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Jun 13, 2013
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Hi there! Are you afraid to have an opinion because you'll be overlooked and disagreed with? Then this thread is the place for you! Share those opinions that you'd typically get flamed for. It can be about game mechanics, modes, characters, stages, Sakurai in general, so long as it pertains to this upcoming Smash game.

The Golden Rule: NO CRITICIZING OTHER POSTERS' OPINIONS. This is NOT a debate thread. Do not post on here if you're going to attack/debate someone for their opinion. If you disagree with somebody and can't follow this rule, I will be upset, and that's probably the worst thing you can do on here (plus I'll totally tell on you and report).

I'll start us off with some controversial opinions:
  • I wish Sakurai stopped being Director of Smash and worked on other series like Kid Icarus, I feel he's too tied down for Smash and can do better things as a director.
  • This game is running a risk of being incredibly unbalanced due to roster size, and I hope that we don't have a huge amount of newcomers in this next game.
  • I enjoy the clone characters, and I think we can keep them for this upcoming game.
  • I'll be upset if they take out Smash Run.
  • Sora has a good chance as a 3rd party DLC fighter.

Share your opinions!

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Feb 27, 2012
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  • i want transformations back! separating Sheik from Zelda and Zero Suit from Samus just didn't feel right.
  • i don't really care if we get another DK character or not
  • i'd have no objections to changing Ganondorf to make him more unique, but thb i don't have any strong objections to him as a Falcon clone either.
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I think we should have far more newcomers who have 'timeless popularity' as King K.Rool, Krystal, Lyn, Banjo-Kazooie, Geno and all the like.

Also I second the notion that Fire Emblem could have a newcomer or two more. It's really not overkill if you consider only Marth, Ike and Robin where planned, and Lucina was a easy addition. Roy was a hugely requested veteran, and Corrin just got extremely lucky. I reallly don't want no cuts in the current Fire Emblem roster either.

I wouldn't mind more balant clone characters at all.

As a matter of fact, I think the smartest approach to most newcomers would be building up as most as they can from current character's movesets. And I think it's likely to happen, considering that all the last 3 DLC characters have been build up from assets of excisting characters as well. Cloud ; Ike. Bayonetta ; Zero Suit Samus. Corrin ; Marth.

Impa is easily the most deserving Zelda newcomer, and the fact they are basing at least Link on BOTW doesn't gurantee a newcomer. Look what happened in Brawl for example, no Twilight Princess newcomer despite all signs pointing towards it design-wise. Toon Link got added instead. Plus, I don't think that adding just ONE of the Champions would be a good idea as none of them have more significance over the others any way.

Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors and Pokken shouldn't be overlooked in terms of inspiration for veteran characters or potential newcomers. I don't get how people want 3rd party characters, but don't want 3rd party content from Nintendo franchises. Canon be damned, this is Smash Bros., where Jigglypuff can beat the ever living crap out of Ganondorf and Mewtwo and make it look effortless.

I really don't want new 3rd party newcomers honestly. I also really think Smash Bros. should've remained a Nintendo-only crossover fighter.

Donkey Kong Country should get 3 newcomers; King K.Rool as a unique character (but might use assets from other fighters, as Bowser), Dixie Kong as a semi-clone of Diddy, and Funky Kong as a Donkey Kong clone. I think the huge neglect of the franchise can easily be fixed through this, and all 3 characters are reasonable additions that would please a lot of people. And if not for King K.Rool, Cranky Kong is also still a option.

Sakurai is the Massive Hero Smash Bros. needs. There won't ever be another director as dedicated as him. Smash Bros. is his baby, let him father it forever.
Aug 12, 2012
-I don't think Kid Icarus is overrepresented. I would easily be happy with Viridi, Medusa, and Hades joining the roster, as they all have a ton of moveset potential and are fun characters in their own right.

-I don't think clones are that big of a deal; they don't take a ton of development time and while they don't add much to the game, they don't take away much either.

-I think Sans could be an interesting fighter, and I like the idea of having him.

-I think certain 3rd party franchises should get a second character, such as Sonic (Tails), Mega Man (Zero), and Final Fantasy (Terra Branford or Black Mage with a Vivi skin).


