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Uthrow to Uair/Fair % Ranges


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Jul 23, 2015
There are 12 characters where Uthrow->Uair/Fair is guaranteed to combo and kill on most of the competitive stages. The characters can be grouped by 4 categories based on when they die to the combos: Light Floaty (Tink, ZSS, Sheik, and Lucus), Light Semi-fast (MK, Roy, Diddy), Light Fast (Fox), and Medium/Heavy (Falco, Wolf, Falcon, DK). They're grouped together this way because their kill %s are relatively close together.

Spreadsheet that details % ranges where moves are guaranteed and kills on FD, FoD, GHZ, WW, and PS2. (All other stages aside from DL can be reasonably extrapolated from this info):


If you don't want to read & memorize the info, here are some decent rules of thumb at which uthrow uair will kill on nearly all stages:
Light float: 80%
Light Semi-fast: 85%
Fox: 90%
Medium/Heavy: 100%

Some notes on this info:
  • The release point for uthrow is behind Zelda, meaning the optimal DI is having the control stick (CS) horizontally behind where Zelda is facing.
  • Due to this release point and the weight/gravity combinations, there are 5 characters where a fair follow up is never guaranteed: Tink, ZSS, Sheik, Lucus, and DK. This means the optimal DI for those characters is to always DI horizontally behind Zelda. Any other angle will be a guaranteed kill from a uair.
  • Uthrow uair is guaranteed for all other DI angles due to the release point, except for Wolf, Falco, and Falcon, where fair is guaranteed and the easier to pull off option.
  • Platforms are only an issue for Fox, Falco, Wolf, and Falcon. The upper platforms & moving platform on GHZ are the issue where the combos are not guaranteed, as Zelda cannot attack before they must tech on the platform.
  • It is assumed the uair & fair are sweet spotted. Sour uair won't kill at least 110% for most of these chars. on FD
  • For the kill %s, it is assumed Zelda is frame perfect acting out of uthrow endlag
  • For the kill %s, it is assumed the opponent has 2 SDI inputs for survival and DI is optimal for survival. If you want to assume the opponent doesn't SDI, but still DIs optimally, decrease the kill % given by 5% (eg 85% becomes 80%)
  • There are some % discrepancies where uthrow->uair will kill but uthrow->fair won't. For spacies and falcon, Zelda can send out a dins that's guaranteed to hit and then has a guaranteed follow up regardless of DI. See notes for details.
  • Delphino, Bowser's Castle, and DL were deliberately not studied
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