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Tournament Organizer Blacklist

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Sep 9, 2004
Switch FC
What it is:

The TO Blacklist is a list showing tournament organizers who have failed to pay out the winners of their tournament, for whatever reason. The only way someone will be put on this list is if they do not pay the winners of their tournaments what they promised, and the only way they will be taken off is to pay the money they owe to the players.

How it works:

If you know of a TO that hasn't payed out the winners of their tournament, please PM me with information regarded the incident. The TO's listed here are still allowed to post tournaments, this just serves as a warning to players attending their events.

Personal thoughts:

I really hope this list will stay small, and people will work to get their names off of it. I am making this hoping to prevent situations in which TO's aren't able to pay out their tournaments by making them aware and letting them learn from the mistakes of other TO's. If any TO's have questions on how to make sure your event goes smoothly in regards to money, feel free to PM me and I will give you what advice I can.

We have a great community, let's keep it that way guys. Work hard to make sure tournaments go off amazing, and learn to prepare for the worst.

I will update this with an actual list some time tonight or tomorrow.

- Hylian
Not open for further replies.
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