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TSM | ZeRo Wins Smash 4 Singles At Genesis 3! (Top 8 Recap)

Discussion in 'News' started by Smapps, Jan 17, 2016.

Smapps, Jan 17, 2016 at 10:02 PM
  1. Smapps

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    Smash Hero

    Dec 9, 2012


    Smash for Wii U at Genesis three has been incredible with upsets reigning supreme and international talent showing amazing prowess on American soil. Now the top 8 has concluded and just over a year into the game's lifespan its most stacked tournament of all time has concluded. Learn about the top 8 matches with this recap!

    The top 8 was kicked off as Larry Lurr took on 2GG | VoiD and it was a hype 2 stock match in VoiD's favor. But Larry Lurr learned a lot from game one and answered back with a win of his own. Game three went down to a heart racing under the stage battle, last stock, low percents, with VoiD coming out on top. VoiD kept up the momentum and took the set, and the two hugged on stage before the next match continued.

    Next came a ditto players have been waiting for since their last close encounter, Marrs vs Nairo. Nairo didn't hold back quickly taking a convincing two stock in the first match. Marrs then quickly responded with his own two stock on Battlefield making the set 1-1. Then BOOM, another 2 stock by Nairo. Nairo then took down Marrs as he missed a punish moving on in bracket.

    Then it was time for the greatest of them all, TSM | ZeRo to take on the free agent in Dabuz with the first match going to Final Destination and while he took the first stock impressively ZeRo quickly brought it back to take the first match. The next match was a nailbiter where despite Dabuz being able to take a strong lead and wrack up damage ZeRo put on an incredible edguarding attempt managed to bring it back. Dabuz finally was able to bring in a win game 3 and then bringing home another incredible win game 4 with the hardest of reads to make the set 2-2. Despite all of his efforts ZeRo was able to take the final game and the set.

    It was time for another battle of titans. FOW vs Rainai, Ness vs Villager. FOW held it down for Vegas and the United States taking an dominant game 1 ended with a Ness backthrow. Ranai brought it back game 2 however with a disgusting first stock stolen by a pocket and brought it home hard bringing it 1-1. Ranai then tok the next game putting pressure on FOW to defend the USA. Unfortunately a bad angles on a PK Thunder wrote the end for FOW and Ranai made it to winners finals.

    It was time for Nairo vs Dabuz and Dabuz surprised many by taking the first match. Then proceeded to shock and rock the venue again game 2 with another win. Then rocked the venue even HARDER with a 3-0 victory against a player he has few games he's won against knocking Nairo out of Genesis 3.

    Next in the losers bracket came VoiD vs FOW and FOW showed how on fire he was taking an aggressive game one but VoiD was able to bring it back bringing the set to a tie and then took game 3 to take the lead. He then took the final match to eliminate FOW and move on within the bracket.

    Top 4

    ZeRo vs Ranai. The match many wanted to see especially after their meeting in the crew battle. The first match was ZeRo's in a rather dominate two stock match. The next match was much closer but yet again Ranai could not break past the wall that is ZeRo and lost the next game. Ranai finally brought home a win for Japan against ZeRo in game three after managing an untechable hit offstage against ZeRo. Rainai then brought down a fantastic game three on Final Destination to win AGAIN and bring the set to 2-2. ZeRo however showed his incredible power in the clutch once again and managed to get a place in Grand Finals.

    It was time for the runback from earlier in the event: Dabuz vs VoiD. VoiD came back wanting revenge and got some as he took game one in the set. Dabuz wasn't about to go down easy and brought it back in game 2 to tie the set and managed another game to take the lead. A strange misclick on a side-b unfortunately lost VoiD the match giving him 4th place and letting Dabuz take on Ranai in losers finals.

    Ranai took the first blood and first stock game one but was unable to keep up the momentum as Dabuz brought it game and won the game. Ranai made an unusual counterpick to Lylat Cruise, a stage not normally legal in Japan, to see if it would be what he needed to win but it was not enough, the set was 2-0 in Dabuz's favor. Still Ranai returned to Lylat Cruise and with both at incredibly high percents Ranai managed to clutch out game 3. The crowd erupted in excitement for game 4 as well as Dabuz managed to take down Ranai and secure his place in grand finals.

