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Tracking PGR'ed Players for PGR v5

Discussion in 'Competitive Discussion' started by The_Bookworm, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    I am going to list every single PGR'ed player's progress throughout PGR v5. This includes character info, placings in PGR'ed events, notable wins there, and notable wins outside of PGR'ed events (which will take longer to gather info though).

    I will also note potential candidates for appearing in this season, alongside their accomplishments.

    As expected, this will be repeatedly updated as the season continues. This is the format:

    #Rank: Player Mains(Secondaries)
    Spoiler tag
    PGR Event Partcipated (tier): #Placing (PGR wins)
    (PGR wins outside of PGR events)
    End of Spoiler
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  2. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    Last Updated: 5/20/18

    1st: ZeRo:4diddy:
    None (Retired)
    2nd: Salem:4bayonetta:
    Genesis 5 (A): 3rd (Ally, MVD)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 4th (Captain Zack, Shoyo James, Tyroy, komorikiri, Fatality)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 9th (K9sbruce)
    Collision XV (B): 7th (6WX)
    Immortal Tech (C): 3rd
    Overlords of Orlando (C): 1st (dyr x2)
    Unrivaled X (C): 1st (Manny, dyr x2)
    3rd: Nairo:4zss:(:4bowser::4cloud:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 4th (Zenyou, ESAM, MVD)
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 1st (KEN x2, MKLeo x2)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 1st (Captain Zack, Salem, MKLeo x2, Mistake)
    Collision XV (B): 1st (6WX, Marss, Light x2)
    Switchfest (A): 2nd (Charlie, VoiD, AC, Larry Lurr)
    GOML 2018 (A): 2nd (Larry Lurr, komorikiri, Mistake, MKLeo)
    4th: MKLeo:4marth::4cloud2:(:4bayonetta2::4metaknight:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 1st (Konga, Lima, Zenyou, Dabuz, Salem, Mistake)
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 1st (Choco, Abadango x2)
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifiers 1 (C): 1st (Shuton x2)
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 2nd (Ally, Tsu-, Nairo)
    Midwest Mayhem 11 (C): 3rd (Captain Zack)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 2nd (falln, Tweek, Fatality, Mistake)
    NNN: Oakland Edition (C): 1st (Konga, ANTi x2)
    Switchfest (A): 1st (Zenyou, Larry Lurr, komorikiri, Nairo x2)
    Arcane Tournaments 2018 (C): 1st (Mr. R)
    GOML 2018 (A): 1st (Lima, Zinoto, Mistake, Nairo x2)
    5th: Tweek:4cloud2::4bayonetta2:(:4dk:)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 2nd (Darkshad, komorikiri, Mr. R , Salem)
    King of the Springs 3 (C): 1st (Lima, Fatality x2, Dabuz)
    EGLX 2018 (B): 1st (Samsora, Ally, WaDi x2)
    Rise 2018 (C): 1st (Elegant x2)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 5th (Charlie, Captain Zack)
    Switchfest (A): 9th
    Glitch 4 (B): 1st (Lima, WaDi, Cosmos, Captain Zack)
    GOML 2018 (A): 7th (MVD)
    6th: Dabuz:rosalina:(:4olimar::4bayonetta:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 5th (ESAM)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 1st (Zinoto, Tyroy, Tweek x2, Mistake)
    XenoSaga XIII (C): 1st (6WX, Light x2)
    King of the Springs 3 (C): 3rd (Cosmos)
    Midwest Mayhem 11 (C): 1st (Zinoto x2, MKLeo)
    Overclocked II (C): 1st (Light, Marss x2)
    Collision XV (B): 5th (Shoyo James)
    Mason Versus: Mr. E (C): 4th
    The Scarlet Classic IV (C): 1st (Mr. E x2)
    Glitch 4 (B): 65th <-DQ'ed
    Port Priority 3 (C): 1st (Mr. E, 6WX, ANTi)
    GOML 2018 (A): 5th (Zinoto, Tweek)
    7th: Larry Lurr:4fox:(:4diddy:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 17th
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 5th (Ally, Kirihara)
    No Fun Allowed 2 (C): 5th
    Kawaii Kon 2018 (C): 1st (Zenyou, VoiD x2)
    EGLX 2018 (B): 9th (Fatality)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 7th (Charlie, falln)
    Switchfest (A): 3rd (Abadango, Charlie, Raito, komorikiri)
    GOML 2018 (A): 7th (K9sbruce, Locus)
    8th: KEN:4sonic:
    Umebura T.A.T. (B): 1st (Shuton, Choco x2)
    Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifier 1 (C): 1st (Choco)
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 5th (Kameme)
