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Viridian City #3 Results - 4.18.09

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006
1: M2K ($185.00)
2: Anti ($92.50)
3: Jband ($55.50)
4: ADHD ($18.50)
5: Cable ($9.25)
5: Inui ($9.25)
7: J.G. Wentworth
7: P~S
9: Pierce
9: Ksizzle
9: K(n)azin
9: Bum
13: Deez
13: allied
13: Princz
13: Sin
17: Joth
17: BigM
17: Xivk
17: Izumi
17: Crismas
17: Knightmare
17: Proll
17: Wes
25: AkA
25: Bolas
25: DK
25: RJ
25: Walnuts
25: Skam
25: Mr. Grey
25: Candle Jack
33: Cloudfox
33: CJ
33: BiL
33: Almost Legendary
33: Roy
33: Mage
33: Tai Legend
33: Antik
33: The Pope

1: M2k + P~S (M2K + P~S) ($117.00)
2: Inui + Ksizzle (Inui + Ksizzle) ($45.00)
3: Wes + Bum (Wes + Bum) ($18.00)
4: Jband + AntiK (Jband + AntiK)
5: Team wifiers unite (Anti + Adhd)
5: Marble Cake Also the Game (Izumi + Knightmare)
7: Evil Twinz (Deez + Sin)
7: Team Random (RJ + Munk)
9: Forced Entry (Allied + Grip)
9: The Sticker Biz (HAB + Crismas)
9: Team Cheapass (Bil + BigM)
9: BPR (Pierce + Umbra)
13: The League of Unextraordinary Gentlemen (Mr. Grey + Candle Jack)
13: Azen and ChuDat (Kazin + Joth)
13: Roy + Venus (Roy + Venus)
13: Rly (Xvik + Cloudfox)
17: lady une and lady une (Pope + Proll)
17: Panix + Bang (Panix + Bang)

There you go guys


Smash Apprentice
Oct 21, 2007
13th... pretty good considering second tourny i guess.

GGs to all shout outs later


Banned via Warnings
Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Characters of top 8
1: M2K (Meta Knight)
2: Anti (Snake/Meta Knight)
3: Jband (Meta Knight/Luigi)
4: ADHD (Diddy Kong)
5: Cable (Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong/Luigi)
5: Inui (Meta Knight/Snake)
7: J.G. Wentworth (ROB/Meta Knight)
7: P~S (Olimar)

1: M2K: Go play Melee!
2: Anti: Snake is God... Good stuff. You have made me decide to ditto every Snake ever from now on.
3: Jband: So good now!
4: ADHD: I'll get you next time, little guy!
5: Cable: I told you to go for it and get ranked!
5: Inui: Sucks at singles, ***** at teams!
7: J.G. Wentworth: Scary set, I guess...lol.
7: P~S: Play like BlackWaltz every stock!
9: Pierce: ... :( There's always next time.
9: Ksizzle: Nice work in doubles!
9: K(n)azin: We always fight each other, lol...
9: Bum: :( @ your singles performance. What happened?
17: Izumi: If only Orion was there to give you two wins, lol.
17: Crismas: <3
17: Knightmare: EC all day! Don't quit singles!
17: Wes: How come you didn't place super high? I thought you were the best Sonic after fighting you in teams twice and watching your Sonic fight M2K.
Alex Strife: <3


Smash Hero
Aug 3, 2008
1: M2K ($185.00) - MK
2: Anti ($92.50) - Snake, MK
3: Jband ($55.50) - Luigi, MK
4: ADHD ($18.50) - Diddy
5: Cable ($9.25) - DK, Luigi
5: Inui ($9.25) - MK, Snake
7: J.G. Wentworth - ROB, MK
7: P~S - Olimar


Smash Hero
Aug 3, 2008
1: M2K ($185.00) - DONT QUIT! im one of the only people who loves to see you in tourney and to talk to you. attend more stuff where im at :)
2: Anti ($92.50) - good ****. great seeing you again. teach me how to beat wyatt
4: ADHD ($18.50) - rawr. nice seeing you..........ugh you beat me again :(
5: Cable ($9.25) - person whos impressed me the most. HAHA GET ***** BY MY DDD IN MM BICH!
5: Inui ($9.25) - first time i ever had fun playing doubles. great seeing you. ily
7: J.G. Wentworth - you ***** me
7: P~S - :D ur mad kewl. nice seeing ya again. <3 md/va
9: Pierce - ur hilarious. great talking to you in the ride back. KSIZZLE SHENANIGANS
9: Ksizzle - stop losing to monkeys
9: Bum -nice seeing you again. sorry mk is gay......lol
13: Deez - we never did that rematch!! becuz ur better than me :)
13: allied - cool friendly that we played
13: Sin - hey i MM you XD
17: Xivk - ggs yesterday. down taunt spike XD
17: Izumi - loved seeing you again. im gonna miss u if u go away =(
17: Crismas - nice seeing yopu again. MAKE MY ICARLY STICKER!!
17: Knightmare - u got better definately but with a little more practice youll shine =)
17: Wes - lmao im ksnizzle
25: RJ - what happened? o.O
25: Skam - cool friendly we had

