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Tipped Off - Results


Smash Ace
Jan 17, 2007
*******, Georgia
GPC Presents...
Tipped Off!

Doubles - (Bracket)
1: The Highly Technical Rodents (Renegade + Chaddd)
2: Rufio (Ares + Prac)
3: Lava Combo (Reflex + Dogy)
4: GPC Rage (Menthol + TBAG)
5: Name (Soma + Rudy)
5: Booyakasha (Sleepy K + 112)
7: Candy Jet (Kirby Jim + Desu)
7: Team Pichu (C + Twister)
9: Team Bye (Soft + Zo)

Singles - (Bracket)
1: Chaddd
2: Reflex
3: C
4: Dogy
5: Menthol
5: 112
7: Renegade
7: Prac
9: Desu
9: Ares
9: Sleepy K
9: 777
13: Soma
13: BLUE
13: SOFT
13: TBag
17: BDown
17: JON
17: ACE
17: Rudy
17: Kirby Jim


Smash Ace
Jan 17, 2007
*******, Georgia
Can't sleep, might as well do Shout Outs.

Prac - Funny **** in teams, man. Every team kill was totally intentional (sorry, I find it incredibly funny when it doesn't matter. :p), except for that freak kirbycide. You jumped into that ****. XD
That said, glad I didn't have to fight you in brackets. ;P

Chaddd - Forget the bracket matches, man. Those Pichu Dittos with Reflex were the highlight of this tournament. Epic **** right there. Put that in your FACIAL IMPACT: OBLITERATION combo video.

Cornell - Where were the friendlies, man? Good seeing you, none the less.

Reflex - BOWSER HAX. You never cease to amaze me with all these cool things Bowser can do. Amazing DI aside, roughly a third of the **** you pulled yesterday surprised me. Good ****, man. (Think I'll pick up Bowser... I'm used to Up-Bing out of shield, anyways.)

Ares - Again the friendlies have eluded me. :(

Renegade - Your Sheik really surprised me, wasn't expecting it at all. You actually stunned me into forgetting to switch to Kirby. Consider yourself lucky. :p

TBAG - HAH! I OUT-PLACED YOU! I RULE. I MUST BE AMAZING. (Seriously, man, what the **** happened? o_O)

BLUE Jim - Your fox is beast, man. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Kirby Jim - I brought you a 2litre of Dr. Pepper, and this is the thanks I get? Why, Brett, why?!

112 - 5th place all over, man. Work harder, you can do better!

Soma - Ahh, sweet revenge. Shine my partner, will ye? I'll deliver a barrage of candy missiles you won't soon forget. >:p

Dogy - You sir, are ****ing amazing. I could've sworn you had that last match against Reflex, too. Good ****, man.

SOFT - You were there. I saw you.

Marcus - Why didn't you enter Singles? Whyyyy? I also hold you partly responsible for Brett's poor performance. Ya just had to steal him away to UFS, didn't you? You should be ASHAMED. :|

Menthol - Ahh, Menthol. I think this tournament turned out to be a big success, no? I certainly enjoyed beasting a CERTAIN MARTH with my Kirby... Just wish it would have been yours. :p

To anyone I forgot... I don't think I forgot anyone, but yeah. Let me know if you REEEEEEEEALLY want a shout out, and I might just oblige ya. XD


Smash Champion
Apr 22, 2006
Columbus, GA

*screams like a loud, insane blackman.... i.e. Dogy and Iori*



Banned via Administration
Mar 26, 2006

112: man, we did awful in teams. Still, it was a learning experience, and thanks for taking me! If we ever team again in the future let's get more practice in now that i'm out of school. Oh, and Pichu and G&W for teams.

Mauricio: You totally won my heart with that rendition of Thunderhorse. Why didn't you enter singles? And TRIPLE FALCON PUNCH

Eugenio: I didn't get to play you at all sans those free for alls. You gotta host another GX tourney so Kris and Ryan will actually go. Since it looks like those are the only ones they go to. Good job in teams! I love you Lithonia guys.

Blue Jim: Man, Jesus totally destroys with fox. Fun friendlies as always!

