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Vectorman Support Thread


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Mar 5, 2019
Vectorman 2.jpg

Who is Vectorman?
Vectorman is the playable character of the video game of the same name. Released in 1995, Vectorman is a classic side-scrolling run and gun Sega Genesis game that got a sequel in 1996 called Vectorman 2. Vectorman takes place in the future of 2049 where humanity has colonized other planets and left Earth to be cleaned up by a bunch of robots made out of orbs called Orbots. An Orbot named Rastar becomes corrupted when he gets attached to a nuke. He effectively becomes Skynet and goes into the worldwide computer network to take control of all the Orbots. He declares himself a dictator, now called Warhead, and plans to eliminate any humans who return to Earth. Vectorman, who was away from Earth to throw garbage into the sun, returns to the planet and discovers how hectic it has become. He makes the decision to stop Warhead and return peace to Earth.

What can Vectorman do?
Vectorman not only has his signature ball gun which shoots orbs, but he also has power-ups and can transform due to his body being made out of orbs. The power-ups change the properties of his ball gun. One power-up is the machine gun which increases the fire rate. The bolo gun makes the orbs fire slower, but allows them to pass though enemies. And he has triple-fire guns which is self-explanatory. Vectorman's transformations include turning into a drill, a bomb, a rhino and even a tank.

Why should Vectorman be a playable character in Smash?
Vectorman is a signature Sega Genesis series. While the series has not gotten a game since 1996, the two games continue to get ported to modern consoles thanks to compilations like the Sega Gems Collection, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, Sega Genesis Classics, and the first game got included on the Sega Genesis Mini. The games got favorable reviews upon release (Electronic Gaming Monthly even gave the games the title of Genesis Game of the Year for their respective years) and have a cult following. The games hold up well today thanks to pre-rendered 3D models for the characters and levels and the fast, satisfying gameplay. The games show off what the Sega Genesis can do and overall it's a classic series. With a fun moveset pool to work with, good music, and a unique design, Vectorman would be a solid contribution to the roster.

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Dec 9, 2009
I think Vectorman could be a fun wtf character. He has a cool design and looks like he’d have a really interesting move set. I was a Nintendo kid growing up so I only played a bit of Vectorman at a friend’s house but I’d totally be cool with him joining.


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Aug 12, 2018
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Eh, why not? I guess we could use more forgotten characters in Smash. Sign me up for Vectorman! They should use a stage for Vectorman, with music from Vectorman 1 and 2. Both originals and new remixes. I’d love to hear Smash remixes of Terraport and Tidal Surge.
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