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Tipped Off 9 results thread!


Smash Champion
Sep 20, 2006
Lawrenceville , GA
First off, I want to give HUGE thanks and shoutouts to everyone who attended Tipped Off 9(and especially my staff) and made it the best Tipped Off I've ever run- I hope everyone realizes this, but its not just the TO that makes tournaments successful. Its each and every one of you who came out to attend, and support the tournament. I'm proud to be a minor part in this wonderful community. I freakin love you guys.
Tipped Off 10 is already being planned... expect big things!

Singles Bracket:
Doubles Bracket:
P:M Bracket:

SSBM Singles Pools:

SSBM Singles:
1: Dr. PP :falcomelee: (756$) 45%
2: Hungrybox :jigglypuffmelee: (336$) 20%
3: DruggedFox :foxmelee: (252$) 15%
4: Colbol :foxmelee: (168$) 10%
5: XIF :peachmelee: (84$) 5%
5: -Chad- :drmario: :mariomelee: :pikachumelee::linkmelee: (84$) 5%
7: Plup :samusmelee:
7: SS | s0ft:jigglypuffmelee: :foxmelee:
9: Blea Gelo :luigimelee:
9: Uuaa :foxmelee:
9: CT Wizzrobe :falconmelee:
9: Nicaboy :sheikmelee:
13: Pengie :foxmelee:
13: Wenbobular :foxmelee:
13: Plup Is DQ'd :samusmelee:
13: Gahtzu :falconmelee:
17: SS | Merck :falcomelee: :foxmelee:
17: EikelmannRUS :ganondorfmelee::bowsermelee:
17: Flamin Roy :foxmelee:
17: Austin :falcomelee:
17: Cheap :peachmelee:
17: Harriettheguy :foxmelee:
17: PB&J :foxmelee::icsmelee:
17: FullMetal :marthmelee:
25: SS | Flow :sheikmelee: :foxmelee:
25: moogle :sheikmelee:
25: Admiral :icsmelee:
25: KPan :falcomelee:
25: OP :samusmelee:
25: Tron
25: Hazard 2KV :luigimelee:
25: Medic Zero :falconmelee:
33: Eliott
33: dashdancedan :foxmelee:
33: DAB :sheikmelee:
33: Ron-a-roni :falcomelee:
33: Holla :falcomelee: :foxmelee:
33: Fizzi
33: Lounis :foxmelee:
33: Cornel :falconmelee: :foxmelee::falcomelee:
33: BluEG :luigimelee:
33: Omega :foxmelee: :falconmelee:
33: Marsfool :foxmelee:
33: DRN
33: OleNessie :peachmelee:
33: Rula
33: Shag :zeldamelee:
33: Laijin :younglinkmelee: :sheikmelee:
49: Jim :foxmelee:
49: Cheeseguy
49: Ranchaholic
49: Sartron
49: Macho Man Sam :jigglypuffmelee:
49: Dap
49: KMan / DBDI | KMan (P:M)
49: Tubesssbm :falconmelee:

Project Melee:
1: Dr. PP ($205.00) 50%
2: Reflex ($102.50) 25%
3: Hungrybox ($61.50) 15%
4: Plup ($41.00) 10%
5: -Chad-
5: Fatality
7: RJ
7: Hazard 2KV
9: ZeonStar
9: KMan / DBDI | KMan (P:M)
9: moogle
9: Laijin
13: Taerk
13: Cheap
13: DAB
13: Naerok
17: BarlessPianist
17: Austin
17: Player 1
17: Action B
17: Tubesssbm
17: Cheeseguy
17: Gilded Punch
17: Sartron
25: Ranchaholic
25: Floy
25: JVictor
25: RagingCherry
25: Zabb
25: Tlock
25: Pleb
25: DoomChickens
33: HyperDragon
33: teegeekay
33: Loaf
33: Macdaddy
33: Average
33: char
33: WizKick
33: Ace

