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Uprise of Long Island #7


Smash Master
Oct 22, 2008
Long Island, NY!


1: Vinnie ($132.00):popo::metaknight:
2: ANTi ($60.00) :metaknight:
3: Dabuz ($36.00) :olimar::pit:
4: Will ($12.00) :dk2:
5: Pelca :falco:
5: Mew2king :metaknight:
7: JPisCrazy :diddy:
7: Joe ST :falco::snake:
9: Cheese :popo:
9: Bloodcross :metaknight:
9: Chibosempai :rob:
9: Smurf :metaknight::diddy:
13: Jrugs :snake:
13: Raptor :yoshi2:
13: Gee :sonic:
13: Nuke :diddy:
17: Ghost :olimar:
17: Dcold :sheik:
17: Mr. Eric :marth:
17: Dul0r :lucario:
17: Sisqo :metaknight:
17: CoonTail :pt:
17: Thunderstorm :luigi2:
17: Luigi-sama :luigi2:



1: ANTi :metaknight: & Dabuz :olimar::pit:($108.00)
2: Vinnie :metaknight::gw::wario: & Mew2king :metaknight: ($54.00)
3: Bloodcross :metaknight::falco: & Pelca :metaknight::fox: ($18.00)
4: GLHF GG EZ (Minty :metaknight: & Viva :gw:)
5: Doom :metaknight: & Will :dk2:
5: Chibosempai :rob: & Joe ST :falco::metaknight:
7: Sisqo :metaknight: & Mr. Eric :marth:
7: Pane :wolf: & Tiny :lucario:
9: Nuke :diddy: & Ghost :olimar:

Mid Tier Singles


1: Vinnie :peach::rob: (~$26.00) (top 3 split because of time constraints)
1: Will :dk2: (~$26.00) (top 3 split because of time constraints)
1: ANTi :dk2:/:fox:(~$26.00) (top 3 split because of time constraints)
4: Pelca :fox:
5: Chibosempai :rob:
5: Bloodcross :fox::wolf:
7: SGTW :peach:
7: Luigi-sama :luigi2:
9: Cheese :kirby2:
9: Raptor :yoshi2:
9: Dcold :sheik:
9: CoonTail :pt:
13: Ghost
13: BMO
13: Thunderstorm :luigi2:
13: Nuke


Smash Hero
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
I think it is more than established fact at this point that anti and nairo have surpassed m2k....

Does he even practice? Great job vinnie and dabuz you guys keep improving.


Smash Lord
May 16, 2008
I think the only time Vinnie used MK was against Anti's Diddy (at least on stream). It counts since it gained him a match win in that set though.

Good stuff to Pelca repping NE and JoeST beating Chibo.


Smash Hero
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
To quote you, jason, after you won mlg orlando you told the press "you practiced the most and it paid off"

I dont think you are incapable, just have to devote more time. Sometimes life will throw more important things at you, so i understand if this isnt your fire anymore.


King of the Mews
Jul 18, 2002
Cinnaminson (southwest NJ 5 min drive from Philly)
i think im a joke compared to what i was during mlg and genesis2. I have one super good controller i save for nationals only, i think that's a factor to how much i suck **** at every other tournament (borrow a controller cuz i don't want to break in my new one). My problem is that i don't have any passion to play as time goes on but even more so I'm not a good adaptive player to things I don't understand (except diddy but that took me a year to master). i can't beat falcos in melee and i can't beat olimars in brawl (actually those are the only 2 cases of things I couldn't figure out but still), and with never having a ride somewhere (i took FOUR TRAINS AND TWO BUSSES to get here), and the low entrants, it's way not worth it for me anymore. im always depressed and get depressed too easily, i don't have a winner/super-competitive drive/attitude anymore like i used to, and i can't overcome things that i have mental blocks over (if that's what it is; all i know is ive lost to this char so many times while other mks can succeed im the only one that always fails this task). I feel like i shouldn't play anymore for multiple reasons at this point. I can't devote time w/out a wii. I haven't owned a wii since before mlg dallas (it is in ohio at vidjo's house). I don't think it would matter tho. I'm still a bad, unadaptive player in things I don't understand, who's skill is not half of what it used to be, with no passion left and no one wants to carpool with me so it's really expensive to go alone (all the people nearby me only want to play melee, so i could only get there for reasonable price if it was melee tournament). I don't feel like it's worth it anymore.