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Aug 10, 2011
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K. Rool is my least wanted of the four DK newcomer options that get brought up (out of him, Dixie, Cranky, and Funky). Most of that can be blamed on his support base...which sucks, because I used to really want him in. Then the ballot days happened. :/

Chrom would have been, and still would be, an awesome addition.

Fire Emblem in general could easily get a newcomer. I'm pulling for Celica. I also think Roy is far more likely to be cut than Lucina is.

I'd take Elma over Rex and Pyra any day, since the latter's designs ruin them for me.

If it comes down to it, it's more important to have the Ice Climbers than 8Player Smash.

This'll be Waluigi's game. Calling it now.

Mipha is incredibly likely, while Isabelle is a borderline shoo in who I'd be shocked if she were left out.

Being part of the Original 12 isn't a guaranteed entry pass. If it were, there wouldn't have been internal debate early on over whether to cut Ness or Lucas, as per the Gematsu leak. If being part of the Original 12 mattered, it wouldn't have even been a question.

I'd take the Rabbids over Rayman any day.

Marth (and Roy if he returns) not getting his English voice this time would be beyond stupid, and outright disrespectful.

I greatly dislike Doctor Mario, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus due to being on the roster twice, no matter how unique they are. Toon Link is fine since it's not the same Link, and Sheik would have been fine if she didn't outright transform into Zelda in Brawl with a TP design. These types of additions just irk me kind of.

If Pokémon were to be cut down to two characters, it'd be Pikachu and Lucario. That's how important Lucario is, so I don't get why people think he'd be cut.

I would be a-okay with Captain Falcon not returning, but obviously he's coming back.

Crash had a shot before N. Sane Trilogy came to Switch.


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Dec 17, 2017
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K. Rool is my least wanted of the four DK newcomer options that get brought up (out of him, Dixie, Cranky, and Funky). Most of that can be blamed on his support base...which sucks, because I used to really want him in. Then the ballot days happened. :/
Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one.


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Jul 22, 2013
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I think Rex gets way too much flak. His and Pyra's design are perfectly fine. It's just so saddening to think that if Rex gets announced my hype will fade from all the complaining that will most likely happen.

I don't think clones are promblamatic in any capcity. It's absolutely fine if the clones we got in smash 4 come back and don't get changed.

I feel like people put way too much stock into the idea of having "new blood" for smash. I feel like anyone who takes over the smash series if Sakurai decideds to stop would just try to mimic Sakurai. They would just be a lesser Sakurai pretty much.

I prefer talking about first parties rather than third parties. I ultimately care more about Nintendo stuff, but even ignoring that 3rd parties are way too unpredictable for me to really care all that much. I'll just let whatever happens happen and see what Sakurai has whats in store for them.

I want Pichu back.


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Mar 3, 2014
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Waluigi isn't likely to get in Smash and shouldn't get in Smash.

Captain Toad should be in and would have a unique moveset, more of one than any other possible Mario newcomer.

Instead of adding 15+ newcomers, they should add a smaller amount of newcomers but bring back Ice Climbers, Wolf, and Squirtle and Ivysaur.

Shantae would be the best indie character.

Not Smash 5 really but Cloud wasn't a great addition.

Daisy would be funner and better than what people give her credit for. She's also more deserving of a spot than some of the characters already on the roster.

If Fire Emblem gets a newcomer it should be Anna. No one else. Tiki would be fine but if they can't do Ridley IDK how they'll do Tiki.
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Apr 27, 2018
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-I really hope that more Xenoblade content gets put in other than Rex and Pyra. It would be to see someone like Cross or Elma from X or possibly even a stage like Primordia.
-Fire Emblem has a lot of characters but I don't think it'd hurt to add more like maybe Celica, Lyn, or maybe even Anna.
-Waluigi is gross keep him as an assist trophy.
-Indie characters shouldn't be considered for anything more than assist trophies.
-Even though we have two Links already I wanna see young Link come back :(


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Aug 13, 2013
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-Kirby is the veteran franchise that "deserves" more characters than any other, considering it has only 3 characters, the insane amount of games it gets (also, GOOD games) and the amount of possible and cool characters it has. It could have more than 4 with no problem.

-Kirby will not be "complete" until we get Bandana Dee.

-Rabbids are cool.

-Pichu is my most wanted veteran.

-Characters that look like "anime" humans are uninteresting to me (FE, Xenoblade, Golden Sun, etc.).

