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[VIC] BAM6 announced, May 9-11 2014! Congrats to Dekar, SD and Shaya!


The artist formerly known as 'shmot'
Jul 22, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Just a note for PM guys. ..

Rego for doubles is at 9:30 sharp. If you're not registered by 10, you're out.

Singles will start about an hour later.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 28, 2013
I THINK the P:M setup one table to my one (9) has some input delay, however I've seen some others play Brawl without complaints though.

Btw, ggs to those people that played friendlies with me. Can't wait till I get bopped in tourney!

EDIT: PM setup mentioned above is probably 3.00, as I failed to ledge cancel Wizard's Foot.
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Smash Journeyman
May 5, 2014
Well, that was fun. I performed about as well as expected. My poor little brother (who has only ever played against me) got to face Dekar in his very first match in pools. I think it crushed his soul a little bit. We've seen videos of good players but it's different when you gotta face one.

Regardless, everyone was cool and friendly! Looking forward to coming to watch finals tomorrow and play in friendlies.
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Smash Apprentice
Jun 17, 2013
Just wondering: are there going to be a bunch of players going in to play friendlies all day before the top 8 starts at 1pm? Hyped to get more practice in


Smash Ace
Apr 10, 2012
The Project M tournament was awesome. Hopefully I can come next year too :)

Shoutouts to
SD for winning
Splice for making sure the Grand FInal was even and tense
Nido and Pelicn for doing some stylin' team combos in doubles
Hughie for teaming with me
Everyone I played against for being good sports, whether I won or they trashed me
The hosts for running the tourney
The guy working the stream for having to fix the dang modem so many times, if that isn't dedication, I don't know what is.
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Baron Omega

Smash Apprentice
Mar 19, 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
hey guys who won the brawl tourney (even tho i might be askin an obvious question) and do u have the rankings for the brawl tourney as in who was in the top 8


Smash Champion
Jan 14, 2012
cave plantation
sorry for making it to the stream on melee doubles
thanks phil for repping the meat tag
ggs to fox (watdoplstohalp)
made $2.50 so was worth it
gud to see tom, yosh and jean paul jackwes again


ily Sebby
Jan 25, 2012
Thanks Pelican for teaming with me we'll do better than 4th next time and learn to combo Fair to UpB it's so good.

Splice your Mewtwo is unfair, I'll get you next time.

Shoutout to Surprise for being hype.

Jam stop maining Squirtle use a real character also bad luck in brawl.

SD for the great friendlies and great job winning PM.

Tin Man for that really close set in PM, your Sheik is really good

Dekar for winning melee.

Attila for being a great TO.

Shoutout to PK Fire for activating on shield.


Ggs everyone else.
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Smash Lad
May 19, 2013
Shoutouts yay
Thanks to Baron for being my Brawl dubs partner
Thanks to Rascal for being my PM partner
Thanks to mask1n for being my melee dubs partner and not getting angry for my mistakes
Huge thanks to Splice for giving me tips on stuff, I really appreciate what you said about our PM bracket match as well, and gj on getting 2nd for PM
Thanks to **** you Sebby, nah but thanks for all those friendlies and not thanks for being in all my pools and beating me and you gotta believe man
Thanks to Meredyse for showing me how awesome your dedication to this game is
Thanks to Skeletom for doing really fun Falcon dittos with me
Thanks to Joey making everything hype and I'm confused on how I 2-stocked you. Maybe I just played really on point for that one game? idk
Thanks to Attila/Dekar on running an awesome tourney
Sorry Jamwa for hurting your hand after that handshake
Thanks to Codie for some really good friendlies, and that 0-death combo LOL
It was really nice meeting PCG, Monkee, Miles, Juci, and just everyone in particular.
Congrats to S.D for winning PM, Dekar for winning Melee, and Shaya for winning Brawl.

I'll see all you guys next time.

Double shoutout to Attila cause you put in the effort for this tourney and the effort paid off. Thanks for organizing everything, everyone appreciates it.
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The Busterina
Feb 6, 2014
Thanks for the awesome first tournament experience and for all the love and support you all gave me. <3

Commentating was fun too. Thanks Splice and PrettyCoolGuy for letting me do that.
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Smash Rookie
Mar 20, 2014
Great first tournament, people were helpful and I learned lots, hope to be at whatever tournament is in Melbourne next.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 19, 2014
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
This was my first tournament and I had a lot of fun

Been playing for three weeks and everyone was really welcoming

Thanks to Splice and Baron for giving me advice on melee
Thanks to Baron again for cheering me when I had my match
Thanks to Bowser for taking the time to chat with me when you spotted me
Thanks to Chef for telling me to keep at my Toon Link
Thanks to MattB for actually convincing me to come in and hanging with me

Guess I'll try to make the next one :p


Smash Ace
Aug 14, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Had an awesome weekend, amazing turnout and got to meet heaps of new people.

