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UoK: Smash Makes the World Go Round Results


Nov 7, 2008

1: Overswarm :metaknight: ($175.2)
2: Kel :metaknight: ($80)
3: Infern :snake:/:ike: ($51)
4: Hilt :olimar: ($30)
5: Y.B.M :kirby2: ($15)
5: Smash64 :ness2:/:snake: ($15)
7: Tactical :lucario:
7: Xisin :marth:
9: Zero :olimar:
9: Judo :shiek:
9: Sai :diddy:
9: Count :diddy:
13: Mayling :pit:
13: Xeroxen :mario2:/:metaknight:
13: Mister Eric :rob:
13: Jon :snake:
17: Exiled :lucario:
17: S2 :zelda:/:dk2:
17: Vamp :lucario:
17: Greg :luigi2:
17: Andrew/Flygon :luigi2:
17: Crash :luigi2:
17: Seth :toonlink:
17: Airborne :yoshi2:
25: TTar :lucario:
25: Composer :kirby2:
25: Payne :gw:
25: KassandraNova :metaknight:/:lucas:
25: Les :metaknight:
25: Today :gw:
25: Shyguy :lucas:/:popo:
25: Will
33: Matthew A :toonlink:
33: Steven Lacklin
33: Yogehi :fox:
33: Joel Babbitt :wolf:
33: Kip :sonic:
33: Spy

If I got any of this wrong, please correct me.


1: Kel is the new God Kai (Kel/Os) ($132)
2: You got kicked in yo chest (Infern/Smash) ($72)
3: Rocks and Bananas (Count/Y.B.M) ($36)
4: Beep! Beep? (Eric/Xisin)
5: Team Brotally (Jon/Les)
5: Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring (Crash/Hilt)
7: Wild Team Has Appeared (S2 and TTar)
7: Those guys that.play Weegee a lot (Greg/Andrew)
9: 60 Wings for 4295 dollars (Xero/Composer)
9: Team Floty (Seth and Chris)
9: YKS (Spy/Zero)
13: Suck and Swallow (Exiled/Airborne)

Thanks to all who came, especially for those who had a long drive. Also, I'm sorry we had to relocate, and thanks for being so understanding. :bee:

DtJ XeroXen

The biggest fraud
Aug 22, 2008
Fort Wayne, Indiana
1: Overswarm :metaknight: ($175.2) - Good **** on first.
4: Hilt :olimar: ($30) - Really high placing Hilt, that's hardcore!
5: Y.B.M :kirby2: ($15) - Thanks for the friendlies man.
5: Smash64 :ness2:/:snake: ($15) - Snake beside your name and MK beside my name, that's messed up. :p
7: Tactical :lucario: - Good friendlies at the tourney, that's a good Lucario.
7: Xisin :marth: - Destined to play you in pools, then AGAIN in tourney, they were good matches though.
9: Zero :olimar: - Zerroooooo!!! That was a really fun MM I'm glad we finally got it in.
9: Judo :shiek: - Shiek is wdfhax.
9: Sai :diddy: - Too bad we only got like 1/2 friendly(ies), I don't really remember that clearly. Good Diddy though.
9: Count :diddy: - Good times, you'll get better at that Snake matchup.
13: Mayling :pit: - Beat me in pools and I didn't know what was going on. Good job! (Arrooooows!)
13: Xeroxen :mario2:/:metaknight: - We'll work on not having that thing beside Mario much.
17: S2 :zelda:/:dk2: - I didn't get to play you D:
17: Vamp :lucario: - Lucario isn't a terrible character, although a secondary might help your chances of placing higher... mabye. Good times though, it was a fun weekend!
17: Greg :luigi2: - Those Mario/Luigi matches were intense, sorry I decided to go MK game 3 though.
17: Crash :luigi2: - I didn't play you this time, but I saw that combo you pulled off on that DDD, dthrow to dthrow to Shoryu!!!
17: Airborne :yoshi2: - Fun game in doubles.
25: Composer :kirby2: - Your pretty cool, at least we learned about the best deal for wings in the MW.
25: Les :metaknight: - Really intense games when you went MK versus my Mario, I got nervous and went MK last round, or else it might've ended differently.
25: Today :gw: - You were alot better than I thought you'd be, G&W shenanigans on Rainbow Cruise are the best!
33: Yogehi :fox: - Sorry you weren't having the best day.
33: Kip :sonic: - Good friendlies, they were fun.