big bad wolf

Smash Journeyman
May 7, 2010
1: Vinnie ($132.00)gj fun event rr was fun too
2: ANTi ($60.00)lol this guy telling you ahead of time ^..... lol ggs though
3: Dabuz ($36.00)dont sweat it you dont practice anymore so you did the best you could
4: Will ($12.00)for once we didnt have to play i dont whether i am really happy or not about that lol
5: Pelca nice clutch
5: Mew2king stop crying , just do research and practice more then one character your that lvl i just dont want to hear the johns
7: Joe ST ggs and fun friendlies
9: Bloodcross relax maybe you just need a break to recap
9: Chibosempai ggs
9: Smurf fun friendlies
13: Raptor N64 main event .... m2k no!1111111111lol
13: Nuke ggs
17:ghost ggs
17: Mr. Eric fun friendlies
17: Dul0r your getting a lil better , just work on using the other options i mentioned
17: CoonTail stupid penguin lol
17: Luigi-sama Mario party!!!!!!!!
Tiny <3 thanks for coming out on your birthday to team with me


Smash Master
Apr 19, 2010
Vinnie can beat everybody.... except mah boi Ally :embarrass: ;)

Good **** though. Very entertaining stream. I'm very surprised how well Anti ***** Dabuz....


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY

1: Vinnie - HAD AN AWESOME TIME!! Thank you for letting me behind that mic for commentary with Viva, I had so much fun doing it!
2: ANTi - You're to cute for words lol. Always great to see you around buddy!
3: Dabuz - Sammy, I love you bro! Great job against your personal Gary :-P
4: Will - It has been to long since I last saw you. Glad I got to chill with you!
5: Pelca - Awesome meeting you bro!! Love seeing Spacies Doubles!!
5: Mew2king - Stop raging on MarioKart64 :-P
7: JPisCrazy - AWESOME MATCH BRO!! I promise to come back for revenge!! Keep showing support my man!
7: Joe ST - Didn't get a chance to meet you, maybe next time
9: Cheese - Like you said to me in January, you'll be back :-D
9: Bloodcross - Had a blast watching you and Pelca in doubles!! Hope to see you around more.
9: Chibosempai - AMAZING JOB ON THE LIVESTREAM!! Great to meet you dude!
9: Smurf - DEXTA!!! We need to get more smash fests in
13: Jrugs - Been a while since I saw you dude, good seeing you again. See u in the future.
13: Raptor - STUPID DINOSAUR!! Well actually, after seeing your matches against Anti and Will...SMART DINOSAUR!!
13: Gee - Didn't meet you...
13: Nuke - Keep it up bro! Every tournament you keep making progress.
17: Ghost - Head up, and we'll get there homie!
17: Dcold - I'll see you around dude, remember just keep practicing and sticking with it!
17: Mr. Eric - Awesome job in doubles!
17: Dul0r - This guy sucks!
17: Sisqo - Great job in doubles!
17: CoonTail - What did we learn? Not to over do it partying the night before :-D
17: Thunderstorm - Hope to see you later this month dude!
17: Luigi-sama - SHOR-YOU-CAN!! XD
Pane - from 3 stock to 1 stock, a lil better?? :-P


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY
Vinnie can beat everybody.... except mah boi Ally :embarrass: ;)

Good **** though. Very entertaining stream. I'm very surprised how well Anti ***** Dabuz....
Wanted to know what you thought of me/Viva and the CoonTail/me commentary combo

AMAZING JOB ON THE STREAM BRO!!! Idk how many matches I did commentary for, but if you could upload them all...THAT WOULD BE SWEET!!!


