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UM Triweekly 3 Results [6/25/11 - Ann Arbor, MI]


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
UM Triweekly 3 Results

Ann Arbor, MI

Full results from our third Melee event of the summer. Thanks for attending, everyone!

1: Kels + ORLY
2: Bowyer + 1der
3: Abu + Kalamazhu
4: Shady + Moose
5: Stratford + Juggle
5: Duck + Rat
7: Slayer + Ace
7: Dre + Toadster
9: Carter + Rubin

1: Kels
2: Moose
3: Rat
5: Juggleguy
5: Duck
7: Abu
7: Shady
9: Slayer
9: Bowyer
9: Kalamazhu
9: 1der
13: Chad
13: Kinglit
13: HIV+
13: Toadster
17: Aceplayer
17: Dave
17: Dre
17: 3Chairz
17: Hellsing
17: Serhane
17: Rubin
17: Solo
25: Roki
25: Carter
25: Hot ArmS
25: Hot ArmS
25: Hot ArmS
25: Hot ArmS
25: Hot ArmS
25: Hot ArmS

A couple announcements:

* We've decided to cut down the UMT summer schedule into just two more tourneys for the rest of the summer instead of three. The idea is that hype/attendance will be better off with just two more tourneys, which will transition well into our plans for school year Smash events. We have no date confirmed yet for the next tourney, so just check back here for updates in the next couple weeks.

* Near the end of the day, two people brought to my attention that they had played in 1st round bracket in the past three tourneys. I know this is frustrating... as a TO, I cannot remember every single matchup at every local from the past six months. So please feel free to let me know during dinner break next time if you think you've played someone in tourney a lot recently, and I promise I'll try to avoid an early matchup between you guys.

* Hot ArmS actually represents a (Bye) in bracket. No, he didn't actually enter six times and lose in the first round six times. Yes, he did show up again at the tourney and refuse to enter, earning him a repeat shameful cameo appearance.

Thanks again for attending, everyone!


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Shoutouts to the lucky person who was rocking the Warlock Don tag in friendlies all evening. He was putting in some serious work.

Shoutouts to my boy Moose for overcoming his demons and finally beating Shady!! Then proceeding to defeat the two best Samus Metaknight of Melee players in the Midwest. Then taking Kelly Smith to a Game 5 in Grand Finals. And you said you weren't even entering singles on Friday... ultimate grimester

Shoutouts to my boy Chad for also overcoming his demons and claiming the first two tourney set victories of his career. All you had to do was ban a stage and do a proper counterpick. Except against ORLY Lord of Brinstar...

Anti-shoutouts to the freakin boatload of players who were no-shows for this... I'm looking at you: Bert, Jack, Tink, Dart, Kail, Velynn, Bigy, Shaeden, Tremor, Jungle, BloodyJoker, Rabbi Nevins, Fuss, machinegungeek, Botulismnator, Hot ArmS, Kagu, Soul, dablackpacman, Warlock Don, RyeJew, DarkLouis, Q, Quaa, Crash. Seriously, this tourney could have been huge.

EDIT: anti-shoutouts to Oro?! as well, I forgot about that scrub


Smash Ace
Nov 15, 2010
Rochester Hills, MI
Infinity: Warlock Don - We miss you baby. Come back home.
1: Kels - Nice meeting you at Rob's place, and good job on the win.
2: Moose - You were so close lol. I can't believe you took Kels to a fifth game.
3: Rat - GGs in pools.
4: ORLY - Did not play
5: Juggleguy - Thanks for housing us. :) Let's pass on the Bob Evans from now on. The milk made me want to cough up my intestines.
5: Duck - Did not play
7: Abu - Did not play
7: Shady - Did not play
9: Slayer - Let's get naked. Thanks for the ride home. We need to play more.
9: Bowyer - GGs the night before the tourny.
9: Kalamazhu - Yeah...I'm going Sheik against Peach from now on. lol
9: 1der - GGs in bracket.
13: Chad - GGs in pools...you are a hype machine. Let's friendly next time. :)
13: Kinglit - Did not play
13: HIV+ - ****
13: Toadster - GGs in pools.
17: Aceplayer - You have it made with the AA girls, don't even lie lololol
17: Dave - GGs
17: Dre - Bring the G&W out more often and you'll place top 5 every tournament. Done.
17: 3Chairz - Your passionate hatred for Sheik dittos is hilarious lol. GGs
17: Hellsing - Did not play
17: Serhane - Did not play
17: Rubin - Did not play
25: Roki - Lots of fun playing you throughout the day. I hate Falco...
25: Carter - GGs in bracket.