I've never really been a huge fan of doubles when it comes to smash, but seeing peoples performance this tournament AND at Miles house, It's awesome.

Thanks for teaming with me in PM Nido. Your Ness is amazing, you've gotten Sooooo much better than when I played you at BAM last year, I definitely want to play more doubles! :D
Forte our matches were so good, I really stressed with your falco in Melee after the first match. I should've played you more, no more link for me.
My match with Shaya was nuts, I was trying too hard just to get spacing right against DDD and then AGAIN get carried away with stupid offstage **** and get punished super hard for it D:
Such a fun game though, so glad it was recorded!! And Tinman, awesome meeting you and we had some good matches too.
Splice, every time we play I learn more with Falco, I don't think I got to play your Mewtwo outside of doubles, but awesome effort in singles finals!
S.D for still putting me in my place, your Pit is awesome to watch.
RedX, Redact, Atticus and Dekar again all awesome games. I need to practice with shiek sooooo much more, and now I want to play DK in PM.
Vorn thanks for Melee doubles, so jank. Nice chatting with Haikul and Phrase as well, hopefully if ACL goes ahead we can play more soonish.
And Attila for keeping this massive event going, everything went seemingly smoothly with such a massive turnout.

Keen for the next tournament, hopefully meets soon at my new house.
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Mar 5, 2008
Melbourne, Australia

i will edit pools results in when i can be bothered sorting through them.

Project: M doubles:
1. S.D + Dekar
2. Redact + Mask1n
3. Tin + Jean
4. Max + Nido
5. Jei + Jamwa
5. Billy + Tak
7. Milton + Timic
7. Errol + Alex
9. Bogo + Ed
9. Daniel + Atticus
9. Fudge + Dylan
9. Hughie + Rascal
13. Zonks + Ed32
13. Andreas + William
13. SurPr15e + Bowser-Daimao
13. Slam Dunk + Smack
[collapse=Project:M doubles bracket]

Project:M singles:
1. S.D
2. Splice
3. Haikal
4. Nido
5. Atticus
5. Shaya
7. Redact
7. Hardpelicn
9. Jamwa
9. Tin Man
9. Dekar
9. Mask1n
13. Bogo
13. Samuel L Blaxon
13. Timic
13. Errol
17. Milton
17. Jei
17. 1ampercent
17. Chef
17. Chris
17. Forte
17. Tak
17. Noxus
25. Macky
25. Rascal
25. Ed32
25. Andreas
25. dreadtech
25. Tommy
25. Callibar
25. Plasia
33. NakedJake
33. Dylan
33. Slam Dunk
33. Smack
33. Toad 009
33. Zonks
33. William
33. Fudge
33. Ace
33. Generic
33. PCG
33. Gerald
33. JUCi
33. DD
33. JKTS
49. Hughie
49. Satellite Guy
49. Christophisky
49. SurPr15e
49. Bowser-Daimao
49. Edward Petersen
[collapse=Project: M singles bracket]

Melee doubles:
1. Redact + Dekar
2. S.D + Joey
3. Tak + Billy
4. Sebby + Jamwa
5. Atticus + Haikal
5. Tom + RedX
7. Freddo + Shaz
7. Forte + Dan
9. Cordie + Bus
9. Errol + Alex
9. PCG + Miles
9. Jei + 1ampercent
13. Hardpelican + Juci
13. Macky + Tommy
13. KTMFinx + Monkee
13. Swords + Meredyse
17. Ed32 + Bogo
17. hobs + Bizzy
17. Touko + RGB
17. Bread Man + AC Ritcher
17. Matt + Hughie
25. Axis + Izzago
[collapse=Melee doubles bracket]

Melee singles:
[collapse=Pools results]

Data for pool E is missing unfortunately.

1. Dekar
2. S.D
3. Redact
4. Skeletom
5. RedX
5. Atticus
7. Samuel L Blaxon
7. Sebby
9. Tak
9. Kansho
9. Timic
9. Splice
13. Shaya
13. Hardpelican
13. Mask1n
13. Jei
17. Dunkaroos
17. Forte
17. KTMFinx
17. Macky
17. PCG
17. Freddo
17. Noxus
17. Joey
[collapse=Melee singles bracket]

Brawl doubles:
1. Tin + Jean
2. Attila + Splice
3. Jamwa + Sebby
4. Jei + Khoa
5. Ed + Bogo
5. V + Vinks
7. Luco + Silhouette
7. Dean + Mozart
9. Hughie + Baron
[collapse=Brawl doubles bracket]

Brawl singles:
[collapse=Pools results]

1. Shaya
2. Tin Man
3. Attila
4. Dean
5. Sebby
5. Luco
7. Jei
7. Jamwa
9. Edward Petersen
9. Mozart
9. Yosh
9. V
13. Dekar
13. Splice
13. Bogo
13. Khoa
[collapse=Brawl singles]
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Smash Journeyman
May 16, 2013
The place we call Earth
All right let's get ready for some shoutouts, but before that I just want to say that I am really sorry for letting all you guys down for not turning up on Friday and I know how disappointed and pissed you guys were and that's totally understandable but I got my comeuppance by getting 4-stocked which I know made you guys happy and it made me happy as well because of how loud the cheers were.

