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Completed Ultra Kirby & Unlimited Game Watch

Master Kirby

Smash Rookie
Nov 24, 2018
Hello everyone, this is a thread for Kirby and Mr. Game & Watch fans (well but it's still a new mod for these two characters anyway you also have permission to read this thread).

This is a mod from Kirby and Mr. Game & Watch that are now super STRONG (Similar to Itaru Itaru 's MasterGanon), but are a little stronger.

Ultra Kirby

To benefit well this description Ultra Kirby is the same Kirby only with super strong attacks but still he is not totally a God but he is still enough and he can also protect himself if he does not move (bone becomes invincible...) .

His strongest attack is that of Slide-B: Giant Hammer which is now little likely to avoid the attack since it can send you flying efficiently (with invinciblity mode).

Ultra Kirby also has other attacks that are strong like Forward, Up, and Down Smash which also reveal that they are super strong but not as strong as its most powerful attack and it also has other attacks that can do weird things like Special Moves and Air Attacks that can confuse rivals.

Another more I can say about Ultra Kirby is that he can also move quickly in the air from left to right (like Jigglypuff) with three times faster than the other characters.

Unlimited GameWatch

Unlimited GameWatch
is a super buffed Mr. Game & Watch that helps drive opponents crazy.

Unlimited GameWatch has a powerful attack, but for me there are two (I think ...) and they are: Slide-B Extreme Judge and Neutral-B Infinity Sausages.

Those two powerful attacks can let's say prevent and slow down all your opponents in one hit (in the case of Extreme Judge).

And the other powerful attack (Infinite Sausage) will only cause many combos to the rivals (only if you know how to use it and also requires the Action Replay of 'Super GW' which is this one).

044D9DE8 40000000
044D9DF0 40000000
044D9E50 42000000

Unlimited GameWatch
would not have finished thanks yet friend who helped me and it is in this following link:

This Friend

And This Video:
The Video

And with his video called 'Big Sausage' he helped me finish this mod.

If it hadn't helped Unlimited GameWatch wouldn't be finished (only the Ultra Kirby).

Most Unlimited GameWatch attacks are similar to Ultra Kirby's attacks, only Unlimited GameWatch slows it down a bit and is more powerful.

Also Unlimited GameWatch can move faster from left to right, only it is four times faster than the others and 1.3333333 faster than Ultra Kirby itself.

Oh, and one thing too, Unlimited GameWatch can be invincible if it doesn't move, as Ultra Kirby also does.

Download (MEGA)

Download (Google Drive)

To apply these mods, you need the GCRebuilder program to be able to apply it and insert the ISO while modifying the character's .dat, in this case PlKb.dat and PlGw.dat.

And you give 'import' and then 'saves changes'.
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