Smash Hero
Dec 18, 2006
Land of the free
Yoooooo juggle's avatar ***** mine

if there's no brawl tourney at the same day as the next one I'll enter, promise, I'll put my sensei moose's reputation/pride on it

warlock don come backkkkkk

shoutouts to 1der bowyer tag team, it's clear that lains the terrible one at teams :troll:


Smash Champion
Oct 19, 2009
Ann Arbor, MI
brad- wish you stayed for singles...or that we could finish one friendly lol. i was gettin wrecked in that one anyway.
rainier- damn nice placing
top driver -good **** in teams, but i expect more from 6th pillar's rivals in singles. bring the heat next time.
duck - i appreciate you not cheering against me haha. tough luck on bracket this time. win the nexti one for mi.
bowyer - definitely surprising in teams. we didnt know what hit us. lets get some practice.
1der - same as bowyer. friendlies next time.
juggleguy - stomp knee knee. great job hosting with bowyer, as always.
chad - definitely appreciate your support. also good **** in tournament. you're actually more clutch than i am. if you keep playing like you did, i expect great things in the future.
ORLY - bad matchup is bad. thanks for being such a good sport and cheering for me too haha. will keep your advice in mind as well.
rat - always very close sets. i feel like you were playing very well against me in LF, minus a few suicides. i couldnt get very many openings against you, and i'm pretty good at getting openings against samus =p. til next time.
Kels - thanks for letting me beat your spacies so that MI spacies feel better when they play me =). IMO you should quit that sheik and get the rust off your fox/falco. theyre much more fun to watch and have higher potential. but good stuff on winning regardless. and i'll be plotting against that sheik haha.
shady - so many tournaments.i finally took one. i think the set count is at 1-8 or something now. you were playin pretty off, but i'm still happy haha. bring it back next time.
hiv - i see improvement. the main thing in falco dittos is to not let yourself get overwhelmed. take back control asap when you lose it.
slayer- more friendlies with moose. dont be scared of spacies. if you break a few of your bad habits, you will be on your way to the top.
toadster - from playing against you i can see that you understand the game very well. what's left is confidence and stamina. when you start getting combo'ed don't freeze up and panic. and don't feel bad about it, just accept that it happened and do some damage control. think about your best options for escaping, and as soon as you can, take the control back.
dre - you make lots of good decisions, but sometimes you take a little too long to actually capitalize. have faith in your gameplay, and punish hard.
solo- were you the one i went to noodles with? never got your name.

everyone else, talk to me or play friendlies with me. i'm pretty approachable.

actually one more thing to top drivers. i like your guys' attitude, win or lose. it's a good way to play this game. never any johns from you guys. props.

this was personally the most satisfying tournament ive ever been to. love michigan, all you guys cheering for me definitely carried me through some of those matches against chicago. either rat or orly called me the "michigan guardian" which i ****ing love haha. i think ill keep that title. really glad chicago came, and i hope you guys enjoyed it as well.


Smash Lord
Apr 19, 2009

2: Moose- it feels good to have finally beaten you and shady in teams. good **** in singles.