yay i won money at this. <3 inui


Banned via Warnings
Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
I hope these results remove the myth that Atomsk carries Inui in teams!
Results said:
Gigabits, Orlando, FL, 12/17/08

1. Beauty & The Beast (ChuDat + Inui) (Kirby + MK)
2. Orange (Afro + Seibrik) (Wario + Dedede/MK)
3. M.O.B. (DewDaDash + Eskimo) (Dedede + R.O.B.)
4. L!X (SheikSSBM + MixCoatl) (Luigi + Snake)
5. Backyard Boys (Action B@stard + Mars) (Lucas + Pit)
5. Dutch Rudder (Chaz + Bonesaw) (Marth/Snake + MK)
7. Deadly Prey (PolMex23 + Monk) (Luigi/Snake + Mario/Snake)
7. Chicken lo Mein (GDX + 8-Bit) (Diddy + Snake/MK)
9. ******l Cumshot (Colbol + Chops) (MK + MK)
9. Gilbert Arenas (CO18 + MK18) (Dedede + Dedede)
9. ****ting **** Nipples (HRNut + Hungrybox) (Snake/MK + Dedede)
9. STFU & GTFO (StaFu + Poltergust) (Marth + Yoshi)
13. GMoney Dates Chicks That Look Like Inui
13. Inui has never blown his load (Rx- + SheerMadness) (MK + Kirby)
13. Katy Pery Has Legs Like a Demon (Gmoney + Garban20) (Wario/MK + Snake/Wario)
13. Revag
17. Exploring Uranus
17. Next time on DragonNutZ (Masky + Galuda) (Ness + R.O.B.)
17. Fat Rockets
17. Pr0n
17. Black Guys
17. Baha Men
17. Alabama Hotpocket
25. WTF
25. BDB
25. Believe It!
25. Blood Bath & Beyond
25. We 3 stock ur mom

Doom's Smashfest, NJ, 1/24/09

1: Inui's Marth is Amazing (teh_spamerer and Inui)
2: HAT + NEO
3: dmbrandon + Ether
4: RJ + Munk
5: Izumi + ksizzle
5: ADHD + BlackWaltz
7: DK Smash + Vist
7: Pajama Bros. (Doom and Rhyme)
9: Umbra + bschung
9: Kai + Shippo
9: Ryan + Jinnobi
9: Orion + Bajisci

G.I.M.P.E.D., February 21st, 2009

1: M2K + NinjaLink
2: Bum + Inui
3: Wes + Dire
4: Snakee + Shadow
5: Anti + ADHD
5: Dark Peach + Jash
7: J.G. Wentworth + Ksizzle
7: DMT + Jtails
9: ProJoe + Diakhu
9: Hax + Basic Sausage
9: Godot + MalcomM
9: ChiboSempai + Rouge Pit
13: Doom + Oriion
13: Jman + PC Chris
13: Gurukid + Arrancar18
13: Alukard + Zro
17: Nuke + Owl
17: Reno + Vanz
17: Izumi + Magus
17: DJ Nintendo + PGN
17: Eli + Knightmare
17: Ch33s3 + Kevin
17: Crismas + DaiAndOh
17: Hoodsquirel- Kirin
25: Mr Peach + Squirelly
25: sintros + soul ark
25: Hippiedude 92 + SkyAce
25: SD Taco + Chaos Marth
25: Doommachine + Mike G
25: helper + whitman
25: BigM + Bil
25: Vanix + Punishment Divine
33: Nightmare + Remix
33: Zach + olimarman
33: Skip + VivalaSaturn
33: False Soundz + Gale
33: Doommachine + Mike G

Atomsk is still my favourite partner by far, though! I'd team with him over M2K!


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Feeling Pretty Lazy So Doing The "Anti Code Of Shoutouts"

Anti Code Of Shoutouts

Only the top 5 placers of the tournament gets shoutouts.

1: M2K ($185.00) Yeah i doubt anyone is going to beat you right now. But playing you made me a tad better thanks for the friendlies.

