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Viridian City #6 RESULTS

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006

1: Ally + Anti (Ally + Anti) ($310.00)
2: M2k + Tyrant (M2k + Tyrant) ($155.00)
3: Inui + Atmosk (Inui + Atomsk) ($93.00)
4: ICarly loves Jenn (Ksizzle + Shadow) ($31.00)
5: Logic + Boss (Logic + Boss) ($15.50)
5: Ninjalink + Malcolm (Ninjalink + Malcolm) ($15.50)
7: Banana Pizza (ADHD + Snakeee)
7: jash + Dire (jash + Dire)
9: Chibo The Smurf (Chibo Sempai + Smurf)
9: Kingz + BigM (Kingz + BigM)
9: DK Arcade (Will + KirinBlaze)
9: Cable + ScoobySnax (Cable + ScoobySnax)
13: Doom + Slikvik (Doom + Slikvik)
13: Takeover + Meep (Takeover + Meep)
13: We **** and get ***** by little girls (Izumi + Cheese)
13: Cloudfox + wooj (Cloudfox + wooj)
17: Silent Beast + Delta-cod (Silent Beast + Delta-cod)
17: Crazy-Go-Nuts (CJT + Jokaru & Xivk)
17: The Amazing Flying Hammer Bros. (Cuso + Mr. Grey)
17: Titans of Torment (Fury + Nasty)
17: Duelists going for bad (Etano + QQmor)
17: 2slow + 4nace (2slow + 4nace)
17: Remix + Rizakor (Remix + Rizakor)
17: <3 Texas (Chaos Marth + ***** Bobby)
25: d-rock + Super Model from Paris (d-rock + Super Model from Paris)
25: Jack Chan Adventures (Mage + Hippiedude)
25: RJ + BSC (RJ + BSC)
25: VaJaJ + Mr. Clutch (VaJaJ + Mr. Clutch)
25: Key Blade Mstr Tai + Emperor Volt (Key Blade Mstr Tai + Emperor Volt)
25: Ian + Dr. Brawl (Ian + Dr. Brawl)
25: Super Wario Bros. (Romulox + CandleJack)


1: Ally ($475.00):snake:
2: M2k ($237.50):metaknight::dedede:
3: Meep ($114.00):popo:
4: Anti ($47.50):snake::metaknight::gw::wolf:
5: Tryant - West Coast ($23.75):metaknight:
6: Atomsk - Tyrant Slayer! ($23.75):popo::wolf::dedede:
7: ADHD ($14.25):diddy:
8: Ksizzle ($14.25):snake::metaknight:
9: Will:dk2:
9: Boss:mario2::luigi2:
9: Malcolm:wario:
9: Shadow:wario::metaknight:
13: Inui:ike::metaknight::snake:
13: Ninjalink:random:
13: Jash:toonlink:
13: Cable:dk2:
17: Bum:dk2:
17: Mr. Clutch31:wario:
17: Legendary Bleach:falco:
17: Pierce:marth:
17: Wooj (iKon)
17: dqboo (dabuz):olimar:
17: Frankieee:zerosuitsamus:
17: Slikvik:warioc:
25: Leo
25: EE
25: Izumi
25: deez
25: Sin
25: RJ
25: Kid
25: P~S
33: J.G. Wentworth
33: Cheese
33: tyrell
33: Smurf
33: BSC
33: Gunblade
33: Takeover
33: chaosmarth
33: Nairo
33: VaNz
33: Umbra
33: Chibo Sempai
33: Mike G
33: KirinBlaze
33: BigM
33: allied
49: RizMF
49: rizakor
49: KS136
49: ***** Bobby
49: Bnzaa
49: DeltaCod
49: hippiedude
49: Cloudfox
49: Doom
49: KeyBlade Mstr Tai
49: Xivk & Jokaru
49: Nasty
49: remix
49: Fury
49: Noraa
49: PRiDE
65: CJT
65: Kris
65: Anubis
65: 4nace(Fornase)
65: HoMaLoN
65: Demon
65: NeoS
65: PD
65: King Yoshi
65: Dr. Brawl
65: Papilong stick
65: Anthony
65: VaJaJ
65: Noes
65: Crismas
65: SF2X
65: NinjaEdd
65: 2 slow
65: kingznightmare
65: Jiffy
65: Ruikko
65: Silent Beast
65: Ian
65: The moo
65: Etano
65: James
65: HyperEnergy
65: Mage
65: Mr. Grey
65: Romulox
65: D-Rock
65: QQmor
97: P-wii
97: Emperor Volt
97: Supermodel From Paris
97: Scott!