5: Juggleguy- GGs i have salt ill get u next time
5: Duck- quack quack
7: Abu- im amazing

9: Bowyer - ur falco is annoying to play against. good job beating me and kyle 3 times in doubles.
9: Kalamazhu- ur a scrub
9: 1der- ggs in teams
13: Chad- lol

13: Toadster- nice friendlies
17: Aceplayer- ggs

17: Dre- close set

25: Roki- u need to shave


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
1: Kels - Good games in bracket and thanks for the friendlies the night before and after our tourney set. Next time MI won't let your Sheik run rampant for so many sets against us. See you at Pittsburgh hopefully.
2: Moose - I knew you'd beat Shady eventually. Amazing work against James and Rat also. Now only Kels and Velynn remain on the Moose hit list. Thanks for rooting for me in my tourney matches, always appreciated.
3: Rat - Damn I got wrecked in our moneymatches, two of them lol. Clearly you overcame your Pokemon Stadium demons from GSS. Now I have to put on this avatar for awhile :[ Rat is powerful
4: ORLY - I really enjoyed our set. Thanks for not counterpicking Cruise or anything stupid. I'll have to get a lot better at the ditto and beat you next time!
5: Juggleguy - I feel bad that I ended up with the easier side of losers bracket. Shady beat me for like, the 5th straight time in our Falcon/Marth MM, so he deserves this placing.
5: Duck - I think you can beat Kelly's Sheik eventually, you just need a lot more reps, kinda like with Mark vs Shady. Thanks for rooting for me in my tourney matches, always appreciated.
7: Abu - Good games in bracket, you obviously jumped on that opportunity to CP me to Fountain, haha. I agree with Mark, I like you and Kyle's attitude about this game, win or lose. Please keep attending this summer before you head out to O-lie-o State.
7: Shady - Tough set against ORLY, sorry I couldn't give you good practice beforehand, he's a lot better at Falcon/Marth than I am lol. Bring it back next tourney, you're still one of MI's finest.
9: Slayer - It was heartbreaking to hear you say you're quitting until the end of summer due to work. Understandable though. If you don't have enough time then you gotta do what you gotta do. Hope to see you at tourneys during the school year. Good games in bracket as well.
9: Bowyer - Obviously you need the Juggleguy support to play well. I look away for one minute and suddenly Abu rests his way to victory against you... tsk tsk
9: Kalamazhu - Thanks for coming, I know you had to choose between this and a grad party or something. I will definitely be available first couple days in August if you're up for some games during your UM orientation. Lookin forward to it!
9: 1der - Thanks for coming, I'm sad we didn't get any games in. Next time bring Louis and company, they are always a welcome presence!
13: Chad - Goooooooood **** in bracket this weekend, this looked like a breakout tourney for you. I also noticed a lot of improvement based on our friendlies. Your Fox reminds me of SCOTU's, keep it up.
13: Kinglit - Thanks for entering, I know I'm pushy about that but I always think you should enter in order to get the full tourney experience and get better from it. Let's do friendlies next time, that's two tourneys in a row we didn't play!
13: HIV+ - I saw even more improvement from you, even in the short time between BAMF2 to UMT3. Let's wreck the Pittsburgh tourney this weekend, I'm definitely looking forward to it. And Reach this week as always.
13: Toadster - Good games in bracket, your punishment game with Fox is so solid but I think you can do better in terms of escaping tech chases and such. Hope to see you at more tourneys or MSU smashfests.
17: Aceplayer - Sorry for the pool, I do my best and I can't make everyone happy. Let me know whenever you want to throw down some money for that Falcon ditto showdown, I'm always up for some free cash, lmao.
17: Dave - Thanks for coming, it sounded like you had to go out of your way to make it to Kelly's place before departing. Not so sure about the Bob Evans suggestion though, I'm gonna stick with Denny's in the future.
17: Dre - G&W is soooooooo broken. 70-30 in Falcon's favor?! Yeah right... I play Falcon guys, I KNOW, hahaha. Good games in pools, I won't let no stupid G&W take a game from me next time. Go on Reach more also.
17: 3Chairz - Lots of improvement, especially with your punishment game and edgeguarding rayguarding, haha. I was going pretty hard in the friendlies after the tourney, but you kept up well. We still need to play more in AA.
17: Hellsing - Sorry for the first round draw against Toadster, I just cannot remember every matchup from past locals. Thanks for letting me know, I promise I'll mix up the matchups next time.
17: Serhane - Good games in pools, hope to see you come out for more tourneys this summer! You have the basic ideas behind Sheik, it's just a matter of execution at this point.
17: Rubin - Good games in doubles, same as Serhane, hope to see you at more tourneys. I was busy with TO work for a lot of Saturday that I didn't really get to know you guys!
17: Solo - Good games the night before, but stop rage quitting before last stock! And yes, together we will resurrect the legendary Warlock Don from his eternal hibernation.
25: Roki - Tough bracket with Abu in first round losers. Have an awesome time in Algeria, I'll be expecting a full immunity from Algerian DI when you get back from your vacation, haha.
25: Carter - Good games in doubles, thanks for coming out to this. Again, same as Serhane/Rubin, hope to see you at more tourneys in the future.
25: Hot ArmS - nub

