzMF - Hey, finally met you!
21: JG Wentworth - GGs in teams, you really stepped it up.
21: JTails - Nice seein ya
21: Dire - Herro, see you at Poleh
21: Cheese - GGs, hopefully you can possibly unblock me on AIM so we can discuss my ban on Aib :(.
21: Blackanese - Thanks for finally supporting me. gj in doubles.
41: John12346 - fun MM, wario 2 good
41: MIB - GJ beating fatal.
41: Takeover - hey, nice seein ya again
41: Remix - We haven't been to the same tourney in forever lmao, see you at poly
41: GIMR - Hey, finally met you. Nice seein ya.
41: Chaos Marth - See you at Poly. ARTICUNO USED ICE BEAM!
41: Legendary Bleachigo - Legendary! Yay I finally got to meet you. GJ beating DM.
41: NAKAT - ggs in doubles.
41: ikon - Nice meeting you, LMAO @ pic
41: Kingz - KINGZ!!
41: PGN - fml
41: Boss - Hey, I'll MM you another time I guess, I really couldn't when pools were going on and stuff.
41: Nario - See you at Poly! and good thing ur wii wasn't stolen lol
41: Inui - ganon way 2 good. Nice seein ya, see you at poly.
61: Gunblade - nice seein ya
61: Izumi - I messed up big time in doubles, thanks for carrying me / not getting mad at me, I won't disappoint next time.
61: Rhyme - Nice seein ya.
61: Viva - VIVAAAAAAAAAAAA, car ride home ****ING SUCKED but it's okay because I have a pet ness head.
61: Penta - GJ beating snakeee & taking 3rd seed! You're really improving. I'm proud of you. Also, sucks you had to leave early :(.
61: KiD - Hey.
61: Eazy - GGs in doubles! Btw don't switch to mk against me lol.
61: Sharky - ggs man.
61: Yes! - ggs in doubles once again.
81: CoonTail - You'll get'em next time. We'll train more for Poly.
81: hippiedude - GJ beating your first ranked player! You're getting better and better :D.
81: BSChung - Hey, nice seein ya.
81: MBlaze - Hey :D
81: Kyler - ggs, I guess Zelda should be banned :/.
81: CloudFox - ggs in doubles man.
101: Wes - Hey.
101: Arban Kulari - fun MM, good to finally meet you :).
101: Xivik & Jokaru - ggs in doubles.
101: Acton - ggs in pools.
101: Shippo - LOCKERZ CHEATS!!!
Anti: fun seein ya, you should enter more >_>, ggs/gj in doubles.
tried to give everyone a shoutout lol. ggs to everyone I played, hopefully I won't get a millionth in both events at Poly...


Smash Champion
Oct 29, 2009
In Belleville NJ, with Leap of Faith
Ally- Good job as always, you need to play my Fox again sometime.
Atomsk- I was in the car with you bearing the burden of having a TV in the back seat.
DEHF - Nice to see one of West Coasts best players. Good **** with Falco.
dmbrandon - I thought you were only a douche, but you proved to be a nice guy at times. Thanks for coaching me against larry though I still messed up lol.
Doom - Great to see you again as well. I am going to see you at polybrawl, and I want you to help me out for a bit.
MintyFlesh - I was with you for a long time lol. I hope I motivated you enough to beat Snakeee. You were on fire all night good job xD
Snakeee - I played you in friendlies.
Zucco - Great to see you again.
Mew2King - You forgot to sign my shirt xD
Meep - We had an agreement that you wouldn't grab me remember? lol
NinjaLink - ggs in doubles, nice Lucas.
Cable - You already know xD and we are playing at Polybrawl idgaf lol
ADHD- You were eating a bag of chips over my head O.O
Shadow - I am going to beat you when we play again or at least take a round off you. I got you to one stock so I am confident I will get you someday lol You are the funnest Meta knight to play against in my opinion. Keep up the good work.
San- O.O you supirsed me
ROokie- respect to all the Fox mains. Great to finally meet you again in person.
Dr. Granpa- I forgot to tell you Bo X7 said hi.
Seph- I played you in friendlies too. Nice Meta Knight
Keitaro- Fox> Falco son xD
Lain- ggs in doubles
RIzMF- good stuff
Delta Cod- Your Yoshi is good I heard?
JG Wentworth- My partner for doubles! We did hella good son, and you helped me out a lot and showed me around the offline community. I love it, and this has been like my fifth offline tournament. I am going to keep teaming with you and see how far we can go.
JTails- You are probably the second best randomist.
Cheese- Good stuff against PGN I guess.
Blackanese- Funny as hell, easy to joke with, cool *** dude.
Cura- I think I played you in friendlies
Remix- You are improving quicker and quicker.
BigM- Don't go Wolf in Pools!!!
Legendary Bleachigo- I believe you wanted to play me again?
ikon- I will MM you soon.
Kingz- get money get paid.
PGN- I don't know how to fight your character lol so I am not sure how I won in dubz. ggs though you are good xD
Boss- Luigi all day
Nario- Good stuff
Inui- I was in the car with you as well.
Gunblade- I never got to ask how you did that day lol
Izumi- You gave me a ride <3
Viva- I finally get to hang out with you in person. Idk why the hell we were playing subspace lmao.
KiD- Fox>Falco <3
Eazy- Nice meeting you. I was NAKAT.
Que - I believe you main Pokemon Trainer?
Smurf- Your MK is getting better
Nasty- nice to see you again
hippiedude- Good job beating Zucco
MBlaze- "YOU" did good in doubles :D
CloudFox- Invite me over so we can train since you live so close.
MegaPlox- ............................... I didn't see you
Arban Kulari- I got to meet you in person finally!!!!!!!!


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
- DEHF ***** me in pools
- My sets was Ally was god-like
- Super armor 3 times FTW *looks towards Coney Island *wink-wink* *
- I'll do better next time. PROMISE.

ANTi im claiming "R" right now!!! *turns on wii to make new tag*

Editing post for every new person down with the one lettered tag crew.


Smash Lord
May 26, 2009
Fusion Chamber , New Jersey
One Letter Tag Crew let me get C !!!!!!

Shoutouts later but it was nice seeing everybody again I had maaddd fun i was screaming towards the end of the tourny =)

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006
LOL, but they wanted it on their channel and i couldnt log in because i didn't know the password to their account so i logged on mine and broadcasted it. i understand where they were coming from tho.
exactly do not hate on the vg bootcamp they helped me a lot that day and i ASKED them to do the stream cause their streams are legit. The lan center had some issues with it and all that.

also this is the last VC for a while until may as I am working with a NEW bigger venue so people can actually walk around. Plus I am a little upset at the manager cause he is a lazy spanish guy who rather not put the work in that goes with something like this.

it is sad when VC and saffron was their only source of income...lan centers = losing money for owners lol

Angel.M <3 C:

Smash Champion
Sep 23, 2006
imouto island
Alex was your recording set-up the laptop on the last tv of that line of tv's(tv 10 i think?)

If it was I asked keitaro to record my set with bschung and i used the tag "lan!" Can you please please upload that for me? >_<
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