Cody (Noxus)- Good match, lots of hype. Possibly my most favourite match in BAM even though I lost. Favourite moment was when I ALMOST pulled an Amsah in match 2 if I just didn't choke. I'll see you at Shadowloo Showdown where I'll get my rematch, HOC (House Of Chills) vs HOS (House Of SurPr15es)
Splice- Nice to finally meet you. You're a great guy and are also really funny to talk to. Nice job on getting 2nd though you should have gotten 1st.
Dean- Mah boi, great seeing you again. Great match in Brawl pools. If only I wasn't on a strict timeframe then I could have tried harder but I still enjoyed it . Nonetheless, I still had great fun. Should have ought your recording setup so I could commentate on some matches.
Meredyse- Nice meeting you. I'm so amazed you can play a game like Melee with one arm and a foot. Huge respect for you. Just proves that even a disability can't stop you from playing or being good at a game like Melee. Look at Broly. He beat Darkrain, Darkrain of all people by using his mouth. I can sense that you will be the next Broly.
Shaya- Good match in Brawl singles. Nice to hear all the SurPr15e puns you used. I'll be ready for you next time.
Pelican- Great meeting you again. Thanks for taking my photo. I saw it on the QLD fb page and it looks good. Hope to see you at Shadowloo Showdown. Thanks for teaching me to moonwalk. I can now finally do it. Also thanks for complimenting my trash talk. It gave me an idea for an exhibition at Shadowloo Showdown this year.
Hughie- Nice meeting you again. Good matches in Melee. Nice to see your Marth has improved. Thanks for supporting me in my pools match.
Dekar- Once again great to meet you. Thanks for teaching me to waveshine, I have finally mastered it in just one day. Great friendlies and congrats on the win. You did what you said you would do, that you would give your mum a tournament win for Mother's Day and you did. Well done.
Yosh- Great seeing you again. Nice to verse you in pools. Was very great.
Nido- Nice meeting you again. Good job in project M. Thanks for the matches and tips you gave me. Hope I can wi-fi you soon.
S.D- Great meeting you again. Thanks for the friendlies in Melee and the tips you gave me in project M.
Joey- Nice to finally meet you. You're very funny and a really nice guy to talk to. Hope I see you soon.
Shaz- Glad to have finally met you. Sad that I never got a friendly with you.
ShuVL- Good versing you again and great friendlies.
Attila-Nice meeting you again. I'll try not to get in your way again. Disappointed that I didn't get a friendly with you. Good dedication you bought for BAM. Mad respect for you.
Sebby- Great meeting you again. I have to say that I was impressed by your Sheik and that you are probably a natural in Melee. You are now THE Meta Knight and THE Sheik. Need to verse you soon.
Timic- Great meeting you again. Good match in pools. Shame I didn't get any friendlies with you. Thanks for supporting me in my pools match.
RedX- Nice to finally meet you. You have a great Sheik. I'm glad to say you are the only top player that I have beaten so far.
Luco- Great meeting you. Nice friendlies. Hoped we could have talked a bit more and got more matches in.

The list will go on and on but I had a great time and really good fun especially with my match against Noxus which I considered to be the most hype match I played. Shoutouts to those that cheered during my match with Noxus especially during my ALMOST great comeback. I hope to see all of you at Shadowloo Showdown. I'll bring more SurPr15es and will be back better than ever (even though I say it all the time) and will definitely give you the hype in my matches at SS.

For exhibitions at Shadowloo Showdown (as long as it's on Saturday) I suggest SurPr15e vs the world so that we can give the people what they want to see (even the interstaters) and see whether I can SurPr15e them, SurPr15e vs Grim: The battle of the trash talkers or a Sheik round robin with SurPr15e, Timic, Sebby and RedX.

Thanks all you guys for giving me the most fun I have had in ages. Hope to see you at Shadowloo Showdown.
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Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2011
The isle of venom, Australia
Shoutouts to like, everyone, but i'll try to do as many as I can off the top of my head:

Nido: I'm so, so happy for you buddy. I think since last year you've really found something you're absolutely loving and enjoying and placing really, really well in. If you feel up to it I would be happy to team up with you when I next find my way down to Melbourne (however long that may be :p) but in the meantime, keep practicing P:M because I think you'll just continue to get better and better.