-Ridley is not too big.

-I don't want Bayonetta nerfs, buff the other characters instead.

-Bewear would be cooler than Decidueye, Mimikyu and the other popular picks.

-Waluigi would feel out of place, he is just too unimportant to the Mario and Wario franchises.

-Animal Crossing is totally fine with just Villager.

-Balloon Fighter has no chances.

-I would not mind at all if Ice Climbers don't come back.

-Paper Mario would be cool, even if he is just another Mario.

-I don't see a Zelda newcomer as likely and tbh I don't really want one, just fix Ganondorf.

-It would be cool to have second characters from third party franchises that are in Smash, like Zero, Jeanne, Shadow, etc.

-Give me Plants vs. Zombies representation, at least a trophy.

-I wouldn't want the Parasol ability in Bandana Dee's moveset, even if it adds more variety.
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Jul 19, 2014
Nice thread. Got a couple of good ones:

Waluigi is an awful choice for a character. He could represent the Mario spin-offs, but the Mario spin-offs are mediocre quality cashgrabs compared to all the other game franchises Nintendo has published.

I want Fiora, Elma, Rex, Celica and Takumi to make it, idc about "representation" or whatever. Moveset potential > all other things.

I hope they tone down the third party department. Keep it Nintendo. Maybe one new third party if some/any of the old ones don't make it back. If there's one, it should be one that's actually closely tied to Nintendo (example: Travis and Bayonetta, maybe KOS MOS because of XB2 and monolith). Crash and Spyro are so awful choices I can't even believe people are actually suggesting them. Same goes for indies. Snake, while I liked him, was a mistake that opened the floodgates, and they should be closed quickly. I want to play a Nintendo all-star game, not MUGEN.


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Feb 14, 2016
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I want :4lucina: to stay, I enjoy being able to pick her when struggling to space my tippers or having trouble with certain MUs. IMO, clones only add slots and idk why people complain so much about them. Having an alternative approach to certain characters movesets is a great option to have at times.


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Nov 10, 2013
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Didn't see anything in the rules about only one post per person, so here's another post with more opinions I just thought of.
  • Ridley sounds like a boring character, and while I respect the fact that a lot of people want him, I personally don't care for him. And this comes from an avid fan of the Metroid series.
  • Clones are not a big deal, and Smash should keep them around to help bolster the roster's size.
  • Third-parties are a welcome addition to Smash Bros, and I'd be more than fine with Sakurai adding more of them.
  • While I agree that Sakurai needs to take a break from Smash for a long time, I wouldn't want him to pass the torch to someone else. This is a series that should only ever be made with Sakurai at the helm.
  • This one's quite the controversial opinion. While most meme-picks are stupid and should never be anywhere close to Smash... I wouldn't complain if they added Goku to this game.


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Oct 1, 2016
I do not and have never cared about tiers, character balance, or tournaments.

I don't understand why some people are okay with characters being costumes of other characters, but they don't want them to be clones with their own slot on the roster.

I actually really LIKE the colored costumes they use and would rather not have characters with tons of costumes instead.

Anybody who argues against a character by saying they aren't relevant or they're too obscure doesn't really have any argument at all. Nintendo's character choices don't always make sense and I LIKE it like that.

I'm fine with multiple 3rd party reps. If Nintendo want to let Capcom (or whoever) put four of their characters in the game, I'm all for it... as long as they're good choices.

For that matter, there are quite a few 3rd party character that feel more "Nintendo" or have more history with Nintendo than some of Nintendo's own characters. Megaman and Sonic? It feels like they're coming home.

If anything the Mario series doesn't have ENOUGH reps.

Nobody ever talks about the trophies in these games but they're one of my favorite parts.


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Jan 24, 2015
I would like to have more AT and Trophies; even for characters that I would like as playable but aren't currently considered likely like Dark Matter.

I'm okay with most of the decision that Sakurai had done, and in fact, the only character selection that I found questionable is Corrin (but that is mostly because of my own bias, I started eventually to find that it make more sense the decision than I though).

And in the other hand, it's hard to hype me about a character nowadays, most of them I feel them very similar (The "They're cool and I would like them" opinion) because I'm not that attached to them... I'm more hyped about the reveal itself than the actual character... Unless it's one of few selected character that I actually feel attached.
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-Lucina is one of my least favorite characters in fiction in general, to the point she feels like a marketing hack. I would like for her to not come back in Smash at all, not even as an alt. I despise her that much.