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 3rd (VoiD, Tsu-)
    Umebura 31 (C): 7th
    Umebura Project (C): 5th
    Umebura 32 (B): 7th
    9th: VoiD:4sheik:(:4zss::4fox:)
    NNN: Melee Edition (C): 5th
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 9th (Choco)
    Kawaii Kon 2018 (C): 2nd (Larry Lurr)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 9th (Fatality)
    Switchfest (A): 5th (Light, Abadango, Samsora)
    GOML 2018 (A): 65th <-DQ'ed
    10th: Mr. R:4sheik:(:4cloud2:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 9th (Elegant)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 5th (Locus, Samsora, Darkshad, Cosmos)
    EGLX 2018 (B): 9th (K9sbruce)
    Arcane Tournaments 2018 (C): 3rd (Javi)
    11th: Elegant:4luigi:(:4zss:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 13th
    NNN: Melee Edition (C): 2nd (Eon, falln)
    No Fun Allowed 2 (C): 1st
    Rise 2018 (C): 2nd (Lima x2)
    GOML 2018 (A): 13th
    12th: WaDi:4mewtwo:(:4rob:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 13th (Darkshad, Locus, Zinoto)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 9th
    King of the Springs 3 (C): 5th (Lima)
    EGLX 2018 (B): 2nd (Lima, ESAM x2)
    Mason Versus: Mr. E (C): 2nd (Mr. E, Dabuz, 6WX)
    Glitch 4 (B): 5th (Mistake)
    GOML 2018 (A): 17th (Locus)
    13th: Mistake:4bayonetta2:(:4peach::4zss:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 2nd (ANTi, Konga, Javi, WaDi, K9sbruce, falln, Dabuz, Nairo, Salem)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 3rd (Zenyou, Mr. R, Fatality)
    EGLX 2018 (B): 4th (MVD, ANTi, Ally)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 3rd (Konga, VoiD, Cosmos)
    Mason Versus: Mr. E (C): 1st (6WX, WaDi x2)
    Glitch 4 (B): 4th (Vinnie, 6WX, Lima)
    Denti's Bizarre Adventure 8 (C): 2nd (Samsora)
    GOML 2018 (A): 3rd (Elegant, Tweek, Lima, komorikiri)
    14th: Ally:4mario:
    Genesis 5 (A): 9th (Darkshad)
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 9th
    EGLX 2018 (B): 5th (ANTi, Mr. R)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 13th (Konga)
    GOML 2018 (A): 25th
    15th: Abadango:4bayonetta::4mewtwo:(:4metaknight:)
    Umebura T.A.T. (B): 17th
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 2nd (KEN, Kameme)
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 1 (C): 7th
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 2 (C): 5th
    Umebura 31 (C): 3rd
    Switchfest (A): 9th (Kameme, falln)
    Umebura Project (C): 17th
    KVO x TSB 2018 (C): 9th (komorikiri)
    Umebura 32 (B): 2nd
    16th: komorikiri:4cloud2::4sonic:(:4feroy:)
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 7th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 7th (Samsora)
    Sumabato 23 (C): 7th
    Sumabato 24 (C): 5th
    Switchfest (A): 4th (Raito, VoiD)
    KVO x TSB 2018 (C): 9th
    GOML 2018 (A): 4th (falln, Dabuz x2, Samsora)
    17th: Cosmos:4corrinf:
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 7th (Shoyo James, WaDi)
    King of the Springs 3 (C): 4th (Samsora, WaDi)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 5th (Larry Lurr, Tweek)
    Mason Versus: Mr. E (C): 5th
    Switchfest (A): 9th (Shuton)
    Glitch 4 (B): 3rd
    18th: Captain Zack:4bayonetta2:(:4peach:)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 17th (Charlie, dyr)
    Midwest Mayhem 11 (C): 4th (Locus)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 7th (Eon, VoiD)
    Glitch 4 (B): 2nd (Vinnie, WaDi, Mistake, Cosmos)
    Denti's Bizarre Adventure 8 (C): 5th
    19th: Marss:4zss:(:4falcon:)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 17th (Mr. E)
    Overclocked II (C): 2nd (Samsora, Light)
    Collision XV (B): 3rd (Salem, Dabuz)
    Immortal Tech (C): 1st (Light x2, Salem)
    20th: ANTi:4mario::4cloud2::4zss:(:substitute:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 33rd (Charlie)
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 49th
    EGLX 2018 (B): 7th (K9sbruce)
    Full Bloom 4 (C): 9th
    NNN: Oakland Edition (C): 2nd (falln x2)
    Port Priority 3 (C): 2nd (Mr. E, 6WX)
    GOML 2018 (A): 17th (K9sbruce, Fatality)
    21st: ESAM:4pikachu:(:4samus:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 7th (Javi, Mr. R)
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 13th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 65th <-DQ'ed