Jamwa: I loved how close our sets were once again, you've certainly improved over the year and, I will be honest, I found myself resorting to your playstyle much of the time in sets when I was PANICKING! But legitimately, your Lucas and your playstyle has taught me a lot since we've joined the smash community and i'm really glad we were actually able to face off in a set this time around and everything. It was awesome. Also, we both placed better than last year! :DDDD (Oh also I need you to keep your promise about never letting Attila forget because i'm evil and mwahahahahaaaaa..... :evil:)

Attila: Your constant warmth and hospitality this year made a huge difference to my outlook on the tournament (originally I was worried and almost pessimistic haha). You really inspired me to believe in myself a lot more and you've been incredibly supportive and everything, so i'm really grateful. (Disclaimer: What happened in that set will probably never happen again but it was fun and I might still be shaking.... only a little! :p) Can't wait to see the results and everything, let us know how it went! :D

Tin Man: Finally I get to meet you! :D Your Olimar made me freak out, like, I just couldn't find it in myself to approach most of the time hahaha. But still, i'm really glad I could at least win a few games and i'd really like to improve and get better and maybe go toe to toe with you someday if you stick around for enough time. Which reminds me, I really enjoyed our conversation and your insight on moving to Australia and what it's like, to be honest I think from what you were saying, Sydney or Melbourne would have been a better place to be in - but Australia in general is pretty vast and empty, so I can see what you mean. Different contexts result in different perceptions of the world around us; I grew up to really love most everythin about Australia and its vast exapnses of bushland and desert and the same happened with you as you mentioned, so I absolutely (and from an anthropoligcal viewpoint :D) understand what you mean because i've gone through a similar ordeal (except more internally).

Shaya: I was sad we didn't get to have friendlies until the last day or a potential set but still, it was awesome having more NSW representation and I really enjoyed our matches and your hospitality. I suppose i've always felt like i've been given the cold shoulder by the local community (with no offense to them) but I liked how you were really easy going about stuff (well I mean, you more or less always have been that way) and weren't too concerned with my teuretty, clicky, tappy, whistly stuff that I always do and were really supportive and just generally great! I've kind of given up on the NSW PR update idea due to a weakening of the scene but if you ever consider it I would be happy to help out and give advice and stuff. :D

Ed and Bogo: I really loved playing you two, actually. Very fun people to verse and both on the road to becoming really skilled players. I don't think you should be discouraged by our pool, Ed, it was a particularly brutal one considering the two other players didn't even show ( :( ) and you ended up with just Khoa, Attila and myself. Everyone has some really tough situations sometimes but that doesn't determine their potential skill and our friendlies were much closer than the score tends to represent. Your wolf was really solid and I think with some spacing work will really develop to rival Mozart's, so keep going! Bogo, your Wario is really good - I should note, and you probably already know this, but you do have a guaranteed grab release to forward smash on Ness at least and maybe Lucas which might be worth considering seeing as there's quite a few players of both characters in the Aus scene. Also I think being a little more aware of some of the punishes that can be used against you and spacing techniques could help improve some MUs for you. However, you really had me scared of the possibility of versing you when it came to you and yosh, so I think you're doing pretty incredible for someone working on all smash games simultaneously.

V and Venks: I love your comradery and support of each other, even in friendlies and everything. Venks, i'm so so glad you were so willing to help me warm up and shake the rust off on the firday night, I attribute most of my performance to those beginning matches. I have no idea what you're making with all the interviews you conducted but if and when you're done with it, i'd love to see what you make! And V... I can't even begin to describe how impressed and amazed I am at your improval from last tournament to this time. I never would have thought you'd have come out as strong as you did and take it all the way to, if i'm not mistaken, 9th place. I heard from several people compiments that you were demolishing everything in your path and i'm so happy to see how far you've come and your prospects to keep going. I noticed that your movesets in play are limited in terms of playstyle but my brother mentioned that "this was my window", that basically as soon as your playstyle expands a little more you will skyrocket as a player, and i'm so excited and thrilled for when that happens and you come back and place even higher. As part of your (awesome) personality, I think the next thing for you will be finding more confidence in your play and that's an immensely personal journey... but you will have help and support from many people and I have absolutely no doubt you will find your way and emerge as quite possibly Australia's best Ness player. I can't tell you how eagerly I await that day!!

Hughie: I swear this was my first tournament meeting you in person. BUT STILL! Your Marth is really different from all the others i've versed (and i've versed quite a few by now) and my gawsh those side-Bs were INFURIATINGLY good, forced me to really have to predict and punish more but it was just really different and refreshing and nice. I think you should focus on your spacing a little more but our matches were still really fun and I enjoyed them heaps!