-There's no retro that has a chance outside of Takamaru and maaaaaayyyyyybe Excitebiker, Urban Champion and Balloon Fighter, if only because of lack of recognotition (because almost every other retro has the Japan-Only issue that Takamaru suffered before Smash 4, and in the case of Mike Jones it's a complete reversal) anyone else is too obsucre .

-I would rather have Cloud Strife over Pac-Man, Bayonetta and Ryu. Hell the thrid parties could be Simon Belmont, Mega Man, Sonic, Bomberman and Cloud and i would gladly take that over almost any third party outcome.

-The only third parties i want in Smash nowadays are Simon Belmont and Bomberman. Anyone else (even Snake) would make me feel overwhelmed by having too much third parties, especially if all 3rd parties return (i would feel this way too if Simon Belmont and Bomberman were added alongside all returning third parties, but at the very least that would mean i could play a Simon Vs BomberMan Vs Mega Man vs Sonic vs Cloud match, and that would be cool)

-I could sacrifice almost every Smash 4 newcomer for Mewtwo (except Mega Man and Little Mac). Palutena, Corrin, Robin, Duck Hunt, Miis (all classes) Greninja, Ryu, Pac-Man, etc.

-Wario's moveset in Smash is one of the most dissapointing movesets i have ever seen. Farts? really? and yea i get that the japanese manuals stated stuff about Wario beign gross, but for me that does not justify Wario using it as an attack. He uses his brute strenght to defeat enemies, not farting. I want him to use abilities from his games, like his butt stomp as a down aerial, his throw from the Wario Land series as a foward throw, the Shake abilitiy as a grab and pummel and lastly, The Shoulder Bash should have been a Special move (either a neutral or side special) instead of beign relegated to a foward Smash, only to be removed in Smash 4 for really stupid reasons. Wario is like a mixture between Scrouge McDuck and Bluto, a brute jerk who loves money more than anything else, not Bacterian from Dragon Ball, and yet his moveset seem to be more like the latter.

-I also hate how Sakurai and his team have ignored Wario Land in general. No stages, no music outside of one song (which was based on Wario's victory theme from Brawl which was entirely made up) no Assist Trophies, no Trophies, etc. Im really pissed as to how they pretend as if only WaioWare was important, and that has made me kinda resent the series to a very small degree (i still like the series though, and i know at the end of the day that it's Sakurai's problem since he's ignoring the WL games)

-Samus's moveset also sucks. It's really sad when a Mii Gunner with a Samus costume is a much better representation of Samus than Samus herself. Such a great idea of a moveset redesign, wasted on a Mii moveset.

-Im okay with Zelda have less characters than FE. There's no Zelda character aside from Pig Ganon that interests me. I mean if it wasn't by the heavy amount of FE characters, i woulnd't mind Lyn or even Chrom, but with that said......

-The only FE characters i want in Smash are Roy and Ike (and maybe Marth because not having the supposed mascot would be weird), anybody else can go away for all i care.

-Mewtwo's return>Any potential gen 7 newcomer or any other returning Pokémon veteran outside of Pikachu and Charizard (sorry Jiggs)

-If Gooey was a Kirby series mainstay (like a companion to Kirby like what Tails is to Sonic) i would prefer him over Bandanna Dee, since i find him more appealing.

-Funky Kong is nothing but a pointless bandwagon that will dissapear after DLC for Smash Switch starts, just like Cranky Kong back during the Wii U Tropical Freeze days. When Retro makes a new DKC game, people will bandwagon any new playable Kong like Kiddy or even Candy.

-Bayonetta is my least favorite inclusion in Smash since Pichu.

-Kid Icarus should not have more Smash Run enemies than Mario, no matter the circumstance.

-While i don't like Corrin at all, i have some sympathy for his Male counterpart because of the rabid and annyoing female Corrin fans that act all superior, i woulnd't mind Corrin gettin back with only the Male counterpart because Female Corrin fans are so horrid they have turned me off from that character entirely (i have stumbled upon some people i tell ya) more than i already was.