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
why did this tournament seem like easy mode for cincinnati lol

seems like we could've had a nice cincy top 10 if a few more ppl came (me ss tyr)


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
Thanks for running this Mayling. And for opening up your apartment to us in order to finish. You did a great job.


Nov 7, 2008
http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/ninjaroar/100_1964-1.jpg :bee: <3 you guys

1: Overswarm - Grats on first!
2: Kel - Awh, thanks so much. I actually wanted to say, when you said I was doing a good job running the tournament that it really helped me out. My stress level was OVER NINE THOUSAND?! at that point so that simple comment calmed me down. Oh, but I wish I took a pic of you cuddling my yoshi! Too cute, hehe.
3: Infern - Wow, too good. ^_^
4: Hilt - Thanks for much for standing behind me and encouraging me. I shoulda done it to you more now that I think about it, but I failed. Regardless I think you're one of the only reasons I beat XeroXen my third match. Just sitting there and telling me to be patient saved the day (oh and let's not forget GET OFF THE LEDGE MAY GET OFF IT). So you should stand behind me more! But seriously, I noticed that the lil molehill has gotten a little bigger but has some way to go, huh? Be a mountain!
5: Y.B.M - I got slaughtered. :dizzy:
5: Smash64 - Awh, thanks for teaching me how to make hearts out of dollars. I love my dollar heart! I'm going to make 50 dollar hearts and go buy a video game with them.
7: Tactical - It was good to see you, and nice placing!
7: Xisin - The only reason I took you to pirate ship was the hope of getting lucky and having bombs destroy your face. It didn't happen, but at least it was sorta close. :laugh:
9: Zero - I think you pretty much summed it up. I was discovering your game halfway through our matches, but it was way too late. Hilt didn't prepare me for an oli as defensive as yours, but hopefully next time there'll be a different outcome. Nice placing though!
9: Judo - Grats on your placing, I'm glad you could come. Very nice reps for shiek. :bee:
9: Sai - Grats on your placing!
9: Count - Thanks for coming. I'm glad you enjoyed the free food.. I hope it was worth it considering the drive.
13: Xeroxen - Verryyy nice Mario. If you woulda went MK I can only imagine the destruction. But it was nice to finally meet you, and I'm glad you got to come!
13: Mister Eric - Once again we didn't get to talk much. :urg:
17: Exiled - I think you did a great job at this tournament and I don't think you were as frustrated as you normally seem. I'm sorry I had to knock you out... is it just me, or do we usually end up fighting at these things? Frustrating cause either way it doesn't end well..
17: S2 - I brought my rock with me to this tournament. :bee:
17: Vamp - I sweeear it was your ipod! Hope you had fun! We didn't do our mm though.
17: Andrew/Flygon - Thanks for coming out, hope you had fun!
17: Crash - The only person who can stop the Unstoppable Breakfast is Crash.
17: Airborne - I hope my advice helped you out... and that you continue to improve. Good luck!
25: TTar - Thanks for helping out with the tournament! I'll bring the paint next time, promise! >.<
25: Composer - I think you're probably the only person who got to fight all three girls in tournament play [pools/bracket.] I don't know why, just thought that was super neat.
25: KassandraNova - Not only is teaming with you a fantastic idea, but you being my personal cheerleader is as equally fantastic. Haha, thanks for the encouragement on my matches, that was too funny. :bee:
25: Today - Who's awesome? You're awesome. You actually had me sweating a bit in our pools matches, though. Let's show the midwest whatfor!
33: Yogehi - I'm sorry you had a bad day, but I'm glad you entered. ^_^
33: Kip - Awh, thanks for the fruit but now that I think about it I didn't get to eat a lot of it. T_T But it was sweet (except the kiwi destroyed my tastebuds bleh), I loved it! hugs
33: Spy - Awh, thanks so much for helping out. ^_^ It was nice of you to offer so many times. It was awesome to see you!


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
Awesome tournament. My bracket really sucked in both singles and doubles but I had a great time. Really well run, free food, awesome midwest smashers, what more could you ask for?

Can't wait to see everyone again shoutouts later.

edit: @clowsui..no? I lost to two of cincy's elite.


KY/KP Joey
Jun 9, 2009
Louisville, Kentucky
Tac/Xisin tied.... T_T. I have no hope.

Good Job KERO. we can both lose to count tooooogether :D.

Spy, you will get better soon, as long as you go to tournaments more. Can't wait to see you again.