Khoa: Yet again I find myself losing to you just that little bit but it was much closer than last time and certainly very enjoyable! I definitely respect you as both a player and a person, I could tell you were sad that you couldn't push on further in bracket but your support was really everything I ever could have needed and wanted and I will always be up for matches with you at any time. Your play is really top notch (good golly the item plays were insane @.@) and I can't wait to see where you go as time moves onward. :D

Mozart: We didn't manage to play too many friendlies or a set but I noticed you were playing the top players quite a bit and in several matches that I saw you weren't doing too badly at all. Your Wolf is still one I fear since last year, so i'm really excited to verse you again someday. Also it was nice hearing some of your tag's backstory - being a classical pianist is awesome and actually something that runs in my family as my grandmother was a concert pianist and we have several pianos floating around our family (used to have one in our house before we moved into a flat :( ). Feel free to share stuff you create, I think it'd be awesome to hear you play if you're up for it!

Jei: Maaaaaaaan, that doubles set was such a train wreck for my brother and I - the truth is, my brother doesn't really want to play anymore, so he's stopped putting in the effort because I tend to destroy him in singles and he does't really find it fun. But I still roped him in this year and it wasn't really something I should have done. We discussed where we were at and that set has kinda made us realise what we'll do in future (he'll come but won't join in with the intention of going very far, which means i'll be looking for team-mates in future). But anywho, everything I said last year can really be applied to this year, I loved how you'd always smile and be really interested whenever I was talking about bracket or something I was excited about and you're a really awesome person. Your Pit playstyle is new and interesting and although i only got to watch it this time for the most part, I love how you're developing him into something new every year. I also enjoyed hearing how close your games with my brother were, for someone who doesn't consider himself "good" at the game, that really helped him and his opinion of his playstyle. :D

Yosh: Good golly that set sent shivers down my spine. Insanely close and i'm really glad it was that way because it pushed me to focus on my game and punishes and choices and you really helped with it. Your MK is seriously quite intimidating, although my brother mentioned it seemed like you play almost too fast for what you want to do and said you tended to make a few technical mistakes by doing so. Still, i've noticed you're really holding your own against peeps in both friendlies and sets and that's awesome and indicates to me that our scene is really beginning to step it up which is AWESOMELY exciting. Next time that set could totally swing to you, so i'm really excited to see what happens next! ^_^

Dekar: I finally broke my trend of going straight to loser's bracket! :p But yea, your marth has really improved since our pools match last year and you forced me to switch to Lucas to contend with you which was a big deal for me. It was a scary set and i'm really liking your Marth game. Also you're a really nice person generally which I really like seeing in peeps as you can probably tell from my other shoutouts ahah. :p But yeah, really happy that you made it into bracket this year and I'd like to see you go in future, even if you play melee a bit more. :p

Splice: Is it just me or have you seriously grown since last year? O.O We've never really interacted that much at tournaments but I think it'd be cool to play you at some point if you're up for it. I dunno, I hope my teurets and everything didn't give you an immediate disliking for me last time. :laugh: ^^'

Sebby: Dominating as Mk as always! I think our matches were slightly closer this time but I think I still have a little bit to go before I can really properly contest you. I think you're beginning to reach the status of Aus top player and I think that's really really cool, also considering that you're funny and pretty nice whilst also being reasonably confident. I know it sounds cliche but I really like your style of both play and you as a person and I really like your support as well, so thankyou and i'm glad you were the person to knock me out of winners. :D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Overall i'm exuberant and over-the-moon as to how I went this time around. I'm beginning to gain more confidence in my skills and i'm really enjoying each and every match that I play which is sticking true to something i've always valued ever since i've started playing. i can;t wait to see how I go next year and beyond and most of that I owe to my brother and you guys. Thanks for being there and thanks for being super supportive, it's really made a difference to me and I can;t wait till I can come down again and try my best to place even better! :D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If I missed anyone, i'm super sorry, it's just hard to get everyone in a first post off the top of my head haha! :p


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2011
The isle of venom, Australia
the opposite has occurred, unless you're talking about p:m/melee
Just because you haven't practiced doesn't mean you haven't gotten better. I was the same way and I placed 5th with the potential of getting even better placing. You've seriously tightened up your game since last year and I found it really scary to fight you, even as Lucas.

