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Usmash 1st hit ASC


Smash Ace
Mar 18, 2009
I've been tinkering around with this, and it looks like it shuts down many characters completely when done right. Given that the first hit has set knockback (confirmed even at 999% on multiple characters), Lucario can possibly spam this like crazy to rack up damage.

I had practice buddies DI away in the opposite direction, and completely away in the direction Lucario is facing. I still had enough time to do another usmash 1st ASC on them. I know this doesn't work on floaties after testing (even Samus), so it looks like fall speed is the sole factor that determines if this works.

On the fastest fallers (Fox, Falco, Wolf, Falcon, etc.) it turns into a tech chase option because they can tech before I have time to do another usmash ASC. Characters I've had luck shutting down are ZSS, Marth, Ike, Bowser, Diddy, etc.

Can anyone else confirm this stuff?
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