I am dead tired will do the rest tomorrow.



Smash Champion
Mar 30, 2008
does this mean will is now the #1 DK?

Also will if u see this before we talk next good job coming in 9th. Also to bad you ended right out of the money again.


Smash Lord
Jun 23, 2008
1: Ally ($475.00) - Stop ****** our pots!
2: M2k ($237.50) - You too!
3: Meep ($114.00) - And you!
6: Atomsk - Tyrant Slayer! ($23.75) - Trevorr!
8: Kisizzle ($14.25) - ICs in doubles...almost beat you <_<
9: Will - Stepping it up!
9: Malcolm - LOL @ You, as always
9: Shadow - YOu quit.
13: Inui - ... You know exactly what's going to happen the next time we play.
17: Bum - You space too **** well.
25: EE - You are TOOOOOOO funny.
25: Izumi - Eww.
25: P~S - Oh hai.
33: Cheese - Better. One more step up, no randoms beat you anymore.
33: Gunblade - Sweet, I finally met you.
33: chaosmarth - you GOTTA take your sets more seriously. gotta put the work in!
33: KirinBlaze - You're too good.
33: BigM - Nice clutch against Meep/Takeover
49: rizakor - Put in that work, you'll get it!
49: Bnzaa - CG Better!
65: Anubis - Gotta learn those matchups!
65: 4nace(Fornase) - Teehee, tack on nair.
65: PD - Just main the ICs, dude.
65: Papilong stick - Wolf = no.
65: Crismas - Nice seeing you, as usual.

Alex Strife - As always, tight tourney, done TOOOO fast. Happy birthday!

Shadow 111

Smash Lord
Sep 19, 2007
Staten Island, New York
this was really fun. good job getting things done, alex. the venue was a little too small for all those ppl, but you made it work.
cable- ****... had the set vs me. i can't believe you sded there =/. oh well. you're too good!
atomsk- fun set.
kelvin- teams was fun, sorry i kinda ****ed up that last match against inui + atomsk =(.
meep- destroyed me, lol. good **** man. i was hoping you'd place really well after beating me and you did! :D


Juggies <3
Oct 16, 2006
Bronx, New York
It was good to see all my friends here at the tourny. I'm very glad I decided to come over. Yeah, I didn't play, but hanging out with my buds and laughing was good.

Alex (aka birthday boy) - Good seeing ya. As usual, nicely run tourny. I'm sorry I couldn't play in the tourny. I came a bit late and all. I hope you enjoy the present man :D We gotta hang out sometime like we usually do

Crismas - good seeing you again.Yes yes, I know, my Peach royally sucks :p It shall get better...eventually....XD;;

Xivik - good to see you. I wish we had friendlies on a TV, but meh. Sorry about your match in winners, but you did great in that against Yoshi. I'm proud :D

Vanz - sick Diddy Kong you have there. I had fun playing friendlies with ya :D. Your little display to Xivik was the best match moment I seen :D

Snakee/Shadow - good seeing you brothers. Again, wished I had friendlies with ya, but ya was too busy ****** others....ahh well, next time ^^

Chaos Marth - They're hating! :D

Jash - good stuff today. Nice to see ya again ^^

NinjaLink - Good stuff. No johns lol jk good seeing ya again. Wish I had a friendly with you.

Hopefully the next time you all see me, I'll actually be in a tournament. Oh yes, important lesson of the day: Never talk to strangers.

Especially Anti :D <3


Banned via Warnings
Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
13: Inui - ... You know exactly what's going to happen the next time we play.
I'll win again. I wasn't playing well in our set.

GGs everyone. Will ***** me because I can't fight his character and he tricked me and I'm bad and I got lucky against Bum to win against him.

P~S needs to accept that God grants me divine protection from losing to Olimar. Even when I'm getting *****, luck always saves me!