    EGLX 2018 (B): 3rd (Fatality, Mistake x2, Lima)
    GOML 2018 (A): 13th (NAKAT, falln)
    22nd: Samsora:4peach:(:rosalina:)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 9th (Light, Marss)
    King of the Springs 3 (C): 5th
    EGLX 2018 (B): 7th (MVD, Larry Lurr)
    Overclocked II (C): 4th (Mr. E)
    Full Bloom 4 (C): 2nd (ANTi, Darkshad, Locus)
    Switchfest (A): 7th (Shuton, Tweek)
    Denti's Bizarre Adventure 8 (C): 1st (Mistake)
    GOML 2018 (A): 9th (Charlie, WaDi)
    23rd: Manny:4sonic:
    GatorLAN Spring 2018 (C): 1st
    Overlords of Orlando (C): 5th
    Unrivaled X (C): 3rd
    24th: Lima:4bayonetta2:(:4peach::4zss:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 13th (Larry Lurr)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 33rd
    King of the Springs 3 (C): 7th
    EGLX 2018 (B): 5th (Mr. R, Samsora)
    Rise 2018 (C): 3rd (K9sbruce)
    Glitch 4 (B): 7th (Mr. E)
    Denti's Bizarre Adventure 8 (C): 7th
    GOML 2018 (A): 5th (Ally, ANTi, Elegant, Samsora, Larry Lurr)
    25th: MVD:4diddy:
    Genesis 5 (A): 5th (K9sbruce)
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 49th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 25th
    EGLX 2018 (B): 9th
    GOML 2018 (A): 17th
    26th: Darkshad:4ryu:
    Genesis 5 (A): 25th (6WX)
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 9th (dyr)
    Midwest Mayhem 11 (C): 17th
    Full Bloom 4 (C): 4th (Tyroy)
    Glitch 4 (B): 17th
    27th: Shuton:4olimar:(:4shulk:)
    Umebura T.A.T. (B): 4th
    Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifier 1 (C): 9th
    Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifier 2 (C): 5th
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 1 (C): 2nd (Kameme)
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 7th (Kirihara)
    Sumabato 24 (C): 17th
    Switchfest (A): 13th (Eon)
    KVO x TSB 2018 (C): 1st
    Umebura 32 (B): 9th
    28th: Mr. E:4lucina::4marth:
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 25th
    XenoSaga XIII (C): 13th
    Xanadu- End of an Era (C): 3rd
    Overclocked II (C): 5th
    Collision XV (B): 25th
    Mason Versus: Mr. E (C): 5th
    The Scarlet Classic IV (C): 2nd
    Glitch 4 (B): 9th
    Port Priority 3 (C): 4th
    29th: Kirihara:rosalina:
    Umebura T.A.T. (B): 25th
    Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifier 2 (C): 1st
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 7th (VoiD)
    Umebura Project (C): 1st (Tsu-)
    Umebura 32 (B): 5th (KEN)
    30th: Konga:4dk:
    Genesis 5 (A): 25th
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 17th
    NNN: Oakland Edition (C): 4th
    Port Priority 3 (C): 9th
    31st: Zinoto:4diddy:
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 13th (Marss, Light)
    Midwest Mayhem 11 (C): 2nd (Captain Zack, MKLeo)
    Full Bloom 4 (C): 9th
    GOML 2018 (A): 9th (ESAM)
    32nd: Raito:4duckhunt:(:4lucina::4marth:)
    Umebura T.A.T. (B): 33rd
    Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifier 1 (C): 33rd
    Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifier 2 (C): 7th
    Genesis 5 (A): 17th (Eon)
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 17th
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 1 (C): 13th
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 2 (C): 5th (Kameme)
    Sumabato 23 (C): 1st
    Umebura 31 (C): 33rd
    Sumabato 24 (C): 65th
    Switchfest (A): 7th (K9sbruce, Tweek, Cosmos)
    Umebura Project (C): 9th
    KVO x TSB 2018 (C): 5th (Choco)
    Umebura 32 (B): 33rd
    33rd: NAKAT:4fox::4ness:(:4dk::substitute:)
    GOML 2018 (A): 13th
    34th: Tsu-:4lucario:(:4ryu::4cloud2:)
    Umebura T.A.T. (B): 25th
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 13th (Raito)
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 1 (C): 49th
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 2 (C): 3rd (Raito)
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 4th (Larry Lurr x2, Shuton)
    Umebura 31 (C): 33rd
    Umebura Project (C): 3rd (KEN)
    Umebura 32 (B): 7th
    35th: Charlie:4fox::4bayonetta:(:4metaknight:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 49th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 65th
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 13th