SSBM Doubles:
1: Hungrybox + Plup (Juan DeBiedma + Justin McGrath) (330$) 50%
2: Dr. PP + Druggedfox (Dr. PP + Druggedfox) (165$) 25%
3: Nicaboy + SleepyK (Dale Campbell + John Lee) (99$) 15%
4: Uuaa+Pi (Uuaa + Pi) (66$) 10%
5: SS | Flow + SS | Merck (Onish Jain + Broderick Ryan)
5: SS | s0ft + Flamin Roy (Joshua Davis + Warren Campbell)
7: Moogle + -Chad- (Moogle + -Chad-)
7: Colbol + Harriettheguy (Colbol + Harriettheguy)
9: Blea Gelo + Holla (Michelangelo Greco + Clay Moulton)
9: Gahtzu + CT Wizzrobe (Jason Diehl + Justin Hallet)
9: XIF + Green Mario (Alexander Campos + Kyle Farach)
9: Homie Rage (Fullmetal + Ronaroni)
13: DashDancePan (Kevin Pan + Daniel Bailey)
13: Blackcock Monsters (Ian Mooney + Subscorpion)
13: Jommy Bads-well (OleNessie + BlueJim)
13: Laijin + Wenbo (Laijin + Wenbo)
17: Myz2KV (Austin + Hazard2KV)
17: United Federation of Groove Funks (HyperDragon + Tron)
17: Mario + Luigi (Lounis + Chaz)
17: Tubesssbm + Puma (Bennett Whipple + Adam Coulon)
17: PB&J+Shag (PB&J + Shag)
17: Jrad+Rula (Jrad + Rula)
17: The Rule of Two (Daredevil + Zilyn)
17: Fizzi + Flaf (Fizzi + Flaf)
25: RagingCherry + Ranchaholic (Alexander Chiricosta + Victor Negron)
25: Tsuyoi Momonga + Pwinkle (Rusty Bailey + Perry Gates)
25: Char + Floy (Char + Floy)
25: Puff Puff Pass (Macho Man Sam + Whack)
25: Royal Sucka'1 (Rooktionary + Oil!)
25: Don't 10 Stock Us Please (Zab + Loaf)
25: Scalabrina the Teenage Witch (Poonhound + Scalabrina)
25: FAT + Doses (Austin Miller + Sean Long)
33: Mactown (Grizzly + Cultist)

I'll edit with more "who played which character when I learn more/am less tired.
Hope everyone had as much fun as I did! =D


Smash Journeyman
Mar 18, 2005
Snorlax, GA
The resolution for the singles bracket is really low for some reason. I can't read it. The doubles one is fine though.

Edit: much better


Hero of Hyrule
Mar 1, 2013
Middle TN
Great experience! Had a fantastic time at the tournament (my second tourney, the first being Pound V.5), and had an even better time meeting some really cool people. :) Shoutouts to ----------->>

FullMetal for being a super bro and housing me
Merck for being friendly, giving me some tips, and saying nice things about me during my streamed doubles set :3
Dr Peepee and Hbox for being amazing
Drugged Fox for that amazing losers semis win
Wizzrobe for being cool and having skillz
And most importantly: Zilyn my teams partner and our buddy Cristian, my bros from TN. This was their first big tourney and me and Zilyn's first time teaming together. We're all hungry and want to get better, so we're going to continue going to tournaments, where hopefully we'll see you peeps again. :) Btw Zilyn had some amazing commentary for P:M winners finals, esp. considering it was his first time commentating ever.

I <3 Smash and this community! Deuces.


Smash Ace
Jul 15, 2011
Antioch, Tennessee
Wow, I can't believe I almost missed going to this tourney. It was well worth the trip.

Time to give some shoutouts:

Reflex: You're always the homie, man. Always a fun guy to talk to and play. Hope I get to see you sometime again.

Machoman Sam: Thank you so much for housing me, man. It was really fun playing you and doing those draft crews at Grayson's house, lol. I really hope we get to play again soon.

Fatality: Nice to see you again. I hope you don't let your match with PP discourage you in the future. I think you should keep on sticking to Ivy and aim to win it next time!

Player-1 and DRN: Nice to see you two again. I didn't expect you guys to be there. I need to come down to one of the TM tourneys soon so I can get my Brawl juices flowing. lol

DaiRDev1L: Great to finally meet you, man. And to think it was by coincidence! I had fun playing you in our friendlies. Since I'm in middle TN for the winter break, I can hopefully stop by and play again soon.

Dr. PP: Hey, Dr. PP. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me after Day 1 of the tourney was over. It was nice learning a bit about yourself and your thoughts on P:M. Next time, we should play! ;D

Hungrybox: In the year 20XX, Puff will rule the world and you'll have no choice but to submit to her Puffiness! xD

Kpan: Nice to meet you again, dude. I can tell that we've both gotten better since the last time we played. I wish we got to play some more friendlies. But, oh well. The next time I'm in Georgia, we should definitely play again!

And thanks to everyone else I played matches with and/or talked to. Rest of the Georgia crew, the Florida players, everybody. You all made the experience very fun for me. I didn't even mind that it was in a cramped room with over 100 people... ok, maybe a little. But still it was worth it!

