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Toon links off stage gameplan

Oct 31, 2018
Yeah... Toon Link offstage is complicated. My best thought you might want to think about is using projectiles offstage as more of a conditioning tool and a way to get extra damage than as a way to get gimps. I find that boomerang is Toon Link's best projectile offstage because it has that lasting hitbox you talk about in the video. A lot of times a combination of boomerang and either bomb or arrow will open them up to get hit or will use some of their resources so they can't recover as well. If you can force people to choose between a jump or an air dodge farther from the ledge, you can learn early on whether they plan on recovering low or high. My usual solution to low recoveries is to time a z-dropped bomb to potentially get a 2-frame. It doesn't always work, but it's an extra thing people have to think about.

The way I see it is that Toon Link is a zoner. His deal is to control how people approach him so he can more easily open up their defenses. Jumping offstage without setting up a favorable situation would defeat the purpose a bit. Let them come to you, but make their journey stressful. Keep stage control and limit their options. There's a good chance that even if you don't secure a kill, they'll take a lot of extra damage trying to reset to neutral and you won't have risked your neck. At the worst, you keep them from having room to breathe which could lead them to make mistakes later. Granted, my style is generally to win with attrition and frame traps, so getting early kills isn't my specialty. There are going to be situations where it makes sense to throw out a f-air or an up-b because it seems really likely that it will hit. I'm just more conservative with those options and it's served my playstyle well.


Smash Apprentice
Feb 2, 2015
I think the character's ledge traps are quite nice.
If you stand right at the ledge and throw a bomb up, it will hit an opponent sitting on the ledge when it comes back down.
So as your opponent is recovering back to the ledge, you roll to the corner, pull a bomb, and throw it up. This sets a timer for your opponent getting off the ledge that both of you are aware of.
You back off out of get-up-attack range, pluck another bomb, and wait and react to what they do. They jump? Throw bomb up, or wait and see for their true panic option like a crappy air dodge or an instant double jump. They roll? Throw bomb tot he right. They neutral get up/attack right as the first bomb falls, so they have invincibility from it? Just hit them with your second bomb. One by one, the options fall, if you can trust yourself to stay coolly cool boy and react to what they do.
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