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Toon Link's True Combos (Science Thread)


Smash Cadet
Nov 5, 2010
Switch FC
6100 0383 6350
So this is a thread that I'm making to jot down all of the true combos I can find with Toon Link to maximize his potential. Combos are signified with a - Meaning if you see an attack name + damage- attack name + damage, the highest number is the total damage after the combo is completed. Damage numbers will vary slightly based on sweetspots and jump type.

Tested Without Rage or Staling on medium weight character: Pit.

Nair and Dtilt can trip. This stops combos from being true.

Low Percent Combos are WHITE.
Medium Percent Combos are BLUE. They range from 25-50%.
High Percent Combos are GOLD. They range from 70-100%.

Side Tilt (Facing away) true combos into
Jabs: 20.4%
Up Tilt 16.8, Side Tilt away 27.6, Down Smash: 42%
Up Tilt, Side Tilt away, Grab, Up throw, Uair- 50.2%
Up Tilt, Up Smash: 32.4%
Up Tilt, Spin Attack: 30%
Up Tilt x3, Nair: 39%
Up Tilt x2, Pivot up Tilt 28.8, Bair, 38.4 (the pivot can be inserted before the bair, but doing it on the tilt makes it easier and more consistent)
Up Tilt x2, Pivot up Tilt, Aerial Spin Attack: 45.6
Dash Attack: 20.4

Up Tilt true combos into
Up Tilt 6, Up Tilt 12, Side Tilt Away 22.8, Dash Attack: 32.4%
Up Tilt x2, Side Tilt Away, Dashing Spin attack: 37.3%
Up Tilt x2, Up Tilt: 18, Uair: 38.2%
Up Tilt x3, Jump Spin Attack: 40.8%
Up Tilt x3, Nair: 34.2%
Up Tilt x3, Pivot Bair: 33.6%
Up Tilt x2, Spin Attack: 26.4%/25.2%/24%/28%/26.5
Jab: 15.6%
Bair x3: 34.8%
Bair x2, Aerial Spin Attack: 42%
Dair: 22.3%
Zair: 10.8%

Nair (front): 16.2%
Nair (back), Aerial Spin Attack: 31.2%
Fair: 21.6%
Bair: 15.6%
Uair: 22.8%

Down Tilt true combos into
Dash Attack: 18%
Dash Spin Attack: 22.8%

Up Throw true combos into
Uair: 22.6%

Down Throw true combos into
Bair: 16.5%

Nair true combos into
Jabs: 18.2%
Up tilt: 14.6%
Down tilt: 17%
-landing toward-
Up Smash: 24.2%
Down Smash: 23%
(Front), Side Smash: 25.4%
(Front), Grab
(Back), Side Smash: 23.9%
(Back), Grab

Fair true combos into
Jabs: 22.8%
Down Tilt: 21.6%
Spin Attack: 27.6%

Bair true combos into
Up tilt: 14.1 Up Smash: 29.7%
Up tilt, Bair: 22.3%
Up tilt, Spin Attack: 27.3%
Dashing up tilt: 14.1%
Dashing side tilt: 18.9%
Nair front: 18.2%
Nair back: 16.7%
Fair: 22.8%
Bair x2, Aerial Spin Attack: 44.1%
Zair: 14.2%
Aerial spin attack: 24.9%
Aerial Jump Bair, Bair: 27.3%

Uair true combos into
Jabs: 20.8%
Up tilt: 19.2, Up Smash: 32.8%
Up tilt, Nair- 27.8%
Up tilt, Up tilt: 25.2, Up Smash: 40.8%
Up tilt x2, Nair 35.4%
Up tilt x2, Uair 39.4%
Up tilt x2, Aerial Spin Attack: 42%
Nair: 21.8%
Spin Attack: 28.8%
Up Smash: 26.8%
Fair: 24.4%
Bair x2, Aerial Spin Attack: 45.7%
Dair: 29.5%
Zair: 16%
Short Hop arrow: 18%

Zair true combos into
Jabs: 14.4%
Dash Attack: 14.4%
Side Tilt: 15.6%
Side Smash: 21.6%
Up Smash: 20.4%
Down Smash: 19.2%
Spin Attack: 20.4%

Boomerang true combos into
Side Tilt: 22.3%
Up Tilt: 17.5%
Delay Down Tilt: 19.9%
Side Smash: 28.3%
Dash Up Smash: 27.1%
Down Smash: 26%
Spin Attack: 24.8%
Nair: 20.1%
Fair: 24.7%
Bair: 19.6%
Zair: 16.3%
Aerial Spin Attack: 28.3%
Bomb: 18.6- Up Smash: 33.6%
Bomb: Nair: 28.2%
Bomb: Fair- 31.8%
Bomb: Bair- 27.6%
Bomb: Uair- 32.9%
Bomb: Dair 34.3%
Bomb: Zair- 22.8%
Bomb: Aerial Spin Attack: 34.8%

Bombs true combo into
All ground attacks (This completely depends on if you throw or drop the bomb as well as your movement during the action. Bow and Boomerang not included.)
Fair: 19.9%
Bair: 17.4%
Uair: 21%
Dair: 27%

