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University Of Minnesota Monthly #4


Smash Cadet
Nov 28, 2014

Melee Singles

1st Slayer ($355)
2nd Triiple R ($142)
3rd Deepak ($106)
4th SmashGuy ($71)
5th Wake ($40)
6th Dairy ($10)
7th Greg
7th Veklor
9th AbsentPage
9th Chexr
9th Sync
9th Rattigan
13th Maxy B
13th Kyle
13th ePope0712
13th YoshQ
17th Ergo
17th s0ul
17th Ganon the Beast
17th Friendly Neighborhood Puff
17th Nakamaman
17th Hypr
17th Coast
17th Senketsu
25th Zora
25th Karma
25th Loring
25th Jazz
25th Duduheadscrub
25th Shiro
25th SMK
25th ElectricityScientist

Melee Doubles
1st - Slayer/Triple R ($66)
2nd - Maxy B/Wake ($33)
3rd - Aarosmashguy/Chexr ($11)
4th - Veklor/TD
5th - Deepak/Sync
5th - Amanze/Rat
7th - Doomedo/bphansucks
7th - Jibca/Kyle
9th - QMAZ/_
9th - Sunken/amae
9th - Wack?/Toast

PM Singles
1st Chexr ($235)
2nd SmashGuy ($117)
3rd Connor ($70)
4th Jax ($47)
5th coast ($10)
5th TD | Rattigan ($10)
7th TD
7th ePope0712
9th Ayman
9th Veklor
9th Retro
9th Kyle
13th s0ul
13th Karma
13th Quibblez
13th YoshQ
17th Lord
17th SMK
17th Red Joker
17th Zora
17th Jibca
17th ODC | Count Gooby
17th Duduheadscrub
17th Raz
25th Sunken
25th OC
25th Nappz
25th Shucklin
25th Jazz
25th Steve Harvey
25th Zinger
25th reebs
33rd placeholder
33rd soul
33rd Lance
33rd BMO
33rd EpicDude
33rd Wisely
33rd Misuse
33rd WC | Slinky
33rd WC | Dionyses
33rd barp
33rd Hooston
33rd The Suavacado
33rd amae
33rd Gonzo
33rd Aloha

Smash 4 Singles
1st Ayman ($225)
2nd Ganon the Beast ($112)
3rd Triple R ($67)
4th WC | Grampa Josh ($45)
5th WC | Dionyses ($10)
5th Xeelt ($10)
7th WC | cheeky
7th **** McGuillicuddy
9th ODC | Count Gooby
9th superturtle
9th WC | Slinky
9th Prince Kirby
13th YoshQ
13th Gluttony
13th Chexr
13th ODC | Ninjalens
17th Denlock
17th CPU1
17th RDS
17th SirRobit
17th Jibca
17th Maxy B
17th _
17th Reven
25th KingBen4Life
25th Chappy
25th Retro
25th QMAX
25th Steve Harvey
25th WC | Burke
25th amz
25th Kanbie
33rd Wack?
33rd 8resolution
33rd Warm Up
33rd Swearword
33rd ODC | Snowstorm
33rd Gublash
33rd Lt Wheat
33rd trippybutter
33rd WC | Sweats
33rd The Manwich
33rd Deathlocke
33rd Pockets
33rd coast

Smash 4 Doubles
1st - Ayman/Chexr ($84)
2nd - GanonTheBeast/Price Kirby ($42)
3rd - Triple R/YoshQ ($14)
4th - WC|Cheeky/WC|Grampa Josh
5th - Jaaahsh/Pockets
5th - WC|Slinky/WC|Dionysus
7th - ODC|Count Gooby/ODC|Ninjalens
7th - Lt Wheat/Reven
9th - SirRobit/WC|Sweats
9th - Gublash/RDS
9th - Steve Harvey/The Manwich
9th - CPU1/KingBen4Life
13th - amz/reebs
13th - Wack?/superturtle

Thanks to everone who came out. This was an amazing tournament filled with many amazing players including Slayer, Chexr, Aarosmashguy, Wake, Triple R, Deepak, AbsentPage, HTAG, and Amanze.
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