Rabbi Nevins

Smash Lord
Aug 11, 2009
East Lansing, MI





Sorry for not showing juggle. I suck. If only I had known...moose.


Smash Lord
Feb 6, 2011
Body City, BO
1: Kels - Great job with the win, thanks for the fox dittos, love your fox
2: Moose - Beast job, mad impressive, I knew you had it in ya
3: Rat - Great job in bracket, great games in pools. I'd have rooted for you if you weren't playing my boy Moose
4: ORLY - Lord of Brinstar, sick work in bracket
5: Juggleguy - I can see you in grand finals real soon, you never stop improving
5: Duck - you'll be in grand finals again before you know it
7: Abu - >_< gg man you tore up lower bracket
7: Shady - I was looking for the three-peat, you'll get em next time
9: Slayer - gg's, you're always knocking me out of bracket. Good to play you again
9: Bowyer - We should play next time, nice placing and great job in doubles
9: Kalamazhu - Fun Peach to watch, nice placing
9: 1der - Nice placing, love that fox
13: Toadster - gg's in pools, nice placing
17: Aceplayer - Stop breaking your fragile body, nice/dumb Bowser ditto
17: 3Chairz - You improved a ton, thanks for housing me
17: Hellsing - gg Falcon free for alls
17: Solo - gg's in pools, nice fox, don't switch to falco
25: Roki - That falcon is ugly, but that falco is pretty cool. Come back to MI so I can play you more
25: Hot ArmS - Quit Hot Arms'ing tournaments, also I haven't played you in a long time


Smash Journeyman
Mar 24, 2011
Bloomfield Hills MI
kels - good job wining, also thanks for kicking my *** the night before the tournament.:)

moose - yo way to go beast mode in bracket, reppin MI and the blue bird, like a boss!!

rat - i wish we could have played more, i need the samus practice.

orly - i underestimated ur bowser lol

Rob - thanks again for the housing. ur falcons mad nasty, in a good way.:cool: looking forward to this weekend

duck - umm... :idea: ggs

slayer - "shut up *****!" :chuckle:

kzhu - PEACH:mad: i will learn this matchup!!

1der - good game

kinglit - we should falco ditto more :)

hiv+ work on ur tech skill

aceplayer - is a :pimp: he gets all da :woman::woman::woman:

dbag dave - lol at ur name. i had a lot of fun playing ur sheik.

dre - thanks for the ride home. we should :smash: this week.. oh ya u should main g&w :lol:

3chairs - dude i have know idea who u were till yesterday, i mean i knew u but i did not know u by ur smash name lol ggs

julian - u already know!