Also, extra shoutouts to Shaya for winning. NSW represent! :D


Smash Journeyman
Dec 3, 2007
V and Venks: I love your comradery and support of each other, even in friendlies and everything. Venks, i'm so so glad you were so willing to help me warm up and shake the rust off on the firday night, I attribute most of my performance to those beginning matches. I have no idea what you're making with all the interviews you conducted but if and when you're done with it, i'd love to see what you make! And V... I can't even begin to describe how impressed and amazed I am at your improval from last tournament to this time. I never would have thought you'd have come out as strong as you did and take it all the way to, if i'm not mistaken, 9th place. I heard from several people compiments that you were demolishing everything in your path and i'm so happy to see how far you've come and your prospects to keep going. I noticed that your movesets in play are limited in terms of playstyle but my brother mentioned that "this was my window", that basically as soon as your playstyle expands a little more you will skyrocket as a player, and i'm so excited and thrilled for when that happens and you come back and place even higher. As part of your (awesome) personality, I think the next thing for you will be finding more confidence in your play and that's an immensely personal journey... but you will have help and support from many people and I have absolutely no doubt you will find your way and emerge as quite possibly Australia's best Ness player. I can't tell you how eagerly I await that day!!
Thanks Luco! I had a blast playing you and your brother, those were some fun games. Playing the two of you really helped me warm up to the whole event and have such a great time. So thank you for that! Your Lucas is not like anything I've ever played before. Such great nAir pressure, amazing use of tilts, and your positioning is something I admire. Not to mention just talking to you and your brother and making silly jokes was a lot of fun as well.
As for the interview stuff we're still editing everything, but I'll definitely send you a link when it's done!


Smash Hero
Mar 1, 2009
woooow massive kudos to Dean on such a quick turnaround on tournament results!
I think this is the fastest I've ever seen them get posted that just blew my mind just now, just, wow man far out (btw Dekar and Redact did win Melee doubles you can remove the disclaimer)

Any videos of the top 8's for the singles events and the doubles finals can all be found here http://www.twitch.tv/keepetclassy/profile/pastBroadcasts
Not everything is labeled completely correctly (Brawl singles is at the end of the Super Smash Bros Melee Doubles vid) but hopefully everything will eventually get uploaded to https://www.youtube.com/user/KeepetClassy
Big shoutouts to keepetclassy saving the day when newgameplus failed to deliver on streaming equipment.

Biggest props to Attila for making this all happen. Definitely keen to assist with everything in the future!

Shoutouts coming after 2000 word essay is complete


The artist formerly known as 'shmot'
Jul 22, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Event Round-up

Almost 100 unique entrants across 6 different events. It was the highest overall smash entrance since Robocop (2011). I think it's fair to say that the FGC was forced to stand up and take notice.

Things we did well:

1. Setups
Yes. Wasn't look good for a while, but everything came up Milhouse. More than enough setups for all games, and they were all setup in a timely manner. Thanks to everyone who brought stuff; your contribution was much appreciated.

2. Not playing friendlies instead of bracket
I can only recall one occasion were I spotted this happening. This ensures that brackets flowed well and events didn't stall.

3. Melee hype
Noise is good. We made people turn around and look over. And then walk over. That extra exposure is priceless.

4. Catering for the Newbies
We've had hundreds of smashers walk into tourneys over the years; keeping them coming back is sometimes hard. Good to see veteran players actively teaching new players about the game, rather than 4 stocking them on the run. Good to keep them engaged.

5. Finishing on time
This was a hard one, but we pulled through. We had to play with the schedule and shuffle matches offstream, but it all worked out in the end.

Things to improve on:

1. Leaving when bracket is still running
Seriously. Don't disappear when you might have a match in 10 minutes. The snowball effect is pretty drastic; if everyone got organized, we might even be able to have meals at the same time. This was a particular issue with pools; a large number of players were either not present at the time of pools, or left half way through. This obviously makes things difficult.

2. Reporting matches
Really simple to do, saves the TO from leaving the desk and missing other matches being reported.

3. Stream
This wasn't really our fault, but we should have been more proactive with it. The NG+ guys screwed us over, and Keepin in Classy backed us up, but I don't feel like we made the most of it. Commentary should have been organized prior; people who are personable and knowledgable should have been the ones manning the booth. Much easier if we only swap after individual events. All this stuff should be formalized next time.

4. Main stage presence
This one is an ongoing one, and something that we'll continue to push for. If someone can workout a way to laglessly use HDMI, that'd work great. Even if it's expensive, we realistically only need two setups. This seems to be the main barrier.

5. Sharing the load
In the future, I'd like to be able to delegate tasks to others to help with running the tournament. Whether it be manning the TO desk, chasing matches or whatever, anything that anyone is willing to help with is always appreciated. And if anyone wants help from an organizational perspective, that'd be great too.

I'm not sure why this was so hard. No one was putting their hands up. I'm sure at least one other person besides Jei and myself would have been able to help with the interstaters. They shouldn't have to beg, or sleep 6 people in one room. srs.

If anyone else has any other feedback (brawl ruleset?) or comments, I'd love to here them.

Otherwise, congrats to the winners, and a big thanks to everyone who came and contributed!
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   「chase you」 
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Jun 8, 2007
/人◕‿‿◕人\ FABULOUS Max!
As always, all my love to everyone love and share great times with, which would be close to just about anyone who ever said hello to me for the most part :p

But, shoutouts to Attila. Basically being the backbone, shoulders, spinal cord, brain and the guns of this tournament, possibly the largest "smash tournament" (plz correctly assume what my definition here is) in Australian history (with over 100 unique entrants it definitely would be close). People helped and supported you, but we'd still be there sometime tuesday if it wasn't for you. I hope the scene appreciates your efforts, especially those towards games and sects of the community you aren't personally apart of.