2: Anti ($92.50)ONE CAMPY *** SNAKE

3: Jband ($55.50) - Wi-Fi made us Pro Wi-Fi IS US! very close losers finals set 3-2 only reason you lost 3rd round is because you got too impatient and ran into my grenades


5: Cable ($9.25) - Yoo you got mad good congrats on your win over Pierce i was watching the whole thing. and your Diddy is the ultimate MK counter

5: Inui ($9.25) GGs finally got to play you in a tournament set in singles, that gimp you got first round was pretty **** cute.

Angel.M <3 C:

Smash Champion
Sep 23, 2006
imouto island
This was fun. and my best placement in viridian yet. <3


1: M2K: I didn't get to play you. gaaaay i wanted you in tourny.
2: Anti: good**** we need to play sometime. :D
3: Jband: I LOVE THIS GUY LOL. luigi is amazing.
4: ADHD: someone needs luigi training.
5: Cable: who are you? o.o;;;
5: Inui: I ALWAYS PLAY YOU. and this time you knocked me out of winner's and loser's...
7: J.G. Wentworth: good shiiit. and i told you. i'm amazing at pokemon
7: P~S: lolimar <3
9: Pierce: you need to train me. like right now.
9: Ksizzle: who'd you lose to?
9: Bum: what happened bum? D:
13: Deez: good **** in doubles.
13: allied: nice friendlies. get ***** by marf.
13: Princz: good **** at this. too bad we had to play eachother D:
13: Sin: good **** in doubles but i got revenge in singles
17: Joth: pretty good for your first tourny. thanks for teaming with me in team mista chudat
17: Xivk: i love this guy. my hero
17: Izumi: good **** in teams. soo close D:
17: Knightmare: good stuff in dubz and got revenge in singles <3 pivot grab ****
25: Skam: i absolutly HATE random 9 hammers.
33: Mage: good job on quiting because there are people better then you at tournies. gooood jooooob
33: Tai Legend: I HATE MARTH DITTOS </3


Smash Hero
Feb 18, 2008
New Jersey
Anti I can't pick them up when they slip out of my hands constantly bc you are pulling out more. I'm just going to running shield you down from now on, you don't know what to do when i get in close :chuckle:

★J.G WentWorth★

Smash Champion
Mar 13, 2007
Makin Movies, S.W.R. HQ
1: M2K- Wow! You won! :D

2: Anti- Damn stilll maddd nastyy you be on some other shit lol I gotta take notes

3: Jband Ma boyy Jbandd comin outt nowheree. Good shit at this, It was great seeing you againn

4: ADHD Don't ever get lower than this please :D

5: Cable Holy shit mad sexy lol

5: Inui Good shit in teams

7: J.G. Wentworth <3

7: P~S Your Hair!

9: Pierce Great Talks on the way home

9: Ksizzle Lol we talk everyy day so idk what to say in shoutouts lol

9: Kazin Lol fun Pkmn games, but we've never ever played in brawl lol

9: Bum Damn wish you didn't have to leave early, wanted to see you **** more shit

17: Xivk MASTER OF RANDOMNESS!!. seriously Your matches where the MOST fun to Watch lol until I had to play you then shit got mad scary lmao

17: Izumi Don't leaveeeee

17: Crismas Great Job hosting once againn :)

17: Knightmare We've never ever playeddd

25: RJ Great seeing you again after alll this time

25: Skam- Fun settt

33: Cloudfox We played so many friendlies before this mad fun Keep going to tournies :)

33: BiL I know you can do better bro, Nice Falco

HollaAtchaBoy!- You made this tourny so much more fun! lmao at the commentary on all of the Xivx Matches. SHORRRYUKENNNN! lol and thanks for those tips theyr'e greatly appreciated. lol and also fun melee Friendlies. Melee > Everything else.

AlexStrife- Great Job Hostingg, Can't wait to play you again that that G&W is scary as fuck lol

I had Maddd fun at this! Sorry If I forgot anyone!


Smash Ace
Oct 24, 2007
Bronx, NY (xinikas capitol, white hell)
umm I was your final opponent

Before me was DK(the zss)

and Before that was Bil(the falco)

That's all I remember. and seriously sexy luigii
ok then

bill- gg's, srry for the stage turning on ya at frigate. lol

dk- again the frigate stage turns on me opponent, close one though.

smash phoenix- you may of won the match but the battle was to weegee! "ding" ^_^


Smash Champion
Mar 5, 2008
the vortex
jbannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd <333333333

im kinda sad you used mk tho :(



Smash Master
Jan 22, 2007
203 nuggaaaaaaah
Alright, here come the HAB Shouts.