    ZeRo vs Dabuz, would he bring it back, reset the bracket, and win the tournament? Everyone was riveted to find out. When Dabuz took game one people started to believe it really could happen. He still put on a strong performance in game 2 but ZeRo still won a runback to Final Destination making it 1-1. Dabuz's chances started to look even better as he took game 3 after an impressive read. ZeRo came back again and we saw yet another 2-2 set, with Dabuz's tournament life on the line. In a final fight on Duck Hunt, ZeRo took the last game and was the winner of Genesis 3.


    Smash 4 is only JUST over a year old an it already is producing these jaw dropping moments and incredible sets. The joyous noise its crowds create is a cacophony that calls for its glorious future. Let out that hype in the comments below and keep watching: there is more Smash to come!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Smapps, Jan 17, 2016.

    1. kylexv
      Wow. How fast are you?
      Raheem The Dream, Crelrn, N7S and 6 others like this.
    2. donger bois
      donger bois
      got that up instantly GJ
      Aanuj4444 and Smapps like this.
    3. Super Lucario Sunshine
      Super Lucario Sunshine
      that was a zero to smashboards
    4. TurboLink
      I'm sure most of it was already ready to be put up. The winner just needed to be decided.
    5. RIP_Lucas
      As soon as I saw Void pull that perfect pivot to continue his F Tilt string, I knew this top 8 was going to be hype. It did not disappoint. Seriously though, Dabuz was so hype
      Last edited: Jan 17, 2016
      Oz and SkippyJ like this.
    6. Luig
      And as Sakurai watched ZeRo win.... his hand hovered over the fabled button... contemplating whether to hit it.... The fabled nerf Sheik button....
      Oz, MintyGuy700, Wonderf and 14 others like this.
    7. RobinOnDrugs
      This was Dabuz's tournament. Even if he still lost, he did a phenomenal job tonight. The biggest highlight was him finally beating Nairo for the first time in forever. He's only going to improve going forward. Ranai did a great job too! And ZeRo has proven that he's still the best player in the game so far.

      Holy crap was this tournament awesome. Can't wait for the next major!
      Last edited: Jan 17, 2016
    8. J.P
      First Smash 4 supermajor that was hype! Hopefully we keep getting tournaments of this caliber.
      RobinOnDrugs likes this.
    9. Weaknd
      SkyWilliams was such a pain to listen i hope he won't be able to commentate anymore.
      Jamezzz, _LINK3N_, JUDGE and 12 others like this.
    10. C3CC
      Awww crap!!! I wanted Dabuz to win this! I would have loved to see Rosalina as the reigning character of the tournament... :(
    11. Project SonicSpeed
      Project SonicSpeed
      What a shocking turn of events...
      busken likes this.
    12. Globe
      Man great **** to everyone! Dabuz playing out of his mind with Zero, Nairo,VoiD and Ranai! Also Ranai my boy, almost bringing it home for Japan. Japan would of won all the Smash 4 events if that happened lol.

      I forgot who made this artwork, but great stuff for the team who won and Japan in general.
    13. TaichiYaegashi
      ZeRo won? What a shocker. /s
    14. L9999
      He had competition for once. Dabuz and Ranai.
      Wonderf and ChickenWing13 like this.
    15. busken
      Last edited: Jan 17, 2016
    16. Metallinatus
      He beat Nairo earlier this month.
      Only to lose back to him at Grand Finals....
      But a set win is a set win.
      Sonicninja115 and RobinOnDrugs like this.
    17. Dessa
      Anyone else feel like taking it to Duck Hunt was a mistake?
      TurboLink likes this.
    18. TurboLink
      Duck Hunt is always a mistake.
    19. RebelXII
      Dabuz played godly, shot out to Dabuz for playing like a super Sayian. #respect

      @Nairo did a amazing job and I really enjoyed seeing him play.