-If Geno was recurring enough (like Waluigi levels of recurring at the very least) and wasn't owned by Square Enix, i would support him for Smash. He has the moveset and he's very charming character with concepts you don't see often (a guardian angel that posseses what is basically a hyrbid between a wooden puppet and an action figure) but he's not recurring enough and is owned by Square.

-I don't like Rosalina's inlcusion in Smash 4 at all. Not only is the moveset made up (which usually is something i dislike, especially if the cahracter has actual source material to work into a moveset) but it is one of the most baffling ones ever. Using what are essentially your children as Stands? What?

-While i can tolerate almost third party, from the famous Lara Croft or Rayman or the Indies like Shovel Knigth or Shantae to even obscure ones like Plok, having a Senran Kagura character in Smash would probably make me consider drop the series entirely. To Quote Jontron, "it's like putting Gravy on Skittles".

-Speakin about that, i don't want Adult-rated characters in Smash outside of Simon Belmont (depending if we count it as a mature franchise) Ryu Hayabusa (and i would rather have the NES incarnation) and maybe Snake and Cloud (again, depends if FF is that mature since FF7 is rated Teen) anyone else can go away (that includes you too Bayo)

-I don't want Third Parties franchise to have more than one character. It would make too cumbersome and bloated and would devalue Third Party franchises. So no Chun Li, no Tails, no Terra/Noctis/Cecil/whatever/, no Jeanne, no Zero, etc.

-Pig Ganon is the only Zelda newcomer i want, but i would gladly trade if Ganondorf got a moveset overhaul.

-Ridley is the only worthy Metroid newcomer and anyone doesn't even come close in terms of importance and prominence. If Ridley is really too big for Smash, then Metroid will not get a newcomer.

-I don't want Indies in Smash, but if it hapens: Quote > Shovel Knight and the rest.

-I wouldn't mind cuts in Smash at this point, otherwise the roster would get too bloated. I don't care about most Smash 4 newcomers or even some veterans from prior games. As long as Mewtwo, Roy, Lucas, Mega Man and Little Mac are in the game, im okay with the others beign cut (altough i know some of those characters are likely to be cut, so this likely will bite me in the ass)

-Stage Hazard Toggle>Omega Mode.

-I don't believe a franchise "needs reps", but rather that a franchise should expand is roster based if there's any other chacracters in that franchise that are popular and important and have talent that could bring to the game (see DKC) otherwise it should stay the way it is (see F-Zero, Pikmin and Yoshi) however i do believe there's a tipping point in which a franchise overestimates its number of characters and should not add more characters, otherwise it feels that it's taking away time and manpower that could be used elsewhere (see FE, where outside of maybe Lyn there's really no new character that could be added that is appealing, popular or prominent enough to be added) unless the franchise and its characters are popular and important enough (see Mario)

-I don't like the "flavor of the month" approach that a lot of people seem to take nowadays with Smash.

-While i agree that Nintendo newcomers should be the main priority in Smash, i would rahter have Mega Man over a lot of Nintendo characters in general, from K.Rool to Waluigi to Ike to Bowser Jr to Olimar to Balloon Fighter to even Lucas and Roy. He's basically Nintendo's stepson to me and i have a huge attachtment towards him since he is basically my childhood hero. The only exception is Mewtwo because if you couldn't tell, Mewtwo is not only my favorite Pokémon and my favorite Nintendo character, he's one of my favorite characters in all media, right alongside the Eds and Buzz Lightyear. That Pokémon SHOULD be a mainstay in my eyes, no ifs and buts. Little Mac is sort of a distant third from these 2.

-I would rather have Sakurai pass the torch to someone else being the new director.

-"MUH UNIQUENESS" is overstated. Most of these "unique" movesets are either made up nonesense (Rosalina) make the character a hassle to play as (Ryu) make the character suck (Palutena) or make them ridicoulsy overpowered (Bayo). Im not saying that uniquness is not important, but if that's your best argument for a character (instead of having an actual fanbase, beign prominent and important and basically any other reason) then sorry, im not gonna be intersed in that character beign in a CROSSOVER FIGHTING GAME that is supposed to have characters that people ACTUALLY care about instead of thinking that some random nobody with a "SUPER MEGA UNIQUE (and very cumbersome) MOVESET THAT NO ONE ELSE (actually a lot of characters could have a similar moveset if Sakuai wasn't so petty with moveset changes) CAN HAVE" shtick is somehow the best choice.

