Underrated Characters In Smash Bros. Ultimate


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Jun 23, 2019
Today's post is about characters that are underrated in Smash Bros. Ultimate. These characters are not in any specific order. Let's begin!

1. Mewtwo:ultmewtwo:

This character deserves more credit. I think he's been falling down the tier list, but he is still a good character.

He has a really good projectile: Shadow Ball, his reflector is good, he is great at recovering, and he has strong smash attacks.

He was nerfed in this game, but he is still great!

2. Toon Link:ulttoonlink:

Now, I can agree that Toon Link is the worst out of all the three links, but he is a solid character.

He's similar to Young Link, but worse.

His bombs are worse than BOTW Link's.

His Side Smash is worse.

But, he is better at killing.

I don't have too much to say about him other than he is solid.

3. Ice Climbers:ulticeclimbers:

The Ice Climbers are fun to play. BUT THEY ARE VERY UNDERRATED!!!

They have a useful thing called desyncing where you can control separate Ice Climbers.

They have 0 to death combos.

I think they are high tier. People sleep on them really hard.

4. Ridley:ultridley:

Ridley is extremely underrated in this game.

He has a powerful down special, Skewer.

I love his side special, Space Pirate Rush.

He is definitely better than Charizard. (I brought this up, because they're both dragons.)

Overall, Ridley is EXTREMELY underrated.

5. Shulk:ultshulk:

I don't really see people talking about Shulk. He is a great character.

His Monado arts are good.

His recovery isn't great.

His counter is okay.

People should really discuss this character more.

6. Pac-Man:ultpacman:

People who see Pac-Man as low tier really need to play him more.

If you're like me and Zero, you think Pac-Man is high tier.

He is good at recovering.

You're going to be using Neutral B often. (probably the bell or the key.)

Fire hydrant is good to use.

Can I get a hallelujah for his grab?

He is very underrated.

7. Zss:ultzss:

I think we can agree that before patch 3.0, she was mid tier.

But now, she is high tier or top tier.

Not to mention her flip kick is great.

Her Neutral B is a good stun projectile.

People should pick her up as a secondary.


May 3, 2019
Off the Radar
These are some of my considerations for underrated characters in this game. I barely ever see these characters when I play online, but will sometimes appear every now and then:

- Robin
- Toon Link
- Isabelle
- Richter
- Pac Man
- Dark Pit
- Bowser Jr.
- Duck Hunt

I’m pretty sure that there are more characters for consideration, but these are my examples.


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Jun 15, 2018
Despite his previous reputation, I'm gonna have to go with Cloud. A surprising amount of top players think he is middle of mid tier or lower, and some players think he is bad as low tier.

I don't understand how people can continue to under rate Cloud as much as people do. He's undoubtedly high tier imo (and one of the best characters in high tier I believe at least)

Other than that, probably Simon/Richter. A Simon, YoseFu, won KiT summer bash last weekend, which was a regional for Tennessee. Super impressive run, great player.


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Apr 28, 2008
Ridley just isn't that great. Making him a super heavy, maybe second or third heaviest would help. Just because he's the fastest big body doesn't mean he has to be one number heavier than Snake. Ridley is huge in his series, and before anyone says he must have gotten lighter because his size is reduced, well, by that logic King Dedede shouldn't be super heavy and Olimar should be the lightest in the game. Size isn't equivalent to mass, after all. Ridley isn't underrated. He's just not a good character as I have said the day I played others online. No one wanted to listen, though. "You're just not playing him properly." Right.


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Dec 15, 2018
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Ice Climbers are massively underrated b/c so few people main them, but they are absolutely high tier AF.


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Sep 8, 2018
Reno, NV
I think Robin, Falco, and Shulk are very underrated. They all have great potential, but it requires technical skill that many people just aren’t willing to master. I tried with Falco for a while, but just couldn’t achieve the technical mastery. Now I just use him for fun as a secondary.
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