TMG Season 5 Registration is Now Open

The time has come for universities across the United States to once again prove their Smash mettle in the collegiate crew battle league’s latest season: The Melee Games is now open for team registrations for the Spring 2016 season! Following an exciting semester’s worth of competition during the Fall 2015 season, this season TMG is opting not to have a grand finalist among all regions. Instead, the intention of TMG Spring '16 is to strengthen the league's core by focusing efforts to breed friendly competition between Smash scenes on college campuses in various regions of the U.S.

TMG at Genesis 3, brought to you by SSBM Tutorials

The competition is structured with Single Elimination brackets consisting of the best Melee players that academia has to offer, making every match a high stakes battle for the top. With the number of schools participating growing at a staggering rate since the league’s inception in 2014, who knows how the competition will strengthen bonds between players and communities alike? The deadline for sign ups is set for February 14th, so act fast if you want to involve your school in the latest season of The Melee Games.

For more information, check out to register your school for this season’s The Melee Games and follow the latest TMG updates on Twitter @TheMeleeGames. Check back at Smashboards for the latest coverage on The Melee Games, and feel free to discuss below if you think your school has what it takes to win or if you’re excited to watch the intercollegiate action!
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