roki ggs i look forward to playing u when u get back in the fall



Smash Lord
Nov 17, 2006
Chicago, Illinois
Kels - thanks for letting me beat your spacies so that MI spacies feel better when they play me =). IMO you should quit that sheik and get the rust off your fox/falco. theyre much more fun to watch and have higher potential. but good stuff on winning regardless. and i'll be plotting against that sheik haha.
lol it's been a while since i played a falco that technical. I definitely wasn't ready for it. But it's cool. My fox/falco aren't slacking. You were just playing too good. Plus i've practicing Sheik a lot lately and i don't plan to put her down. I kinda liked being down in the set tho. It forced the best outta me. ggs man. I'll try and go spacies only next time. lol we'll see how it goes.

ggs everyone. I had a blast at this.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 26, 2008
DCDS room 104
It's what you've all been waiting for!!!
Kalamazhu's shoutouts!!

1: Kels Crazy good fox. I'm that peach that u ***** in friendlies
2: Moose Get ****ed up in teams by Kalamabu! W/e mediocre job in singles i'll get u back.
3: Rat Samus
4: ORLY Didn't get to play u sadly
5: Juggleguy good **** ****ing up prince. He needed it
5: Duck is scared of peach :-)
7: Abu no one likes u go to hell *****
7: Shady GG in MM
9: Slayer u kinda look like falcon
9: Bowyer good **** in teams. also good **** beating me in singles. We'll c what happens next time...
9: Kalamazhu's got salt
9: 1der good job in teams. nice fox
13: Chad Get ****ed up Prince Abu
13: Kinglit It was ur birthday 40 minutes ago!!
13: HIV+ did u take notes?

17: Aceplayer U look like roki
17: Dave Ur not a douchebag!!

17: Hellsing GG in pools.
17: Serhane GG

17: Solo GG idk man im pretty good against sheik

And Yo im winning the next one k


Smash Journeyman
Aug 15, 2010
Clinton twp/Warren MI
wow yall was rocking my name at the tounrey do i suck that bad jk lol wish i could have made it but yall know im going to be in last place everytime right under hellsing all the time but i will try to make it to a smashfiest juggleguy that was funny i got more shoutout even tho i wasnt there lol


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
The legendary Warlock Don has spoken!

Don't hate on your own skill level like that, Don. I expect you to place top 5 at the next tourney. And I'll try to make it to a Warren smashfest sometime so we can RUN SOME TEAMS


Smash Journeyman
Aug 15, 2010
Clinton twp/Warren MI
The legendary Warlock Don has spoken!

Don't hate on your own skill level like that, Don. I expect you to place top 5 at the next tourney. And I'll try to make it to a Warren smashfest sometime so we can RUN SOME TEAMS
top five me playing with ganon thats not happenin shiek is going to chain grab the crap out of me fox shines, up-airs up-smash back-air r killer falco i jus hate the match-up, falcon is sick there no way ganon beating falcon unless really good spacing grabs and jabs into combos if u get lucky in that match up I **** marth all day cuz of hellsing marth i play all the time ,but i will take last playing with ganon jk ur right juggleguy im not go dout my skill it was getting better but i jus had to take care of some important business in my life but i will try hanging with u guys, at the end i made some new friends which was cool :)