    Switchfest (A): 9th (Light)
    GOML 2018 (A): 25th
    36th: Choco:4zss:
    Umebura T.A.T. (B): 2nd (Kameme, KEN)
    Sumabato Qualifier 1 (C): 3rd
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 5th (AC)
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (B): 13th
    Umebura 31 (C): 13th
    KVO x TSB 2018 (C): 9th
    Umebura 32 (B): 1st (Kirihara, Abadango x2)
    37th: JK:4bayonetta:
    None (Retired)
    38th: Fatality:4falcon:
    Genesis 5 (A): 17th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 5th (Salem, Cosmos)
    King of the Springs 3 (C): 2nd (WaDi, Samsora, Cosmos, Dabuz)
    EGLX 2018 (B): 17th
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 4th (Ally, Salem, Larry Lurr, Cosmos)
    GOML 2018 (A): 25th
    39th: dyr:4diddy:
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 33rd
    Overlords of Orlando (C): 2nd (Manny, Salem)
    Unrivaled X (C): 2nd (Manny)
    40th: Tyroy:4bayonetta:(:4metaknight::4zelda:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 129th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 9th (Lima, WaDi)
    Midwest Mayhem 11 (C): 25th
    Full Bloom 4 (C): 5th (Zinoto)
    41st: falln:rosalina:
    Genesis 5 (A): 7th (WaDi, Raito, Lima, Ally)
    NNN: Melee Edition (C): 1st (Elegant x2, Eon)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 9th (Eon)
    NNN: Oakland Edition (C): 3rd (Konga)
    Switchfest (A): 13th (Zenyou)
    GOML 2018 (A):
    42nd: Shoyo James:4diddy::4luigi:
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 13th (MVD)
    Overclocked II (C): 9th
    Collision XV (B): 9th <-DQ'ed
    43rd: 6WX:4sonic:
    Genesis 5 (A): 33rd
    XenoSaga XIII (C): 4th
    Collision XV (B): 9th
    Mason Versus: Mr. E (C): 3rd (Cosmos, Mr. E, Dabuz)
    The Scarlet Classic IV (C): 5th
    Glitch 4 (B): 9th
    Port Priority 3 (C): 3rd (Konga)
    44th: Kameme:4megaman::4sheik:(:4cloud2::4yoshi:)
    Umebura T.A.T. (B): 5th
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 3rd (ESAM, komorikiri, Choco)
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 1 (C): 5th
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier 2 (C): 7th
    Umebura 31 (C): 5th (Tsu-, Choco, KEN)
    Switchfest (A): 17th
    45th: Ryuga:4corrinf:(:4myfriends:)
    None (Semi-Active)
    46th: Vinnie:4sheik::rosalina:
    Glitch 4 (B): 7th (Darkshad)
    Port Priority 3 (C): 7th (Konga)
    47th: Light:4fox:
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 17th
    XenoSaga XIII (C): 2nd
    Overclocked II (C): 3rd (Shoyo James, Mr. E, Samsora)
    Collision XV (B): 2nd (Dabuz, Nairo)
    Switchfest (A): 13th
    Immortal Tech (C): 2nd (Salem)
    48th: K9sbruce:4sheik::4diddy:
    Genesis 5 (A): 9th (Stroder, Elegant)
    NNN: Melee Edition (C): 7th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 65th
    EGLX 2018 (B): 13th
    Rise 2018 (C): 5th (Stroder)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 17th
    Switchfest (A): 25th
    GOML 2018 (A): 33rd
    49th: Zenyou:4mario:
    Genesis 5 (A): 9th (Mr. R, falln)
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 65th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 17th
    Kawaii Kon 2018 (C): 3rd
    Rise 2018 (C): 17th <-DQ'ed
    Switchfest (A): 17th (Eon)
    50th: AC:4metaknight:(:4falco:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 49th
    EVO Japan 2018 (B): 9th (Tsu-)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 25th
    Switchfest (A): 5th (Kameme, Cosmos, Samsora)
    HM: Eon:4fox:
    Genesis 5 (A): 25th
    NNN: Melee Edition (C): 3rd (K9sbruce, VoiD)
    Rise 2018 (C): 17th
    SML: Battle for Vegas (A): 13th (AC, K9sbruce)
    Switchfest (A): 17th
    HM: Javi:4sheik::4cloud:
    Genesis 5 (A): 17th (Larry Lurr)
    ConComics 2018 (C): 1st
    Arcane Tournaments 2018 (C): 5th
    HM: Locus:4ryu:(:4bayonetta2:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 65th
    Frostbite 2018 (A): 17th
    Midwest Mayhem 11 (C): 7th
    Full Bloom 4 (C): 3rd
    Glitch 4 (B): 13th (Mr. E)
    GOML 2018 (A): 9th (Charlie, MVD, ESAM)
    HM: Luhtie:4zss:
    Rise 2018 (C): 9th (Eon)
    HM: Stroder:4greninja:(:4corrinf::4feroy:)
    Genesis 5 (A): 33rd
    Rise 2018 (C): 7th
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  3. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    Here is my prediction on the PGR v5.