      Congratulations to ZeRo for taking another tournament.

      and congrats to everyone who entered the tournament, brave people.
      ChickenWing13 and SkippyJ like this.
    20. WinterShorts
      Ranai man....I think he was my favorite player in the sm4sh bracket, you know, using a Villager instead of Rosalina or Shiek to get to freak'n third place. Good stuff to Ranai, congrats!
      Gene, SuFiRo, ToonKake and 3 others like this.
    21. kinbobbobkin
      Awesome tourney this year, there was some hype matches!
      Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
    22. Dar4
      amazing to watched. Great great tournament. I hope Japan and USA get together more often like this. I want to see a group of 5-10 top USA players go to Japan for a national there.
      Dessa likes this.
      Great article. Great tournament congratulations
    24. KCB: Cloth
      KCB: Cloth
      I actually feel like Ranai was better than Zero and Nairo than Dabuz.. but welp, numbers dont lie, right?
    25. Metallinatus
      Gimping Nesses and camping hard.... and he also seems to have an option to counter everything Sheik does....
      I don't find it any more incredible than to place that high as a Rosalina or ZSS in the bracket of a major, something only one main of each has been shown to be capable of doing anyway.
      Actually, shoutouts to the Ness main for getting on Top 8 and giving us such an amazing set against Villager, he was da real mvp there.
      Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
      WinterShorts likes this.
    26. Pryze
      What an insane event, generating so much hype for all three of the main Smash titles. Glad I got to witness such a monumental tournament first-person, and I'm eager to watch the scene grow from here!

      Incredibly happy to see FOW take top 8 as well, through winners side, no less. My boy is making statements for both himself and all us Ness mains out there.
    27. Giampstoise
      i don't know what i expected
      Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
      TurboLink likes this.
    28. Giampstoise
    29. SirroMinus1
      I agree it got kinda hard to watch hearing him say "oooh they hugged oooh they hugged" or " he's cute" or "thats cute" repeatedly that was not a good look for the smash 4 community. i dont care about your sexual preference but don't let it interfere with the content being broadcast ed.
      very very CRINGE worthy.
      ChickenWing13 and WhatxDxDxD like this.
    30. Silvia
      There was no doubt in my mind that ZeRo wouldnt win. I'm also happy to see my friends Dabuz and FOW placing really well.
      ChickenWing13 likes this.
    31. Red Ryu
      Red Ryu
      Dabuz did a good job coming back but Zero kept his ground.

      Zero earned his win but now other players are giving him more of a run for his money.
    32. WinterShorts
      Oh and don't forget pocketing Ness's recovery :p
    33. 0R31T
      can we please talk about the amazing performances of FOW , Dabuz and Tsm ZeRo??? no im serious can someone reply to me and just say what he thought about that , i feel that people should definitly discuss more about certain matches like FOW vs ranai
    34. ZafKiel
      Ranai's Villager though. He was completely on point. Glad to see G3 as one of the true international tournaments with players like Umeki, Ranai, and Hyuga.
      Quarium likes this.
    35. SkippyJ
      I love shiek as a character and i in no way want to see her nerfed, and i do still think that zero is indisputably the best player in smash 4.. But honestly, imo, Dabuz far outplayed zero in grand finals, and in all of top 8, really. He was just so perfect, and creative too. Ive never seen someone have as much control over their character as Dabuz had last night. In the end it really came down to the fact that shiek gives you so few opportunities to punish, compared to rosalina luma. Its an extremely difficult thing to surmount.

      Its just unfortunate that the reality is, in fighting games, you dont always lose because you were outplayed, sometimes you lose because of the characters you choose at the select screen.

      20xx meta? Shiek > Rosa > ZSS > Shiek.
      let the counter play begin B)

      Edit: typos
      Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
      Jamezzz and ChickenWing13 like this.
    36. DMWN
      Not a fan of how he choked twice, but whatever.
    37. Dar4
      Agreed. I want to see more maturity from the smash 4 commentators, especially at nationals when there is 100k viewers. We want this to be an esport that is taken seriously. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I think at nationals they should be wearing suits as well, just as any commentator at any major sport would be.
      Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
    38. Quarium
      Ranai is a God! <3
      ChickenWing13 likes this.
    39. Dessa
      Shout-out to Hyuga for almost making top-8 with a Toon Link. I hope the lil guy gets a boost in popularity from this. Hyuga showed TL to be more viable than a lot of folks suspected!
      Mr. ShinyUmbreon and SkippyJ like this.

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