Infern Angelis

Smash Master
Feb 8, 2008
Dallas, TX
1: Overswarm :metaknight: ($175.2) - Good stuff winning the tournament, u deserve it! Next time dont DI the step yo game up so I can beat u again :) 513!
2: Kel :metaknight: ($80) - U were on fire vs me and the first set with OS, where did it go? Silly MK dittos, good **** getting 2nd though, 513!
3: Infern :snake: ($51)
4: Hilt :olimar: ($30) - Good stuff getting 4th, its no easy thing with all of cincinnati here lol 859!
5: Y.B.M :kirby2: ($15) Top 5 son, u should have definitely gotten Hilt though. We learn from our mistakes, so Im positive, that is the last time u will lose to an Olimar! GOD KAIS!!!
5: Smash64 :ness2:/:snake: ($15) - lol silly snake dittos, i love the endings to our first 2 games. Good **** on 5th, next time dont scrub out like u did on rainbow cruise. GOD KAIS!!!
7: Tactical :lucario: - We didnt even get to play......hello! Good **** with ur placing though.
7: Xisin :marth: - Good placing man, we have to get in our games next time, I wanna play u but afte tournament, in case u pick something up and use it against me in brackets :p
9: Zero :olimar: - Good stuff Kero, great pools set, the matches were definitely close
9: Judo :shiek: - Didnt play u, mm next time?
9: Sai :diddy: - Dont let the pressure get to u, u could have done some many things against Xisin the last match, good **** though getting top 10, 513!
9: Count :diddy: - Whats up with leaving without saying bye? Good **** though man in singles and doubles, too bad we didnt get to play
13: Mayling :pit: - Great placing may, greatly ran tournament too, we really appreciate it. I think u definetly deserve a spot in the KY Power Rankings for sure :)
13: Xeroxen :mario2:/:metaknight: - MK? GTFO!
13: Mister Eric :rob: - What time is it? its 5:13 SON !!!
13: Jon :snake: - Great snake, definitely better then I had expected
17: Exiled :lucario: - Good stuff man, dont quit on us!!!!!!!
17: S2 :zelda:/:dk2: - MM?
17: Vamp :lucario: - See above
17: Greg :luigi2: - Thanks for giving the $2 dollars before we even did our mm lol
17: Andrew/Flygon :luigi2: - didnt play you, mm?
17: Crash :luigi2: - Good **** in singles, sucks ur to scurred fir the $5 mm :laugh:
17: Seth :toonlink: - didnt play u, mm?
17: Airborne :yoshi2: - Air, good stuff in singles man, u lost to really good people. I would suggest getting a secondary though, for ur bad matchups, falco would be a good choice. I hope to see u soon man
25: TTar :lucario: - MM?
25: Composer :kirby2: - See above
25: Payne :gw: - didnt play u, mm?
25: KassandraNova :metaknight:/:lucas: - Kassandra!! What Capem know about pink MK! 513!
25: Les :metaknight: - didnt play u, mm?
25: Today :gw: - Good stuff Today :) And thank you for the gift, its awesome! 513!
25: Shyguy :lucas:/:popo: - Didnt play u, but good stuff man
25: Will Didnt play u, mm?
33: Matthew A :toonlink: - good stuff in pools/brackets, nice TL
33: Steven Lacklin - didnt play u, mm?
33: Yogehi :fox: - Thanks for giving the rest of cinci a ride
33: Joel Babbitt :wolf: - didnt play u, mm?
33: Kip :sonic: We need to play, i need sonic practice
33: Spy - didnt play u, mm?

Thanks Mayling again for hosting a great tournament, we had plenty of setups and everything went smoothly. Also like to thank her and greg for letting us finish the tournament at their place :)

Special thanks to greg to the raisin canes coupons!!!

And again to the 513, who came to KY to take their money, women, and most importantly, to take their jewbs! GOD KAIS!!!