    Last Updated: 5/21/18

    1st: MKLeo:4marth::4cloud2:(:4bayonetta2:) +3
    2nd: Nairo:4zss:(:4bowser::4cloud2:) +1
    3rd: Dabuz:rosalina:(:4olimar::4bayonetta:) +3
    4th: Tweek:4cloud2::4bayonetta2:(:4dk:) +1
    5th: Mistake:4bayonetta2:(:4peach::4zss:) +8
    6th: VoiD:4sheik:(:4zss::4fox:) +3
    7th: WaDi:4mewtwo:(:4rob:) +5
    8th: Cosmos:4corrinf: +9
    9th: Larry Lurr:4fox:(:4diddy:) -2
    10th: Samsora:4peach:(:rosalina:) +12
    11th: Fatality :4falcon: +27
    12th: komorikiri:4cloud2::4sonic:(:4feroy:) +4
    13th: falln:rosalina: +28
    14th: Lima:4bayonetta2:(:4peach:) +10
    15th: Mr. R:4sheik: -5
    16th: Abadango:4bayonetta::4mewtwo:(:4metaknight:) -1
    17th: ESAM:4pikachu:(:4samus:) +4
    18th: Salem:4bayonetta: -16
    19th: Ally :4mario: -5
    20th: KEN :4sonic: -12
    21st: AC:4metaknight:(:4falco:) +29
    22nd: Captain Zack:4bayonetta2:(:4peach:) -4
    23rd: Marss:4zss:(:4falcon:) -4
    24th: Light:4fox: +23
    25th: MVD:4diddy: 0
    26th: Zenyou:4mario: +23
    27th: Darkshad:4ryu: -1
    28th: Locus:4ryu:(:4bayonetta2:) +23
    29th: Zinoto:4diddy: +2
    30th: Raito:4duckhunt:(:4lucina::4marth:) +2
    31st: K9sbruce:4sheik::4diddy: +17
    32nd: ANTi:4mario::4cloud2::4zss:(:substitute:) -12
    33rd: Kameme:4megaman::4sheik:(:4cloud2::4yoshi:) +11
    34th: Elegant:4luigi:(:4zss:) -23
    35th: Eon:4fox: +16
    36th: Shuton:4olimar:(:4shulk:) -9
    37th: Choco:4zss: -1
    38th: Tsu-:4lucario:(:4ryu::4cloud2:) -4
    39th: Legit:4diddy: New
    40th: 6WX:4sonic: +3
    41st: Charlie:4fox::4bayonetta:(:4metaknight:) -6
    42nd: Ralphie:4cloud2: New
    43rd: Mr. E:4lucina::4marth: -16
    44th: shky:4zss: New
    45th: Tyroy:4bayonetta:(:4metaknight::4zelda:) -5
    46th: Kirihara:rosalina: -17
    47th: SDX:4mewtwo: New
    48th: Captain L:4pikachu:(:4jigglypuff:) New
    49th: TGG:4ness:(:4diddy::4bayonetta:) New
    50th: Brosinex:4ryu: New

    HM: Nietono:4sheik::4diddy: New
    HM: T:4link:(:4tlink:) New
    HM: Sinji:4pacman:(:4diddy:) New
    HM: Konga:4dk: -21
    HM: Dynamo:4cloud2:(:4sheik:) New
    HM: Rags:4metaknight: New
    HM: BestNess:4ness: New
    HM: JeBB:4bayonetta2:(:4lucas:) New
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