Menthol: So next time if I want matches I can just ask? awesome. Great job hosting the tourney, I hope there are more in the future.

Dogy: good job in singles man. although i totally could have taken you with G&W :p

Cornell: your fox is beastly. quadruple walljumps from the bottom of Mushroom Kingdom 2; too good.

Prac: I need more peach practice! but good matches.

Kirby Jim: You really did end up playing more cards than smash. Oh well. How'd the cards go?

Soft: good stuff man. I think we should jiggly ditto sometime for the hell of it.

Zo: keep practicing and your falco will turn into candy.


Smash Ace
Sep 16, 2006
Columbus, GA
Alright, time for some shoutouts. And the first shoutout goes to.......

Prac- Awesome stuff teaming with you. We won money again which is totally sweet. Thanks for driving us and all that jazz. We've gotten 3rd, we've gotten 2nd, now it's time to get 1st!

Reflex- You are freaking amazing. Pirate costume ftw. The Pokemon was awesome. As were my Pokemon related mindgames on Poke Floats.

CDE- Way to represent at this tourney by the sheer number of us that attended (read: y'all fail for not graduating on Friday). Good stuff from the three of us that did go though, so don't worry about it too much.

Menthol- Well done man, great tournament. I had a blast. We really should've gotten our quadruple Jigglypuff teams matches on tape and said those were the results. That junk was awesome! The longest match was like 1:13, all the rest were inside of 0:45. Also, thanks for not letting me touch the ground but like 3 times on Pokemon Stadium. And thanks for keeping the ledge on FD. Both of those were greatly appreciated.

Dogy- I finally got to play you. It was awesome. Apparently Mute City is not a good Doc stage, but FD really is. Your PK tricks were pretty awesome, but I like my Jigglypuff tricks more. McDonald's was fun and I hope you didn't get lost getting back home. I'll see you next time for sure.

Soft- Nice matches man. Your Jigglypuff has gotten a lot better. Sheik is one of Jigglypuff's toughest matchups so there's not too much you can do. I really like playing against Jigglypuff because of how patient it makes me play. I just feel like I play smarter. But anyway, you are definitely improving, keep up the great work.

Chaddd- Congratulations on singles and doubles. You've got a pretty good undefeated doubles streak going for GA tournaments (FP, Snowday, SoD4, G4S3, LftC2, Tipped Off). Pretty awesome. Playing teams matches with you were fun though. I really enjoyed them.

Renegade- Congrats on doubles man. And singles too actually. I heard you were playing some Sheik today but I never got to see it. Ah well, I'm sure you've got her beasting pretty hard.

XIO- Man, it's too bad we only played one match (on a laggy TV at that). We need to get some more in in the future for sure. From what I saw in that match though, your Sheik is progressing very well. You've just got to stop giving Menthol so much Sheik practice.

C- I definitely did not ban the stage I should've. Thank you for driving that point home repeatedly on FD. And then I get stuck in a lava combo on Brinstar! Oh no! Fun matches though. Your Fox is pretty sweet I must say. Good stuff in singles man.

To anyone I forgot- Don't worry about it. If you beat me, congratulations. If you lost, get better please. If we just talked, it was good times.

-Samus Taunt (since Alpha didn't go...)


Smash Ace
May 7, 2007
Planet Earth
Thanks for hosting Methol and for brackets Desu.

C: Good friendlies and the team game.

Dogy: You're to good!

KirbyJIM: We always play in tournaments. :(

Ares: Good matches. Thanks for that trick.

112: Great Marth, but I still like playing it more than your sheik.

Reflex: Your bowser is amazing. And your donkey kong was real good. That match with chaddd was close.

Chaddd: The best technical falco in Georgia. Go get em Ger'Hamster.

TBag: I havnt played you in a while.....

Zo: Wtg on your first tournament I had fun teaming with you.


Smash Lord
Feb 15, 2006
Chaddd- Congratulations on singles and doubles. You've got a pretty good undefeated doubles streak going for GA tournaments (FP, Snowday, SoD4, G4S3, LftC2, Tipped Off). Pretty awesome. Playing teams matches with you were fun though. I really enjoyed them.
Don't forget Devotion. And SoD3.