-I don't like how Sakurai is so stingy in not updating movesets. "IT WILL ALLIENATE PLAYERS 1111!11". Yeah sure, i remember when people were so alienated when Bowser stopped behaving like some Kaiju and instead acted more like a brute he's supposed to be from the Mario series. God Forbid Ganondorf actually using Magic and Swords (or Tridents in case people really have SwordPhobia) instead of being a crappy Captain Falcon clone that goes around punching people with dark electric effects (one or two attacks like that would ok, but it should NOT be the basis of his entire moveset) or Samus actually user her Arm Cannon more often instead of punching and kicking, or even worse, WARIO USING HIS SHOULDER BASH! OH NO THE HORROR!

Cant' have characters be updated to be more faithful to the source material apparently.
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Dec 24, 2001
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Oh man, I got loads!

Mario deserves as many reps as it wants to have. Fight me. I hope we get at least two new ones. Hell, throw us a third one and I wouldn't complain.

I adore the Mario series, but Rosalina was a really questionable choice at the time of her reveal. Bear in mind this was pre-Bowser Jr reveal and her biggest role prior to a sudden shock secret appearance as a playable in 3D World was being a glorified taxi driver, I'd have never have pinned her as the next most important Mario character. Toad, Jr and even Waluigi and Daisy seemed to have more to fall back on than her.

Peach and Rosalina are both out of character by forcing their loving subjects and 'children' into battle for them. This has always bothered me.

Mario himself should have a moveset that allows him to be more mobile. For Jumpman he's got surprisingly little jump skills in his moveset.

Pokemon likewise can fill quarter of the roster if it wanted, it's earnt that right with sales, world wide fame and overall importance.

That said, I don't like a single one of the new popular Pokemon picks for 5mash and am actively groaning at the idea of shoehorning in an Alola rep without proven lasting popularity. Sure, Smash will HELP towards that, but it feels ass backwards to me.

Tails would get me more hyped than any Nintendo character not called Toad. Actually Tails is about the only third party who'd even have genuine hype for me. Crash, Rayman and Sora? Nothing. Bomberman? Bit better but still not a must have. If I felt the guests should get a second character I'd be one of the loudest Tails supporters on the site.

Takamaru is bland, he's the most generic looking samurai design I can think of, and I'm not sure why after everyone's complaints in the Sm4sh speculation scene there was active disappointment when we got Duck Hunt instead of another swordsman. With blue hair.

K. Rool is greatly overrated both in terms of character and chance on these boards. For a guy who can't even get into his own series recently it's bizarre he's such an obvious must have. Get him into modern DK again and then maybe I'll support.

Geno doesn't deserve jack until he makes a resurgance in the Mario franchise. Which I'd be for. The idea of Geno competing with even Daisy as a serious representative of the Mario franchise is frankly ridiculous to me. I'm not even sure why he gets more love than Mallow, who at least had a character arc in the game...

I want Chibi-Robo to get in mostly because I think the series deserves more love. It's a neat game franchise that people slept on.

Slippy Toad with a moveset based on Starfox Guard is far more interesting to me than either Wolf returning or Krystal with her staff.

Inklings reveal alone has already made the newcomer selection of 5mash more interesting than Sm4sh's entire Nintendo lineup. Duck Hunt, Jr, Robin and Little Mac were the only ones vaguely interesting.

I couldn't care if the Ice Climbers never return. They were always my least favourite characters to play as.

I'd happily take Fire Emblem Heroes Summoner as the next FE rep. Just have him summon all the semi popular and unlikely characters to fight for his attacks and BAM, all the Fire Emblem representation you could ever want without dedicating more space to inevitable Marth clones.

I was absolutely dreading Chrom getting into Sm4sh, but after he's managed to stay relevant in all the FE spinoffs even after Fates arrived, seeing him get his ass kicked by Captain Falcon, Robin and Lucina getting in in his place and seeing Viridi mock him in Sm4sh, I feel he deserves to get his chance this time round. Ironically by watching Smash kick him down I've become a bigger fan of him.

Although I support Bandana Dee, if Gooey got in as the Kirby character in his place I'd be equally delighted. I really like that dumb ball of dark matter.