Ally beasted this tournament, even in doubles. Good stuff broski. Jason's going to get you next time though.


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Defeated ADHD + Atomsk


Fun tournament.

Tyrant is a chill azz ***.

Ice Climbers are gay

People hog up the live stream when no one wants to see dem play lololololol.

M2K lost to a Monday in teams.

My G&W is great

Im hungry and tired.


Smash Hero
Aug 3, 2008
lmao alex

fix the names when ur not tired

ksizzle in 4th in teams and 8th in singles

and fix tyrants name in his placings too


Smash Lord
Mar 25, 2008
GOOD **** MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

md/va baby


Banned via Administration
Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ
So Ally and M2K are even. I've come to the conclusion.

Good **** Anti, proud of you ****** left and right. Finally beat ADHD again.

Wow Will, wow, you're too good!! I noticed from Apex and now you start showing it.

ADHD didn't make much money today.

Bum shake that rust off!!

Best in WC 5th in EC? Wow.

Inui, you're always close but still not on Atomsk/Ksizzle level :p


Smash Master
Jul 31, 2008
I am so good

I am so pumped to come to more tournaments i actually did really good


ps next time i'll get you sir :D i have a trick up my sleeve


Smash Hero
Feb 18, 2008
New Jersey
I can't really see why people think Meep is a bad player and can only cg, that really wasn't the case when I played him. Obviously he's not going to win without grabs, but what IC player can? That matchup is so sensitive to little things happening it's hilarious.


Smash Hero
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
Notice how MD/VA's best out placed Jersey's best and NY's best

Good job meep! And everyone else who went too, EE 25th! Good stuff son! Vik, P~S, Boss, Takeover, and Noraa, good job everyone!


Smash Hero
Feb 18, 2008
New Jersey
Notice how MD/VA's best out placed Jersey's best and NY's best

Good job meep! And everyone else who went too, EE 25th! Good stuff son! Vik, P~S, Boss, Takeover, and Noraa, good job everyone!
Yeah, well it won't happen again <_<.

Anti WHAT THE ****??? You main snake, what's wrong with you. Do you realize that's about 99-1 in your favor against IC's?


Smash Lord
Mar 16, 2008
College Park, MD
Anybody else realize that there are more DK mains in the top 25 than snake mains?


Good **** DKs... especially will, this is like the third time in a row you got 9th which is amazing... I'm sure you'll do better soon.


Smash Lord
Aug 21, 2005
good tournament. this was really fun. Cable ***** me and will was nasty. good matches to everyone i played. Boss has a great luigi and mario. ally is for sure nasty. m2k is m2k lol. tyrant is black lol and also good. cheese surprised me.

inui beat me good stuff.... it don't matter if i sded. you was the better man cause you didn't sded. you didn't make that mistake i have did and that what the game is about. doing less mistakes and captalizing on your opponents mistakes.

Will thanks for updating me on Dk cause i was still stuck in early 09 Dk lmao. I see there is some new tricks i have to learn and matches i will learn. I'm glad we have Dk's doing their thing. you got better from when we train in my house and will be up there no doubt to beat the best.

This is my comeback. i been out for months and just started training and it was great being back in tournaments. everyone improved for sure and glad to see brawl improved somewhat than to be boring as it once was.

i still see meta improving the most and following that is snake cause of ally. ic's lol...... don't get grab or you dead is crazy. meep and cheese have it down packed. atomsk also got those characters down packed.

to anyone that wants to come to my training sessions, you are welcome to set something up and train with me. i have been having these training sessions since late sept and it's always fun. tyrant is stucked in the bx? i'll text or call him now and help him get home hopefully.


Smash Lord
Aug 21, 2005
i just called tyrant and he is stuck in the bronx for the moment. he is trying to change his the flight schedule, cause he is pose to leave tomorrow.... but he is going to leave today. it's crazy his situation, but he will keep me posted.


Smash Lord
Apr 30, 2009
Weeeeeeeee took inui and atomsk to the third round :) we beat mr clutch and vajaj,we beat fury and nasty, we beat meep and takeover, and we lost to adhd and snakeeeeeeee. LOL at tyrant being stuck in the bronx does je really not like it here that much?
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