Shoutouts later.


Smash Ace
Jun 15, 2006
Wow, 5th in Teams. Sure, there weren't many teams, but I usually get knocked out the first round.

Great tourney, guys! Was a great blast hanging with all of you guys again!

Shoutouts? Sure!

First goes to, of course, my fellow GPCers - We pwn mad nubz0rz!1 Haha, nice seeing you guys again.

Rudy - Glad you could come to this tournament, man. Had fun teaming with you. Keep working on your Ganon, man. Hopefully, since it's Summer, you can hang with me and my friends for some good ole' Smash practice.

Emanuel - Same goes to you, buddy. Glad you made it here, even if you didn't enter. You're a cool guy, and good luck with your family issues. Hope to see you again sometime.

Desu - God **** you rocked me in that brackets match. I mean, my Ganon destroyed your Ganon, but when I got to your Samus, you did some beastin'. Keep improving man. I like your stuff, even if I say I hate Samus =P

Brett - WALK INTO THE SHINE! It's all shiney and glowy and magical! Don't worry, it won't hurt! Nah, kiddin' =P It was fun fighting you again. Stop playing cards! >: Smash > Card games

Mike - Excellent tournament, man! Really had fun. It's too bad I never got to face you when we were there, though. I mean, I could've just walked up and asked to fight you, but.. eh, =P I dunno what I was thinking. You gotta help teach me how I should fight Marths with my Fox. I am constantly getting destroyed by them.

TBag - It's too bad I didn't get to practice at your place the night before. I could've used it =P Ah well, I didn't do too bad for me, anyway.

Blue Jim - Ping Pong Shining FTW! xD Good Fox, man. It was fun playing you. And I'm surprised I came back in that match with my Mewtwo at the tournament. Hope to see you again, soon. GO JESUS! :D

Will - Man, I didn't get to play you! I wanted a piece of your Sheik! =( Ah well, at least I got to see you again. Hopefully we'll hang out sometime this week.

Martin - You're such a total noob, playing against those other guys at the tournament after only playing for 'about a week or so'. Quit playing Smash :x

112 - ****, man. Way to beast my Fox in that bracket match, once again. I am pleased with our fight with my Ganon, though. Much closer and a bit more enjoyable on my part. I need to train with you more often. Maybe you can really help me improve. You and Carter.

SleepyK - Nice Falco, man. I would've liked to have faced you 1v1 at one point. Wish I would've gone up and asked you. Ah well, good **** in teams. Pichu and G&W, ftw?

Reflex - LMAO at you sleeping on the tables. What the hell were you doing the night before that made you so exhausted? Nice Boozer, as always. I hate your Up B =P

P.S. Gimme that Pirate costume and Pokemon!

Dogy - Good **** in teams. I really like your Doc. And your Nessticles are really good, as well.

C - I never got to face you again this time around, but I did see you beast up on Rudy. God I love your Fox. Really really nice. Someday, I'd like to maybe get a few pointers from you to help out my own Fox.

Chaddd - Way to beast. I have never gotten to face you, yet, and I'm afraid to since I know you'd beat the hell out of me. And yep, that's your head in the way of the TV, again.

Jon (or whoever that guy I was playing was) - You're really not THAT bad, man. I saw you wavedashing a few times, and you did alright against some of my secondary characters. You just need to work on figuring out how to attack people better and become a bit less predictable. Just work on your game and practice, and you'll get better in no time.

Logan - Same goes to you. You've got a pretty decent Luigi. Honestly, I'd stick with Luigi for the time being. I remember playing your Falco some time ago, and from what I remember, it seemed like you were a bit slow with his movements. Falco, like Fox requires some fast fingers if you want to use him properly. Work on your SHLing and pillaring and whatnot some more, and your Falco will get better. Keep it up, though. Hope to see you again soon.

Everyone else - Sorry if I forgot you. If I remember someone, I'll add you in, but other than that, sorry. Thank you all for making this tournament a lot of fun.