Smash Rookie
Feb 28, 2012
I ****ing suck

This tournament was a waste of time for me to drive up to.
Why did I make this drive if I didn't practice for this at all?
Oh and the bracket was stupid. Just give me dabuz/anti instead. ****

You did a good job running this Vinnie. Yesterday just wasn't the day for me to go to a tournament let alone in NY.



Smash Champion
Jun 25, 2010
New york
So... Uh... How's that MK ban treating you guys?
I miss killing light characters.

Vinnie. Nice job running the tourney and I loved the organization. Way to keep it simple. :troll: I hope you get a job.

Anti: You still got it man. I didn't think you would use Luigi in mid tiers was a big surprise. Also happy birthday my dude I hope you had a great birthday.
I hope you're free this friday so you can come to Nuke's smashfest.

M2k: 99 stocks with you is the best. I just wish I was able to give you more of a challenge. Next time I'll play you with my youtubeknight that I learn to use from watching youtube. Also I think it's established that you're mario kart king.

Will: I forgot to thank you for the ride. Thank you so much and ggs in Mid tiers. That suicidal one way street was S tier for stupid.

Coontail: I can't believe you didn't troll Viva or maybe I missed it. I hope you can make it the smashfest this friday.

Viva: Yo man you have to hit me up with the pepsi cans next tourney. Also you have to tell hippiedude to come to tourneys. I want him to outplace me again because he can. Also shame on you for carrying Minty in doubles.

Minty: I can't believe Viva stole your pepsi. He's such a jerk. Also Thunderstorm doesn't look like Johnnumbers. I still can't believe you carried Viva in doubles. You will never become Mr. R material if you don't get hippiedude to come out for tourneys again. Ps I think your fat.

Thunderstorm: Sucks you had to come so far for this. I hope delta was nice enough to let you play that really salty board game. I hope you had fun and you didn't keep it simple. You ate wendy's and red robbins in the same. tsk tsk

Dcold: ggs it was nice meeting you. Your shiek is really good. Keep coming out and you'll be a threat to the top Ny players. I hope you can make it out for the smashfest this friday.

Mr. eric: ggs in friendlies. I see you're in that parental situation for tourneys. Try asking some of the people for rides that way you can come to more tourneys.

Geex: I didn't get to meet you. Wow a sonic on LI I hope to see you at Impact.

NE: ggs to all of you. I'm glad you all came out. I need the snake practice :3

Chibo: Thank you so much for streaming and for your recording setup. You put in a lot work and you deserve a lot credit for it. I hope to see you again you're really cool to talk to.

JP: ggs in friendlies and nice job in singles. Keep coming out :).

Abdul: I can't wait for the crew battle at brawl it out. I liked your commentary . You and chibo make a good team imo. Massive thanks to you and your setups. DISCOUNT MONSTAH also it wasn't brawl minus lol

TAYF: I hope you all had fun. Sucks some of you won't be at impact.

Jrugs: Surprise surprise. I didn't think you'd be here. I hope you had fun dude. Next we will get some friendlies in.

Sisqo: ggs man I hope that mk of yours improves.

Dabuz: was nice seeing you. GJ taking doubles. Next tourney I need to play you.

cheese: ggs I thought you were going to be m2k. Overall good job still being consistent in placings.

Tiny: ggs in friendlies. I hope you come out more.



Smash Champion
Apr 13, 2010
Bro. M2K.

Try smoking weed beforehand.

You'll chill out and all your answers will be answered.


Smash Champion
Aug 3, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Tourney was fun even though I didn't do well. Shoutout to everyone I already know and everyone I met at this.

Special shoutouts to Vinnie for keeping it simple in the most complicated way possible and for the tourney.


The Assault of Laughter ﷼
Apr 18, 2010
Smash Rookie
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 2


Grats to Vinnie, Anti, Dabuz, Will, Viva and other ******s.


Smash Lord
May 23, 2008
Planking the ledge 185 times over.
I might have saved the replays as a force of habit, but I'm not sure whose Wii my set with bloodcross was saved to.

My set with JP and Pelca was on the New England Wii I believe. Again, whether or not they were saved, or if anyone wants to upload them is up to that Wii owner =x

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