I'd sacrifice every single Pokemon character except Pikachu to get a playable Meowth in this game with team rocket references. Yep, even Mewtwo.
Mar 12, 2018
  • When you realize Fire Emblem has almost 30 years and over 15 games, it really doesn't seem as overrepresented in Smash as many people would think. The problem is that certain series are underrepresented (Zelda, Donkey Kong)
  • Same with Mario. 7 (no, Yoshi, DK and Wario represent their own series) characters is a really ok number for Nintendo's and gaming's most successful franchise of all time. If anything, it needs a couple more (per Smash game)
  • Clones are cool. They don't take much development time and are a nice way to represent characters that wouldn't be considered otherwise since they in theory aren't too unique (Lucina, Dr. Mario, Falco), but I think if they return in a future game, they should become semiclones if possible. Also, the idea of making "alternate costumes with different attributes" just to free up space in CSS makes absolutely no sense and is terrible
  • On the clone subject, I'm lowkey hoping Alph is separated from Olimar (adding Rock Pikmin), plus maybe Octoling as a Inkling clone???? That could be rly fun
  • Cloud should be cut, has no business in a Nintendo crossover
  • On third parties, I'd rather have no new ones this time around, even though it's impossible. I'm lowkey afraid Smash is becoming a gaming crossover instead of a celebration of Nintendo
  • I'm not actively rooting for Charizard to be cut but I never really cared for it ever since it became a standalone fighter. It as part of the Pokémon Trainer was way better, the only case of a character not being benefited by not being part of the transformation gimmick
  • I want Donkey Kong and/or especially Xenoblade to have the boom in content that Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem had in SSB4. I mean, Dixie or K. Rool? Elma or Rex? Primordia or Mor Ardain? Give me them all!
  • I'd love to see more Wii Fit Trainer-esque characters in Smash
  • I actually love it when stages are really gimmicky, even though I do think stage hazards and especially bosses should be toggleable
  • I want Ridley in Smash not only because he's amazing and cool. I also want him because Metroid currently has NONE other viable options. Dark Samus would become a clone if history tells us anything, Sylux just appeared in one spinoff (and while multiple teases have been made about his return in Prime 4, Prime 4 has not happened yet, by then I think he will be viable though) and... Rundas is kind of irrelevant nowadays and isn't even that important to Metroid from what I know.
  • EDIT, new one: A sword is just a weapon. Every single swordsman character in Smash, not counting clones, use their swords in different stances or has a different gimmick. So no, there's nothing as "too many swordsmen". If anything we're lacking them, since some tropes such as dual-wielders or samurais have not been represented yet
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Much of the support I've seen for certain third party characters seems like bandwagoning to me. Specifically, whenever a third party game gets announced for Switch, it usually results in "OMG PUT THEM IN SMASH SAKURAI!!!111!!11!" or something along those lines. I'm not saying it's wrong to support these characters (heck, I'd genuinely love to have Crash in Smash, even if the N. Sane Trilogy didn't come to Switch), but sometimes I feel like said support has little to do with any passion or interest in them.
Jul 12, 2014
An elevator
You know what. **** it. I have two.

1. Saying things are bad because they're "anime" is lazy as ****. ow, a Japanese company generally has characters that fit the Japanese artstyle. Who would have guessed. What is even the alternative? Have characters like Marth look like they were made in a Ren and Stimpy cartoon?

2. Smash shouldn't be looked at like a statistics problem. People come into smash like everything needs to fill a quote.

"we need exactly 4 reps from X, 3 reps for Y, and B doesn't deserve anything."

Get outta here with that noise. Smash is about so much more than just logos and series. We play characters, not reps. I dont know why people care so much about where a character or an item or a stage comes from instead of the actual content itself and whether it's fun. Games are about fun but some people seem to try and have the least fun problem as if smash is a job and hey need to make sure all the right boxes are checked. Like, I get having a franchise you love. It's fine. I love Kid Icarus and Xenoblade.

But we have people tearing other people and other things down because that isn't what they like. Everything has to fit their (often times extremely) specific needs. We can't all get every single thing we want. Live a little. Play some games. Branch out from more than just one or two series/characters.
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Jan 24, 2015
Much of the support I've seen for certain third party characters seems like bandwagoning to me. Specifically, whenever a third party game gets announced for Switch, it usually results in "OMG PUT THEM IN SMASH SAKURAI!!!111!!11!" or something along those lines. I'm not saying it's wrong to support these characters (heck, I'd genuinely love to have Crash in Smash, even if the N. Sane Trilogy didn't come to Switch), but sometimes I feel like said support has little to do with any passion or interest in them.
Yeah... I have a problem with bandwagon support too... unless the character actually looks appealing to me and filled of potential (like Decidueye or the Inklings) I find the support... soulless.

