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Atlantic North UFB Presents Don't Get Chalked Smash Wii U

UFB Presents Don't Get Chalked Smash Wii U
Posted by mib004
Connections Traning Center
Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 12:00 PM
Until: Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 08:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/New_York)

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This event has expired and has no upcoming dates


Smash Ace
Dec 11, 2008
Ya girl Bedroom
Serpent Pro Gaming is back again hosting the Don't Get Chalked series. This is our 9th event of the DGC serious in the city of Philadelphia. Registration will be at the door.

This is our 2nd of 5 Circuit Events! There will be 5 tournaments from now until our Circuit Events Champions Tournament on December 3, 2017. To gain entry in our Circuit event Champions tournament you will have to attend 2 or more of the Circuit Events. Winner of the Circuit Events will gain free entry to the Circuit event Champions tournament. And o yea the POT BONUS FOR THE CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT IS $200!!!! So let have some fun and try to win so money in between. Hope to see people at all the tournaments!

Stream Link - www.twitch.com/serpentprogaming


Connection Training Services/Scotlandyard Security 2243 w allegheny ave philadelphia pa 19132. Take Elevator to 3rd floor make a right. **You may park in the parking lot**


Smash WiiU Singles + Doubles


$5 Venue

$10 Singles Smash 4

$10 Per team Doubles($5 each person)


Please bring setups (TVs and systems)! If you want space for friendlies and a tournament that finishes on time, we recommend you bring whatever you have. You will be refunded $3 at the END of the tournament if you register a setup, check in no later than 1:00pm, and leave it for tournament use until its respective events have gotten to Top 16.

You will need to check out with Karim Wilson to receive your discount.

A refund of $3 will be given if any of the following set-ups are brought:

HDTV with WiiU and Gamecube adapter (Smash WiiU)

Signups and registration for Doubles ends 15 minutes before their respective events (barring a queue at the TO desk to register).

Registration for all Singles events will end at 3:30

Event schedule:

12:00pmDoors Open

12:30pmDoubles Registration

1:30pmSmash 4 Doubles

2:30pmSmash 4 Singles Registration

3:45pm Smash 4 Singles

We recommend arriving earlier rather than later. If you miss registration, you're not entering. No exceptions.

TO's will be issuing 3 warnings, 45 minutes before the end of registration, counting down in intervals of 15 minutes.

If you do not register for your perspective event, you will not participate.

There will be no announced meal breaks. Players are encouraged to let the TOs running their events know when they leave to get food. There will be an assortment of food onsite, and within easy walking distance of the venue.


The tournament organizers will be making available matches known in a number of ways on the day of the tournament. If a good faith attempt to start a match isn’t made by a participant within fifteen minutes of the match being announced, that player will be disqualified at the discretion of a tournament organizer. There are a number of common-sense exceptions to this, including your participation in another concurrent match. If you will not be in the tournament space for an extended period of time for a reasonable purpose, speak to a tournament organizer.

Rule sets:

Bring your own controller for all events.

Smash 4 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CFaeel_cVIImEZ7ZrIrb_fSva5H3tsN24yp2INyrVLE/mobilebasic

{Side Event} UFB Smash 4 Free for all


Ruleset: UFB Rules

4 stock

All Items on Very high except all food items and healing.

All stages Legal set to Random each match.

2$ entry winner of each round receives 4$ cash. Players may enter as many rounds as they like.

This event will be available if there is enough sign ups for this side event.

Main Events Payout:

5 to 8 entrants

1st 70%

2nd 30%

9 to 32 Entrants

1st: 60%

2nd: 30%

3rd: 10%

33 to 64 entrants

1st: 55%

2nd: 25%

3rd: 15%

4th: 5%

65 to 128 entrants

1st: 40%

2nd: 20%

3rd: 15%

4th: 10%

5th (both): 5%

7th (both): 2.5%

Comment here on this event page or private message any of the event hosts with any questions or concerns regarding the event.
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