Uprise of Long Island #2! 4/16/11


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Oct 22, 2008
Long Island, NY!
1: Anti ($58.50) :metaknight::snake:
2: ADHD ($58.50) :diddy::metaknight:
3: Vinnie ($13.00) :gw::metaknight::popo:
4: Nairo :metaknight:
5: Mintyflesh :marth::metaknight:
5: Jash :toonlink:
7: Gunblade :metaknight::marth:
7: Will :dk2:
9: Raptor :yoshi2::lucario:
9: Sama :luigi2:
9: Rapture :metaknight::pt:
9: Pane :wolf:
13: Brandon :kirby2:
13: Nuke :diddy:


1: Nairo & ADHD ($56.00) :metaknight::diddy:
2: Vinnie & Anti ($24.00) :gw::metaknight:
3: Jash & Will :toonlink::dk2:
4: Mintyflesh & Gunblade :metaknight:/:marth: + :metaknight:/:marth:


Thanks for coming out everybody.

big bad wolf

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May 7, 2010
1: Anti ($58.50)good **** as always
2: ADHD ($58.50)fun friendlies
3: Vinnie ($13.00)smh i don like this venue
4: Nairo lol the friendly teams too much fun
5: Mintyflesh good seeing you
5: Jash yes the true king toon is back!!!!!
7: Gunblade you owe me a nugget lol
7: Will bright side i didnt have to get rapped by jash sad side i should of had that set
9: Raptor smh never gives up
9: Rapture instead of hating wolf so much why dont you just pick him up?
9: Pane smh should of won more hen you did 0 for clutch today
13: Brandon nice meeting you
13: Nuke why do we always play lol


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Jun 23, 2008
NY/NJ sucks, always so stacked. Good stuff guys, I hope I get to see you next week :3


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Jun 25, 2010
New york

Anti Beast Mk as always and fun times running in the rain to get to subway. Get a sandwich or die tryin. lol

ADHD Awesome Diddy kong I hope I get to play against you someday.

Vinnie That g&w never fails to amaze me. Also RESIST THE MASK IT BE EVIL!! lol

Nairo Idk how you can play doubles and still do good even though Minty bothers you. lol

Mintyflesh If we play again at another tourney I'll remember to bring you a stress reliver for those Stressful matches. lol I got to get better at that Marth v.s luigi mu

Jash **** TL and lol you and you're funny jokes. One of theses days man you gotta PUT ON THE MASK!!! XD

Gunblade Too good hope to see at the next tourney

Will Crazy Dk as always and Super armor rapes. lol that 2 second stall before I got spiked was weird. I have to learn that DK v.s Luigi mu

Raptor Stop sandbagging just because you always that got that pay roll coming in from work. :@

Rapture Kirba :D :3 Sucks I didn't get to see in your matches.

Pane good stuff.

Brandon Clearly Brandon beat Brandon lol. I can see some potential in you and that kirby.

Nuke Frigate is RC's brother and gl I hope you **** at Clash of the titans and Ktar 5.

:3 meow :luigi2: I hope to you all at uprise of LI 3.


The Assault of Laughter ﷼
Apr 18, 2010
Top 7 is stacked as ****.

Good job Vinnie! Will, you got this next time!
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