Hope to come back to Tipped Off 10!


Smash Apprentice
Jul 3, 2013
Nashville, TN


Feb 10, 2005
Atlanta, GA
I'm afraid there were A/V issues when we were moving tables around in the beginning, so a few of the matches were messed up in recording. Unfortunately, tha was one of them. :(


Smash Journeyman
Dec 12, 2010
Lilburn, GA
This was easily the best tournament I've ever been to, really looking forward to Tipped Off 10, whenever that's likely to happen. I was also impressed with just how many people from the GA smash community actually showed up, we had basically every active player in the state come out to this. It was really nice getting to see some old faces again as well. Is there any chance that Tipped Off could become a more regular thing with the attendance explosion we had this time? I would love to get to hang out with all of you more often. :)


Improving My Process
Apr 11, 2013
Greensboro, NC
Great tournament. I honestly had a really good time at this tournament. Learning new things and gaining confidence in my Ganon.

I wanna give a shoutout to Eikelmann for being supportive of my Ganon and giving me some solid Ganon advice and for the Ganon ditto MM.

Ranchaholic for making out of his pools. Wish I had an easy pool as you, oh well. Good stuff man. Wish we would have played.

Dap for being more inspiration to getting my Ganon to be better.

The Crow, Colbol, 4Aces, Tubes, That one pink Yoshi main I never got the name of, Sam, Mop, FlaminRoy, and Fizzi for being fun to play friendlies with and even give occasional advice.

Major shoutouts to Pi (Plup is DQ'ed) for the helpful Samus advice and analyzing my matches that I played against him. Definitely one of the most helpful people I had the pleasure of knowing from this tournament.

FullMetal and SS | Flow for being great Hosts and running this amazing tournament.

Special shoutouts to Dr. PeePee for driving me to the venue from NC, having a lot of fun, giving great, solid advice, cheering him on in Winners and Grand Finals, and driving me back. Definitely had a great time all throughout thanks to this guy

Looking super forward to Tipped Off 10! (Let's just hope the date isn't right before winter break, that kinda messed up my plans a little haha. )

The Flow

Smash Cadet
Sep 26, 2011
Lawrenceville, GA
This was easily the best tournament I've ever been to, really looking forward to Tipped Off 10, whenever that's likely to happen. I was also impressed with just how many people from the GA smash community actually showed up, we had basically every active player in the state come out to this. It was really nice getting to see some old faces again as well. Is there any chance that Tipped Off could become a more regular thing with the attendance explosion we had this time? I would love to get to hang out with all of you more often. :)
The next Tipped Off right now is being planned for the first half of 2014. Can't give any more details on exactly when it will be but with the great showing we had at this one FullMetal and myself are really excited about the future of the Tipped off series.


Smash Apprentice
Mar 17, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia
This was my first real National and although I went 3rd seed 0-2 with a bye, I played well and learned a lot, DF vs CLBL was too much.
Shoutouts to GA in general, for not sucking in general. Everyone who could came out, hyped it up, and played their best.
Shoutouts to Florida for being cooler than I expected and bringing the hype

Sami ****ing Muhanna aka basedfox aka the sleeveless wonder aka goku aka that marvel player: You really made the event for me. Being in the front row behind my crew, state, school, and sensei was awesome. Me and Dale started that spirit bomb but you had to hold your hands up the whole time to use it. Keep coming out to tournaments and teaching the rest of us, your play was phenomenal.

Rum- Thanks for driving me and coming on your 21st. I'm sad we didn't get to team, but glad baka6mo got to the airport on time. You must be the new generation of GA peach.

Harrietthedudeguybro- You struck me as a very cool guy and playing your fox for all three days and in pools was very helpful. Next time it's on!

Colbol- Playing your fox was so similar to playing sami's in that I kept thinking I'd come up with something to win yet never do so, but you play very differently and I learned a lot about my worst MU. Great games during the entire tournament.

Fullmetal- Very close games in pools, I know how hard it is to play in a tournament you are running at the same time.

Pengie- You just had to lose to plup huh, well ggs, glad I took it to game 3. You took it pretty far from there.

Austin/Myztek- I'm still very salty about my double SD game 1 (din's fire op), and very close game 2, I didn't PS a single laser. That makes 2 now.

Plup- I'm so sorry about your DQ, your metaknight seemed unstoppable and was much higher level than mine. I wish the video survived because those combos were gross and I can't remember the timings/jump spacings. I'll have to play you in melee next time.