Smash Champion
Aug 11, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio
1: Overswarm :metaknight: ($175.2)thanks for taking us to the tourney and grats on getting 1st!
2: Kel :metaknight: ($80)i thought u were gonna beat OS oh well you guys also you keep getting lucky on doubles one day kel one day
3: Infern :snake: ($51) lol i love our games they are 2 funny becuase we do the exact same thing and also becuase they are intense GOD KAIS!
4: Hilt :olimar: ($30) like how i killed my self on rc? that was so pro lol also good job placing higher than Xisin!
5: Y.B.M :kirby2: ($15)i told you to ban Mansion i think you could have beaten him if it was any other stage you will get it next time pimpin GOD KAIS!
5: Smash64 :ness2:/:snake: ($15)scrub
7: Tactical :lucario:Hello..........it was nice playing you on pools they were fun till nextime tac
7: Xisin :marth: 2nd time i have beaten you i am proud at my self :) maybe next time you will get me but anyways its always an honor playing you
9: Zero :olimar: wich we could of had my friendlies in maybe next time huh
9: Sai :diddy:dammit sai beating my Ness and making OS and every one ***** at me lol jp you did a good job and you sure have gotten alot better keep on coming to smashfest and you will continue to improve thats for sure
9: Count :diddy:sorry i didnt go Ness vs you i just wasnt feeling my Ness mode in me my Ness was off that tournamnt next time i play you i will go Ness god kais promise
13: Mayling :pit: im glad you liked the heart :D
13: Xeroxen :mario2:/:metaknight: yeah silly top tiers lol hey next time we gotta get some friendies in becuase its been a while since i have played you and i really wanna play a Mario there arent that many you know
13: Mister Eric :rob: beepo it was nice seeing you again and hanging out was cool too, you did well in the tourney we also gotta play some friendlies next time
13: Jon :snake: awesome snake keep it up!
17: Exiled :lucario: that was actually my first time playing you haha good stuff tho i know u can get better!
17: Vamp :lucario: we didnt play this tourney wth? lol
17: Greg :luigi2: its old Greg! im old Greg!!!!
17: Crash :luigi2: man its been a while since i havent heard a SHORYUKEN! whats up with that?
17: Airborne :yoshi2: so you take stocks from airborne huh you are mean to that guy
25: KassandraNova :metaknight:/:lucas: pk friend you will do better next time try not to get nervous
25: Today :gw: i thought you were gonna take 1st in this tournament i was actually scared to play you im so glad i didnt other wise you would have taken me to losers or taken me out of the tourney, anyways you did a good job im know you can get better! next time we play we will do some dittos k
25: Shyguy :lucas:/:popo: if you can get those chain grabs in you will be a
33: Kip :sonic:33? your sonic come on!
33: Spy: stop spying on ppl

dr.x: sucks you couldnt make it
sliq: *******
springfield: where you guys at?

ppl got kicked on their chest at this tournent!
Jun 8, 2008
indianapolis, IN
1: Overswarm ($175.2) - Lolwut again? thats 2 in a row that ive been there and you won
2: Kel ($80) - Good stuff in pools, i thought i could at least get a game off ya
3: Infern ($51) - Dude, you chickened out of a MM? you would totally beat me in Blazblue
4: Hilt ($30) - ! a wild olimar has appeared!
5: Y.B.M ($15) - Not top 3 boy! Double you Tea Eff??
5: Smash64 / ($15) - Next time dawg next time, come to ma house tourney in december :V
7: Xisin - Kingdom heeeearts, it was short lived but fun!
9: Zero - Didnt play you, sorry!
9: Judo - Norfair Lava Johns dood! your as good as everyone said! tho i dont like playing people i played earlier especially if it was in a tournament set/pools
9: Sai - *More Generic didnt play comments!!!!*
9: Count - IN thas what what! keep placing well so i dont have to
13: Mayling - Good Job on the tourney, sorry we didnt do our match?
13: Xeroxen - i want you to be put down as MK on our PRs now D:<
13: Mister Eric - GGs, i knew round 1 i was going to play someone i didnt want to i just had to be you beepo...
13: Jon - *generic didnt play you comment*
17: Exiled - Didnt play you sorry!
17: S2 / - Didnt play you sorry!
17: Vamp - *walked my way to this spot and sat down*
17: Greg - Didnt play you, i was in a slightly better mood so maybe our matches would have been different should we have faced!
17: Andrew/Flygon - Didnt play you sorry!
17: Seth - Didnt play you sorry!
17: Airborne - Didnt play you sorry!
25: TTar - Keep workin at it BADCARIOOOO!
25: Composer - Dude, at least you won a match.
25: Payne - Got Byed cuz you didnt show? o_O
25: KassandraNova - we should have played, tho if you went MK i couldnt gurantee the validity of the match.
25: Les - MK bleh, GGs
25: Today - Didnt play this time sorry!
25: Shyguy - Didnt play you but saw you and hear about you, keep at it!!
25: Will - Didnt play you sorry!
33: Matthew A - Too close for comfort in pools, luckily i have a good poriton of TL practice
33: Steven Lacklin - Didnt play you sorry!
33: Yogehi - whos awesome! your awesome! cool seein ya!
33: Joel Babbitt - GGs in pool, work on that cario even if hes terribad :V
33: Kip - Wtf dawg where was our showdown??
33: Spy - Didnt play you sorry!


