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Tips for a nood


Smash Rookie
May 30, 2019
Just started playing this smash and was wondering about some tips to beat my friends.
I used zero Suit Samus in the last smash and shulk. I also played a game with Palutena and liked her. Also, should I try and get used to controls where you can’t jump with the stick?

Nutty Sponge

Smash Apprentice
Jan 26, 2019
Napoli, Italia
I actually switched from tap jump to button like a month ago, the change is a bit tough but you'll get used to it. In regard to getting better, you'll naturally progress in skill level as you play, but watching matches with characters you play and study like that helps improving also. You don't necessarily need to be better than them to beat them, learning their habits and characters gives you a huge advantage.
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