Off top
Bomb- Uair at 110%
Boomerang- Uair at 110%
Boomerang Return- Up Smash at 115%
Zair- Up Smash at 120%

At ledge
Bair landing- bair- bair aerial spin attack at 40%
Uair- Dair at 40%
Uair landing- bair- bair- aerial spin attack at 40%
Up Tilt- Nair back hit, aerial spin attack at 70%
Boomerang- Fair at 75%
Bomb- Fair at 80%
Boomerang Return- Side Smash at 115%

Your back to ledge
Point blank Bomb- Dair at 40%
Point blank Bomb- Pivot Aerial spin attack at 100%
Back throw at 120%
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Smash Cadet
Nov 5, 2010
Switch FC
6100 0383 6350
I'll be adding much more to it. I've just been busy. Stay tuned.
Oct 31, 2018
If I may add to this, at around 50% this might be true, but it's fairly specific in being true.

up tilt facing away -> bair -> bair -> turnaraound up-B: a whopping 42% in 1-v-1 and can kill if started near the ledge

It seems that the up tilt should be spaced as far away as possible or else the combo is ruined if the opponent chooses to DI in. You can still get the bairs in that case, but not the up-B. There's also a possibility that this is escapable by DI away the entire time, but I can't really test that.

Works on Mario, Link, Roy, and Wario, but not Captain Falcon (he gets a third bair).
Works on Jigglypuff at 30% instead of 50%.
Works on DK, but is weird. You have to short-hop the first bair and he can fall out before the last hit of up-B if you're not careful with drift.
Can work on Ganon, but doesn't seem true at 50%, since he falls out sometimes. It might be true at 55%, though.

I think there's something about character weight that changes how the combo works, but for some reason I can pull it off effortlessly against Wario, but not Captain Falcon, who is a little lighter. It's a weird, situational combo to be sure.


Smash Apprentice
Feb 2, 2015
I haven't had the time to test extensively but I've been figuring out a similar combo. I practiced this against Ken in training mode (stale moves and shuffling on, of course):
At 25%:
Up-tilt -> Full-hop Bair -> Fast-fall Bair -> auto-short-hop Bair -> double jump Bair -> UpB
or at 20% with 2 up tilts to start.
While your opponent can DI, you can follow them as long as you pay attention.
Since I was drilling this over and over in training with the LRA reset command, Ken started there and by the 3rd Bair we are offstage. The UpB can be pulled back enough to kill Ken and still recover.
The only part of the combo the combo-meter in training mode didn't count was the 1st to 2nd Bair. But I am fairly confident this still works. This exact version of the combo may not be optimal but something like it has gotta be true and deadly.
Oct 31, 2018
So I found some more stuff yesterday.
At 0%:
up-tilt (x2) -> f-tilt away -> down-smash: does 39%
This is true on at least some fighters. I've only tested on Little Mac.

up-tilt (x1-x3) -> f-tilt away -> grab -> up-throw -> up-air: does 39-51%
This is probably more of a frame trap that might as well be true on a lot of characters. Different characters need different amounts of up-tilts. As far as I can tell it depends on fall speed. Richter, for example, can air-dodge away with 2 up-tilts. With 1, he lands and might be able to jump out. Fighters with standard fall speed land just as the hookshot reaches them, so their only chance to escape would probably be some weird DI that changes fall timing, if that exists at percents that low. Also it doesn't seem to work against fox, so hooray.

Edit: After setting the cpu to run, I've found that with the up-tilt x2 variant, DI in the same direction as the f-tilt will let people escape the grab, so untrue. I've had more success with a single up-tilt between around 4% and 15% than with 2 at 0%. There is another variation that starts with bair -> up-tilt that seems more promising at 0%, but is less practical in a match.

up-tilt (x4) -> up-smash
Works on Fox, probably nobody else.

At about 30%
up-tilt -> up-smash: does about 20%
Just one tilt this time, but this combo is more realistic to pull off in an actual match, so I thought it was worth stating
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Smash Cadet
Nov 5, 2010
Switch FC
6100 0383 6350
Yeah. Looks like you already found the answer you were looking for to an extent. Fall speed is a huge factor in possible combos. I test mine on Pit typically, but if the goal was to be as extensive as possible, it would be best to test on a fast faller, a floaty, and a medium. Those are more important than weights, (Look at Young Link for example, as the only fast falling lightweight I can think of) I should be free to update this today with medium and possibly late percent combos.

ALongWistfulSquiggle ALongWistfulSquiggle
After testing your combo, it's definitely true if you fast fall between bairs and the spin attack. It actually doesn't matter if you're facing away or not. If you fast fall, it even works on Falcon and Ganon.

Thanks to you and your Side Tilt away shenanigans, I had to uncover an entire list of things he could do from that. Funny enough, it only works at 0%. But from me, I think the list as it is now is all.
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Oct 31, 2018
Well, thanks for looking into everything. It should help a lot. I wondered about the fast falling thing, but I've never able to get comfortable fast falling between aerials. Those kinds of fast inputs have never been my strong suit.


Smash Rookie
Jan 29, 2019
You can add that up throw true combos into bair from ~20% to 50%, 30 being the optimal allowing you to follow with two other bairs, or a single bair -> up B
It also works wit nair from 10 to 30%,
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