Sep 4, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio ; Land of Happiness and Kindness
1: Overswarm Good job, OS~!! Haha! I hope you had fun!
2: Kel Congrats to you! I had fun playing with you, too! I hope we can play some more this Wednesday!
3: Infern Glad you enjoyed your gift! Good games!
4: Hilt Nice stuff, Andrew! Grats on getting forth! Sorry we didn't hang out at all Saturday. I feel extremely guilty. ): I'll make that up to you!
5: Y.B.M You did a good job!! I hope you manage to figure out whatever you were thinking about! I got your back!
5: Smash64 Haha! I'll get first next time fo sho! I agree on playing some together!! Good job, too!
7: Tactical Nice Tactical!! You should try and come to more tournaments!!
7: Xisin Good job, Xisin! I will most definitely get Marth practice with my Snake!!
9: Sai- Saaii~! Good games, man~! You did super duper well! Haha! I'm extremely proud of you!
13: Mayling Yatta! Mayling did soo well!! I'm super duper happy for you!! I really am! And your room was full of cute things! I think we need to talk about cute things! Haha! Especially that Yoshi plushie!! And I still have your gift! I'll make sure to give it to you your next tournament!!
13: Xeroxen Your Mario is wicked! Haha! Good job, good job! I had fun playing you!! Come to more tournaments!
13: Mister Eric You're really funny!! I hope we can hang out more! Good job on 13!
17: Exiled DDR stuff was fun! Nice job!
17: Greg Greg!! It was nice meeting you! Good games, good games! I hope to see you some more!
17: Crash Crash!! Nice job!! Haha! Our match was really fun! I couldn't stop laughing and being goofy! I hope your day has been a water one! Lol!
25: Composer- You're a pretty water guy! Haha! I had fun playing with you, too!! We should do Game and Watch dittos!
25: Payne- Hey! Never met you but you play G&W! We should play some time! Good job, hope to see you at more tourneys!
25: KassandraNova- KASSAANDRA!! GEWD JOB!! Noo! I think you did great, though! We'll do more Game and Watch + Meta Knight practices some time. I had fun hanging out with you today, too! No worries, next time we'll meet each other in the grand finals.
25: Today Today! You did a good job! Didn't get #1, but you got this next time around!
25: Shyguy Good job, Shyguy! I hope you come to more tournaments! And try not to be so shy, too! I also hope you can interact more!! Good games!
33: Yogehi Ken! I had so much fun with you this weekend!! I really hope your life turns out for the best!! Thank you soo much for taking us, too! I really appreciate it!! Come to Cincy more!
Mathew A. Thank you for talking to me!! I had tons of fun!! ANd you had a really nice smile!
33: Kip Nice job, Kips!!
33: Joel- Good job, Joel!! Come to more tourneys!
33: Spy- It was fun playing you!! Hope to see you at more tournaments!!

Thank you very much, guys!! I really do appreciate the tournament!! I hope it went well for everyone as well!! And Mayling, double thanks for taking it to your place even though you were tired! I hope Denny's went well!! Have a nice week, guys!



Smash Ace
Sep 8, 2008
Lexington, KY
The tournament was fun! Hopefully some of you Lexington newcomers liked the tournament and will come again!

XeroXen you gotta come to KY I want more mario vs weegee.... you're super good
Today I hope you enjoyed the DDR, next time hopefully I can play your G+W more, but it was fun
Also Sai and Count your diddys are really good and I hope you can come again sometime

Also thanks to OS for getting people to pay attention to me when we were getting kicked out, and congrats on winning the tournament!

Lastly, thanks to Gunpunch and the God Kais for showing the Midwest how to win a tournament =P


