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UNC Spring Gamefest 2015

Discussion in 'Rankings & Results' started by Not Rick, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Not Rick

    Not Rick
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    Smash Rookie

    Mar 1, 2013
    Chapel Hill, NC/Charlotte, NC
    UNC Spring Gamefest 2015
    Results Thread
    April 18, 2015
    Chapel Hill, NC

    Thank you to everyone who came out to Gamefest! Entrance numbers were great as usual, and we were glad to be able to run both singles and doubles for 2 games, as well as having a couple fun events on the side, including a Duke vs. UNC crew battle in Melee, and a Smash 4 4v4 tournament that kind of fell apart once it got late but was fun while it lasted. Thanks to everyone for coming, and we hope you all will continue to come out and play at our events.

    Melee Singles (61 entrants)
    UNC Spring Gamefest 2015 - Melee Singles
    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st $mike 48 $mike $mike
    2nd Sharkz 42 Sharkz Sharkz
    3rd Kaeon 36 Kaeon Kaeon
    4th Stingers 30 stingers stingers
    5th DBZ 24
    5th Sky 24
    7th DJ 17 DJRome DJRome
    7th Jwilli 17 Jwillii Jwillii
    9th PCwiz 12 PCwizCube PCwizCube
    9th NEG | Smith 12 DtJ SmithZzz DtJ SmithZzz
    9th Weilin 12
    9th MidniteZer0 12 MidniteZer0 MidniteZer0
    13th Sheep 8
    13th Yold 8 YOld YOld
    13th Fox 8 BirdLordMasterBeak BirdLordMasterBeak
    13th Purple 8 PUrPle MV PUrPle MV
    17th Lemondrop 4 Lemondrop Lemondrop
    17th Quazar 4 alpha_leonis alpha_leonis
    17th T-5 4
    17th Beeftip 4
    17th Tyro 4
    17th v4extreme 4 v4extreme v4extreme
    17th Skywalker 4
    17th NEG | Dark Hart 4 Dark Hart Dark Hart
    Eliminated in pools (sorry, lost the pool sheets so I don't have full pools results):
    Poppa Squat
    Pun Intended
    Cayse Kong
    Uncle Tito
    Not Alex
    Black Toast

    Melee Doubles (14 teams)
    Bracket: http://challonge.com/gamefest15ssbmdoubles

    1. $Mike + Sky
    2. NEG | Dark Hart + Kaeon
    3. Sharkz + Purple
    4. Stingers + Felipe
    5. NEG | Jwilli + v4extreme
    5. Weilin + Unexplained Bacon
    7. Nannose + DBZ
    7. PCwiz + Switch
    9. Grape+ Crank
    9. Yold + Duk
    9. KSI + ZENT
    9. Krispy + SalamiMaster
    13. Jiango + Uncle Tito
    13. Cayse Kong + Runescape

    Melee Crew Battle
    UNC won with 3 stocks remaining. This is approximately how it went down according to Geoff's memory:
    Bro$cious (UNC) v Epiccure (Duke)
    Bro$cious 3 v DBZ
    DBZ 3 vs Weilin
    Weilin 2 vs Kaeon
    Kaeon 2 vs Unexplained Bacon
    Kaeon 1 vs Jwilli
    Jwilli 3 vs Switch
    Jwilli 1 vs MidniteZer0
    MidniteZer0 2 vs Brett3
    Brett3 2(?) vs PCwiz
    PCwiz 1 vs Nannose
    Nannose 3

    The crews:

    Weilin - Peach
    Jwilli - Sheik
    Unexplained Bacon - Falco
    Nannose - Captain Falcon
    Broscious - Captain Falcon
    Brett3 - Sheik

    Kaeon - Fox
    DBZ - Falco
    PCwiz - Fox
    MidniteZer0 - Marth
    Switch - Ice Climbers
    Epiccure - Sheik

    Smash 4 Singles (37 entrants)
    Note: Kai and Sushi decided to split 1st/2nd
    UNC Spring Gamefest 2015 - Smash 4 Singles
    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st Kai 72 Kaiber Kop Kaiber Kop
    2nd Sushi 63
    3rd Dandy 54
    4th Stingers 45
    5th KDG| KoozyK 36 KoozyK KoozyK
    5th Wind 36
    7th GQ 26
    7th Kresent 26 Kresent Kresent
    9th Will 17
    9th Bucket Hat 17 DtJ SmithZzz DtJ SmithZzz
    9th Veen 17 Veen. Veen.
    9th Uncle 17
    13th Bigwigg 12
    13th B-Ray 12
    13th Beeftip 12
    13th Kira 12
    17th Stockfield 6
    17th Baez 6
    17th Runescape 6
    17th Kisuno 6
    17th Super Llama 6
    17th Crank 6
    17th Tyro 6
    17th Lemondrop 6
    25th TheNakedBear 2
    25th ZCyphyr 2
    25th Pun Intended 2
    25th Alex 2
    25th Kas 2
    25th Nick of Time 2
    25th Brian1461 2
    25th Ok'SsuKa 2
    33rd Mike 1
    33rd Cayse Kong 1
    33rd Berry 1
    33rd Somara4U 1

    Smash 4 Doubles (11 teams)
    Bracket: http://challonge.com/GamefestSmash4Doubles

    1. Stingers +Sushi
    2. Kai + Stockfield
    3. GQ + DandyPenguin
    4. KoozyK +Kira
    5. B-Ray + Krispy
    5. Super Llama + Somara4U
    7. Big Body Bes + Bucket Hat
    7. Grape + Crank
    9. Weilin +Tyro
    9. Tarek + Will
    9. Wmote + Gcube

    Smash 4 4v4 (7 teams)
    Most of the teams left halfway through since it was getting late, so there aren't really any meaningful results. If there had to be a winner it would technically be M E L E E B O Y S (Sharkz, Purple, Not Rick, Jwilli) winning by forfeit due to our team being the last one remaining at the venue, but we were also pretty bad and got bopped in the only set we actually played so that doesn't mean much.

    Anyways, here is the bracket. Only some of this actually happened: http://challonge.com/GamefestSmash44v4
    #1 Not Rick, Apr 19, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2015
  2. stingers

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    Smash Obsessed

    Oct 21, 2006
    Raleigh, NC
    Why are jwilli and v4 above me and felipe in melee doubles bracket? We beat them
  3. Not Rick

    Not Rick
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    Smash Rookie

    Mar 1, 2013
    Chapel Hill, NC/Charlotte, NC
    Just fixed it. The bracket was wrong was because you guys were DQ'd and they let you play out the set any way. Be there for your matches next time and it wont happen

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