Uniracer: A Worthy Rockstar Rep


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Nov 9, 2015
World 1-2
Name: Uniracer
First Game Appearance: Uniracers (Unirally in Europe)
Platform: SNES

Why should a Uniracer be in Smash?
Rockstar is upping support for the Switch. Uniracer would be a unique character, with most of its moves increasing its speed.

Reasons it might not happen:
It has never been released in Japan
There is no Uniracers game coming soon (as far as we know)

Alt. Costumes:

There are 16 different racer colors in Uniracers, any of them could be the Uniracer's costumes.

Special Moves:

B: Zip (similar to Jigglypuff's Rollout, but faster, weaker, and doesn't need charging, increases speed)

Forward+B: Twist (does a 360-degree spin, increases speed)

Down+B: Wipeout (Turns upside-down while it bounces on the ground, loses gained speed)

Up+B: Flip (does a flip, increases speed)

If it stops moving, its gained speed is lost.

Final Smash: Anti-Uni (Summons the Anti-Uni, making the stage harder to fight on by effects such as upside down screen, reversed controls, enabling tripping, etc.)


Up: Leans back and forth while rotating

Side: Imitates Sonic's side taunt, then laughs

Down: Bashes its head/seat against the ground, dealing damage

Entrance: Rolls down a spiral-shaped track, while the track magically disappears.

NOTE: Some of its A-Moves are parts of itself hitting its opponent. Sometimes it magically uses the track for some of its moves.

Credit to parrothead for original thread.

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