Smash Ace
Dec 22, 2005
1: Overswarm ($175.2) congrats on winning man and thanks for all the help you've been giving me, ESPECIALLY in the rob match up.
2: Kel ($80) congrats placing top 2 in singles and doubles.
3: Infern / ($51) good job getting third 513's steppin it up man. and show up more on wednesdays
4: Hilt ($30) d00d good **** placing so high im sooooooo sorry i couldnt go to denny's. :( i wanted to hang out with KY sooo bad.
5: Y.B.M ($15) maaaaaaaaaaaaan we never get to play. good job gettin that top 5 tho
5: Smash64 / ($15) ggs in pools man and congrats for stayin in the top 5 as well.
7: Tactical d00d u placed pretty high good job man and its always fun hangin out and bull ****tin with mr. tactical...and i swear i CAN beat that **** lucario with diddy...it is possible...somehow :(
7: Xisin fun games in the bracket man. we srsly like never play next tournament dammit were playin ok?
9: Zero good job man your really good but you always look like all depressed at tournaments.
9: Judo hey good job gettin top ten but we shoulda played
9: Sai -finally top 10:)
9: Count hey man it was fun doing dittos with you and zomg we tied..that means sai is improving
13: Mayling thanks alot for hosting the tournament and letting us chill at your house. your pit iz a beeaassstt
13: Xeroxen / d00d your mario iz soo goood...raaaaah we gotta play more
13: Mister Eric good beepin' games in bracket son and it was fun angin with you this weekend
13: Jon didnt play joo
17: Exiled didnt play joo
17: S2 / hey man we gotta play more lol your zelda's alot stronger than i thought. ggs in the random friendlies
17: Vamp hey nice chatting with u and stuff about random stuff and stuff
17: Greg hey man ggs in bracket i definetly underestimated you...you should learn to travel more. ohio needz moar greg
17: Andrew/Flygon didnt play joo
17: Crash GAAAAAAAH CRAAAAAAAAAAASH IM SOOOOOOOOO SORRY we didnt go to denny's i wanted to hang there soooo fuggin bad. hope that super heart attack breakfast was good tho
17: Seth didnt play joo
17: Airborne didnt play joo
25: TTar hey man nice meeting you keep workin on that joocario its pretty good
25: Composer didnt play joo
25: Payne hey nice meetin you man ggs
25: KassandraNova / NOOOVAAAAAHHHH zomg hangin with u all weekend was hella fun but u gotta sleep mo'...and uh...BUST THAT AZZ
25: Les didnt play joo
25: Today hey it was fun hangin out with you. thanks for letting us stay at your house and eat tacoz and stuff and yellingDAYCIA all weekend was really funny see ya wednesday
25: Shyguy / sup shiggy u gotta stop bein so shyyyyyyy interact with the smashers were cool none of us are rapist remember? (cept maybe hilt;)
25: Will didnt play joo
33: Matthew A didnt play joo
33: Steven Lacklin didnt play joo
33: Yogehi YOGEHIIIIIIIIII your like one of the coolest ppl ive ever met. laying out on the highway with everyone and looking at the stars was soooo relaxing. thanks for bein our taxi all weekend and were all gonna have so much fun at sugoi and eat like waaay moar bloo ice cream!!!!!and uhhh get those shades fix'd
33: Joel Babbitt didnt play joo
33: Kip HA HAA!!! dood i know u can place better man your too cool. c'mon step it up!! and iim totally gonna play u in dissidia at sugoi. sorry i wasnt at denny's
33: Spy i think we played briefly throughout the day but u gotta make yourself more known yo. you'll place higher next time

DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
First of all, just want to say that this tournament was awesome :D
Running out of time wasn't too big of a deal, it all worked out. And we got to have a little COT4 incident haha.

1: Overswarm - Good **** winning, man. Hanging out at the piano was awesome, we'll definitely have to do that again on the 14th. Learn to read sheet music! It's not too difficult if you've learned how to for another instrument (it's how I learned). Also thanks for the confidence between and during matches, even though I know you don't want to root against OH lol
2: Kel - haha, sorry we couldn't make it to canes. Glad you were able to make it though, looking forward to the next time we play, even though I know you aren't wanting to deal with an Olimar lol
3: Infern - I just can't beat you lol. Guess I should start working on the snake matchup
4: Hilt - :x
5: Y.B.M - Glad to know you're not actually mad, haha. But in all seriousness, i enjoyed the set. Looking forward to the next time we play.
5: Smash64 - Yeah those SD's were dumb lol I still say it's in Ness' favor but oh well xD Glad we were finally able to play again.
7: Tactical - Glad you were able to come to a tournament again after so long. Keep it up, man.
7: Xisin - Enjoyed our games, glad we were able to play again. Also, I'm going to beat you one day :p Just want you to know that.
9: Kero - I hate Olimar dittos @_@ Sorry that had to happen. Glad you were able to make it though, and good **** placing top ten.
9: Judo - You're just too good, man. Keep it up, I expect to see you rising up more and more.
9: Sai - Glad you were able to make it sai :D We didn't get to play though :/ We'll have to make sure we do, next time.
9: Count - So glad you all were able to come. Looking forward to the next IN tournament and getting to hang out with you all again
13: Mayling - Good **** beating outplacing all of lex, sans judo, and tying Eric, you're better than you think. I'll be pushing the Kentucky scene to pick itself back up, and it seems lexington may already be well on their way. Had fun at Denny's, sorry for all the problems that happened throughout the day.
13: Xeroxen - You definitely have my respect, haha. We'll have to play more next time, you've gotten a lot better since the last time I faced you.
13: Mister Eric - We didn't get to play this time again =(
17: Exiled - We didn't get to play either lol Actually I don't know if I've ever played you O_o We should change that next time
17: S2 - Great hanging out with ya bro. Always is, haha. Good **** taking a money match off of me as well lol
17: Vamp - Great seeing you again, we didn't get to play though :/ Looking forward to some IN tournaments as well :D
17: Greg/Andrew/Crash - Oh my god, all three luigis tied :laugh:
17: Airborne - Sorry you had to be sick for this :/ Glad you were able to make it to Denny's with us though, it was great :D
25: TTar - Enjoyed the friendlies and the tournament match. Every lucario's taken me to Japes now :D
25: Composer - Sorry you were down during this =( we gotta get KY and IN together and step it up. I'm glad you came though, I would've been sad if you didn't so you gotta make it out to more tournaments! We may be coming to Smash and Coffee so I'll hope to see you there :D
25: KassandraNova - So glad you came <3 Sorry about the whole Denny's/Canes incident, haha. We didn't get to play today either =( We'll have to next time for sure :D
25: Today - You made it ^^ And we got to play too! We didn't get to do those friendlies for me to help you with Olimar, but we'll be sure to next time, kay?
33: Matthew - Glad you made it, seemed like you had a good time :D Make sure you're at the next one so we can get some friendlies
33: Kip - You took a third of our conversation on the way back lol
33: Spy - Great seeing you again spy :D Come to more tournaments with Zero and it'll help you get better fast