Dale/SloopyQ- GA SSJ teams Gohan and Goten vs Goku and Imperfect Cell. You showed why B-air is OP and did it with style.Sleepy enter singles dammit

MachoMan- OOOHH Suck him OFFF! Good **** on getting out of pools, stop choking and rest a fool or just bair him into oblivion. We've got to keep making MOP as red as we can.

MooneyRUS/Eikelmann- Didn't even know you played DK, I was very impressed as a user myself. ggs on MMs, I know you messed up some but that was almost a jv 5 game 3 vs DK until you brought it back. I know the MU very well and although you said I camped more than brawl, the only approach you ever did was when I started charging needles or a spaced bair. I know DK is all punish game. I hope you learned something about the sheik MU like you wanted to, you still have 3 dollars of mine that I need to take back.

Tubesssbm- shoutouts to your very chill and accommodating parents. I want to play vs your try hard ike next time, and yeah luigi was a bad pick.

Moogle- Thanks for reminding me that I need to practice if I want to enter PM tournaments, I can't miss punishes vs marth as DK. I still hate the changes to melee chars, but should have gone sheik instead of marth dittoing. We should Sheik ditto in melee haha

KMan- Learn the DK MU because I think it is still close to even. Hit punishes with something solid, treat my zone like marth's, and learn to edgeguard it.

PikaChad- Sorry about the timing of the tournament, I got hyped for your chars against people, but would rather see the chu. Your doc is great but next time that PHD booty is going off the ledge and staying there.

Laijin- shoutouts to stealing my spot on friendlies with colbol/harriet and then dipping from it haha :p

TOX top 8 next time. and top 6 in teams


Smash Apprentice
Oct 25, 2007
Memphis, TN
Yo, had fun with my Memphis crew and all around was the best I've done in a tournament. Shout-outs!!!!!!

Wizzrobe - Had so much fun playing your Falcon all weekend. So many edge tricks you incorporate to make it harder for recovery.

Gutzuh - Had too much fun in pools against you, your shield game is too good.

Plup - Good stuff when you were playing Fox, its a hard match up for Luigi but I love that match up regardless. Also in teams, you wrecked face that first game and congrats on winning teams.

Reflex - Dat Ivysaur........... too good, I needed more experience against it. Maybe at APEX we can get some more friendlies.

Fatality - The match of Ivysaur against my Toon Link was the most epic set I had the whole tourney, well played sir.

Colobol - Had fun playing you man, I wish we could have kept playing friendlies but time constraints prohibited it.

Hungrybox - You bodied us (Austin and myself) in our first team match, but the second one was a lot tighter once we knew what we were in for. Congrats on winning teams!

Austin/Myztek, J-Victor and Tron - Had too much fun the entire trip with you guys, one of the best trips yet!

My fellow TN brothers - You guys need to come to Memphis more, we will visit up there too if need be and bring the whole crew if necessary. TN smashers need to keep in touch, my name on facebook is Joshua Warren, friend me so we can smash more in the future.

Deleted member

i didn't go to this tournament and watched the stream from my apartment in pennsylvania. that said, this tournament was important for me to watch on a personal level. this was the first time i've seen sami relax enough to play to his actual ability, which is hilarious for someone that stopped playing seriously some time ago. this is also the first time i've seen kevin break out of his 2013 slump and actually play for real. it was nice to see someone else's personal victory in a way.

juan is still my favorite actual player though.

<3 hbox <3


Smash Apprentice
Dec 18, 2010
Venezuela, Maracaibo
Great tournament and so far, the best one I've been to. This experience was awesome and helped me learn a lot.
Shoutouts to:

Macho Man Sam: Your jigz is really good, you were a great foe in the pool, I really enjoyed our matches.

Wizzrobe: I could only play like 2 or 3 matches with you, but they were great, your movement is so good.

ColBol: I really wanted to keep playing you, you were really nice and are an outstanding player, hope we can cross paths again so I can learn some more things

Admiral: I congratulate you on your ICs and thank you for those ditto matches, I've never played that before. You're very good, keep the good work for the sake of all ICs out there :)

Hungrybox: Was really nice meeting you and playing you even if it was just in the pool, you're an awesome player.

Marsfool: You're a really fun guy, I still remember that effing tag.

Elliot: That peach was outstanding man, I hope I can learn some thing about fighting her from you.

Ron-a-Roni: THANK you for housing us man, you rock. I can't even describe how cool you are, keep it up and thanks again.

Blea Gelo, Rula, Holla: Best trip partners ever, had so much fun traveling with you guys, only that made the 10hr drive bearable, keep on being awesome and thank you for this opportunity.
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