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Uprise of Long Island #6 10/15/11


Smash Master
Oct 22, 2008
Long Island, NY!
I'm not pleased with the turnout, but it could have been worse. Thanks for showing up guys, it was a good time.



1: Dabuz ($90.00) :olimar:
2: Vinnie ($45.00) :popo::dedede::zerosuitsamus:
3: John# ($15.00) :lucario:
4: vVv Cheese :popo::metaknight::falco:
5: Pane :wolf:
5: Dark.pch :peach:
7: Raptor :yoshi2:
7: JpisCRAZY :diddy:
9: Dul0r :lucario:
9: CoonTail :pt:
9: C4!? :falco:
9: x-0 :metaknight:
13: Tyler :pikachu2:
13: Dirts :popo:
13: Viper :diddy:



1: Vinnie :metaknight:/:sheik: Dabuz :olimar:/:sheik:($28.00)
2: vVv Cheese :metaknight: John# :lucario: ($12.00)
3: Darkpch :peach: Raptor :yoshi2:
4: CoonTail :pt:/:metaknight: & Dul0r :lucario:

Mid tiers:


1: will ($24.00) :dk2:
2: vinnie ($12.00) :peach::sheik::sonic:
3: coontail ($4.00) :pt:
4: John12346 :pit:
5: Dabuz :sheik::samus2::ike:
5: Raptor :yoshi2:
7: x-0 :kirby2:
7: Dul0r :fox:


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2009
New York, NY
Ah, this was a fun tournament overall! Had some epic matches, and learned a few things while I was at it. Glad to see Duelist Pro finally making a comeback after all this time, too. I thought that game was dead.

Also John Numbers + Items = Suicide Bomber!

1: Dabuz - Double Sheik > Lucario + MK!? What is this madness.
2: Vinnie - Oh man, I totally got bodied by you this time around. Gotta try to step my game up! T___T;
3: John# - What the- Me making money in a not Play and Trade tournament? Unheard of! :awesome:
4: vVv Cheese - Good set. Btw, talk to Vinnie, he seems to have found a way to circumvent the aggro grab strategy that I tend to use a lot against ICs.
5: Pane - You told me a little NOTHING about Wolf today. :glare:
5: Dark.pch - Good set, I still hope you can find a way to cope with the pressure felt during tournament play. You play so amazingly until midway through each game, and then you just kinda... drop it. Best summed up with this from 3:43 to 3:50, imo... Real talk though, I really wish you good luck, alright?
9: Dul0r - Aha, another up and coming Lucario. Show me what you can do, and good luck!
9: CoonTail - Good sets, and nice work makin' dat money in MTs!
9: x-0 - Not bad, not bad at all. Keep at it!

big bad wolf

Smash Journeyman
May 7, 2010
1: Dabuz ($90.00)g**** but be ready for next week btw sorry I had to leave early but if it makes a difference the transactions were successful
2: Vinnie ($45.00)arghhh I hate playing you lol ,thanks again for bringing me my wii
3: John# ($15.00)Idk man I just barely play anymore / wasnt in the mood for any mms
4: vVv Cheese ggs yea i really dont like that m/u
5: Pane damn those icys , other then that ok
5: Dark.pch I 'm sorry bout your mentallity thing, can't say nobody tried to help you ... well atleast try to get into that good habit I told you about
7: Raptor our set annoying , but the spike wars after was fun/ hilarious
7: JpisCRAZY speaking of spike .....
9: Dul0r lol that fsmash ggs and fun chats
9: CoonTail I got to practice my pt it cant keep up anymore
9: C4!? really close games , good seeing you again
9: x-0 ddint rely talk
13: Tyler??
13: Dirts lol 2008 rob
13: Viper ????
ksizzle &penta thanks for the support


Fraud at Smash
May 8, 2008
Being the most hated
1: Dabuz ($90.00) Good **** with that X-factor
2: Vinnie ($45.00) Fun WFs and GFs, mid tiers was lulzy, and thanks for the 3 minute ride
3: John# ($15.00) Playing with your item rules is so trolly @.@
4: vVv Cheese Stop messing up CGs and you shalt triumph over thine olimar
5: Pane Fifth? good ****. Good to see you like always.
5: Dark.pch REMEMBER, take deep breaths between stocks =x
7: Raptor Seeing you have a full convo in spanish...INSANITY!
7: JpisCRAZY Almost had cheese that first game ;_;
9: Dul0r Mad chill dude, MAD chill
9: CoonTail Oh man, you were soooooooo ****ing happy when you beat me in MT lol. Jumping up and screaming xD
9: C4!? Cool seeing you
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