Again, all in all the tournament was great. Videos I got recorded (keep in mind there won't be any sound on any of them) will be uploaded to my youtube soon. If you would rather your videos were sent to you instead so that you can upload them yourself, let me know and I'll do so.


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Jun 17, 2007
YO MARVEL Lexington, Kentucky
1: Overswarm: had fun talking smash theory with you again; i always had a passion for just talking about metagame. congrats on winning. also, i'll keep johning about losing to you that time, though you would've won in any situation. XD
2: Kel: didn't talk to you much, but i'll take your idea about trying to find more locals through facebook. congrats on 2nd.
3: Infern: great time talking to you; my "swinus infection" is wearing off a bit and i at least have my voice back now. i'm really leaning on the falco choice right now. great job getting 3rd
4: Hilt: nice job beating YbM! i'm glad i didn't have to play you this time; oli is such a pain. X.X
5: Y.B.M: Cammy dittos were fun... kinda. XD you god kais are too cool. Tell Uncle Phil i said hi. XD
5: Smash64: hey cutie. ;D we had some good games; you are too good at reading.
7: Tactical: fun friendlies. you helped me mix up my recoveries a bit, which is what i really need right now.
7: Xisin: didn't get to play you or talk to you that much. =\ we need to get some games in again...
9: Zero: i need to return your sd card to you!!!
9: Judo: great job getting 9th! i knew you'd do well after all the friendlies we had played for the past month!
9: Sai: didn't play
9: Count: fun doubles match. it was awkward fighting a pokeball while being boshi teaming with empoleon or mewtwo. X.X
13: Mayling: great set! hopefully, i'll beat you next time around. =X great job stepping it up!
13: Xeroxen: fun doubles match indeed.
13: Mister Eric: sorry i went kinda auto-pilot in our match... i could've put up a better fight rather than getting 2-stocked twice.
13: Jon: didn't play
17: Exiled: we shall do better next time! remember, we only got dead last b/c we didn't get a single bye!
17: S2: fun matches. sorry for camping on no fair.
17: Vamp: didn'y play.
17: Greg: great tourny, but i wanted to call out matches... D=
17: Andrew/Flygon: didn't play.
17: Crash: denny's was too fun, sir.
17: Seth: ggs. don't use usmash at 0%! i can punish you!!! also, you need to zair with tlink! it shuts yoshi down hardcore!
17: Airborne: you're garbage. i hate your guts. go main falco or i will castrate you.
25: Composer: fun doubles set. we need to make sure we have team attack on next time! XD
25: Payne: didn't play
25: KassandraNova: yes, halo community is a complete joke.
25: Les: didn't play.
25: Today: didn't play.
25: Shyguy: didn't play.
25: Will: didn't play.
33: Matthew A: didn't play.
33: Steven Lacklin: steve erkle.
33: Yogehi: didn't play.
33: Joel Babbitt: didn't play.
33: Kip: fun games sir. we need to play more SA2: B!!! idc if i get my *** kicked! XD
33: Spy: ggs, sir. for future reference, ROB>falco and Oli>Yoshi. hope to see you at more tournies!!!