S.D. as I get older and more nostalgic, seeing you just brings back too many good memories, a pure pleasure.

My (two) sets against tin were some of the hardest/stressful tournament sittings I've possibly ever had, at the very least not experienced any time in many many many years. I don't know how long it took before I started 'thinking' again.. i was just empty headed for minutes at a time until some sort of thought came to me. I don't know whether I really regret not just giving up/throwing the towel in, maybe a brawl/ICs thing, maybe anything really (I don't like stressing over this/any smash game anymore), who knows if I'll ever want to put myself through it again... a heavy trophy that I may have issues getting through airport security is a good start though =)

Brawl's an alright game, may have a few flaws (like Ice Climbers), but it was good to see a few more people (than I'm normally used to outside being in America) playing, enjoying and asking for advice. At this point I think it's all we can really expect/take out of this game, enjoy it as you can, find pleasure in improving. Can't really do much about the widespread mainstream opinion for a game people haven't even tried competitively (or at all) but showcase what good points the game has (it has a few guys, plz).

Luco, I'm sorry that's happened and with what little I could do about it, I just don't really see the merit in holding animosity towards people who don't have a malicious bone in their body (#sainthypocriticalshayaamirite). As I've said to you before, the "gen"/age gap will be a whole new ballgame when smash 4 comes around, dem kids will be like hives. At least there'd be enthusiastic guys like yourself who've been around for a while. Also you've gotten a lot better, great to see.

Re Melee/Project M. Melbourne seems pretty far "behind" in the PM meta. I think we've overkilled it in NSW to the point I'm enjoying melee again. Fortunately I could get away with playing Dedede here! Probably won't be so lucky next time once everyone figures out they don't need that flashy tech skill with fox/falco when they can just play Ivysaur, Zelda, Pit and Link, etc. and just hit people with their frame advantage on block, marth fsmash length 3-4 frame start up hit-confirm into kill move designs (which is disgustingly widespread). Sometimes I wish melee was a little easier, that or Sheik didn't exist, she sure made me re-salty about the game again (frikken sebby). Muchos wabu to our dota2 brethren Atticus? dekar, redact, tak, billy, etc, although never playing the same game, it's good we can come together so often with laughs and smiles.

And anyway with that, laters~
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Dec 7, 2013
Geelong, Australia
Shoutouts to Axis for being a bro. Our Peach/Marth was, of course, a good combination (hence our placing in the top 25 in teams). But our incredible Falco/Roy was second to none. Those 24 teams above us were lucky we didn't get the Falco/Roy going on them. Respect man, we gotta meet up and play some Melee soon. The little group we had was the best part about my tournament experience. Sorry I didn't show up for the final day!

Also to the other three who were playing friendlies with me after pools and doubles on Saturday. I don't remember your names (always bad with that), but you guys were chill as hell. The Jigglypuff main, I hope to see you at future tournaments, you'll be kicking my ass some day. I guarantee it!

Also, Vaughan! Got me going with some friendlies on Friday night and curb stomped me in pools. We have some really hype matches when we play, gotta get more in sometime. How I beat your Fox on NTSC but lost to it in PAL beats me. Back to basics for me I guess! Thanks for helping me get straight into my pools matches as well. Couldn't have been easier.

Redx for all the tips. A lot of them went against my style of play, and pointed out a hell of a lot of my weaknesses in the process. I'll be practising everything you told me, without a doubt. Maybe I'll be able to take a stock off you next time!

Joey, man, its always hype to watch you play in doubles. It's always fun to get to chance to play some friendlies against you as well. That Luigi is still my favourite thing to watch.

All up an awesome tournament experience. Bring on the next one.


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Nov 28, 2013
Are the day 1 matches recorded as well? I want to see the whole tournament from the start because I got too busy playing friendlies all the time.

Will give proper shout outs when I wake, promise.


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Feb 25, 2008
Sleeping in a submarine
First and foremost can't heap enough praise on @ Attila_ Attila_ for manning up and leading this event with poise and aplomb. With the size, scope and logistics, getting this done in the manner you did was just outstanding. You're a great leader and representative of the scene, and fully deserving of the FGC community award you received. I know a lot of the Couchwarriors guys were extremely impressed with you as well. Sorry I took a huge back seat on this one, I really wanted to enjoy this event and TOing really saps it for me, I'll be more help next time though.

In future hopefully we can ask for contact numbers as part of registration to mitigate issues with people going missing when they KNOW they need to play matches - or possibly an address at the start of a tournament to stress people need TO permission to leave the venue. The other issue with commentary is one that should have been delegated in advance, but all discussions about it were quashed due to other things being of greater importance :/ Anyway, our viewership is not so great that it's of any real concern.

