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Ultimate is Crazy Easy to Play and Really Fun!


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Sep 6, 2019
Went over to my friend’s house today and got to play Ultimate. Sadly we had to use single joycons since my friend bought a fake GameCube controller. Even with a single joy con the game was surprisingly smooth and easy to move with. I’m just gonna list a few of the mechanics of the game and how I feel about them for ya.https://solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ https://bluestacks.vip/ Fox trotting has an insanely large frame window like I seriously! I can never misinput a foxtrot because they’re so simple.
I wanted to try dash cancelling but no tilt stick so it was really hard to get the tilts I wanted consistently.
GRAB OUT IF SHIELD SUCKS BY THE WAY. So much shield/hitstun in this game so I relied heavily on shield grabs. Jabs also give tons of hitstun so I can’t really mix them up as much since you’ll always complete it no matter what you press.
Airdodges have tons of lag compared to smash 4 even neutral ones. I kept telling my friend “I really need to stop inputting directional airdodges” because they’re super punishable unless you can land quickly. We were honestly better off with normal airdodges from smash 4 tbh.
I can see why others say smash 4 is slow but it’s a poor a repetitive term used and doesn’t describe it well at all. Almost everyone feels balanced.
Fantastic game 9/9 hope to own it some day.
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