Smash Cadet
Dec 12, 2006
Snellville, GA

Desu:. . . . . . . . . ehehe... sorry? i'll be really in the game next time, i mean, as long as its not TO2... in which case i'll probly play cards again... CANDY JET FOREVER!

777 - fun matches! sorry i sorta gave up after you beat me in the first one, but i was pretty sure we were both trying our hardest there so you were the better guy... plus Chipotle/UFS were calling me

Soft: just wait till Brawl... Jigs and Kirby are gonna switch places on the tier list and you'll know what its like to fight a puff with better moves

Menthol: i guess the tournament really worked out (i was pretty sure something would go wrong, but hey, even awesome incredible cool kirby players can be wrong sometimes).

Tbag: your dog wants to play smash

Soma: thanks for the sig... dont ever mention those team matches again

Reflex: how dare that trainer in the battle tower taunt you with his all-shiney team!? those were obviously hacked anyways...

Marcus: you forces me to spend more money on cards... but now i have a Mika deck... your so screwed

Random Card Guy: your deck was gay... and those orange sleeves for your cards were stupid looking... and you are never going to read this since you dont play smash

evan: if you are at the Nintendo World Store pick me up a kirby stuffed animal... seriously... i'll pay you back whatever it costs +$5 for delivery

if i forgot you... well... you know... excuses and all that

Caleb Wolfbrand

Smash Master
Sep 6, 2005
Ionia (Charleston, SC)

Wes - man you're so good, you kicked all sorts of *** even though you weren't there and neither was I. **** you're badass.

David Blaine - stop putting orange soda in our mouths


Smash Champion
Apr 22, 2006
Columbus, GA

X2X - We so rocked this tourny, it was all a mindgame. They THINK we were at a graduation ceremony, but that's why the money came to our hands and not theirs. Thanks for teaming.

Tsunami - You got rocked ROFL. Better luck next time with a gay bracket, but meh it IS Chaddd you were playing first round and Wes in Loser's

Gerbil - Way to put Wes into Losers!!! >.> Not.

Ares - You did one hell of a good job in teams

Prac- Same to you as what I told Ares


Seph - Your blackness was too much for this tourny anyways....

Reflex - WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yes! Awesome job man, you always keep improving! Punk ***... now I have to work really hard again >.< XD

If I forgot you it's probably because I just couldn't remember playing you. Sorry, faulty memory. Or maybe just cause CDE > GPC





Smash Lord
May 29, 2006

Chaddd- Congrats on first. GG

Renegade- Likewise. I think you're the quietest of all Ga's black smashers. Not sure if that's good or bad. . . whatev

C- Thanks for the friendlies man, keep on keepin on.
Dogy- Great seeing you again dude. Congrats on not making money. You're threatening to place man, keep it up.

112- Yeah, martha owns me. Good stuff man.

Sleepyk- Get some Peach practice and you'll be owning. Nice meeting you.

Menthol- The leader of Cake Town. Bragging rights are mine till the next tourney. I think I'm only in the hole by like $% now XD. It was great seeing you again.

Tbag- Those Jiggernaut matches towards the end of the tourney were insane. I think our longest match was like a 1:13. Sorry you got gayed in brackets. Oh well, get 'em next time.

Desu- Awesome team friendlies man. Tons of fun be kicked in the face . . .

Ares- Dude, your team mate was raw as all get out. You guys really worked well together. Yet you still fall short of me in singles . What gives?

Reflex- Whole new plateau . . . Thanks for the food.

Twister- We didn't get to play any, sad times ensue. You rock at some GH2 though.

777- Didn't run into you in brackets or play you in friendlies. Just as well, I strongly dislike me some Peach dittos.

Blue- You've gotten loads better. I underestimated you in that first game and it showed. Good stuff man, keep practicing.


Smash Lord
Jul 17, 2006
Stone Mountain, GA, USA

Renegade - You really suck.

Twister - You really suck balls.

777 - Finally, you let people see that beastly peach of yours.

Chaddd - Thanx for winning me money :)

Cornel - Good **** in singles.

Dog Sandwich - sorry i sucked so hard during our match. Won't happen again.

Reflex - Cool Pirate suit.

