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UE4 Platform Fighter Starter Kit - now free


Smash Rookie
Mar 30, 2016
Get your free copy of my Platform Fighter Starter Kit here at itch.io
Version 2 Video

For a few years, I had a kit up for sale on the UE4 marketplace, but with the cancellation of Version 3 of the kit I decided to make the entire kit free for anyone to use
There is still a paid version up on the UE4 marketplace at a largely reduced price if you want to get it though there

You can do anything you went with the kit except reselling the base kit or its main components.
I also highly encourage the community to work on the version of the kit together and keep it going as an open project.

Version 3 which was in development is part of the package there but in a broken state with no documentation.

UE Marketplace

Platform Fighter Discord

Would love to see what the community can do with this
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