I'm that kind of people that most of his wanted character are old favorites, new favorites and characters that the biggest and most dedicate fandoms in Smash make me like.
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Jul 9, 2013
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Is still wanting Ridley in Smash considered an unpopular opinion? :p

Also, there are a lot of characters I could see work in Smash and be very cool, as well as think they have a decent chance at getting in, but I don't particularly desire to see in Smash. I can at least imagine they'd make a lot of people happy.

I guess that's got to do with the fact that the character I would absolutely adore to see in Smash are very unlikely (either for being 3rd party or obscure or both), or have been denied entry multiple times when I feel like they should've made it in last game (no points to those that guess who I'm talking about).

I dunno, I think last game's speculation period has been such a roller coaster it drained me to the point I can't care about talking about predictions and what not anymore (specially since we don't know jack about this new game so far), and just leave things at "I think this character would be cool in Smash" or "I want this character in Smash and that's all I'll say about it".
Apr 4, 2015
Some of these may not be unpopular, but will fire away anyway.

- Don't see the appeal for Daisy, there are far more valid Mario newcomers like Captain Toad and Paper Mario available. Even Waluigi.

- Xenoblade is a burgeoning franchise which would merit more than one new character. Donkey Kong, while not as burgeoning, is in the same boat.

- I'd love to see Heihachi and think he is a dark horse this time round.

- Earthbound and F-Zero are fine as is, there is no need for more representation from these franchises.

- Give me a proper Ganondorf before any Zelda newcomer.

- At this point in time, the 3 Zelda champions are more suited to assist trophies rather than separate characters.

- People overstate the "awful reactions" from certain fan bases over certain characters not making Smash 4

You look at the character individually with their own merits, characteristics, what they bring to the table and make a judgement on that character there. In general, using a few bad eggs from a fan base and tarring a whole group with the same brush, while using that as an excuse to not want a character is, with all due respect, a piss weak excuse and a cop out.

- Ryu, Sonic, Pac Man and Cloud are always welcome in Smash. Hoping for them to all return.

- Keep the Mii's
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Jan 20, 2018
I'd rather have Princess Daisy than Waluigi, Captain Toad, Odyssey Mario, Paper Mario, Pauline, Geno, or any other Mario rep. Waluigi is the closest second, but I feel his moveset would be too meme-y or get stale after a while (unless it's a serious moveset). Even so, I believe Daisy could better represent the Mario Sports games.

I'd also prefer Count Bleck over Paper Mario, any day. Super Paper Mario is my favorite game of all time, and I just love Count Bleck as a character. We need more villain characters (Even if Bleck isn't *really* bad) and mages, and Count Bleck could cover both as well as provide a rep for an honestly rapidly dying franchise.


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Jun 8, 2017
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  • Clones are cool.
  • Marx is actually likely for DLC (Assuming Dee gets in the base game). Who's left? Adeline, the Painter who's niche was filled by Inkling? Magalor, who is very similar to Marx?
  • I couldn't care less about Ridley, K.Rool, and Issac
  • Kirby is the most likely franchise to get two or more characters
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Jan 23, 2014
Dark Pit was a super cool character and he deserves a decent rework.

I think Joker or some other Atlus character has a notable chance of being in the game and should not be overlooked.


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Aug 8, 2015
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Just some of my opinions that I think are unpopular nya? I don't nyo nya.
  • The "give Mario Cappy and let him possess opponents" idea would make Mario hated in smash nya.
  • Nyothing is wrong with one series getting more neucomers than nyanother nya.
  • I don't think smash needs a indie rep nya.
  • I like Jibanyan, it's cute nya.
  • Daisy deserves to be in smash nya, even if I wanya punch her face nya.
  • A simple survival type mode that isn't multi-man smash should exist nya.
  • Brinstar Depths should return nya.
  • Pichu returning would be great nya.
  • Smash 5 will be the unoffical sequel to Cat Soup nya.
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