Alex - Thanks for running this. Was it as epic as the last few? No. Was it fun? Absolutely. I had some amazing food, a fun time in teams and a hell of a lot of fun watching singles. So much amazing stuff happened yesterday and I was glad you ran it. MD/VA came, sort of! I'll let you know about Apex, ma doo.

Crismas - Thanks again for teaming. Did we kinda suck? Well, sort of. But it was mostly me getting caught in my Foward+B Gyro-Garbo and SD'ing like at least three times. Also - Scallion Pancakes and Rita's FTW. You didn't see it, but when you were playing singles I went and got Passion Fruit ice at Rita's? ZOMG. So good!

M2K - I'm kinda tight. My Melee Falcon is AWFUL and was getting like consistently four-stocked. Yet you wanted me to keep playing him to prep for facing SS? If Jeff all of a sudden contracted cerebral palsy and retrograde amnesia, his Falcon would still **** mine. I guess what I'm tightest about is that I barely learned anything playing you except "Don't play M2K in Melee." But it's cool though. Thanks for teaming with me. Double Flying Reverse Falcon Punch on Crismas should have been recorded. As should have needles from across the stage to grounded spike from Marth. I still highly doubt you planned that.

Anti - My dude Lil Bill definitely put it to work today. I'll still talk isht during your matches, calling you by your government name and making you miss them Anti Specials. Too good, though. I must have counted over a dozen in-tourney kills with your fuggin uptilts. They're just too good! Team Wifi FTW

ADHD - Good stuff all day, ma doo. Don't mind the shi
t talk, not that I think you cared. It's just fun to hype up matches. Good stuff just like... taking down mad heads yesterday. Diddy is scary.

Wes - I loved going by Inui talking to M2K after Anti camped the hell out of him with Snake going "Sensei, teach me!" Too good. And yeah, even though I was dressed more fly than you today, you and Bum definitely destroyed me in doubles. It's all good, though, but I was hoping to play your Sonic in teams. Instead I had Marth spamming Forward+B, ****** all my options up close and playing keep-away with my dreidel. TIGHT!

Bum - Next NYU Melee Fest, you're definitely coming. Jesus would love it. Everyone would love to see that sexy sandbagging Donkey make a comeback.

Pierce - Just watching your Marth made me tight. God he covers so many options! BAN MARTH!

JB Andrew - You're like the coolest little dude ever. And you play a funky Weegee. I remember how anxious you were going in to fight Pierce, and then winning. Good stuff, ma doo. I'm proud of you.

Izumi - I barely spoke to you all day. Oh well. Smexy Plushy Toon Link is Smexy.

Allied - Didn't get to play you but good stuff learning how to fight ROBs.

JG Wentworth - I have an annuity but I need cash now.. as a matter of fact, don't take ROB advice from me. My ROB is garbo. Go watch Ron or NL. They're both pretty solid. We're not even gonna TALK about your experience with Xivk.

Pyronic - If you come to another NY/NJ tourney before this summer, I'll have a plushy Oprah for you. No johns. Nice to finally meet you, man.

Sin - It's funny how you were looking on at me getting absolutely violated by M2K in Melee just to see the same stuff happen to you too. Good meeting you too, man.

Deez - Same as your brother, but excuse me for like, over-hyping Xivk during his match with you.

Antik - I had never met you before but I was hyping your Wario like whoa! Good stuff.

Knightmare - Good matches, even the homoness in Melee. Also, imitating me and Xivk in friendlies was awesome. Get at my random Ike! I'm actually Random Ike Guy! ^_^ Someone get Keitaro to call the LAPD.

And last but the exact opposite of least,

Xivk - It's been, what, 24 hours? I'm still at a loss for words. My dude got 17th!?!?! With WEEGEE?!? Out of forty-something heads? Amazing stuff. By far the most RANDOM player ever. I believe there was an instance of fireball to running uptilt, jab to taunt. Like the taunt is CLEARLY COMBO-ABLE!!! And trying to rematch that Falco after he got Frigate gayed ON HIS OWN COUNTERPICK?! Wow. I mean, it's clear that logic means nothing with Xivk. And that's why he's amazing. Trying to Tauntspike ALL DAY and then finally getting it on JG's MK OUT OF SHUTTLE LOOP! Words fail me. It's just too unbelievable.

Someone post vids of Xivk from yesterday.

Like nao.


Smash Hero
Mar 15, 2008
Two SWR in top 8?!

SWR for most improved crew ever. I can't express how impressed I am, they've really stepped it the hell up =D


Smash Lord
Jun 30, 2007
Omg omg results thread, I'll come and leave shoutouts later wen I get back from school :) ( or in it xD)
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