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May 29, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Hilt...I want our matches sent to me....Pretty please....thanks.
Oh and hopefully I'll have shout outs before I get Tekken 6... If not then oh well


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Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri

1: Overswarm-Didn't talk as much as we usually do, but thanks for the oli advice and doubles was really fun. Good stuff taking both tournaments, I hope you got enough money to pay for your car.

2: Kel-Good stuff. I'm excited to see how you guys up here do at pound four.

3: Infern-Sorry that I didn't say bye and that we didn't play. I really need snake practice haha but you and smash are just too good. Great job at this tournament especially beating hilt twice who is a tough matchup for you. You've gotten amazingly good.

4: Hilt-$1 MM sonic vs PT must be a consistent thing. Great job at this tournament, you were awesome, you've really been playing well lately. Wish we would've played sometime can't wait to hang out again.

5: Y.B.M-teams was awesome. We went toe to toe with OS and Kel and we didn't drop a game to anybody else. I dunno why but we make a really good team hopefully we can team again sometime. Fun sets in pools/tourney too although I'm kinda annoyed we have to always play each other after we teamed. Secondary friendlies were hilarious.

5: Smash64-I hope you didn't think that I was being cocky and saying that I could beat your ness cause I know thats not the case, it would just be much closer/I'd actually have a chance haha. I don't blame you for going snake at all, thats what I would do if I were you. And don't think I was saying I lost to you only because you were snake either; because you're an amazing player. Good stuff all around today.

7: Tactical-Ugh really wanted to play you. Nice job on 7th especially since you haven't been around for a while.

7: Xisin-Nice job at 7th you can do better though. We gotta MM again sometime since apparently we weren't meant to play in bracket.

9: Zero-Wow, amazing set in bracket, and good job battling through losers. I dunno why I did so well on castle siege I guess I just got on a roll. I was so scared playing you and fortunate to win. Great games.

9: Judo-Didn't play you but watched your sheik. I'm extremely impressed.

9: Sai-Great job! You did well against xisin until you got nervous and you beat Mister Eric which is no small task. All that cincy training is paying off. I think I just have more experience in the ditto than you right now, but you're such a beast on pictochat. I'm pumped to see another diddy step it up lets rep diddy together!

13: Mayling-Amazing tourney thanks so much! And cool pit. I seriously had the best time at this tourney that I have for a while.

13: Xeroxen-Wow, you got so much better. Fun car ride and your mario is so good now. Playing MK along with mario is fine, its tough to go straight mario. Beating Hilt in pools? Gooooooood ****. Although you beating hilt is the reason I had to face s64 so early in losers.. INDIANA!

13: Mister Eric-Fun MM! Rob is always difficult and you never die! Can't wait until we play again, good seeing you.

17: Exiled-Cool talking to you and nice lucario. You just lack diddy practice sorry that I couldn't give you more of that. Keep going to tourneys, you've got a ton of talent.

17: Vamp-Lets rep Indiana! Good stuff at this tourney though, you were playing pretty well at least in the pools matches I watched. Thanks for driving and I can always drive if you get tired.

17: Greg-Great luigi! So smart! I got wrecked on norfair. This tourney was awesome, thanks so much.

17: Crash-We didn't play at this but whatcha doin down here?!?!

17: Airborne-Good talking to you and impressive yoshi. Tough bracket!!

25: TTar-GGs in pools lucario won't die!! You were really tough!

25: Composer-Nice job in this tourney tough loss to kassandra. We can talk about what matchups to use what characters for. Fun trip.

25: KassandraNova-My picture is amazing! Except I think I might've left it at the venue FML! I was so upset when I got back..ugh I really hope it turns up cause I'm like obsessed with that photo.

25: Shyguy-Tough IC/lucas..You have so much potential you just gotta learn matchups I feel like.

33: Kip-Sorry we never friendlied good sonic as always!!

If anybody picked up my picture let me know. Sorry I type so much in these shoutouts!

IN-I will try to step it up and rep us better next time!

edit: dunno if any singles got recorded but I think ybm and i vs OS and kel got recorded..so let me know if anything of me goes up!


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Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
Bump/double post:

Did anybody find my picture? I'm pretty bummed that I lost it.

Is this going to be uploaded to AIB? I like having all my results there.

Anyway this thread needs more shoutouts lol!
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