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Tips on up-throwing any character with Marth?

Lazarus Hale

Smash Rookie
Oct 15, 2017
I´ve been playing melee for almost two years. I am a Marth main and lately I´ve been trying to improve my chaingrab game on spacies. Most of the times whenever I try to chaingrab I am able to pummel and upthrow spacies with no problem whatsoever, leading to a greater punish. But lately I´ve been playing against this one Fox that, whenever I start to pummel, he always seem to mash out before I upthrow him.

I can definitely chaingrab him without pummeling, but it tends to be a lot harder. I only face this problem while trying to pummel and then upthrow.

I always pummel after 20%-25%, is it a bad time to pummel? Is there a way to buffer upthrow? Should I mash ´A´ while pummeling? Should I only pummel once? Should I only upthrow him?

Any help is good help. Thanks!


Smash Lord
Aug 2, 2013
Somewhere over the rainbow
idk when 1 pummel is guaranteed but not until at least 40. you can't buffer up throw but you can input up on the analogue stick and the c stick. if you can, just up throw without pummeling.


Smash Ace
Feb 22, 2014
North-west England (near Manchester/Liverpool)
If you throw quickly enough, the opponent can't mash out after the first pummel because you are actionable before they leave hitstun. This applies to all pummels, but since they can escape in the window between pummels, the only time it's guaranteed at low percent is after the first. See the top comment chain here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SSBM/comments/4ensrp/how_to_get_more_damage_from_throws/

Marth's window to get a guaranteed throw after a pummel is 3 frames, which is easy to do consistently with something with fixed timing like a chaingrab. If you mess up an earlier input in the sequence though (such as getting a dash grab instead of a jump cancel grab), then your timings on the subsequent pummel will be thrown off and your opponent might be able to mash out if they're quick enough and at a low enough percent. Unless you seriously flub though, they have to be actually mashing to break out; they won't just fall out by themselves.

I try to time the first pummel input correctly, but after that I just mash in case I was too late. That's how you should be approaching mashing to cover various timings generally (crouch-cancel grab, for example). You can't actually mash particularly fast (and you won't put maximum effort into mashing for things like grab pummels anyway, so it's going be be especially slow), so if you're mashing purely randomly your timing will likely be off. However, you can time things well once you get used to it (probably a lot better than you think). People can hit 3 frame windows consistently, but they can't consistently mash A every 2-3 frames.

I use Z after a standing grab and A after a jump cancel grab, but it doesn't really matter which button you use.

I practiced the timing using 20XX Hack Pack colour overlays, set to CaptureWaitLw and CaptureWaitHi. If you throw too slowly after a pummel, the colour will appear; if the colour doesn't appear then you did it correctly.
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