On the smash side of things this was a really great tournament - lots of close/hype matches, marked improvement by everyone across the titles and a great attitude by all players (except for me lol). I apologise to everyone for my little fits of rage during melee finals, both singles and doubles, I was kind of wearing my heart on my sleeve and frustration got the better of me. However, on the positive side it showed me that I still have a lot of passion for the game, so I'm kind of glad for it too.

I think PM was perhaps the best tournament of the lot, given the evenness of the competition and how the fresh format has levelled the playing field for players of all titles. Looking forward to seeing this develop further.

@ all the new players thanks for coming and I hope you continue to attend events and support the scene. Don't be afraid to ask for games and advice on how to improve. I tend not to give any tips unless asked, as I feel it's fairly condescending to make suggestions off hand. Don't be discouraged if you got beasted by anyone, we've all been there in the beginning, the only way is up.

Few shouts

Dekar: Congrats on the win, you really deserved this one. Full respect, no Johns, I was straight up outplayed. 3-0 says a lot. I think it's good for the competition that we continue to go back and forth, but if you could stop winning the big tournaments that would be great kthx.

Redact: Thanks for hosting me, really appreciated. Great showing in losers finals as well, you stepped up your game a lot from our winner's set. Props on beating atticus for the first time in ages too.

Randall: Thanks for the save.

Splice: Biggest improver in the scene, your motivation to improve is inspiring. GGs in PM finals, you had me stone cold and I somehow escaped.

Joey: Thanks for teaming and being the biggest instigator of hype in Australia. Those comebacks 2g. Just when we thought doubles was dying you single handedly seem to keep it worthwhile both here and at Miles House.

JP: Awesome seeing you again; it has been a long time but it always feels like just another monthly, a familiar face that's always a welcome one. Well done on your win, I know you had issues with the format but you still managed to clutch it. I've always felt you had the tools to win the big events, just a few mindset lapses are all that's let you down in the past. Looks like you've overcome it and taken your rightful place at the top. Sik DDD too.

Haikal: L2PM like the rest of us. Fox wins are hollow wins. That said thanks for not upsmashing me and letting me take WF. Much appreciated. Hope to see you in Melbs again soon.

Atticus: (*DK shrug) that is all. Big Boy.

Forte: Stop taking my money.

PCG: GJ doing commentary and looking fly for it. Props on the fox it's coming along.

Skeletom: Idk what happens to you bro. You're good enough to beat us all on your day but the pressure seems to weigh very heavily on you. Once you come to grips with that I can see you taking some tourney wins. Gj on fourth, though I tipped you for 3rd.

Meredyse: Pretty incredible dude. If we all played with our feet you'd 4 stock us all. Can't believe how good you are and inspirational to see you take on such a tech heavy game with great aptitude. Don't be disheartened by your losses, they're the best way to learn, and you're above where you should be given your lack of experience.

Tak: Your game is looking sharp, nearly caused a big upset over Tom and took it to everyone. GJ. Tak it up.

Surprise: You're a funny kid. Divisive but always entertaining. The fact you drew some of the biggest crowds is testament to the niche you've created for yourself in the community. Thanks for the friendlies and always happy to give advice where I can. It's good that you're always asking how to improve.

Codie: You almost got surprised. Check yourself b4 you rek yourself.

Nido: really impressed with your PM game man, keep it up.

RedX: Get rekt. Idk why you lose to ppl you gimp me 4 times just fine.

Jei: I bet on you to beat Billy and you let me down and now I'm out 5 bucks thanks for nothing. But srs you're looking pretty sharp in melee, just need to get those DJC uair strings in your game and you'll be beasting.

Sorry if I missed anyone @ work + too hard + can't think of anything else right now.
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Jan 4, 2011
The isle of venom, Australia
I dunno what was happening with the top 8 stream and PM but it seemed to run way overtime. I wasn't really able to continue bracket because I had to go pretty much as soon as Brawl finally took the stage, so i'm a little sad that it happened, though I recognise I probably should have asked for a later flight (then again I guess I didn't really think i'd make it to top 8 this time :p).

I'm sure it can be solved at some point. :D

Also quite sad that I actually had to verse dean and never knew. :'(


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Jul 22, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
I thought PM was the same speed as melee, not slower than brawl. Why does that game run 4 stocks anyway? Top 8 took over 3 hours. Drastically overestimated the pace of that game. That, combined with streaming issues, pushed the schedule back. Buuuuut we still finished before AE started ;)

In regards to the brawl ruleset, the timing issue is also invalid, since the bracket was so small. And no one watched anyway, so the argument about gaining viewership is also flawed. Might need to reconsider.
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