SleepyK - Dog, you'r tag is crazy.

Prac - Nice hat.

Ares - Yeah, I'm gonna pick up Shiek.

112 - Mad respect, for using green Marth.

Menthol - We'll mm next time.

Tbag - Next time lets play on a tv with no lag:ohwell:

Jesus(Jim) - Amen.

Desu - Nice Samus.


The Designated Hype Man!
Jul 3, 2002
Warner Robins, Georgia
Man, i've been puttin this off for a few days. I've just been lazy as hell.

Renegade - im gunna need you to go find your hair again. I didnt pay attention to you in the beginning cause I couldnt tell who the hell you were. :p

P.S. . . . I thought i was actually getting compliments then i took a good look at ya and was like "****it I got played."

P.S.S. . . . Congratulations on being the ****er who tipped me at Tipped Off. I swore I wasnt gettin tipped either. But no, i had to be a victim of a 2-man tip. *******. :9

Reflex - Doubles was a blast. Too bad some people cheated us on brinstar. (I wont say names or point fingers. :/ ). **** you for putting me out of another tournament. AGAIN. 3rd time's not a charm for me. :/

Ares - Jiggs + Green Greens = Broken. That's all I have to say.

Tbag - OH DEAR GOD WHY DONT YOU PLAY PEACH IN DOUBLES ALL THE TIME. That match was ridiculous. Safest frickin peach ever. >.<

112 - Like I told you later, I dont care what happened, I still fear and respect your Marth. Good match.

Cornel - . . . . owwwwww. :(

GPC (as a whole) - I know we rolled up into GPC territory, but dddaaaaaaaammmmnnnnnnn you guys were rollin deep. >.<

Chaddd/Renegade - Cheaters. (jk)

Kirbyjim - You shoulda put down the UFS cards and picked up the sticks so you coulda got connected to the dial-a-combo!!!

For everyone else, there's Mastercard (jk). Props to everybody. The tourney was a blast all around.

Really enjoyed it, except for this Mickey Mouse Hat, Mickey Mouse watch wearin *** ****** who was there spamming down on the c-stick every 5 seconds and telling me i'm garbage. That kid can g... OH I MEAN YEAH YOU WERE KOOL TOO PRAC!!!!! :-D


That's all I got. >.<


Smash Champion
Sep 20, 2006
Lawrenceville , GA

TBag- We're gettin up there sir, we just gotta keep workin on our teamwork. My bad for the air-dodge! <3

Blue- Sorry for taking you out of brackets again! >.<

Desu- I heard you did some mighty fine beastin'. Good ****. You'll be ready for CDE vs. GPC 2, I know!


Soft- Josh, you're getting better and better. We should play some more over the summer, I'm about to start appearing at the GPC campus again~

Zo- Not bad for your first tourney~

Ace- I <3 you, bro.

Marcus- You didn't enter! I had MK2 UNBANNED for you and Chaddd!!!

Sleepy K- Yeah man, you should smash more with us. You'll get all the Marth practice you can handle~!

112- You're beast, and we should play more before the next tourney. ^_^

Twister- Guitar Hero pro. ***! <3 ya man

777- I heard you beat Tommy, good **** man.

Soma- You're getting better man, just keep working on it!

Ares- Yes, I intend to start KEEPING the ledge. I'm supposed to be GA's sheik slayer, after all!

Prac- Baaaaaaaaaaaastard. Can't wait to see you guys again! (And take back that 10$ and MORE from you!)

Reflex- GOD you don't die. 276%? FFFUUUCK. Wish I could play you more!

Renegade- Why didn't you play Marth against me? T_T We'll get our MM at the next one.

Dogy- O****. I'm more and more impressed by you at every tourney we play at. Beast!


Chaddd- Thanks for coming to my tourney and winning money. <3 ya man! I've got your new phone #, so expect me to call you when I get back into town this weekend for SOME SMASH!!!

To anyone I forgot, I'm sorry! Let me know and I'll (Ch)add(d) your shout-out. D-airs are to be expected.

Thanks for coming guys! We'll schedule another one sometime soon!
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