Dre the Ace

Smash Ace
Jun 7, 2007
West Bloomfield, MI

1: Kels - Good stuff winning, too bad I didn't get to play you.
2: Moose - BEAST MODE, good ****. GGs in doubles pools and thanks for the tips!
3: Rat - GGs in bracket. Our first match was pretty close, I just couldn't kill you lol.
4. ORLY - Didn't get to play you, but you're mad cool.
5: Juggleguy - Yooooo pocket G&W ftw. And I'd like to get on Reach more, but its really annoying when I keep getting kicked from each game at the end, so I'm probably not going to play until I can run a wired connection.
5: Duck - Puttin' in work as usual, we should play more often in WB. And thanks for bringing my TV inside, you helped me avoid getting another parking ticket!
7: Abu - GGs, I need to work on Peach and Falco.
7: Shady - GGs in teams, and thanks for the tips during the tourney. I'll practice.
9: Bowyer - GGs in doubles pools, and fun friendlies.
9: 1der - GGs in doubles pools, and fun friendlies.
13: Chad - I saw that set vs. Abu, good stuff. And thank you for helping carry my TV back to my car.
13: HIV+ - I'd like to smash sometime soon, but I forgot that I'll actually be quite busy for at least 2 weeks, I'll def let you know if I can play though.
13: Toadster - I wish we could practice teams more. Also, Pika + DK ftw.
17: Aceplayer - GGs in bracket, hopefully your wrist feels better.
17: Solo - Fun friendlies, hopefully that ride back home wasn't too cramped, lol.
25: Roki - Fun friendlies! Fox vs. Pika is tiring for the both of us, lol. Can't wait to play some more when you get back state side. And thanks again for helping carry my TV back to my car.

Special shout outs:
Everyone who hung out at Bdubs after - Pretty cool getting to know everyone better, should do this more often.
Warlock Don - BOSS


Smash Hero
Dec 18, 2006
Land of the free
Yo guys remember at one of the lolis almost two years ago when kels last second laser saved him from being jv 4'd by moose


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2005
Shout - outs
Kels - yep
Moose - Awesome set. I'm still super sore. Losing sucks so much.
ORLY - yup
DBagDave - u huh
Juggleguy - You are the best TO. Thanks so much for the housing. (Also say thank you to your parents for me/chicagoans.) I'm a bit disappointed we didn't play in tournament. I was gonna ask to play on PK stadium, CP PK stadium, and convince you to CP PK stadium. Must get revenge on the tree!
Duck - Yep. Not sure what to say. oh yeah. HIGHER PLACE WOO! also you are my favorite samus main.
Shady - u seem cool. good set and all. Your confidence seemed low - it didn't seem like you were at full ssj power. Also travel more.
Dre - Hella close first game. I was super nervous.
Toadster - I shouldn't have talked in our set. Broke the fear spell. ggs.
Kalamazhu - Way to be a cocky for no reason.
Bowyer - yep. Good catchin up. Glad to see you improving at melee and stuff. yeah.
Dart - Thanks for the words of encouragement.
Random guy who I don't remember your name but I played a bunch of friendlies against you last time. I think you played ganon - Yeah!
Velynn and Kail - go to tournaments.
Kels Car - I'm glad you made it there and back.
1der - yep.
Everyone else - yup. ggs.

ok done with that!


Smash Journeyman
Nov 19, 2005
Nashville, TN
1: Kels - Congrats on winning, thanks for the encouragement against Juggleguy haha
2: Moose - You're absolutely right. Confidence is an issue for me and it really shows when I play this game. Nice run in bracket, you represented MI well.
3: Rat - Man, I thought I had you figured out but you showed me otherwise. GGs
5: Juggleguy - Well, you got me again. Thanks for the insight. I tend to get discouraged when I get caught in techchases and combos.
5: Duck - Double Samus looks like too much fun.
7: Abu - GGs in teams and friendlies
7: Shady - Looks like you'll have to bust out that Fox against Falcons from now on.
9: Bowyer - GGs in teams. Nice Kirby
9: Kalamazhu - GGs in teams
9: 1der - Good set, totally outclassed me again. Fun friendlies as well, your Mario is pretty slick.
13: Chad - GGs in friendlies and pools
17: Aceplayer GGs in teams
17: Dre - Yeah, doubles doesn't really work out for us if we don't practice lol
17: Hellsing - See you in the first round of the next one. Just kidding, although at this rate you'd knock me out if we played again.
17: Rubin - GGs
17: Solo - GGs
25: Carter - GGs


Smash Journeyman
Aug 24, 2009
Gratz Moose

Also, I've been in Orlando for 10 days seeing Disney World. I was going to attend before you pushed the date back. Legit Velynn (I'm making it a thing)
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