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Untumbling vid


Smash Rookie
Nov 14, 2010
Holland, MI
I'll have to start trying this. I usually up-air out of tumble to initiate my float, but sometimes that extra height might be useful.


Smash Ace
Jul 7, 2014
Atlanta, GA
The technique described in this video is way more complicated than it needs to be. There's no need to be holding direction during hitstun. All you need to do is press jump while in hitstun and then as soon as you enter tumble smash left or right. Kadano describes the tech in this video around 0:51. It should also be noted that if you still have your double jump and you press jump late in hitstun then you will automatically use your jump on the first frame exiting hitstun. It's a little more complicated than that -- you can watch the video if you want to understand more -- but to be safe, make sure to press jump 21 frames or more before the end of hitstun.
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