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To everyone who voted on the last Tier List vote

Pink Reaper

Real Name No Gimmicks
Feb 14, 2007
In the Air, Using Up b as an offensive move
I think the voting system worked well enough. That list looks pretty much how everyone wants it to look.

I still think we need to establish what it is we want the tier list to represent though.

I personally like the idea of a Viable/Semi/Non Viable tier system. It handles what needs to be ordered(Viable) the general gray area of "are these characters usable?"(Semi-Viable) and "Who the **** cares about these characters?"(Hint: It's ICGNon-viable)

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006
same cause they people will not be encouraged to try "non-viable" characters and we want everyone to at least try before they use top tiers XD
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